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Graphic sexual situations, non-con

Tap, tap, tap...

Sakura's knuckles beat softly against the door a second time, less enthusiastically than the first.


Pale veridian, once anxious and expectant, drifted slowly down the door to the wooden porch. Her nerves began to calm as a blanket of gloom crept over her, weighing heavier as the time passed. She'd only been there a minute or so, but it felt like several more.

The gentle pattering of cool rain behind her did nothing to heighten her mood, as it meant she'd have a long, drenched walk home. It had started out a light sprinkle when she had entered Uchiha territory—sectioned off, but not alienated from the rest of Konoha.

She could hear no sign of life from the other side of the door. Sasuke's door. Well, his family's door.

On one hand, she was a little relieved. Trying to hold a serious conversation with him, one where he actually participated, instead of answering 'hn.' to everything she said, was like trying to walk on eggshells. Damn near impossible at times. On the other hand, her nervousness would only be prolonged until she found another chance to speak to him.

This time it would be harder than usual, though...because this time, she knew she needed to apologize. It wasn't something she did very often, because honestly, she never needed to. Well, in her opinion, she didn't. Not because she was too stuck up, but because she always tried so hard not to give anyone a reason to need an apology from her. Sure, she got in minor cat fights with Ino sometimes—that girl was so full of herself—and sure, sometimes she smacked Naruto around—he was such a perv!—but that was it.

She wasn't a mean person. She didn't even like to argue. Yeah, she would, in order to stand up for something she believed in, but...

It was just so hard to understand him. He didn't make it easy for her.

She had lost it yesterday. Ripped him a new one loud enough to turn the heads of every villager within the block. At first, she hadn't regretted it. She had told him exactly what she felt he needed to hear, and exactly what she needed to get off her chest, but...but then...

There was nothing to gain by losing face in public like that. Airing their dirty laundry in front of everyone. She had only herself to blame, too.

And so here she was, swallowing her pride.

Swallowing it in vain, perhaps. If she was lucky, she could avoid him slamming a door in her face the next time she found him.

Why couldn't he just make sense for once! Then she could stop being so frustrated with him all the time. He was like a closed book wrapped up with barbed wire and paper bombs.

Sakura turned around, sandals shuffling quietly along the clean porch as she faced the downpour that awaited her. Her eyes narrowed glumly as she cursed her luck, and a roll of thunder boomed overhead.

Before she could take her first step, the front door slid open behind her suddenly. A rush of nerves reawakened within her, and she spun around more hastily than she meant to.

"Sasuke, I—..."

She froze as she stared up at the man almost a head taller than her teammate. Eyes of coal blinked slowly down at her, wisps of dark hair falling loose from his ponytail and framing his pale face. A robe in shades of black and midnight blue adorned him, with the familiar Uchiha crest close to his shoulder.

Her mouth was left to hang open as she took him in, feeling a bit foolish...yet unaware that she looked even more foolish as she gawked. His face was decidedly tired looking, more so than usual. Soft creases drew up his cheeks to a half-lidded gaze as he stared right back at her silently. Waiting.

Sputtering as she attempted to shake herself from her daze, she blurted, "Itachi!"

His eyes followed her movements as she bowed low before him. Stoic at first, he had a way of easily instilling her with a sense of exposure as she hovered there, unsure of what to do next. Clearly she hadn't been expecting him, of all people, to open the door. Like he didn't also live there, or anything... Silly girl.

"I'm sorry if I—...did I wake you? I was just...mm...I was looking for Sasuke." She fumbled as she rose up, curiously innocent eyes meeting his ever calm ones. With the time it had taken for him to answer the door, the look he greeted her with, and his rather comfortable looking attire, she could only assume he'd been napping. It was only mid-morning, but she knew his schedule was different from theirs. He was a busy man, and she rarely caught a glimpse of him. She couldn't guess what kind of missions he was assigned, and consequently, what kind of hours he kept.

The seconds blended into eternity as she endured the weight of his gaze, and tried not to fidget too much. They lingered briefly over the pastel pink of her short hair, and down the slope of her pale neck to the cream colored yukata she wore, painted with a floral pattern of yellow and blue. The semblance of a porcelain doll. So uncharacteristically feminine of her, truly...and it dipped lower than it should for someone her age.

When he failed to answer her, Sakura felt the first sign of a cold sweat tickle down her back. She was acutely aware of her reaction, yet unable to understand it, much to her frustration. He was her elder, Sasuke's brother, and largely unfamiliar to her, but why in the world was she feeling so jittery?

She couldn't take it anymore.

"I-I'm Sasuke's te-"

"I know who you are, Sakura-."

Her throat tightened when he interrupted her, and a sense of inferiority crushed into her chest, making her feel as if she shrunk another foot under him.

And yet, she vaguely wondered how he knew her name. She couldn't recall ever introducing herself to him before. Every once in a while she'd see him in passing, but she'd never even spoken to him until now. Did...did that mean Sasuke talked about her sometimes?

