Hello and welcome to the first of my Naruto crossovers with actual hentai that has him as the star. This story is a remake of Shimaizuma: Shimaizuma 3 the Animation.
Summary: Naruto is recruited to protect three lovely women in a mansion from ruffians in the area and finds his work more interesting.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or hentai of any kind.
Note: Both my pals Sketchfan and Pyromania101 contributed to this story greatly. Be sure to thank them as I couldn't have done it without them.

As he walked towards the entrance gates, Naruto noticed a brown-haired shinobi walking in the same direction, a recently promoted Chunin named Kenta, if Naruto's memory served him correctly. As they headed toward the gate, a beautiful woman with red hair suddenly jumped on Kenta's back, knocking him down.

With surprising speed and strength, she flipped him on his back, straddled him, and engulfed his lips in a passionate kiss, with Kenta slowly going along with it, if the fact that he was now copping a feel on the girl's admittedly nice ass was any indication.

As he watched the make-out session, Naruto couldn't help but feel envious of Kenta. What was happening right in front of him felt like a rub-in-in-your-face at the fact that he still didn't have a girlfriend, which was surprising, given all that had happened.

He wasn't arrogant enough to think that he was entitled to a girlfriend after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War had ended, but it would have been nice all the same. Shaking his head sadly, Naruto turned around and continued walking toward the gates, leaving Kenta to spend time with the girl of his dreams.


Naruto stared at the large entrance gate, wondering if he should knock or if by some chance the wind would blow it open for him, but the latter was a silly notion. Why had he been sent here again? Oh yes, he remembered: some ruffians had been harassing (or trying to harass) the residents of this mansion recently, and they had put out a job for anyone willing to take care of the problem.

Naruto, who had been on break, had been assigned to the task, and so here he was, in the mountains, waiting to meet the master or mistress of this fine place of dwelling, whoever he or she was.

Sighing, he raised his fist, but before he could knock, the gate opened a bit, and a tall woman came out. Before Naruto could take in her appearance, he was treated to the admittedly pleasant sensation of her breasts colliding with his face momentarily before he quickly realized that he was in the presence of a stranger who might not be too happy with this kind of closeness and quickly backed away, blushing slightly.

It was then that he was able to properly analyze the woman in front of him, and one word came to mind: "Gorgeous," he thought.

The woman was tall, about a head-and-a-half taller than him, with short blue hair in a ponytail and dark blue eyes. Her face was delicate-looking, and she had no fat on her, and her curves were...delicious, to say the least.

She had enormous breasts, easily larger than Tsunade's, that were concealed by an off-the shoulders dark blue striped shirt, and she wore a very short tan shorts that covered an enticing rear that would make any man she came into visual contact with envious of any chair she sat on.

Naruto was briefly brought out of his staring by the woman's voice, which was almost as beautiful as her body.

"Who are you?" she asked.

Gathering his wits with some difficulty, he introduced himself. "I'm Naruto Namikaze." he said, inclining his head.

"I'm here about the job offer you put out." He took out a piece of paper and handed it to the woman, who took it and skimmed it before smiling, an expression that nearly made his heart stop.

"I'll be right back," she said, turning around and unintentionally (?) giving Naruto a view of her clothed, yet perfect rear.

"I'll get Aoi." Just as she was about to close the door, she added, "Oh, and I'm Miku."

With that, Miku closed the gate, and Naruto waited patiently for her to return with whom he assumed was his client, Aoi. He didn't have to wait long, as the gate opened again, signifying Miku's return, and accompanying her was a woman whom Naruto assumed to be Aoi.

He let out a gasp. This woman was just as radiant as Miku, maybe even more so. She had long, dirty blonde hair and light skin, with a bust even larger than Miku's and lovely blue eyes. She, too, was taller than Naruto, and she wore a plain blue, short-sleeved shirt and a light pink skirt, which did little to conceal her lovely legs. Oh, she was ravishing!

Aoi smiled at Naruto, and he almost shielded his eyes at her radiance.

"Welcome, Naruto Namikaze." she said formally. "I am the mistress of this house, Aoi."

"Pleased to meet you, Aoi." Naruto answered cheerfully as she led him inside.

"Let me show you where your room is so you can rest first. Then, I'll give you a tour of the place." Aoi said to Naruto as she guided into the mansion and guided him upstairs to his room. After he set his luggage down, Aoi lead him through the house and until they arrived at the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Naruto laid eyes on the woman who he immediately deemed both the most beautiful woman in the house and he ever laid eyes on digging through a low cupboard. She had short brown hair and light skin with the most fascinating light brown eyes.

She wore nothing but a yellow apron with a white front that did little to hold in her enormous bust, which appeared bigger than Aoi's, along with small violet panties that hardly covered her sexily large rear.

Naruto's heart raced as he stared at the woman's scantily-clad rear and Aoi apparently didn't notice.

"Oh, Momoko." Aoi said the woman and she turned around after getting out of the cupboard. She looked at Naruto and gave him a smile that made him melt.

"Momoko, this is Naruto-kun. Naruto-kun, this is Momoko." Aoi said and Naruto bowed his head at Momoko, who only giggled at the gesture.

"Well, I'll leave you two get acquitted." Aoi said as she left the kitchen and Naruto focused on Momoko. He tried his best not to stare at the woman's amazing cleavage and her cheerful gesture allowed him to relax.

"So, Momoko, what's it like living here?" Naruto asked Momoko as they walked outside together.

"Well, it's great and I'm actually the maid here." Momoko explained.

"Oh, really?"

"Yep; when Aoi and I were children, I always helped her clean the house and long story short, I became the maid." Momoko said.

"Well, that's a coincidence." Naruto chuckled and Momoko only smiled at the gesture.

"So, have you seen any of the ruffians before?" Naruto asked and a somewhat-fearful look appeared on Momoko's beautiful face.

"Yes, I have. They're always staring at me from the forest and stroking themselves at the same time." Momoko said and her sad face made Naruto bravely smile at her.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you!" Naruto declared flamboyantly, throwing a fist in the air and giving the busty maid a determined grin. Momoko smiled endearingly, giggling at the blonde's cute gesture.

"I'm sure you will, Naruto-kun," she said tenderly as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Naruto's cheek.

Naruto blushed lightly, but his face became even redder when Momoko bumped her shapely and well-sized rear against his crotch. Then she walked off, her perfect rear swaying back and forth, as if tempting Naruto to seize it, a temptation he was having a VERY hard time beating down.

"Hey, Naruto, what's wrong with you?" Miku asked from behind Naruto and he quickly turned around; stopping himself before his face hit the blue-haired woman's cleavage. He blushed at the large assets in front of him and looked at Miku.

"Oh, nothing. Say, what's the best view of the whole house?" Naruto asked and Miku only smiled at the question.

"Follow me." Miku said as she led Naruto back into the mansion and they arrived at a stairway going up the attic. While walking up the stairs, Naruto couldn't help but stare at her rear swaying as she walked up the stairs and almost sworn that she was doing so on purpose.

Miku didn't notice the blushing Naruto and when they reached the top of mansion, he looked around. It was there that he had a perfect view of the whole place and smiled.

"How do you like the view, Naruto?" Miku said.

"It's perfect! I can watch the whole house from here. Thanks, Miku." Naruto said and Miku gave him a pat on the back with a cheery smile.

"No problem." Miku said as she went back downstairs and Naruto stayed on the roof. Remembering where Momoko said she'd seen the ruffians, he looked in the direction of the forest and watched for any sign of them.

