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In the Lands of Wood

"Boy, are you sure, you seem a little too young for this kind of job?" questioned a beautiful woman suspiciously, her elegant posture, extravagant jewelry and expensive Kimono, all were screaming royalty.

She skeptically eyed the young man kneeling before her. He claimed to be the assassin sent by Orochimaru of The Legendary Three, but boy was 13 or 14 years old at most.

He seems very cute, she thought while eyeing the young boy amusingly. She had a secret fetish for younger boys, not this young, but still, the young man was a fine male specimen, even with his lower face covered with white bandage, though she quickly discarded her previous thoughts as she eyed him for any sign of deception.

"I am telling you the truth Hinamori-sama, I am the assassin sent by Orochimaru-sama, and please don't judge a ninja's strength by his age. I am perfectly capable to carry out the requested task. I am an assassination expert after all," assassin drawled coolly.

"Okay, boy, I trust your words, but are you certain? You need not only to assassinate my old fat husband, but you also have to make sure that his death seems like an accident, nothing more or nothing less," Hinamori asked, still uncertain whether to give him such delicate job or not.

"There is no need to worry Hinamori-sama. Renji-sama has already purchased the material for his glorious death. I would even suggest you to acquire insurance for his personal guards and mansion as well, as they all are going to be caught in crossfire too. I can promise you that it won't be seen as nothing else but an accident, a very unfortunate accident," assassin said with an evil glint in his eyes.

Hinamori shudder when she saw the glint of madness in young Shinobi's eyes, but said nothing as the only thing mattered to her was the death of her dear loving husband, so she could acquire the insurance money and live her life happily ever after, but that would only happen if her husband were to die in an accident.

"Very well, young man, don't disappoint me. If you managed to successfully execute assassination, then I would personally reward you," Hinamore said huskily, while blue-eyed boy almost snorted, though he concealed it very well.

"Ma'am as flattering as this reward sounds, I would rather stick with money as I am only 12-year-old," young assassin articulated coolly and dismissed her advances. Hinamori seemed rather startled by revelation as she again eyed him head to toe.

"You can always come back later for your reward," Hinamori whispered dreamily as she imagined him as a grown up hunk.

"It would be my pleasure, ma'am," blue-eyed assassin replied unenthusiastically, though the woman didn't catch his sarcasm and genuinely seemed thrilled at the prospect of screwing such hunk-to-be.

"Ma'am, you should go for walks, long walks," assassin advised with an evil smirk, at first she thought he was insulting her but the mischievous glint in his eyes told a completely different story. He is going to do something big and I shouldn't be around or else I might get caught in the crossfire as well.

"Very well then," Hinamori nodded to let him know that she got the hint.

After Two Days

"My Lord, the water heater isn't working," informed Renji's personal guard, Hamaru, making Renji to 'hmpf' in annoyance.

"Then get it fixed this instant!" Renji ordered and Hamaru quickly scrambled away to get technical assistance from the town. After a half hour of searching he found someone who had the expertise to repair such delicate machine.

"Can you repair it Oji-San?" questioned Hamaru as he saw an old man working on a delicate piece of engineering. He couldn't understand a thing about machinery. He was a fighter, not a scientist.

"I will have this baby running in two-minutes," old mechanic announced, apparently proud of his expertise as he toyed around with the giant water heater. It was much bigger than normal water heaters; it had a capacity of a thousand liter where normal ones only had capacity for 200 liter water.

"I am done. These two parts were broken, but now there is no need of them. I sealed the nozzle, adjusted the heat-monitor and fixed the cap. Now it is as good as new, just let the water boil for an hour or two before using it as heater won't work at its full capacity for the first few hours," Oji-San explained kindly as he adjusted his large glasses.

"Thanks Oji-San! You're a life saver!" exclaimed the apparently friendly samurai.

"Ah! Don't mention it lad, don't mention it," old man laughed off young samurai's praises and took his fee before leaving the mansion.

"Such a kind old man, I wish Riku-chan's father was also as cool as him," jolly samurai muttered as he saw the kind old man leaving.

"Hamaru! Did you get it fixed?" Yelled Renji, the lord of the mansion.

"Hai! Renji-sama," replied Hamaru in affirmative.

Two Hours Later

Hmm… Fireworks should start about now, mused the young assassin, his azure orbs flickering here and there as he made sure that nobody left the mansion. His eyes were hooked on the bathing area of the mansion, like he knew something was going to happen and he wasn't denied the pleasure as suddenly an earsplitting explosion shook the previously peaceful mansion.