"Oh.." She peeped quietly, tearing her eyes from his to glance away awkwardly.

Hearing him sigh, she nearly turned and fled right then and there, overwhelmed with embarrassment—half of which she still couldn't comprehend—but then she heard the door shift again, and saw him step to the side from the corner of her eye.

"My apologies, where are my manners?"

Her eyes shot wide and flickered back to him intently at the sound of his soft voice, witnessing him grace her with a shallow bow, and outstretch his arm to offer her the open doorway.

"Sasuke isn't home right now, but please...come in."

Flitting between his bowing head and offering hand, she blinked one too many times in her confused state, and then stuttered like a hopeless little girl at her first day of ninja school.

"O-oh, uhm...o-ok!"

The main hall was cool and dim as she entered, leaving her sandals by the front door. The rain continued its muffled symphony on the roof above them, providing the only sound that could fill the cryptic void between their exchanges. Her heart was still beating slightly faster than it should, but she was somewhat reassured now.

It was then, as she gazed around in wonder at the family portraits and heirlooms sparsely decorating their immaculately kept rooms and walkways, that she realized this was the first time she'd even been inside Sasuke's home.

It was also then, as she faintly heard the front door shift closed behind her, that she realized she was alone with Uchiha Itachi, whom she knew almost nothing about, and had only found him admirable and somehow intimidating even from a distance.

"Y-you have a lovely home." She forced cheerfully as she turned, flashing him a smile.

His dark eyes settled on her as he faced her with another silent pause...one that brewed a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach. It was like he could see right through her without even trying, and it made her want to squirm. But what he was actually seeing left her clueless...and that, she decided, was the most nerve-racking part.

"Thank you." He murmured, and wandered slowly past her and down the hall, leaving her eyes to trace after him as she swallowed thickly.

"Would you like some tea?" Calling over his shoulder, she nearly tripped over the hem of her yukata as she lifted it to follow him clumsily.

Seriously, what was wrong with her? She was never like this.


It sounded more enthusiastic than she'd meant for it to, unintentionally overcompensating for the uncertainty and nervousness that plagued her. And if he hadn't been walking right in front of her, she would've face-palmed.

She followed him into a room with a low, empty table in the center, and let him guide her to one of the crimson square cushions surrounding it. Smoothing the fabric against the back of her legs, she flattened it and sat down on her knees, attempting to appear as casual and comfortable as she possibly could. Of course this was no big deal, so she shouldn't feel like it was. She was simply waiting for Sasuke to come back and...hopefully she could squeeze a sentence or two from him before he threw her out.

The older Uchiha stopped in front of the doors next to her, and slid them both open to reveal the porch, and a lush garden with a koi pond beyond, with a wooden bridge arching over top. The raindrops speckled the glassy pond, blurring the drifting shapes of orange and white below its surface.

"What would you like?"

It took a moment for her head to swivel back in his direction, captivated by the scene as she was. She suddenly felt so formal...like a true guest.

"Hm? Oh, uhmm..." And there she goes sounding like an incompetent oaf again.

"Do you have jasmine tea?"

With a quick nod, he turned and left her sight, abandoning her in a room lit only by the cool, reflecting lights of the garden at her side. Her nerves relaxed almost instantly, lulling her into a state of peace and wonder that hadn't comforted her in quite some time.

Now, she almost felt guilty for being so jittery in front of him...as if it was an insult. With this kind of treatment, it was somewhat rude of her, wasn't it? Granted, she hadn't been able to control it, but still...it made her feel a little ridiculous. In the least, he seemed to have more manners than Sasuke after all—that brat.

Even so, she couldn't suppress the butterflies that whirled around inside her whenever she thought of him. As blunt and cold as he could be, she cared about him...probably far more than she should. Enough that she couldn't help but walk all the way here just to apologize for going off on him about something that, honestly, he really did need to hear.

By the time he returned, she had all but fallen into a meditation. Staring out into the red leaves of the maple tree that reached over the pond, casting its shadow where some of the koi huddled, the pink and blue flowers that encircled the borders...man, she wished her parents had enough money for one of these. She could sit there all day and sip tea with a view like that.

The soft clink of an iron teapot setting on the table in front of her drew her attention back to reality. The steam wafted upward as he filled her small, handle-less cup almost to the brim. The mild, floral scent filled the room, and she was unable to keep a smile off her face as she took the cup with both hands and held it to her...heedless of the stealthy, dissecting gaze that explored her features.

"How did you know my name? If...if you don't mind me asking. I mean, this is the first time we've met, I think."

Her speech was slower, sounding more sure of herself and renewed with courage as she looked up at him. As to be expected, he didn't answer immediately. Instead, he poured himself a cup, and settled down on the cushion opposite her.