He pulled out a kunai and twirled it around dangerously as he watched the trees. Hours went by as Naruto looked at the forest and no sign of anybody was shown.

"Hello, there, Naruto-kun. How goes the good work?" Aoi said as she climbed up the stairs and walked towards Naruto while swaying her hips. He tried to ignore the gesture and he looked back at the older blonde.

"It's going great. No sign of those creeps." Naruto explained to Aoi.

"That's good news. Why don't you call it a night and come down for dinner?" Aoi said.

"If you say so, sure." Naruto said and the two left to have dinner.

Sometime later

Naruto casually removed his clothes and grabbed a towel, eager for a hot bath before bed. As he started to slide the door to the baths open, he suddenly heard a moan...or mewling sound.

It sounded wistful and beautiful, and with caution, he followed the noise, which was repeating itself, until he had waded into the soothing hot water. As the sound grew louder, he realized that the noise was, in fact, his name being spoken. Was he being called for?

As he quietly waded through the water, he could make out a human shape, though it was difficult to see who it was due to the mist. As the mist cleared, he realized, with great (yet silent) surprise that it was Momoko, her gorgeous, naked body practically glowing in the moonlight.

She was on her knees, and her back was turned to him, and she seemed to be wiggling somewhat as she continued to lightly moan his name. Then she let out a light yelp, and the smell of arousal wafted through the air and entered Naruto's nostrils.

"Oh, Kami," he thought. "Is she...masturbating?"

Indeed, the cheerful maid had been masturbating and Naruto just stood behind her; his manhood having grown almost instantly from seeing the beautiful maid's natural form. He lowly moaned and Momoko turned around on her knees.

She stared at Naruto's muscular form for a while before focusing on his member and licked her lips hungrily. Momoko slowly gripped it before Naruto blushed and stood as he was.

Naruto watched as she slowly stroked it and began to lick the head of it. She swirled her tongue around it and slowly brushed it.

Momoko loved the taste and held onto the shaft while pumping it. He moaned and just as Momoko was about to open her mouth, her eyes looked behind Naruto. They instantly grew alarmed and Momoko let go of his member as she blushed.

She yelped loudly before immediately covering her breasts and she quickly waded through the water and exited the baths, leaving behind a confused Naruto.

"Well, well, Naruto-kun, you and Momoko are becoming pretty close. You got so hard from just seeing her natural body." Aoi's voice said and Naruto turned around to see her in a white towel that showed off her shapely body and it barely held in her breasts. He blushed wildly and quickly sat down in the water to shield his erection.

Aoi smiled and laughed at this before saying he doesn't have to cover himself because of her presence. Naruto nervously chuckled and stood up.

Aoi got a closer look at Naruto's manhood and smiled at it as she kneeled down in front of him. She gripped gently and began stroking it.

Naruto began moaning lowly at Aoi's touch and tried to keep still. Aoi gently pumped Naruto's erection and he came shortly; the cum flying into her face.

The blondes moaned at this and Aoi closed her eyes in bliss for a second while licking her lips. She then noticed it was still at full strength and gripped it again.

"Sorry about that." Naruto sheepishly said to Aoi, who slowly began licking at it once more.

"Trust me; there's nothing to be sorry about." Aoi softly chuckled as she wiped her face with her free hand and licked the semen off; enjoying the taste. Naruto groaned as Aoi stroked him and pumped his shaft.

She smoothly licked the top of it and swirled her tongue around it. Aoi's free hand began bouncing Naruto's balls and he shivered in pleasure at this.

Naruto stepped out of the water and stood closer to Aoi. She continued to jerk off the blonde male and Naruto stared down at her bosom.

Aoi's hand went under Naruto's crotch and began groping his ass. She kept stroking him and increased the pace of her licking.

"Wait, Aoi, that's dirty." Naruto moaned.

"I'm guessing you and Momoko didn't get so far, huh?" Aoi chuckled.

"Not really. We didn't do much." Naruto moaned and a sultry look appeared on Aoi's face.

"Not much? She didn't let you touch her breasts or pussy?" Aoi asked.

"No, she started licking me for a second before she just took off for no reason." Naruto and Aoi let go of him before standing up.

"Say no more." Aoi said as she whipped off her towel and Naruto's eyes grew large at her amazingly curvaceous body. She only smiled as she set the towel on the ground and instructed Naruto to lie on it.

He did as instructed and Aoi used the opportunity to straddle him. She smiled down at him as she turned around and her plump ass hovered over his face.

Before he could even say anything, Aoi brought her rear down on his face and smothered it. She began to work her ass on his face and he enjoyed the face of her plump derriere on his face.

"How's this, Naruto-kun?" Aoi asked and Naruto spoke but his words were completely incomprehensible. However, she was sure that whatever he was saying, it was very positive.

Aoi reached for his manhood and began pumping it again. Naruto kept still as Aoi rubbed her ass cheeks on his face and enjoyed the feeling.

Soon, Aoi placed herself on all four limbs and lifted her rear to hover it above Naruto's face. He looked up at her womanhood and she shook her folds over his face enticingly.

"Go ahead, Naruto-kun." Aoi chuckled and Naruto gripped her ass before bringing his mouth to her pussy. His tongue lashed out of his mouth and began to lick her folds.

She smiled as his tongue slowly traced her folds and started to rub his fingers on her clit. Aoi smiled in pleasure at the feeling as Naruto tasted her clit and moved on to spread her folds.

He eyed the wetness inside of her and stared at them hungrily. Naruto's fingers rubbed Aoi's inner tunnels and she lowly purred at this.

Naruto smoothly worked his fingers on Aoi's innards and she return the favor by beginning to lick his manhood while simultaneously jerking it off. She slowly licked the veins of his erection and pumped his shaft.

Aoi's tongue made its way to the top of Naruto's cock and began to lick the head of it. She brushed her tongue on it the top of it and soaked it.

Naruto shivered in pleasure before beginning to lick Aoi's pussy and teased her clit by rubbing his thumbs on it. He worked his tongue into Aoi's arousal and she moaned at this before squeezing her breasts together on his cock.

The blonde male moaned as Aoi smiled at the feeling of his hardness between her breasts and she returned to licking it. Aoi rubbed her breasts on Naruto's manhood and made sure her tits massaged it.

Naruto enjoyed the taste of Aoi's wetness and swayed his tongue inside of her warmth. The blue-eyed female placed her mouth on top of Naruto's member and began to suck it off.

She swirled her tongue around it and Naruto's tongue was surrounded by total wetness. He tasted her moist innards and rubbed his thumbs on her clit.

Aoi let out muffled moans as Naruto pumped his member into the warmth of her mouth and brushed his tongue on her walls. Soon, they came at the same time and Naruto licked the fluids streaming out of Aoi's womanhood clean.

She did likewise with Naruto's semen as it filled her mouth and swallowed it. Aoi took her mouth off Naruto's cock and licked her lips as she panted with the younger blonde.

Aoi got off Naruto and they gave each other smiles. Naruto reached for Aoi's breasts but she gently stopped him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Next time, Naruto-kun, but for now, let's relax." Aoi said to Naruto, who was a bit disappointed by not being able to touch the woman's ample bust; failing to know that she was only declining to go any further with him just to tease him and thereby make him desire her more.

"Okay." Naruto answered before he and Aoi sat in the bath. Fortunately for him, he sat in the water while he rested his head on her breast as she trickled her fingers lovingly through his hair.
Shortly afterwards

Naruto left the baths refreshed and smiled at Aoi before sliding the door close.

