The boat passed thought the misted, Frodo looked around at his elderly uncle and dropped his jaw "Uncle Bilbo?" he asked looking at him, what was once the elderly Hobbit was a young golden curl Hobbit, he smiled at Frodo, the young dark hair Halfling got up and walked over to Gandalf "What happen to Uncle Bilbo?" he asked

"We passed though the misted and it will take our bodies back to a time when we are happy." He moves to Frodo's hand and picks it up and shows him that his missing finger was back, the boy blinked at it "See."

"A time when we are happy." He said touching his hand "Where are we?" he asked

"Undying Lands, a kind of an afterlife." He said, Bilbo walks up to them still smiling "Looking good old friend." He smiled

"Feeling good." He said "Do you think they are there?"

"I know they are." The old wizard said as he watched the blonde Hobbit move towards the elves and spoke to them, while Frodo just watches them

"Who is he hoping to see?" he asked looking back to Gandalf

"Some old friends." He told him "Now go and talk to the others." He said giving Frodo a little push.

Bilbo looked over the boat that lands, he could see a couple of people on the board walk "GANDALF IT'S THEM IT'S THEM!" He cries out as he jumps out of the boat rocking it from side to side knocking Elrond into the water (hehehehe) Bilbo swims up to the shore and climbs up, a hand reaches out for Bilbo and he takes it as they pulls him up, looking up Bilbo see the smiling faces of the dwarfs

"About time you got here Hobbit." One say, Bilbo smiles brightly as he is engulfed in a Dwarf hug. Gandalf helps Elrond back onto the boat, trying not to laugh in the poor elf face as he stands there dripping wet

"We should get you some dry clothes." He said, Elrond just looks at him unable to think of a answer or s question, Frodo watches as his uncle get's hugged by the dwarves

"What is going on?" he asked as the boat stops

"As I said old friends."

Getting off the boat the climb a shore to, they watched as Bilbo goes up to one dwarf that looks like he's never smile "Hello Thorin." He says to him with a soft smile

"60 years Bilbo, 60 years and you still look like the same beautiful creature that stole my heart." The dwarf says as he pulls Bilbo's into his arms and kissed him, the others looked shocked at the display of emotion between the pair

"Well I was wondering what would happen?" Gandalf said, Frodo jaw dropped open he has never seen his uncle that close to anyone ever and here he was snogging the lights out of some dwarf and as for Elrond he just blinks at wanting dry clothes, while Bilbo and Thorin kiss, two other young dwarfs walk up to Frodo, the Hobbit looked at the dark hair and blonde hair dwarf that smiled at him making him feel a little worried, this place was strange and people are acting stranger his uncle was killing a dwarf and he was young again, with a spritely hop and smile that he doesn't remember seeing ever in his uncle,



"At your service Hobbit." Both brothers said with a smile, he was snapped out of his thoughts by the two gorgeous dwarfs in front of him; he blinked at them as they bowed together before getting back up and looking at him

"Gandalf!" Frodo carried worried at the look the brothers were giving him, the old wizard chuckles and looks at him as he was getting his hand kissed

"They are harmless young Frodo, enjoy the life here, they have." He laughs, the brunette Elf looks at the Dwarfs kissing his Hobbit's hand and walks over to them and tries to shoo them away, after getting nowhere with stubborn breed of Dwarf he ended up picking up the young Hobbit and holding him in his arm.

Bilbo and Throin broke apart and looked at the scene in front of them, Bilbo look worried at Frodo as Elrond held him away from the Dwarf brothers "Should I be worried?" Bilbo asked

"I wouldn't." Thorin smiled as he warped himself around his hobbit

"But what if they get hurt what if a Frodo get's hurts?" he said looking at him "The boy has already been though too much." He said

"You nephew will be fine."