In his thoughtful pause, she wondered how strange it was to be sitting there so close to him—the man Sasuke looked up to above all others, and worked so hard to impress—alone in their own home...as if they'd been close friends for years already, when they were hardly acquaintances. She also wondered why he would bother to entertain her. Surely he could have left her to wait for Sasuke by herself. But...that would have been a bit inconsiderate, she supposed.

The Uchiha let the flashes of memories unfold as he relaxed under her watchful eyes. Ah yes, he did know her. He knew probably much more than she thought he ever could, and probably much more than she ever wanted him to. He was an ANBU, after all. One of his top priorities was gathering intel, and he was so advanced at it by now that it was a natural talent of his, even when he wasn't working. He noticed things most others did not. Things that were so subtle, yet so important. He noticed people that had glimpsed him so rarely they'd never remember him. People like her...Haruno Sakura.

And he'd witnessed her interactions with his younger brother many a time. Sasuke never spoke of her, but he knew exactly who she was...and he knew how hopelessly in love with him she was, and how it ate away at her nibble by nibble, consuming her so slowly she'd never get the chance to save herself.

That's why she was here today. She loved him. She would do anything for him. She was an absolute, spell-bound fool, that came crawling to beg forgiveness for something she likely needn't be redeemed for at all. Something so unnecessary, or something that had never been her fault to begin with.

Hell, she would even agree that the sky was purple, if Sasuke insisted it was.

That's the kind of girl Sakura was. He could read her plain as day.

Part of him took pity on her.

Part of him cringed in annoyance at the thought of someone as emotionally weak as her.

Part of him wanted to burst from his traditional stoic demeanor and literally slap some sense into her.

And part of him...found his eyes slipping up the length of the table, past the iron pot, and exploring the the sharp neckline of her yukata, and the slender throat that craned above it.

When his eyes climbed to meet her again, betraying not a single one of his thoughts, he found her head cocked slightly, as she stared back at him with an openness and innocence that stirred something foreign within him.

Or perhaps foreign wasn't the right description. No... This was something he'd felt before. Not on a regular basis, but he still recognized it.

Feral. That was the word. Something basic and instinctual.

Shutting his eyes briefly to recollect himself, he began with a deceivingly bland, yet polite tone.

"Sasuke has mentioned you."

He lied...and then instantly regretted it as he saw her face light up, yet she was clearly trying to seem less ecstatic than she truly was to hear those words.

"He's mentioned you too..."

She smiled fondly and looked down at her tea, mood increased dramatically by the false hope that had been fed to her.

"He's always talking about how powerful you are, and how fast you learn... He says he's going to be as good as you one day."

She took a sip finally, missing the faint smirk that touched him.

Her eyes clouded as thoughts of yesterday returned then, and the reason she was here in the first place.

"He can be so...so stubborn sometimes, though." A small voice admitted, beginning her slow tumble down a treacherous path as the older Uchiha listened quietly.

"I know he trains more than Naruto and I do, and I know he's good...but he doesn't have to be so arrogant. Like he's better than us. He's such a loner too, when we're on missions... Even if he doesn't need us, we're still a team!"

She paused briefly to sip at her tea.

"I remember when we were little, and...and he...he was nicer then. We'd play tag sometimes, and...he was always faster than me, and sometimes I'd get mad, but...it was still fun."

She was gone now, sinking deeper and deeper into her own self-absorbed world as a collage of images bombarded her. Still, he listened patiently.

"See, that's what I don't get. He was stronger than we were even then, but he wasn't such an...such an ass! He was fun to be around, and didn't act like I was a pest all the time."

An angry sigh puffed from her nose. She hadn't even noticed his untouched cup of tea left sitting on the table.

"He changed so suddenly. Now when he looks at me, he seems so cold. He just doesn't—"

"—give you enough attention."

He finished her sentenced, causing her to look up in surprise, ripping her from her selfish rant.

Before she knew it, a light blush was spreading over her cheeks, and she froze under his stare...hard and knowing. The kind of stare Kakashi sometimes gave her when reprimanding her. Once again, she was left feeling inferior.

"W-well...I...I didn't mean... I don't need his attention. I just... It's not like that or anything—"


Her lips seals shut, and she hesitantly looked up at him, resembling a scolded puppy. It would've made him chuckle under his breath if he hadn't felt the sting of irritation. She was so immature in so many ways...far too immature for the accentuating yukata she wore. It bestowed upon her a false sophistication and allure she shouldn't possess. How old was she anyway...fifteen? Ah, his mind was wandering out of bounds again.

"You make it quite obvious."

"Wh...what quite obvious?" She asked warily.

"I can see you drool over him a mile away. Everyone can."

If her eyes had grown any wider, they would've popped out of her skull. The blush surged over her, staining her a vibrant fuscia as her rattled nerves returned, and she felt even more exposed than when he had first opened the door on her.