"I guess that counts as a hot bath." Naruto thought to himself as he donned a bath robe and began to make his way to his room. He looked around and wondered where Momoko had gone off to.

He just decided he'd see her tomorrow and headed upstairs to turn in.

The next morning

After Naruto woke up, he looked to see a tray of breakfast on his nightstand and he figured Momoko was the one responsible for making it. He smiled before eating the breakfast and he went downstairs before going out to the backyard.

He looked around and saw some laundry dropped the ground next to a basket full of clothes. Naruto raised a confused eye as he was sure that Momoko wouldn't have left the clothes there on purpose.

Suddenly, something happened that made Naruto's head snap in the direction of the forest while his eyes grew large.


Said shinobi immediately broke into a sprint in the direction of the voice, the cries getting louder as he got closer. He knew that it was Momoko, and from the sound of things, she was in trouble. Could it be the ruffians?

What were they doing to her...or what had they already done to her? Just the thought made him grind his teeth in anger, and his eyes, once sky blue, took on a crimson tint. If those bastards laid a hand or cock on her, there would be HELL to pay!

He finally came to a dirt road, where he found a group of men positioned in a circle around something...or someone! Most of them had their pants down, exposing their penises, and the others were in the process of doing so. In the center of the circle, wearing a look of sheer terror on her lovely face, was Momoko, the cock of one particularly burly brute mere inches away from her mouth.

At that moment, Naruto saw red. With a yell of unbridled fury, he bore down on the bastards, his teeth, now fangs, bared and his now claw-like hands reaching menacingly for their throats. There would be blood!

Naruto roared in rage as he threw a vicious punch at the brute whose member was closest to Momoko's mouth and sent him flying into a nearby tree. Before the other brutes could even take in what was going on, Naruto did a wild roundhouse kick that sent the rest of the brutes away from Momoko, who still sat on the ground watching the blonde boy with amazement.

The brutes groaned on the ground before slowly getting back up and looking at Naruto; who's slit pupils freaked most of them out. He stood in front of Momoko with his claws ready to swing at any time.

"Who the fuck are you supposed be?" The first ruffian, a blonde guy with peach fuzz, said.

"The one who's gonna break your face if you don't get out of here and stay the fuck away from these women and house all together!" Naruto viciously snapped back.

"Look, kid, you best get out of here and go on home." The second brute, a black-haired guy, said.

"I said, get out!" Naruto snarled and the five brutes all charged forward. Without the smallest hesitation, Naruto leaped at them and attacked.

He threw a brutal uppercut to the brute closest to him, a guy with auburn hair, and knocked him into the air. Naruto threw his fist at the third brute, another guy with black hair, and sent him down onto the ground with a thud.

Next, he grabbed the fourth brute, a guy with brown hair, by the back of the neck and got him in a tight headlock. With astounding speed, he ran forth past the first two brutes and slammed the guy's face into a tree.

Naruto thought he heard a bone-crunching sound come from the guy's face but he obviously didn't care as he lifted him over his head and slammed him onto the ground. He flew at the second brute and threw a 360-degree kick at his hip that knocked him flat on his back.

Naruto snapped his head at the first brute and glared dangerously at him. The guy ignorantly ran at him and Naruto did likewise.

"You little…" The ruffian said but Naruto gave him a solid fist to the center of his chest that knocked him onto his back. He lie there before Naruto pounced on him and began delivering savage barrages of fists to his ribs that sounded through the area.

The original ruffian yelled in pain as Naruto's rage-fueled punches beat against his ribs an excessive amount of times and ended the barrage with a punch to his face; again hearing the sound of bone crunching. Naruto got off the man and stood in front of Momoko defensively; not noticing the awestruck look on her face.

He looked around him to see the group of ruffians all laying on the ground and after a while, they slowly staggered to their feet with blood dripping from their mouths and glared at Naruto.

Naruto began doing hand signs and Momoko watched with curiosity as to what her young hero would do next.

"Special art of intimidation: Batman glare." Naruto said aloud and with that statement, his eyes turned solid white and devoid of irises in a deadly state. The glare made the ruffians all run away quickly while holding onto their now-broken wounds and body parts.

Naruto watched as the first ruffian limped away while holding onto his broken ribs and smiled victoriously. He reverted to his normal appearance and turned around to face Momoko.

"Momoko, are you al…" Naruto began to say before Momoko happily wrapped her arms around him and smothered his face against her breasts. He blushed at what was happening and stood as he was.

"My hero!" Momoko happily said to Naruto as she smothered her enormous bosom on his face before putting him down.

"Thank you, Momoko, but are you okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yep; you saved me just in time from those men." Momoko answered.

"Well, I don't think those clowns will ever come around here again." Naruto said and suddenly, Momoko kneeled down to grip the zipper of his pants. The brunette began to unzip Naruto's pants and he jumped back with a startled expression.

"Momoko, what are you doing?" Naruto asked Momoko, who seductively giggled.

"Rewarding you, of course, Naruto-kun." Momoko said as she crawled towards him on all fours and he blushed as he watched her breasts dangle.

"Momoko, you're safe. To me, that's reward enough." Naruto said and Momoko kept on giggling.

"To me, you deserve much more." Momoko said.

"Why?" Naruto stammered.

"Because I love you, Naruto-kun." Momoko affectionately answered and Naruto blanked once in response. He didn't know how to respond but he'd be lying if he said he didn't hold any feeling towards Momoko.

He stood as he was while Momoko turned around on all fours and began to rub her scantily-clad ass on his crotch. Naruto blushed the whole time as Momoko teased his crotch and her large rear on him drove him wild.

Naruto embraced Momoko from behind and hugged her lovingly. The taller woman turned around and pressed her lips on Naruto's as she wrapped her slender arms around him.

Blue eyes and light brown ones met passionately as the pair kissed while Momoko reached down. She pulled down Naruto's zipper and immediately fished out his member.

Seeing it made her lust soar as Naruto's tongue flew into her mouth and began to rub on Momoko's tongue. The two held onto each other and in the middle of their kiss, Momoko unzipped Naruto's jacket.

She began to rub her hand on his chest and felt his powerful abdomen. Naruto and Momoko's tongues violently versed one another as they kissed.

Naruto stroked Momoko's cheek as she lay him on the ground and continued to gaze into her eyes. She broke the kiss and reached back to undo her apron along with its front.

Momoko's clothes fell off; exposing her curvaceous body and enormous breasts in the process. Naruto smiled at the sight as he found her physical form to be just as glorious the first he saw her the previous night.

All that remained of Momoko's clothes were her small panties that already had a stain of arousal of them and she removed the garment, displaying her wet womanhood as she spread her folds apart.

She giggled at his blushing face as she straddled him and lifted up his shirt, showing his powerful abdomen. Momoko smiled at before Naruto instantly reached up and cupped her breasts.

Though he couldn't fit the enormous mounds in his hands, he still fondled them and squeezed whatever he held. Momoko moaned as Naruto kneaded the orbs of flesh together and bounced them in his hold.

Momoko blushed as Naruto groped her breasts and rubbed them tenderly. His fingers massaged them and toyed with them as he marveled at them.

He began to kiss her breasts as he caressed them and the attractive maid held him close to her. Naruto's lips touched Momoko's teat and he began to lick into it.

