Fourth one-shot. Just twelve more to go. Should be fun.

Gunfire's hideous noises rang out through the air, enough to make a deaf man go insane. Explosions began to materialize on the battlefield, and soldiers were blinded by smoke and flames. Several ran in panic, only to be consumed in the flames. The freaks, the mutants, charged, and it seemed like they would never stop.

The thing is, they NEVER would.

Finn stood quietly in the underground chamber.

Centuries of erosion, plants, civilizations, and constant growing had covered this place until by chance...

Jake held his hand, and remained entirely serious. The stone blocks dotted the area by the hundreds, each with their own inscription.

Princess Bubblegum was sad as well, but she also saw an opportunity. She could use this to fill the most empty area of Ooo's History : Before the war. But more specifically, something that only preserved relics had told her about, the war.

Marceline floated around, examining the names, looking for familiars.

Globdang it, why'd he have to find this? He'd mostly been able to push the 'last human' thing out of his mind for the last year. But now, finding an entire graveyard full of dead humans.

Finn didn't have anything to say, not knowing anyone personally, but occasionally Marceline knelt down in respect to some of the graves.

There, he'd admitted it. Up until now he'd avoided the word, and so had his friends. 'Burial ground' 'Final resting place' 'Hero's Land'. That last one was Jake's coinage. But yes, this was a graveyard for people that had been buried by their comrades.

Was it possible to be miserable, in awe, confused, sad, comforted, and slightly angry at the same time? Apparently.

Finn just bowed down the same way he would to a Deity. He mumbled a few, inaudible words in respect, and a few tears dripped down his cheeks. He wiped them off, and sighed. He couldn't change history, but that didn't mean there was no hope. He'd organized a team dungeon crawl just for the fun of it and to build team skills, and it'd been a two week long expedition living off of rations and what few animals they could find this far down.

The journey had been fun. But Finn couldn't let himself be saddened by this. Turning into a waterfall now would do his ancestors no good.

No, he had to be strong. Maybe he could help PB's historical thing-y. He'd like to know more about humanity and it's past.

Song Inspired : Hands, The Almost