Okay, so it wasn't a secret, really. Naruto and Ino were well aware of her one-sided affection for Sasuke. But Itachi? How could he know?! Oh Kami...this was so embarrassing. She didn't want him to know!


She couldn't think of a good reason. It was just so weird. He was his older brother! He wasn't supposed to know about her unrequited love!

"I-I'm sorry... I shouldn't have rambled like that. He's your younger brother and...I shouldn't be—" She shut her eyes tightly and sighed, falling silent. A slight frown tugged at her lips, and the look of shame and frustration claimed her as obviously as the redness in her cheeks.

Itachi observed every detail of her. The childish pout, the ceaseless longing she didn't know how to cope with, her awkwardness...an awkwardness she was even aware of, and didn't know how to change.

In a swift motion that surprised even him a little, she clanked her teacup loudly onto the wooden table and leaned forward with her face in her hands, overcome with a whirlwind of emotion.

"I just want to know why... Why am I not good enough?!"

She couldn't stop herself. A voice in the back of her mind pleaded with her to shut her big fat mouth, but she couldn't. She didn't know what had overcome her. There she was, spilling her own intimate feelings to a man that quite frankly scared her, and probably just looked down on her, like Sasuke did...feelings she didn't even share with Ino. But she just couldn't stop. It was like an avalanche that couldn't be restrained once it broke free.

Itachi said nothing. She didn't know whether to be relieved, or to feel even more ashamed of herself to be left with only the rain to answer her outburst.

But what could he tell her anyway? What did she honestly expect him to say? If she were in his shoes, she'd probably just dismiss herself and get the hell out of there before she was buried by the baggage.

"He will never love you, Sakura."

The words sank into her like merciless daggers, torturing her as much as they stunned her...the last words she had ever wanted to hear...and they left her gripping tightly into her pink hair as she struggled to regain control over her emotions, and suppress the tears that crept behind her shut eyes.

"You're not an Uchiha."

Time stood still. Her mind focused sharply, hanging onto his next, equally unexpected words that doused the pain she had felt, and overshadowed it with a rush of curiosity, then disbelief, and finally indignation.


It fells as a near whisper. Her hands slipped away, revealing the intensity in her eyes as she scrutinized him. Anger churned inside her, warming her chest into a tangible sensation as she felt the heat prick over her skin. How could he say something like that? She wasn't an Uchiha? What did that have to do with anything? How should that matter?!

For a split second, his steely black gaze seemed apologetic, yet if he regretted the statement, he gave no voice to it.

He glanced down at the small pink lips that flapped wordlessly, clamoring to find the right sentence to begin her rant as she scoffed and leaned away from the table...but he started first.

"Forgive my lack of tact, but I'm telling you this for your own good. Sasuke is a member of the Uchiha clan, and a promising one at that."

Sakura blanched as she listened to him.

"He has no business wasting his energy chasing girls at the moment, and any interest he does show in the future will be to another suitable member of our clan. Sakura, you are not an Uchiha. It is within your best interest to accept this fact now, and move on."

She was floored. And he took the opportunity she gave him to continue educating her—as he would put it.

"Of course, there are some Uchihas that date and inevitably marry outside of our clan, but such will not be the case with Sasuke. When the time comes for him to settle down, which won't be for a while, he will do as our father expects him. I'm sorry, Sakura..."

The girl, who looked so much younger than him, jumped up from her comfortable seat and threw her hands in the air in exasperation and denial. A whirl of yellow and blue swished past as she turned her back on him to face the wall, fists clenching at her sides as a rage filled her.

Itachi held back a sigh as he watched her as calmly as ever, keeping any sign of emotion he felt to himself, as was his tendency.

She was shaking lightly, he noted. Not taking the news well at all...but that was no surprise. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, she would realize that his cruel words had done her a service.

"What does an Uchiha have that I don't?!" She nearly shouted as she spun back around, forgetting the fear and respect she'd once held for him when her fiery nature seized the spotlight.

The black orbs that met her were just like his...just like Sasuke's...judging her, underestimating her. Who the hell did they think they were?

"You know, I can see it now..." Her eyes narrowed suddenly as she glared at him.

"Yeah. It makes sense. You're the reason he acts the way he does. He gets his arrogance from you."

Their staring contest broke when he looked down, more in disappointment than defeat. The muscles of his jaw flexed in the dim light as he clenched lightly. She was completely misunderstanding him and blowing this all out of proportion.

"Sakura, please sit down."


She pouted, arms crossing defensively over her chest as she turned to face the serene garden that painted a perfect picture of beauty, finesse, structure...everything she currently lacked.

"To expect him to marry someone just because they're a clan member... What if he doesn't want to? How could you do that to him?!"

"Sasuke will never be pressured by me to do anything." He corrected her passively.

"He can choose to love whomever he wants. But in the end, he will marry within our clan. It's just as much his choice as it is our father's. He will follow our tradition."