His tongue flicked Momoko's nipple repeatedly until he planted his mouth on it and began to suckle it. Much to his surprise, he realized he was suckling Momoko's breast milk and found the taste too good to be true.

Nonetheless, Momoko enjoyed the feeling and held Naruto's head to her bosom as if she was nursing an infant. She stroked Naruto's head as he feverishly drank her milk and squeezed the mound he was drinking from simultaneously.

His taste buds met an insanely delicious fluid that soaked his tongue and his other hand fondled her other breast. Momoko's ass smothered Naruto's lap and his erection began to rise inside his pants.

As for Momoko, her own arousal began to form the second Naruto arrived to save her and some her wetness had seeped out of her pussy. Naruto twisted Momoko's tit and gently pulled it forward before releasing it.

He flicked it and teased her bud as he twirled his thumb around it. Naruto's fingers massaged Momoko's large breast and he took his mouth off her tit to plant it on the other.

Once again drinking Momoko's breast milk, Naruto kneaded the mounds and though he was nowhere close to fitting them in his hands, he still groped them well. The sexy brunette moaned the whole time as her legs began to cringe.

Naruto finished suckling Momoko's milk and she smiled as he liked the white fluid on his lips. She laid him back on the ground as she crawled over him and pressed her breasts on his chest as she did so.

Momoko positioned herself above Naruto, her large, delicious ass hovering over his face. With a smile and not a single word coming from her kissable lips, Momoko brought her rear down on Naruto's face and smothered it.

Naruto smiled as Momoko rubbed her juicy rear cheeks on his face and smothered it simultaneously. Momoko, still wriggling her ass, smiled as Naruto's manhood stood at its full height and length and licked her lips at the sight.

"Naruto-kun, how would you like it if I sat on your face every day?" Momoko asked, and in response Naruto immediately held up his thumb in affirmation. Smiling, she continued to rub her large, delectable lower mounds against Naruto's face, with him enjoying every second of it.

The brunette beauty began to squish Naruto's face and wiggled her cheeks with even more vigor. Naruto incoherently moaned underneath Momoko and reached up to grab her breasts, but he couldn't reach. Immense relief washed over him when he felt Momoko lean forward somewhat, grabbed his hands, and place them on her bountiful bosom.

Momoko groaned as Naruto groped her breasts lustily, but continued to rub her perfect ass against his face with reckless abandon. Finally, Momoko lifted her ass off Naruto's face and spread her legs apart to show him the wetness between them.

Naruto simply licked his lips and began to brush his tongue on Momoko's folds. The beautiful maid moaned as Naruto's tongue traced her folds while his fingers rubbed on her clit at the same time.

Naruto's tongue traced Momoko's womanhood and she moaned as his fingers wriggled on her folds. He rubbed his thumb on her clit and licked her folds.

This turned on the brunette as she whimpered while Naruto's tongue whirled around her crevices and licked at her wetness. He then spread them apart to allow his tongue to enter and worked it into Momoko's moist innards.

He marveled at how good Momoko's pussy tasted and licked into her womanhood. His tongue swayed inside of Momoko's crevices and tasted her wetness.

Momoko moaned while she began squeezing her breasts together and licking her tits out of arousal. Doing so only raised her levels of wetness and gave Naruto more flavor to lick.

Naruto's tongue dug into Momoko's womanhood and licked into her tightness. He watched as Momoko groped her breasts and smoothly licked her nipples.

She felt something hard touching her as she recognized it was Naruto's erection and she suddenly got an idea. Momoko told Naruto to sit up for a second and he stopped licking her to do as told.

Momoko removed Naruto's pants and hovered her rear above his cock. He understood what she wanted and placed his manhood between her rear cheeks.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as Momoko's ass smothered his erection and she smiled at the hard feeling. She moaned with Naruto began to thrust inside of her rear cheeks and grinded her ass on it.

Momoko rolled her hips to grind Naruto's length inside of and he planted his lips on one of her breasts. He hungrily began drinking her milk again as his cock pounded against the inside of her ass and he placed his fingers inside her folds.

Naruto wriggled his fingers inside of Momoko's pussy and they rubbed inside of her walls. Momoko's ass rubbed Naruto's stiffness and he moaned at the soft feeling.

He caressed the same breast he was drinking from and sank his fingers into the tumultuous mound; massaging whatever space he could of them. Naruto's fingers brushed on Momoko's wet walls and she moaned as he did so.

Soon, Momoko felt Naruto's length vibrate inside her ass and could he would come soon. This was definitely convenient as Naruto's fingering was paying off and her own release was to happen any minute.

Naruto suckled Momoko's milk as she held his head against her jiggling breasts while tricking her fingers through his hair. Momoko moaned as her fluids streamed out of her womanhood and Naruto's manhood erupted inside her ass cheeks.

His cum splattered inside Momoko's ass and he moaned with her as he came. The two panted and Naruto held up his fingers to see Momoko's fluids soaking them.

"Look wet you are, Momoko-chan." Naruto teasingly as he held up his fingers and Momoko licked her release off fingers. Naruto chuckled at the sultrily gesture before Momoko stood up and freed his cock from between her ass.

He watched as Momoko got on all fours and lowered her head down to his erection. She palmed his balls and began to bounce them in her hold.

Naruto moaned as Momoko began licking his shaft slowly and savored the taste. Her hot tongue brushed on Naruto's vein-covered length and she trickled her fingers on his testicles.

The brunette skillfully worked her tongue on Naruto's shaft and she stroked it at the same time. Momoko enjoyed the taste as she licked the underside of it and listened as Naruto shivered in pleasure.

After soaking the underside of Naruto's length, she blew on it and her cool breath made him growl with lust. Next, she placed her mouth on Naruto's cock while the rest of it was being stroked by her hand.

She began to move her head up and down on his erection. Naruto moaned as Momoko sucked off his erection and still continued to bounce his balls with her other hand.

Momoko swirled her tongue around Naruto's member as her tongue brushed the head of it and the blonde moaned. The maid began to shake her rear about out of pure arousal and let out muffled moans as she licked the top of Naruto's manhood.

She pumped the shaft of it and stroked it one more time before taking her mouth off it. Naruto watched in amusement as Momoko cupped her enormous breasts and squeezed them together on his cock.

He moaned in absolute pleasure as Momoko began massaging his hardness with her large mounds and she smiled at his reaction. She stroked his length with her ample mounds and rubbed them together.

"How do you like my breasts, Naruto-kun?" Momoko seductively asked before placing her mouth on whatever space of Naruto's cock that wasn't buried inside her breasts.

"They're awesome!" Naruto moaned in an ecstatic voice as he began to thrust into her mouth and she reprised her role of sucking on his erection. He moaned as Momoko's saliva washed over his manhood and his thrusts made her breasts jiggle together on his erection.

Naruto's length was smothered by Momoko's bosom and she made sure her tits rub the veins of his stiffness. Momoko worked her tongue on Naruto's member and smoothly licked its head.

He moaned at this while Momoko stroked his member with her large bust and concentrated on working her mouth on it. Momoko took her mouth off his soaked length and licked the top of it.

Naruto pounded into the ample valley of flesh and their softness made his orgasm approach quickly. He figured he'd come very soon and Momoko continued to knead her tits together on his length.

Momoko smiled at Naruto's pleasured moans as her breasts squeezed his cock and massaged his hardness. Soon, Naruto came into Momoko's mouth and she took her jaws off his erection to allow the rest of his release to fly onto her totally flawless face.

