Thorin push Bilbo down onto the bed gently and started to kiss him, they peeled each other's clothes off, Thorin looked over his lover and smiled as he pressed his lips against the Hobbit's lip and they stayed laying together kissing each other just feeling their bodies together, their hands wondered over each other feeling their skin, Thorin let his hand's slide down the Hobbit's side and then the curve of his cheeks to his entrance, he circled the little hole enjoying the whines and moans as he buries his face in the dwarf's neck and shoulder as Bilbo let's his own hands wonder down the front of the dwarf's hairy chest to his impressive man hood, he gently grabbed Thorin's hard cock and started stroking him "Do you have any idea how much I missed you." he said, Bilbo looked at him and smiled

"I have an idea, Thorin, you died and I had to go on with you." Bilbo said, Thorin looked into the said eyes of his Hobbit and wiped the tears away with his free hand

"But we're together now." He whispered, he pulled his hand away from Bilbo's entrance and easier his cock into him, the Hobbit winced and closed his eyes.

Down stairs the others were drinking singing song and cheering, Elrond was arguing with Fili and Kili about who has the right to woo Frodo and said the young Hobbit bang his head against the table, Gandalf was happily talking to the other elves, while the rest of the dwarf's drink, ate, drink, sang, drink and let's not forget more drink "Come on boy drink up." One of the Dwarfs said to Frodo, the dark brown hair Hobbit looked up at him as an elderly dwarf push a beer in front of him "It make it much easier."

Bilbo moaned as Thorin slowly and gently rocked into him, they held onto him there was no rushing between the two of them they wanted to take it slow, they kissed and nipped each other's skin leaving little marks, pushing Bilbo onto his back Thorin hovered above him and rocked his hips into him making sure he touch the Halfling's sweet spot making him shiver and moan his name, by the time they were reaching their peek Thorin snapped his hips a little harder as he stroked Bilbo until they both came together.

They lay together breathing deeply; Bilbo's eyes were closed as Thorin watched his face as he caught his breath, after awhile he opens his eyes and looks to see Thorin looking back at him "H…How long have you been watching me?" he asked

"Since we started." He grinned at him as he ran his hands thought the blonde curls

"We should have grown old together."

"I would have never worked." Thorin said

"How do you know?" Bilbo smiled

"I still would have looked the same when you had greys in your hair." Bilbo frowned but nodded and he nuzzled into Thorin's shoulders again.