The calm, half-lidded stare wandered up the length of her jutting hip and lingered around the snugly crossed arms that did nothing more than enhance her childish aura...and yet, consequently endowed her with cleavage she had lacked when they had been resting at her sides moments ago. It was small, but he could see the swell of her chest spilling above her forearms, and the soft sloping crease that peaked from the parting V in her yukata. Did she even know she hadn't wrapped it properly? It wasn't intended to be as revealing as it was...and he found it increasingly difficult to tear his eyes from the sight of her.

A scowl answered him as she stared angrily through the short, brightly colored trees ahead, refusing to look at him.

"This was a mistake. I never should have come here."

Another whirl of color signaled her retreat as she made for the door, storming past him and the unfinished tea at their small table.

"I am more woman than he can handle anyway."

The last, sharp huff she gave under her breath bound her to a fate she never could have seen coming. Not from a mile away, if the signs had been there. She was too naïve, and indeed, too immature to see.

But she could feel, and when his hand caught her by the arm and spun her into the wall, she felt an eruption of contrasting emotions and instinctive fear that she wasn't prepared for.

The hallway that offered her source of escape had disappeared in a blue of shadows as she was ripped off balance, and her back thumped against the wooden wall of the tearoom. She was overwhelmed in an instant, and acutely conscious of her physical position, and the position of a once reserved and standoffish Uchiha now rendering her immobile.

Her heart thundered in her chest while her breath ceased in her throat. She was facing the garden once more, but her vision was dominated by the eyes of Itachi, black and boring into her so intently that she forgot how to inhale. His breath was hot, and it wafted over her face in a bath of steam.

Each of his hands held a firm grip on each of her wrists, and they were keeping them pinned to the wood behind her, leaving his chest to press into hers.

"You boast as if you could possibly know what it is to be a woman, Sakura."

She couldn't react. Even if she could, she wouldn't know how to. All of her attention was sucked into the feeling of him pressing into her, warming her as his form smothered hers from head to toe, keeping her still against the wall.

Clearly, something had snapped within him. And yet, he somehow possessed the same amount of control that he had earlier. It was just...his intent had spun completely off course... There had been no warning. She hadn't stood a chance, and she had no idea what to do in this a situation like this, with someone like him...of all people.


The impossibly soft syllable was a near squeak when he heard it, and he watched her swallow with difficulty.

"How would you know..."

They were words that ought to have been fired from a much more confident and sassy girl, but it took everything she had left just to force them past her lips...and somehow, they sounded so innocent as she stared doe-eyed at him.

He listened to her pounding pulse as he studied her. She was so terrified, and so much more naïve than she could ever begin to understand, really.

Leaning closer to her, she tensed, and a flurry of panic raged through her as it registered that he was about to kiss her...but then his cheek brushed along hers gently, and she exhaled audibly, left to stare past him.

"Is that an invitation?" His deep voice vibrated into her ear, causing her to gasp, and another, true squeak of alarm piped from her throat involuntarily.


The frail whisper was lost over his shoulder, and he pulled back enough for his breath to ghost down her chest with the tilt of his head.

"Your yukata is too revealing. Your mother shouldn't have let you leave the house." His statement murmured close to her skin, sending a chill down her spine as her mind struggled to understand what was happening to her.

Without warning, a shift of fabric and the lightest of tugs guided the sash around her waist to loosen, before falling away, quicker than she could realize that one of her wrists had been set free in the motion. A strangled cry burst from her in shock, and her able hand made a dive to smack him away from her instinctively, but he caught her again and pinned her once more firmly to the wall with a thud.

A sinking dread overcame her as she felt the long flaps of floral print glide open, revealing a bare strip of flesh down the center of her chest and abdomen, and below, a patch of blue panties. The sash pooled at her feet.

Her weight shifted as he held onto her, as if she was trying to slide down the wall to the ground and hide herself from him, but he wouldn't let her go. He had only just begun...

Goosebumps tightened over her skin as she felt his eyes roam over her freely. She was at a loss for words, and could merely gape at him in crippling bewilderment.

He pulled back, letting his eyes travel back up to meet hers, serving to trap her within their hypnotic depths while one hand dared to release her, and resurface beneath one flap of her robe. She felt it, yet her muscles were as limber as concrete, save for the light, reflexive twitching of her waist reacting at the touch of his warm fingers and cool air.

His palm pet slowly up the side of her ribcage, and cupped the swell of her small, bare breast beneath the silky cloth. The pad of his thumb tickled lightly over the tender button of flesh, and he leaned down to drop a feather of a kiss on her throat.

The simplest touches sent her slacking in his grip as she seemed to lose the ability to stand upright, and a fearful cry echoed in the room.

She felt his lips pause, and a smile grazed her neck as he lingered there.

"You've never been touched by a man."

His conclusion was quiet, confident, and accusing...and she was unable to argue with him as a desperate, shamed whimper was all she could muster.