He moaned with Momoko as his semen hit her face and gulped down his release. The two panted and Naruto watched as Momoko wiped his cum off her face and licked it in the same fashion she did with her own release earlier.


"Yes, Naruto-kun?"

"Do you mind turning around and spreading your legs?" Naruto asked and Momoko released his member from her breasts to turn around; understanding what the younger man had in mind. She hovered over Naruto's member and faced away from him as she spread her legs.

Naruto gripped Momoko's curvaceous waist and began to help her slide down his manhood. Her womanhood took in Naruto's hardness and she moaned loudly as her hymen broke apart.

She blushed heavily at how big Naruto felt inside of her and he still held onto her waist while beginning to thrust into her. This took her mind off the pain she felt of losing her virginity and she began to ride his stiff manhood.

Momoko began to buck her hips and her walls were deeply rubbed by Naruto's throbbing erection. Naruto moaned at how warm and tight Momoko's womanhood felt.

Her breasts began to jiggle about and Naruto held onto her curvaceous waist. The young man pummeled his length into Momoko's pussy and the incredibly attractive woman shook her curvaceous waist to grind the erection inside of her.

She whimpered as he pounded into her warmth and placed her hands beside him on the ground. Naruto jerked his member into her core as she rode him and her delicious ass smacked on his lap with each thrust.

Momoko closed her eyes and moaned loudly with Naruto doing likewise as his hips shot upright. He watched as Momoko looked back at him with pure lust in her eyes and made kissing gestures at him.

He sat upright and released Momoko's waist to cup whatever he could hold of her breasts. The blonde began to rub them together and sank his fingers into them.

Naruto's member pounded deeply into Momoko's core and her walls grinded it as she worked her hips. He began kissing Momoko's cheek as they worked their hips together in a perfect sync and her eyes looked back at him.

She moaned in pure pleasure as Naruto groped her jiggling breasts and pressed them together. The brunette turned her head and smothered her lips against Naruto's.

Cerulean eyes met light brown ones while Momoko's ass rapidly met Naruto's crotch and the sounds of flesh sounded throughout the forest. Naruto's tongue entered Momoko's mouth and was instantly greeted by her own.

Momoko lifted her hand and stroked Naruto's cheek lovingly as he thrust into her warmth. She spread her legs and worked her hips together.

Her pussy was slammed into by his hilt and the pair moaned into each other's mouths. Naruto and Momoko drenched each other's tongues with their respective saliva.

Momoko's womanhood grinded Naruto's every thrust as she rode his length and they both fell back. Naruto's chest met Momoko's back and their lips hadn't separated at all.

Their eyes sparkled at each other and Momoko placed her hands on top of Naruto's to assist in groping her heaving breasts. Naruto and Momoko kneaded the mounds and doing so only cased the seductive maid's womanhood to grow tighter on his length.

Naruto resorted to pinching Momoko's nipples and tweaking them. Momoko broke the kiss and moaned loudly as she bucked her hips.

She spread her legs apart and watched as Naruto's member rocketed into her womanhood. Naruto began licking Momoko's cheek and by that point, her whole face had turned red with lust.

The maid's amazing bust bounced high into the air and the heroic shinobi pulled her tits forward before releasing them. Both of the mounds endlessly jiggled and Momoko whimpered as she felt her walls about to wrap around Naruto's length not long from their current point.

The same could be said for Naruto as his length twitched inside Momoko and he continued to pummel his member into her walls of flesh. Momoko's pussy grinded Naruto's cock as it rubbed against her walls and hit her warm innards sharply.

Soon, Momoko and Naruto moaned loudly together as her inner walls coiled around his member and squeezed it tightly enough for his fiery seed to fire into her womb. They moaned at their release and rested.

Naruto's semen and Momoko's juices poured out of her entrance and onto the ground. The blonde pulled out of the brunette and they panted together with sweat pouring down their heads.

Momoko reached back and stroked Naruto's cheek lovingly as they lay together. He nuzzled the crook of her neck and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

"Hey, Momoko-chan, are you up for more action?" Naruto asked and Momoko only smiled in absolute response. This confirmed she was interested and a moment after that, Naruto had her back against a tree with her legs spread apart.

Naruto entered Momoko's womanhood and started a brand new wave of thrusts into her body. She locked her long legs around Naruto's waist and held onto his shoulders.

Her luscious breasts bounced as Naruto rammed his erection into Momoko's wetness and she bucked her hips. Naruto held onto Momoko's juicy ass and her hips helped her grind the hard length pounding on her walls.

Momoko closed her eyes and went back to moaning with Naruto as they worked their hips in perfect sync. The beautiful maid's ass tapped on Naruto's lap and the blonde boy moaned as she smothered her breasts on his chest.

The pair began to lick each other's necks and Naruto's hips charged forward as his erection rumbled into her walls. Momoko's lovely eyes sparkled with lust as Naruto pounded into her tight innards and she grew tighter on him.

Their sweat mixed together as they pressed their foreheads together and nuzzled once again. Momoko's mounds jiggled against Naruto's chest and he moaned in complete pleasure at the feeling.

Naruto and Momoko worked their hips together as they held onto each other tightly. The sexy brunette smothered her lips on Naruto's and their sparkling eyes met.

They gazed into each other as their tongues reunited and uncontrollably rubbed. Momoko unwrapped one leg from Naruto's waist and stood back against the tree.

This allowed Naruto to press his hands on her bouncing breasts and groped them. He sank his fingers into the large mounds and squeezed them together.

Momoko moaned into Naruto's mouth as their tongues collided lustily and they moaned as they came together for the second time. Their releases oozed out of Momoko's womanhood and onto the ground.

Still feeling high amounts of lust in their minds, Momoko was soon riding Naruto's length for the third time as he lay on the ground on his back. The blonde hadn't removed his manhood from Momoko's core and still continued to slam it into her body.

Momoko rolled her hips forward as Naruto thrust into her warmth and she gripped his shoulders once again. Naruto watched as her breasts jiggled and placed his hands on the mounds to grope them.

The busty woman closed her eyes and moaned as Naruto thrust into her core. His member soared into Momoko's pussy and she whimpered as she felt his manhood sharply slamming into her walls.

Naruto squeezed the mounds and kneaded them as they jiggled into the air. As done before, the groping of her tits only caused her to become tighter on his hilt and it flew into her womanhood.

Momoko wiggled her hips and grinded Naruto's cock as it slammed into her pussy. Naruto huskily growled at Momoko's tightness steadily wrapping around his manhood and he sat up next.

He squeezed her breasts together and began licking both of her hardened tits. Momoko held Naruto's face to her jiggling tits as he rubbed his tongue on her breasts.

Next, he planted his lip on the teat closest to his mouth and began drinking the milk. Naruto just couldn't resist the maid's divine milk as he drank it in an addicting fashion and Momoko simply moaned in response as her still-active blush remained on her face.

Naruto's hips flew upright and sent his manhood pummeling into Momoko's tightness. Her walls grinded his length as it crashed into them and she whimpered at the feeling of it being so big inside of her.

The blonde moaned with the busty brunette as they worked their hips well and she trickled her fingers through his hair affectionately. Momoko's breasts jiggled in Naruto's hold as he suckled milk from the closest mouth and she worked her hips one final time before her walls clamped down on the erection inside of them.

They tightened around it and Naruto groaned as he came into the woman for the third time. Momoko moaned with Naruto before falling onto him; her breasts flattening on his chest.

