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Things had been… confusing with Sasori, to say the least.

If confusing meant dead and cold. We kissed, back in Hiruko, but after that, it seemed as if he avoided me like the plague.

In the months since we moved to the new location, we had spoken a total of seven times, never once bringing up that night.

I had spent years of my life pining away for the redheaded Akatsuki member, and by some freakish miracle of God, I was with him, tied together by a fate I couldn't begin to understand.

He was Sasori of the Red Sand, for God's sake. So what that he wasn't acting out of character and immediately falling head over heels for me, like Kisame for my sister? Could I really blame him for ignoring the elephant in the room?

How can I expect a shell of a man, one who cut off his own emotions and feelings to become a puppet, to sweep me away and shower me with love and affection? I can't. So I steeled myself and ignored the heartache that came with the rejection, putting all of my focus into training.

Itachi took up specialized lessons with Suki and I, though he couldn't teach us much about our own kekkei genkai. We honed our chakra control, practiced techniques we'd been developing, and worked on genjutsu, making steady progress in our training as kunoichi. I had few ideas of what Pein would do with us once we completed our training, but he was always cryptic and never present, so nothing was ever confirmed. For now, we practiced and worked our bodies and muscles to the bone. Even with as much time had passed since the battle in Konoha, the Leaf was still out for our heads, so an attack could be expected any minute, and if it came down to it, we were expected to hold our own until we would make an escape. That meant grueling, tough training that left little to no time in our days.

Zetsu and Tobi were sent away on a mission and wouldn't return for at least a week, and Konan had affairs in Amegakure, so things at the base were slow.

Pein had ordered everyone to stay in the base, so the usual morning training was disrupted. For the first time in months, we were allowed to sleep in.

I drug myself from my bedroom at first light, after a long, sleepless night perusing the pages of a book I'd read several times.

Maybe I'd visit Sasori and return it, but first a visit to Zetsu's garden was in order.

The greenhouse wasn't what you'd expect- it was a room in the sprawling underground base that Zetsu had filled to the brim with flora, with the help of Zena, who gave the plants a little nudge to blossom in the dark, damp cave. He had a collection of every herb imaginable, plus leaves and weeds galore.

Over time, I developed a blend from the dried pickings that mimicked the effects of the canna plant I'd left at the old base. It wasn't the same, but in a tough spot, it worked well. It was harsher and more potent, but well worth the trouble that went into it.

With my package secure, I found my way to Sasori's quarters and rapped on the door softly.

"Enter," came his grumbling voice.

"Sasori-san. I've come to return your book." I said, stepping in. He was rifling through papers on his desk, picking through diagrams and recipes and shuffling them into a satchel.

"Leave it on the table, Kira-san." He said, not looking up or pausing from his task. "There are others there if you need another. Deidara and I will return in two days time."

I glanced at Hiruko and played my fingers over the spine of the books, glancing over the titles.

"Take the fourth one. Its a romantic adventure, but it focuses on the adventure aspect more than romance." I picked it up and scanned the cover. It was simple, a small black book with the title printed on the front in gold ink. 'The Maiden of the Sea'. It didn't have an author.

"Surprising that you'd read it, you've got no tolerance for feelings." I didn't mean to say it, but this was the first time I'd spoken to him in ages, better to get the hard stuff out of the way before it ate me up any more. I turned around and leaned back on the desk, watching him as he sifted through his bags and pouches.

"… Kira." He said, turning around. His voice was even but I saw the hurt behind his eyes. "What do you want me to do?"

"I-" I swallowed the lump in my throat. What do I want from him? To throw down all he's done in his life and forget it all to be with me? To change who he was fundamentally as a person to be capable of love? Did I want him to reject me so that it would all go away? "I want… I want to be happy, Sasori-san. But something keeps pulling my mind back to you and the feelings I have. You told me long ago that you'd only use me for an experiment, and I have to ask- is this part of it? Kissing me like that and then pretending I don't exist for months? If so, I don't want to do that anymore. It's cruel and painful. I understand that you may never be able to feel what I feel, but that doesn't stop my heart from aching to be close to you. Each night, I lie awake and alone, my thoughts crashing through my brain like the waves of an angry ocean, logic versus emotion in an endless battle, and at the root of them all is the question: Am I not good enough to be loved? Am I not deserving of happiness?"