Not too shabby, and was that my weapon, wondered young boy as he saw a large piece of metal flying high in the air. It was most likely the heater he repaired. His ice-blue eyes coldly wondered over the half blown mansion, it was pure chaos and disorder. The town people were gathering around the ruined mansion. Some of them were shouting the names of their loved ones who most likely worked in the mansion, though a particular scream caught his attention.

"Hamaru! Hamaru! Hamaru!" shouted a young, gorgeous girl, tears streaking both sides of her pale cheeks as she searched for her fiancé. She was trying to enter inside the collapsing building, though her father had a tight grip on her so she wouldn't walk up to her death.

What a shame, he was such a good kid, teenage assassin thought, his eyes showing nothing but apathy and boredom as many tried to help the people trapped in a rapidly deteriorating building, though they didn't get any chance to save any possibly alive witness as mansion finally collapsed effectively killing everyone inside it.

Good, now I don't have to worry about any possible witness. Orochimaru-sama will be pleased, assassin mused in amusement as a victorious smirk graced his handsome face, though it was hidden behind the white bandages he was wearing as a makeshift mask. He evaluated the situation for few more hours as he didn't want to leave any witness behind.

"No one survived," said one of the officers in a solemn voice, inducing many to mourn for the loss of their loved ones, though the young assassin's eyes sparkled with joyous excitement when he heard the officer's grief-stricken voice.

My calculations were right! Told ya! Water heaters kill, the young man thought cheerfully and disappeared in a gust of wind.

After few hours

The young assassin was running towards the southern plains at high speeds. His movements were agile and precise with no wasted movements even though he was descending upon the lower region from High Mountains.

His contacts had told him to meet his new client here, not that he was complaining, but why meet in middle of a shallow forest, where the possibilities of being discovered were fairly high and it was way too close to the stronghold of the Fuma clan of Rice village.

He discarded those thoughts quickly as he sensed 8 people ahead in his way. He didn't know why, but for some reason his charka control seemed off. What was this faint sound of music?

Sound based illusion! blue-eyed assassin realized as his eyes widened when he found himself unable to move.

"Kukuku… So, you're the one who is using my name as leverage to score high ranking missions, huh little boy?" questioned none other than Orochimaru of the Sannin as he emerged out from the ground just 30 meters away from him. He soon was joined by 6 people, though 2 of them were prisoners, deduced young assassin as he eyed the rest of them.

One of the prisoners had beautiful light violet eyes and dark purple hair almost bordering on black. She was around 13 years old or younger, maybe his age? She was very pretty even with her eyes glaring daggers at everyone including him. She was wearing a tattered white robe mostly destroyed in the struggle against her assailant, but what caught the young assassin's interest was her charka. It wasn't actually charka, even though it was suppressed, he could still tell that it was magical energy. And her face greatly resembled the wife of one of the Wizard Saint, Gildart Clive, the master of the one of the most destructive magic in existence, The Crash Magic.

Oh! Orochimaru really did it, huh? He actually kidnapped daughter of a Wizard Saint, the young assassin mused while his eyes almost twitched in irritation when he realized that he was in big trouble not only with Orochimaru, but also with the whole magical world for stealing a royalty if he were to be discovered by anyone.

Well calling the scowling girl a royalty didn't seem far fetched, especially considering her parent's status. Gildards Clive was like the very epitome of power among mages and her mother Ur Clive wasn't a slouch either. They both ranked among top 20 mages in the entire Kingdom of Fiore.

Second prisoner was some random chick… Scratch that! She was some random, but incredibly hot chick! But she didn't have any magic in her body as far as the young assassin could tell.

One of the kidnappers was a beautiful redheaded girl. She was playing a flute. So, she is the caster of this ridiculously powerful genjutsu, huh? She was wearing a long pink combat shirt, black spandex, black Shinobi boots. She also had a headband plus bandana covering her head and there was a sound note engraved on her forehead protector.

Sound village? That's definitely a new one, blue-eyed boy thought as he observed the others. One was a fat man with orange hairs. Mostly like a brainless brawler. Second arrival was disturbing. The guy had 6 hands for god's sake! And last but not the least was a guy with light purple hairs. Definitely a gay… he was wearing too much makeup, but there was something off about him like he was not one, but two people instead or maybe it was because he let his guard down and got caught in a powerful genjutsu.

Well, whatever it might be but one thing was certain… He was royally screwed!

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