Both of them panted heavily as they remained in that position to cuddle and Naruto smiled as Momoko rested on him. She gave him her bright smile and he returned the gesture with his own grin.

After they were done cuddling, Naruto put his clothes back on and looked to see Momoko stagger to her feet. She picked up her clothes and slung them over her shoulders before moving to Naruto.

She managed to pick him up bridal style and smiled at him as she began to carry him back to the mansion. Momoko pressed her breasts on his face as she carried him from the forest and he smiled up at her.

Momoko cheerily smiled at Naruto as she set him down on the ground and connected eyes with him before pressing her lips on his. After a while, she separated lips and smiled as she went back into the house.

Naruto smiled as the sexy woman left and he staggered to his feet, almost collapsing again. Who would have thought that meek Momoko could be so vivacious when it came to sex?

With bits of his fluids still dripping out from his cock, he slowly pulled up his pants. As he closed the zipper, he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Turning around, he saw Aoi, her face emotionless, her slender arms folded under her lovely bosom.

"You're quite a player," she said casually. "Who'd have thought you could give Momoko such a good time?"

"Uhh..." was all Naruto could say before Aoi laid a finger on his lips, both silencing and arousing him.

"I'll let you off with this," she said as she removed the finger, "but if you mistreat her, you'll regret it." The last two words were delivered with a surprising amount of viciousness.

Despite this, Naruto felt compelled to speak. "I'd never mistreat her!" he cried.

Aoi smiled, then laid a hand on Naruto's cheek, causing his face to warm up and his body to shiver. "Good," she said. "But still..."

Her hand moved downward, and Naruto was aware that it was moving towards his covered member. Did she want him too?

"W-w-what are you doing?" he asked nervously. He gave a light yelp when she unzipped his pants and dug into the opening before abruptly removing her hand.

"Can't you see?" she asked, almost pleadingly. "I want you. Can't you hear my heart beating?" As if to emphasize her proclamation and answer her own question, she grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to her magnificent bosom. Impulsively, he gave it a light squeeze, eliciting a pleasured sigh from Aoi.

Using her other hand, Aoi reached forward and cupped Naruto's ass, surprising him slightly. She then pulled him closer with this gesture, her gaze freezing him, enticing him, making him want her.

She removed his hand from her bust and once again dug into the opening in his pants, this time withdrawing Naruto's now hard member out and giving a satisfied smile. Leaning down, she licked the end of it, and Naruto groaned pleasurably.

"I want you," she repeated, licking it again.

"I'll sit on you all day, I'll put you over my knee and slap your ass 'til the sun rises next morning, I'll cover your face in suds and rub it all over my naked body, I'll suck your stuff out of your cock like a straw, I'll feed you my milk until you'll want nothing else. Do you understand me, Naruto Namikaze?" Her grip on his rod tightened slightly.

"I am going to fuck you, and you will enjoy it and want me to do it over and over again. I don't care if Momoko joins in, but I will make you want me!" Aoi said.

The next thing Naruto knew, he was on his back, his pants had been utterly ripped off, and Aoi was over him, her eyes filled with lust. She straddled him and removed his shirt.

Aoi smiled at his now naked form and using both hands, she lifted her shirt off and tossed it to the ground. Next, she took off her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

She sat down on Naruto's lap and he stared at her curvaceous figure with a pleased smile. Aoi smiled back at Naruto as she sat him up and his hands hovered near her breasts.

He looked at Aoi and she nodded to give him permission. Naruto planted his hands on Aoi's breasts and he began to grope them while the older blonde began to rub her folds on his cock.

As with Momoko, Naruto couldn't fit the mounds into his hands and he caressed them gently. He planted his lips on one of her breasts and began to drink her milk.

She moaned at this as she sank her pussy down his cock and this snapped apart her inner barrier. Aoi gritted her teeth together in pain and Naruto moaned in response.

After a while, Aoi began to roll her hips in a forward motion and Naruto began to thrust his manhood into her walls. He kept his handed planted on her enormous breasts as they bounced high into the air and she moaned with him.

Naruto kept his lips on Aoi's breast and sank his fingers into the jiggling mound. The palm of his hand squeezed what he could fit of the mounds and kneaded them tenderly.

Aoi held Naruto's face to her breast as he pounded into her womanhood and she wiggled her hips. Naruto's length slammed into her walls and she whimpered as she felt her weak spot being rumbled.

Naruto stopped drinking Aoi's milk to gently bit into her breast and she moaned loudly at this while his hands gripped her ass. Her plump rear smacked on Naruto's crotch and she his head against her breast in an almost maternal fashion; trickling her fingers softly through his hair.

The blonde woman's hip rolling allowed her womanhood to grind Naruto's length as it plunged into her and pleasured her greatly. Naruto gently gnawed on Aoi's heaving mound and groped her ass.

The young man's lust fueled his movements as he thrust into Aoi's inner caverns and slammed his practically-immortal length into her. He worked his teeth on Aoi's breast and sank his canines into them.

Aoi looked behind her and looked in amazement as Naruto's hips drew upright. Naruto kept his teeth on Aoi's breast as he had waited for such an opportunity since the previous night and wasn't wasting his chance.

Naruto eventually took his mouth off Aoi's breast and pressed his lips on her own. The two sets of bright blue eyes looked into each other as the blondes worked their hips together and held onto each other tightly.

Aoi's tongue was instantly met by Naruto's and she welcomed it by rubbing hers on his. Naruto released Aoi's ass and wrapped his arms around her back.

Naruto's length crashed into Aoi's warmth and she moaned into his mouth as a result. The two blondes moaned into each other's mouths and met eyes.

Unbeknownst to the pair, Miku watched the pair from the trees and glared dangerously at Naruto. Miku gritted her teeth angrily as she watched the blonde shinobi make love to her beloved Aoi.

How dare he?! She had just been on a pleasant walk when she had heard voices in the area, and that they belonged to Aoi and Naruto. Racing to the scene, she had come upon them copulating, yet was too stunned to interrupt their tryst.

That bastard! He was touching Aoi in places...oh, now she was sitting on his face! Lucky! Oh, how Miku wanted to make her presence known and break things up, but she couldn't move from her hiding space.

"I'll keep that...thing away from you, Aoi-sama!" she snarled quietly. "Even if I have to take it for myself!"

As Miku watched Aoi get back on Naruto's length and listened to the woman moan, her hands tightened into fists. Despite pleasure the blonde woman felt, this was mentally agonizing for Miku to hear as she took off.

Back with Aoi and Naruto, the two felt their release approaching and moaned together. Naruto lay on his back and Aoi placed her hands on his chest for balance.

She threw her head back in pleasure as her innards wrapped around Naruto's length and he coated her womb with his semen. They panted and Aoi, with Naruto's cock still inside of her, fell forward onto him.

Her breasts flattened against his chest and she smiled at him. He returned the gesture and wrapped his arms around Aoi to stroke her lovely back.

"That was something, wasn't it, Naruto-kun?" Aoi asked.

"It sure was, Aoi-chan. It sure was." Naruto answered in a husky voice as he panted and Aoi noticed he was still hard inside of her. This only made her smile in satisfaction and Naruto picked up on her smile.

"Are you still good to go, Naruto-kun?" Aoi asked.

"Totally." Naruto answered and he soon proved his point when Aoi pressed her hands against the laundry pole. The blonde shinobi stood behind her and entered her once again.