Sasori sat down on his bed, the unused mattress creaking under his weight. "Kira, I cannot give you these answers. I cannot give you what you seek. This you know."

I felt hot tears on my cheeks and I swallowed once more, my voice coming out thick. "I'm aware of this, Sasori-san. I'll take my leave now, have a safe trip."

With that, I left, still clutching the little black book.

"Kira-" I heard him start, but he fell silent as I let the door close behind me, and he didn't follow me, so I retreated to my room and crawled back into the solitude of my bed, retrieving the matchbook Itachi had gifted me and lighting up my creation.

I had opted for reading the book I had taken from Sasori's room, and snuggled into my blankets to consume the tale when a soft knock came at my door.

"Make it quick," I said, setting the book back down. Surprisingly, Hidan came into my bedroom and shut the door behind him. "What is it, loser?"

"Jashin almighty, it stinks in here." He said, waving his hand in front of his nose. "Whatever, heathen. I've got a favor to ask. It's the anniversary of our bonding through Jashin, and I want the bitch to think I forgot about it."

"That's… extremely idiotic. She'll cut your head off and mount it on Zetsu's flytrap."

He shrugged, "I didn't ask what you thought, just if you'd fuckin' help. If she comes asking, you haven't fuckin' seen me."

I shrugged. "Not the first time I've lied to her, won't be the last. If that's all, piss off."

"Fuck you too, heathen." He replied snarkily, leaving my bedroom.

I sighed and settled back into my book, opening up the cover and diving into the story.

"Kiiiiiii~" Came my twins voice, hours later. "You alright?"

"...Yeah," I replied curtly, looking up from the book. As upset and hurt as I was by Sasori, I had to admit that the book was quite fascinating. The tale centered around an unlikely group of friends who sailed the seas as pirates, searching for legendary tales of treasure. On their journey, the captain hears of an island where a Goddess lives, forced to live alone for she was unable to love that she chose unhappiness over marrying and living eternally in the sky. On the earth, she chose to live alone until she found someone to steal her heart.

I had made it as far as the sailing to the island, across a dangerous and vast sea before Suki had poked her head in.

"Sasori and Deidara are leaving, do you want to go see them off with me?"

"I'll pass." I set the book down and stood from my bed. "I'll go have a shower, come and get me for breakfast when they're gone?"

"Things getting rough with Sasori?"

I gave my twin a dry look. "No, I owe Deidara $50 for losing a bet."

"Ahhh," Suki nodded sagely.

"Suki, I was fucking with you. I never lose a bet to Deidara. Of course things are rocky with Sasori. We talked this morning. It didn't go very well, but it is what it is. Now then, breakfast?"

Suki patted my head as I walked past her, offering a small smile. "Things will get better, sister."

"One can only hope." I said before entering the bathroom.

I was out sooner than I'd hoped to be, but surely I wouldn't run into Sasori and make things more awkward at this point. He'd surely have left by now.

I dressed in a loose black shirt and some mid-thigh shorts and tied my hair into a bun at the nape of my neck. Suki wasn't anywhere around when I exited the bathroom, so I assumed she had already gone ahead to breakfast.

"Honestly, after all of that time to prepare and you still leave things behind?" Sasori's voice came from around the corner.

"I forgot to check my clay stores, okay! I didn't realize Tobi had stolen it all again before he left. I'll be right back, hm." Deidara replied as they rounded the corner and nearly ran into me.

"Oh, sorry Kira-chan. Didn't see you there." Deidara chirped.

Sasori stood still, something I couldn't decipher written across his face. I cleared my throat and moved to walk around him. "See you when you get back," I mumbled, stepping past.

He said something then, quietly and hard to hear, but I think I caught it. "You are deserving."

I shook my head and continued down the hall to the kitchen, where Zena had prepared a simple congee for breakfast. I grabbed a bowl and sat down at the table in the kitchen with Itachi, Kisame, and Kakuzu. Hidan and Sakana hadn't climbed out of their hellhole of a bedroom yet, and Zena and Suki sat at the island to eat.