He was right. He had won. Now he could let her go, and she could scurry on her way and never, ever bother him again. Or anyone in the Uchiha clan, for that matter. She'd stay far away from their section of the village from this day forward, like a good girl. Yes, she'd learned her lesson.

But his last grip on her wrist hadn't budged, and neither had the presence of his lips resting on her neck.


He paused at the name.

"He will b-be home soon...you said...h-he's coming back." It was a pathetic attempt to get him to release her, but it was all she could think of at the moment. No matter how annoying Sasuke thought she was, surely he'd never put up with his brother touching her like this. Would he...?

Teeth replaced lips as he grinned into her throat.

"I never said he was coming back." He corrected her.

"I said he wasn't home right now. Sasuke won't return for a few days. He's on a mission."

The young girl's chest heaved in a panic as the news sank into her, like a punch in the gut. In a flight of terror, she strained and thrashed against him, trying to break free. Back arching off the wall, she threw herself into him and yanked her wrist down, only to have him push her back against the wall and seize control of her arms, locking them in front of her chest and between them as he wrapped his arms around her, effectively stilling her moments, as his strength surpassed hers.

"What are you afraid of, Sakura? I thought you were more woman than he could handle." His husky voice teased into her ear.

Gritting her teeth, she shut her eyes and submitted to defeat in his arms. She couldn't move anymore, not with the way he clamped her down.

"You!" She gave a weak, shaky cry, and a single tear streaked soundlessly down her cheek.

"Shhhh..." The constriction around her shoulders and waist slackened slowly, and she shuddered as warm lips caught the tear before it could reach her jaw.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

"Then let me go!" Forcing the strength to return to her voice, she pleaded loudly with him.

For she couldn't command him. Not anymore. It had taken him only a few short seconds to prove to her how helpless she was...how little she could truly protect herself.


The answer thickened her heart into stone, and sent her insides squirming fearfully.

"Why?" A hoarse whisper returned, snuffing out the strength she had fought to hard to regain.

The weight of his chest disappeared, and he put just enough distance between them that she could manage to look up into his eyes. His hands pulled her arms open, and drifted to the flaps of her robe, slowly pulling them open to glide down her shoulders.

For a second time, she lost the ability to breathe, feeling the damp air of the room collide against her bare chest and thighs. In one simple motion, she was left in nothing but pale blue panties as the fabric cascaded down to the floor, collecting around her in a useless heap that once protected her.

Her hands balled into fists and retreated to her chest as she plastered herself against the wall of her own volition.

"I'm going to help you forget about him."

Pale lips opened to speak, but no words came, and she was paralyzed as he pried her arms open and drew her into his chest. Broad hands spread over her naked back, kneading gentle patterns into her, and slowly relaxing her muscles as his mouth returned to her neck. Patches of searing hot and chilling cold made her shiver as his tongue lapped over her, tasting her from just below her earlobe down to the slope of her shoulder, then to the front of her neck beneath her chin, and to the opposite side.

It took mere seconds for her to notice a creeping warmth nestle between her legs, growing steadily hotter as a tingling sensation she wasn't very used to spread inside her. Confusing her just as much as his actions.

How was this evening happening...? No amount of words could convey the extent of her confusion and shock. This man was touching her in ways she honestly hadn't even imagined before. Not only that, but she hardly knew him, and he was Sasuke's brother...and...and the feeling...inside of her... She couldn't even understand if it was good or bad anymore. It was impossible to explain, yet so intense. Dominating her senses and poisoning her mind.

She wanted to scream and cry, beg him to leave her alone, because she couldn't take it anymore...but all that came out was a soft, uncertain moan as he hit a certain spot at the base of her neck, close to her collar bone.

"Itachi...?" She called meekly, sounding so unsure.

"Just relax." His purr heated her skin, and she felt his hands curve over the slope of her ass and down the backs of her thighs as he slid lower, planting kisses down the center of her chest, between her breasts. A hot tongue lathered her, sweeping across the pink bud and sending a taste of electric ecstasy dancing through her as her head fell back.

His lips latched onto her, sucking her into his mouth while his tongue continued to tease. A gasping squeak strained from her, but it did nothing to prepare her for the touch of his hand that spread up her inner thigh, and caressed her veiled, virgin lips.

"Ah! No!" She yelped suddenly and tried to pull away from him, blushing furiously as the sensation of his hand lingered even after she shifted out of his reach, and made her feel even stranger.

She didn't get far, as he reigned her between his chest and the wall, and rose up to look into her eyes. Her lips parted as she felt them brush against his. He kissed her tenderly, stopping her in her tracks as his breath mingled with hers.

"Let me touch you, Sakura." He whispered into her, and kissed her again with a feathery touch, forcing her to betray her own common sense as he warped her with a timid desire.

She couldn't look away from him, and found that every time their gazes locked, she lost the will to move as well.