She moaned as he began to thrust into her and made her breasts start to jiggle about. Aoi squeezed her eyes shut as the younger blonde pounded his stiffness into her body and held onto her waist.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as he wildly slammed his cock into her body and it rubbed against her hot walls. She pressed herself onto the pole more so and smothered one of her breasts against it.

The blue-eyed male's crotch hit Aoi's rear rapidly and he moaned with her as his manhood strongly pummeled into her. Aoi rutted her hips backwards and this allowed her pussy to grind his length.

Suddenly, without saying a thing, Naruto lifted Aoi's leg off the ground and held it up in the air. He held onto her inner thigh and restarted his thrusts into her.

Aoi reached back with her arm that was closest to Naruto and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. Now in a standing version of the spoon position, she moaned as Naruto kept her leg in the air and rumbled his throbbing length into her core.

His manhood thundered into her warmth and her walls grinded him. Naruto reached forth and cupped Aoi's free breast.

He fondled it and she grew tighter on his cock as a result. Aoi moaned at his and Naruto smothered his lips against hers.

Naruto and Aoi blissfully closed eyes as they kissed and worked their legs together. He sank his fingers into the mound and squeezed it vigorously.

With help from Naruto, Aoi was able to buck her hip and grind the erection hitting her deeply. Naruto's hand groped Aoi's glorious leg and she moaned into Naruto's mouth once again as her warmth coiled around him.

Their release poured out of Aoi's womanhood and onto the ground. Naruto and Aoi separated lips to pant as the former set the lovely woman's leg on the ground.

The two sat on the ground and rested as they wiped off the sweat pouring from their skulls. Naruto crawled over Aoi and pressed his lips on her breasts.

He began suckling her milk as he brushed his cock on her folds and she cupped his ass once again to bring him inside of her. They moaned at this while Naruto pummeled his vein-covered manhood into her wetness and still continued to hungrily drink her milk.

Aoi reprised her role of bucking her hips and she held his face to her bosom simultaneously. Naruto's undying member charged deeply into Aoi's inner tunnels and she moaned loudly.

Naruto temporarily took his mouth off the mounds and squeezed together only to plant his lips on her hardened buds. He licked the bouncing orbs of flesh and groped them tenderly.

The young shinobi tongue wildly licked at them and the beautiful blonde woman's walls were rubbed by his length. Naruto's length practically rampaged inside of Aoi's core and her hip movements were in a flawless sync with his own moves.

Naruto thirstily drank from Aoi's tits before beginning to lick her neck and she wrapped her arms around his back to hold him close. He pummeled into her core and her womanhood grinded his powerful erection.

Aoi whimpered as her warm and tight innards grinded Naruto's heavy thrusting. The blonde woman deeply blushed and Naruto reached up to frame her face.

The two sweated heavily from their last number of romps and both stroked each other's cheeks with great affection. Naruto eventually began nibbling Aoi's neck where he had licked earlier until she got a hickey and he then victoriously made their lips meet.

Their tongue slobbered on each other and Aoi ran her hands up Naruto's back until they reached the back of his head. She held the back of his head as they kissed and as before, she came first with Naruto doing the same less than a second afterwards.

Aoi and Naruto moaned together before he got off of her and rested alongside her. He panted and looked at Aoi panting with a pleased look on her face.

She moved closer to him and smothered her lips on him while stroking his cheek. Naruto ran his fingers through Aoi's hair and stroked her back.

"Naruto-kun, that was unbelievably good." Aoi said as she nuzzled Naruto's chest.

"Thank you, Aoi-chan. You were totally perfect." Naruto chuckled back before Aoi slowly staggered to her feet and ran her finger against his cheek.

"Well, this definitely won't be the last time we do this." Aoi said as she winked at Naruto and he only smiled at her as she got dressed. Then, Aoi went back into the house and Naruto lay on the ground for a while before trying to stand back up.

He managed to jump onto his feet for a while before falling back down and lying in the same spot he was before. The sex he had with Momoko and Aoi had taken a lot of out of him and he managed to put his pants back on.

Before he could put on his shirt and jacket, he heard an unsheathing sound and quickly turned around to see Miku glaring dangerous at him with a long katana blade in her hand.

"Miku, what are you doing with that?" Naruto nervously asked; obviously aware that both the glare she gave him and the sword she had meant there was something wrong. Miku's only answer was swinging the sword at him and he forced himself onto his feet to dodge it.

The katana split his shirt and he gawked at the blue-haired woman in shock as she raised the sword over her head to swing it again.

"She's nuts!" Naruto thought as he used the energy he had left to take off running and Miku instantly chased after him like a psychopathic killer. He yelled as Miku chased after him and if he had his normal amount of energy, he could have just jumped onto a roof where she couldn't reach him.

Also, Naruto's Hirashin knives were back in his jacket, thus making him unable to flash away from her.

Get back here!" Miku snarled, swinging her katana around like a maniac. Naruto, of course, did no such thing and continued to run for his life.

"What's with her? What did I do?" he thought.

Well, he'd banged Momoko and Aoi, so maybe Miku was jealous and wanted her turn with him, but if that was the case, why was she attacking him? He was suddenly brought out of his pondering by a wall that conveniently happened to be in his path.

He collided with it and fell on his back. He could hear Miku coming closer, but what could he do? Granted, he could probably overpower her and make his escape with little effort, but then he could get into trouble not just with Aoi and Momoko, but also with Tsunade.

Suddenly, he felt the tip of the blade press very lightly against his forehead, with Miku towering over him (giving him a good look of her panties up her blue skirt) and still giving him a terrible glare.

"You sick fuck, for what you did to Aoi, I ought to chop you into confetti by now." Miku viciously snarled as she then moved the blade towards his pants, leveling its tip right above his crotch.

"Or at the very least, chop off that thing so you can't bang Aoi anymore!"

"Why?" he asked frantically.

Miku was silent at first and then blushed. Suddenly, Naruto realized the reason behind the attack.

"Miku," he said carefully, "are you-?"

"Yes, I like Aoi!" she snapped. "What's wrong with that?!"

Then, to Naruto's surprise and relief, she dropped the sword, and he became even more shocked when she got down on all fours and unzipped his pants, fishing out his member, which had become hardened due to the fact that her lovely rear was now conveniently squishing Naruto's face.

"I'll protect her from this vile instrument," she murmured, licking it, and eliciting a muffled groan from her victim, "even if I have to fuck you myself."

This shocked Naruto as Miku pumped his member and stroked it in her hold. Miku reared and wiggled her ass on Naruto's face.

While Naruto didn't fully understand why Miku was doing this to him, he, of course, had no complaints as the blue-haired woman smothered her rear on his face. Her hand stroked his cock and she lowered her head down to it.

She planted her mouth on it and started to suck it off. Naruto moaned as Miku's tongue brushed on his dick and swirled her tongue around it.

Though Miku originally thought she'd despise the taste of Naruto's reborn erection, she found it to taste great as she sucked it off and the woman kept her ass on his face. Naruto felt Miku's panties growing wet and he realized that the woman was becoming aroused.

He began licking the wet stain and Miku's eyes looked back at him with a venomously glare; her own attempt to make it appear that she was trying to resist his licking. The blonde didn't notice as Miku pulled down her shirt and squeezed her breasts on his cock.

Naruto let out a muffled moan as Miku pumped her mouth on his hilt and stirred her tongue around it. He licked through her panties enough for his tongue to reach her folds and he began licking them.

Miku moaned as Naruto's tongue traced her folds and she squeezed her breasts around his cock. She kneaded the mounds of flesh on his member and moaned as his tongue found its ways into her pussy.

