They have spent a 3 month in the Undying lands, Bilbo and Thorin has spent most of their times 'getting to know each other again' the other dwarfs were saying that a wedding would soon be on the way. Bilbo sat up in the bed he was in with Thorin, he rubbed his eyes and looked at the sleeping dwarf next to him, he gave a small smile before he feels his stomach start to churn, he flees out of his bed waking his lover up as he ran to their bath room. Thorin blinked at the slamming door and frowned, he got out of him nice warm bed and put on some clothes and walked over to the door and listen to his Halfling throwing up "Bilbo love open up, please."

"No." Then there were more sounds of throwing up.

When Bilbo finely left the bath room, Gandalf was standing there looking at him "Oh dear god you got Gandalf, Thorin!"

"You spent 5 minute throwing up, I was worried!" The dwarf said

"Bilbo get on that bed and let me look at you!" The wizard asked, Bilbo sighed and gave Thorin a dark look as he sat on the bed "Now tell me Bilbo have you only started to feel sick?"

"5 days ago." He said, taking a sip of water,

"May I have a look at your stomach?" Bilbo frowned at him and pulled his bed shirt up and let Gandalf touch is stomach, the Hobbit blush

"I've been putting some weight on." Gandalf looked down at him with a be mused expression on his face

"It is normal for someone in your condition."

What condition?" Bilbo asked sitting up and batting Gandalf's hand away

"You're pregnant my dear friend." He beamed, Bilbo's eyes widen and then he fainted.

When Bilbo next woke his head kind of hurt, he open his eyes to see Frodo sat next to the bed "What happen?" he asked, the younger Hobbit looked up from his book and smiled as he market it and put it away

"You fainted and fell off the bed after Gandalf told you, you are pregnant." He said, the blonde Hobbit just looked at his nephew and blinked

"Pregnant?" He said as he threw an arm over his eyes, Frodo smiles at him

"Yep." Moving his arm Bilbo looked at Frodo and sighed

"Wow…How's Thorin taking it?" he asked

"You're kidding me, he's down stairs in the pub drinking up a storm and singing, he can't wait to be a father." Frodo smiles, Bilbo blushes

"How are you?"

"Well apart from Elrond and Kili and Fili all wanting to court me at once, yeah I'm fine." He sighed; Bilbo smiled and patted his hand.

Frodo helped Bilbo down stairs and into the Pub bit, there both Hobbit's watched as the dwarfs sing and drink, Thorin walked over to Bilbo and smiled "My beautiful Hobbit, how are you feeling." He smiled and pulls Bilbo into a kiss; Bilbo kisses back before pulling away

"Thorin you sink of drink?" Bilbo giggled

"True enough." He said, we must be wed soon before our child is born." He smiled, Bilbo blushes and holds his hands.