The feel of his hand gliding tantalizingly slow over her belly was impossible to ignore, and she sucked in a ragged breath as he dipped below the hem of her panties, and cupped her, running his fingers over, and then between the bare, silken lips. Never letting his eyes drop from hers.

She was already wet...but that didn't come as a surprise. It was no secret that she was a virgin. Did she even touch herself, he wondered...? Probably not very much, if at all.

What did intrigue him was just how wet she was. Soaking, to be precise.

His fingers glided easily into her, massaging firmly over the small, fleshy pearl. A flood of heat panted over his shoulder and down his back as she fell against him, and clung to him with a steel grip, arms scooping under his and digging into his back as a chorus of moans and gasps rang out into the garden behind them with every pass of his fingers.

Whether she liked it or not, her inhibitions had been torn from her the moment his hand buried between her legs. The bolts of pleasure took control of her, tormenting her with desire and clouding her judgment as she ground against him slowly, curiously. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing, yet somehow it seemed natural. She'd never experienced anything like it before...and all she knew was that he couldn't stop now. She'd lose her mind if he stopped.

When two of his fingers plunged inside her, she arched her back, losing herself as the pleasure built quickly. She was tight...impossibly tight. He swore under his breath, letting his eyes slip closed in concentration as he explored her from the inside, spreading her gently with his fingers as she instinctively opened her legs wider.

With a grunt, he pulled her from the wall and laid her down on the floor. A dazed and dangerously trusting look followed his movements as he slipped the saturated panties down her hips and legs.

His fingers dove inside her once more as he crawled over her, and she writhed beneath him helplessly. The sound of his name panted desperately from her lips, lost in a mixture of passion of uncertainty, and he sank deeper into her, stopping only when he felt the thin barrier of tissue brush against his fingertips. She didn't seem to notice, or care, as her back arched and pressed her chest into him.

Managing to loosen the tie on his robe without rising off her, he pulled it open. Bare, pale chest defined with lean muscle fell overs hers, welcoming her twin points, stiff in arousal, to brush against him.

His palm ground circles into her clit as her explored her, and as another breathy moan rushed into his ear, he let his face fall to the crook of her neck. A drawn out groan rumbled into her.

He wanted her. He had to have her. Even if Sasuke did show up and walk in on them, he doubted he could stop. Even if she had a change of heart, and screamed at him to get off her...he doubted he could stop then, too.

She was so small, so inexperienced, and so sensitive...

He wanted to feel her legs hook around him and squeeze.

He wanted to hear her scream.

Kami, he would... He would hear her.

There was no turning back.

Itachi sat up, letting his robe fall from his shoulders down his arms, and tossed the garment over top her discarded yukata against the wall. She stared at him in hazy wonder once his fingers left her, and when she saw his nude form emerge over her, her eyes widened.

Her soft pants changed as fear slithered back into her. The sight of a tall, erect member—the first one she'd ever seen—intimidated her just as much as the Uchiha himself did.

"What are you doing...?" She whispered nervously, rising up on her elbows, only to have him cage her back down and ravage her chest and neck with his tongue and lips.

Strong arms hooked under her knees, pulling her open and leaving her exposed to him. Quivering, wet thighs smacked against his hips as he let his weight ease down on her, and she gave a mewl of despair, finding herself trapped as the touch of something hot and pulsing rested against her soft entrance.

The thudding heart in his chest wasn't nearly as profound as hers, but his breath grew ragged as he fought the urge to rip through her with one clean thrust. Although...in all fairness, it was probably for the best. Like tearing off a bandaid...best done quickly.

"Remember when I said I wasn't going to hurt you?" He murmured in a deceptively gentle voice into her ear.

Silence answered him, as she felt a knot of dread lodge in her throat.

"I lied."

"Wh-what?" Frantic, pleading eyes stared up at the ceiling over his shoulder as she choked out, unable to move as he kept her pinned in place, and in the next moment, a fire erupted inside her that she never could have been prepared for. A shrill, blood-curdling scream rang out into the garden and beyond, turning more than one alarmed head in the distance as it echoed down the block.

The hint of a regretful cringe twisted his face, largely overshadowed by a brief euphoria as her tight clutch adjusted slowly to his size. He heard her sob uncontrollably, and felt her nails raking desperately into his back...only fueling him to pump deeper into her reflexively.

"Stop! Please...!" She cried against him, fighting to break free and escape the pain.

"Do not fight me... Relax." He growled sternly, unmoving, and kissed her neck as he waited for her to calm down.

"No..." She whimpered in defeat, wincing when she felt him move slowly within her after a moment. The pain was unbearable at first, and she shuddered and clenched under him with each slow pump.

"Kami..." The hiss sounded painful as his breath beat against her, yet he was merely fighting to control himself as her hot sheath tormented him, pulsing around him as he sank a full thrust deep into her core.