I sighed and shoveled into breakfast, finishing quickly and washing my dish in the sink.

Deidara and Sasori entered the kitchen and passed through to the back door, Deidara letting out a cheery, "See ya, suckers!"

Nobody responded, so the blonde just shut the door with a, "well fuck you guys too."

The kitchen was silent for a moment before Sakana came in and sat down at the counter with Zena and Suki. Kakuzu had finished his meal and left before Deidara and Sasori had departed, and now Kisame and Itachi rose from the table to disappear somewhere in the labyrinth of a base.

"Okay, what's the deal?" She asked after a few moments of pushing her breakfast around.

I quirked an eyebrow. "I don't know, it's a normal Tuesday for me."

Zena stood and moved around the island to wash her bowl, and I leaned down.

"Kisa is sad, so I'm sad. Also, its Saturday, Kiki."

"Oh," I said, staring at her for a moment.

Sakana asked Zena something, and after a moment, the quiet brunette finally answered her, but I didn't stick around to listen- I had a book to finish.


After breakfast, I scoured the base until I located Kisame, who was in our bedroom, checking his weapons and strapping Samehada to his back.

"Kisa..." I said as I entered the room and leaned against the door. "You okay?"

"I'm fine, Princess. Just tense." He didn't look up, though.

I sighed. "You're going to town with Hidan?"

"Mm," he said, "it's still dangerous. Zetsu detected Leaf Scouts still in the area. Itachi has to pick up a few things as well, you understand."

I nodded, then realized he couldn't see me. "Yeah. Be safe."

"Always, kitten." He turned around then, her appearance altered by a henge. His light blue skin was now tanned, his pale eyes deepening to a rich blue, and his navy locks turning black. "I'll be back before you know it."

I offered a slight smile and wrapped my arms around his huge frame. "Don't do anything stupid."

He patted my head one last time and left the room, leaving me alone with the stuffed animals he'd collected for me along his missions. Saddened, I curled up into his usual spot and pulled a large stuffed fish closer.

"Suki~" came a sweet coo, waking me from my nap. "Wake up, love."

Kisame was back, and he seemed to be in good spirits. I sad up and smiled as he knelt down to press a kiss to my forehead.

"Welcome back, Kisa." My voice was still thick with sleep, but he didn't care. Kisame pulled me closer to him, climbing on to the bed beside me.

His lips found mine and we melded, passion and love overtaking my senses. As our kiss deepened, I was whisked away to a world where we were alone, in a great sunny paradise where it was just us two.

Kisame's mouth left mine and traveled along my jawline until his lips were pressing fervent kisses to my neck, sending jolts of pleasure down my spine. Further he went, lips pressing, pulling, opening as his tongue came out to flick over the tiny buds of my nipples.

"Kisa~" I moaned, the sound coming out as a mewl. "Kisame-"

"Shh, princess."

That was all it took for me to lose my mind, Kisame's soft mouth conquering my thoughts. Passion and pleasure overtook my senses and I was left floating in a pool of ecstasy, content and warm.

"Suki?" He asked, and I was brought back to reality.

Kisame was standing in the doorway, a soft look etched across his normally hard features. "Having a nice nap?"

I flushed, remembering the dream and felt the effects of it. "Y-yeah. You're back already."

He nodded, "Like I said, back before you know it. Now get up, it's time to prepare. Careful, though. Sakana and Hidan are at war."

While we decorated the dining room, Zena set about cooking a myriad of dishes from earth (they weren't much different than what we ate here, seeing as Zena typically used the ingredients she could find and modified recipes to work with what was available), but they were all of Sakana's favorites- and some of mine, because what can I say? The girl had some pretty good taste in food.

Itachi had requested tri-color dango for dessert, which turned out was his 'very important' reason to go to the village- not that I was complaining, as I was always down for sweets.

Once the food was finished, Zena plated up enough to set out on the table for Sakana and Hidan, then left the rest to be devoured by the crowd of ravenous criminals- and my stoner sister.

Kisame seemed a lot happier than he'd been all day, and that was enough for me.

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