The steel grip of her fingers pawed desperately into the flesh of his back, leaving behind a scattering of red welts that he seemed to enjoy as he released a shaky, satisfied sigh. She squeaked and mewled quietly with the gentle rock of his hips that slipped easily against her, soaked in the evidence of her own desire.

There was no telling what had come over him. He hadn't exactly planned this from the beginning...but she had wandered unknowingly into the perfect storm, and was paying the price. But he was right about one thing. He would help her forget about him. He would eradicate every last, lingering thought and craving she had for his younger brother...

What he didn't know, was that they would be replaced with him.

Sakura's mind buzzed frantically as if she was drugged, and it left her floating in a sea of weightlessness. Only the mixed pain and pleasure that came with each invading thrust ground against her arched thighs captured her...coaxing an insatiable lust to claim her, and enslave her to his will.

His arms slipped out from their confining embrace of her legs, and propped into the floor on either side of her head as he shifted to smooth his lips over hers. Without instruction, she lost herself in his kiss, moaning as his tongue lapped into her and stroked over her own.

"You're so wet."

She felt his low, feral growl more than she heard it, and yet it somehow seemed so far away. Despite the ache that throbbed within her, a rush of raw heat and electric ecstasy gradually drowned it out as it collected inside her. Filling her with something she couldn't explain, and yet it drove her crazy.

Her muscles relaxed a little more with each pump, and when her nerves settled enough, he picked up his pace. Her lips broke away from his, gasping for air as she clung to him and rocked under him helplessly.

"I c-..I can't-...it feels..." At a loss for the right words, she mumbled incoherently while he returned to claiming her neck with his lips, and traced the shell of her ear with his tongue greedily.

But she didn't need to make sense. He understood her completely, and hushed her with a soft, "Shhh.."

"Don't think. Just feel."

The husky voice commanded her, and she instantly felt her thoughts melting away into nothing. Something was building, far too quickly for her to control or understand, and before she knew it a fire was raging inside her again...but this time, it wasn't painful, despite the breathy cry that burst into the tearoom.

Sakura clutched into him, nails digging once more and raking stripes into his back, legs squeezing his hips to her. Everything contracted at once, and she knew nothing but a passion so intense her toes curled and her vision went white.

Itachi froze mid-thrust, locking deep within her as she clenched him with a strength he hadn't anticipated, and he groaned loudly as a tremor shot through him. The sound of her desperate voice as she road the wave of her first orgasm seized him in a shock of untamed lust.

Her equilibrium was nonexistent for a few seconds, but she cracked her drunken eyes open when she felt a rush of air and the faint sound of creaking wood. Before she knew what was happening, the wall of the tearoom slammed against her back hard enough to stun her, but not enough to hurt. It sent a dull rumble through the rest of the house, and she gasped as he bucked into her.

With her legs hooked over his arms once more, he suspended her off the ground and thrust roughly. Bolts of pleasure tormented her endlessly, hearing him grunt and curse under his breath as he took her. She felt light and weak, and merely gripped him as her sole anchor to reality.

He came within her with a final, violent thrust, sending her gasping and moaning as something hot invaded her, and then slowly the wall slid over her back, leaving them to rest with a heavy thump onto the floor.

The overpowering scent of sweat and sex filled her nose as she continued to pulse and clench around him uncontrollably. She faintly sensed his hands rising, fingers raking up her neck and through her hair as he kissed her cheek, her jaw, and down the front of her throat, purring heatedly...as if he couldn't get enough of her.

Then, her back grew suddenly cold as she felt herself fall away, and flop limply over his chest as he pulled her to the floor with him. She panted loudly, too dizzy, exhausted, and paralyzed with lingering passion to move.

The silence surrounding them was interrupted only by their breathing, and the relentless rain that pattered the lush garden only feet away from them.

She couldn't begin to make sense of what had happened to her. From the moment she had entered their home, she had twirled deeper and deeper into a surreal dream...and yet it wasn't a dream. Somehow, this had actually happened. This was real.

She felt so strange.

This wasn't rape... Was it? It had felt so good. She couldn't stop it. He hadn't let her even when she tried. But Kami...it was the best experience she'd ever felt in her life.

Addicting, even...as it occurred to her that she didn't want it to be over.

But it was.

As the minutes ticked by, a pair of curious, yet anxious green eyes dared to creep up his pale face that glistened with sweat in the dim light. She opened her mouth to pose a question, only to pause as she watched him in silent awe.

His mouth was parted slightly, and eyes closed in a portrait that was deceitfully harmless and peaceful. His lungs worked in a steady, rhythmic pattern, and a snore so light she could barely hear it emitted from him. He'd dozed off...

Lowering her head back down, she rested her cheek against his chest and stared off into space in nervous wonder, held in place with his arms rapped around her back.

Somehow, some way, she had to figure out what all of this meant, and what she was supposed to do next...and most of all, what the hell would happen if anyone else found out.