Having pulled her panties to the side, Naruto's tongue licked deeply into Miku's warmth and her arousal tasted marvelous. Miku's tits rubbed Naruto's stiffness and he began to thrust into her mouth.

Her tits jiggled on his cock as it flew up into her mouth and she licked the head of it smoothly. Naruto's fingers wriggled on Miku's folds as he licked into her pussy and she let out another muffled moan.

Soon, the two came and Miku swallowed Naruto's semen while he licked the fluids streaming from her pussy clean. Naruto licked the fluids before doing the same to his lips and Miku pulled her shirt back up to cover her breasts.

She lifted her ass off Naruto's face and glared at his still-hard erection.

"What the hell is this?!" Miku growled as she stared at his cock and stood up. She immediately turned around and pulled down her soaked panties before completely pulling down Naruto's pants.

"Apparently, I'm gonna have to do more with this thing if I want it away from Aoi-sama." Miku said as she removed her skirt and only kept her shirt on. Naruto watched as Miku lowered her entrance on his cock and moaned painfully as her virginity was no more.

Naruto moaned as well and Miku only looked down at him. She placed her hands on his chest and held him down.

"Miku…" Naruto said.

"I'm only doing this to keep this hideous thing as far as possible from Aoi." Miku said to Naruto before rolling her hips forward and he remained still. Much to Miku's surprise, she loved the feeling of Naruto's stiffness inside of her and rolled her hips forward.

Naruto moaned with Miku as she wiggled her hips and it wasn't very long before he finally began to thrust into her. She rode his member as it crashed into her warmth and her clothed breasts began to jiggle.

Miku's ass met Naruto's lap over and over as he pounded into her entrance. She heavily blushed as Naruto sent his member flying into Miku's womanhood and she whimpered at this.

Naruto gripped Miku's waist and held onto her like so as he thrust upright. She worked her hips forward and grinded his manhood inside her core.

Miku moaned as she closed her eyes and whimpered as Naruto's length rammed into her core. Naruto pulled down Miku's shirt and licked his lips before cupping what he could hold of them.

Like with Momoko and Aoi before, groping breasts larger than his hands was nothing he couldn't handle and he squeezed them as they jiggled. Miku placed his arms down and pulled off her shirt to fling it onto the floor away from them.

She re-planted Naruto's hands on her breasts and watched as he kneaded the large mounds together. Her ass smacked heavily on his lap as she rode his erection and rolled her hips forward. Naruto's stiffness surged into Miku's womanhood and rubbed on her walls powerfully.

The blonde male moaned as he pumped his manhood upright into her walls and made them rumble. He then sat up and began kissing Miku's jiggling bosom.

Much to her surprise, she found herself holding Naruto's face to her breasts as he groped them and rubbed the mounds together. He planted his lips on her nipple and began to suckle her breast milk.

The blunette trickled her fingers through Naruto's hair and watched as he drank from her tumultuous mound. With even all the breast milk he drank not long ago, he just couldn't seem to get enough of the creamy substances on his tongue.

Miku rolled her hips in a forward direction and shook her waist. Naruto moaned as he plunged his length into Miku's warm and tight innards.

He rubbed her breasts together and took his lips off her heavenly teat. Miku instantly cupped his face and smothered her lips on his.

Given how she pursued him with the katana earlier, he didn't expect this to happen in the least but he wrapped his arms around her back and held her close to him. Naruto pounded his member into Miku's walls and her hips moving caused it to be grinded inside of her walls.

The bright set of blue eyes stared into each other and Naruto's tongue instantly found Miku's. Naruto sank his fingers into the jiggling orbs of flesh and moulded them against each other.

Naruto's member soared into Miku's walls and they grinded it in return. Miku's hips moved forward and she felt Naruto's length twitch inside of her.

The two continued to stare into each other's eyes passionately and read them. Both their eyes affirmed they were about to cum and Miku flattened her breasts against Naruto's chest while he wrapped his arms around her.

Both of them moved their hips a final time before Miku's warmth constricted Naruto's cock and he flooded her insides with his semen. They separated lips to moan loudly at this before Naruto fell backwards and took Miku with him.

She lay on top of him and they sweated together. Miku looked at Naruto and sighed pleasurably as that heart-stopping smile appeared on her face and his foxy grin looked back at her.

As Miku began to get off Naruto, she looked to see that he was still hard inside of her pussy and moaned. Naruto groaned as he grew hard inside of Miku's pussy once more.

"Naruto-kun, how are you so hard again after coming like that?" Miku asked.

"Sorry, Miku-chan. Your pussy squeezed it so much that I got hard like this again." Naruto answered and Miku sighed as she got off him to turn around. She brought her womanhood down onto his length and took him in once again.

"I'll do every position in the world to keep this wretched thing away from Aoi-sama!" Miku moaned as Naruto began to drive his swollen member into her walls and she bucked her hips in response. She brought down her wetness down onto the manhood pounded into her warmth and hit against her insides.

Naruto cupped Miku's large bosom and groped them as they jiggled high into the air. The sound of flesh hitting sounded throughout area as Miku's ass met Naruto's lap and he caressed what he could hold of her breasts.

She moaned loudly as she rode his cock and Naruto moaned with her. He sent his erection slamming into her walls and she wiggled her hips.

Miku rode Naruto's member as her hips moved into full tandem with his own speed and she fell back. Her back touched Naruto's chest and he pinched tweaking her erect nipples.

He twisted them as they jiggled and started licking Miku's neck. She wiggled her hips as Naruto twirled his fingers around her tits and he pressed the mounds together.

Naruto held them together as they heaved and Miku whimpered as her source of arousal was pounded into. Miku planted her hands as she worked her hips and she turned her head to face Naruto's.

Her tongue lashed out of her mouth and was instantly granted by his. Their tongues waged war on each other and they moaned all the while.

Naruto's length raged its way into Miku's womanhood and she spread her legs wider to allow his member more space to slam into. He sank his fingers into Miku's breasts and smothered them together before Miku's pussy pulled on his member.

The pair moaned at this and without even pulling out of Miku, he placed her on all fours and began to bang his erection into her crevice. Miku moaned and did her best to balance herself as Naruto's manhood flew into her walls.

He held onto her curvaceous waist and moaned as his lap hit her ass. Miku's breasts swayed back and forth as Naruto sent his cock crashing into her tightness and the beautiful woman moaned loudly.

By now, Miku's face was bright red with lust as her romps with Naruto had changed her original perspective of him into something else; something affectionate to her. Her breasts flew forth as Naruto pounded his lower self into her warmth and he lustfully growled as he placed himself on top of her.

Naruto's muscular chest touched Miku's back as he cupped her heaving breasts and caressed them. This elicited a long pleasure-filled moan as Naruto's hips charged forward and she felt his heavy impacts sharply hitting her core.

He pistoned his length forward into her and began tenderly kissing her earlobe. Miku whimpered at as Naruto's manhood flew into her walls and wildly collided against her walls.

She whimpered at this as Naruto's manhood brushed her innards and he squished her breasts together. Miku lifted one arm back and placed it behind Naruto's neck for leverage.

Using the advantage, Miku reared onto her knees and Naruto continued to run his agile length into her warmth. The blue-haired woman balanced herself on one hand and watched as Naruto caressed her bouncing bosom.

A husky growl came from Naruto as his throbbing erection twitched and she turned her head to kiss his cheek while holding onto him. Naruto released one of Miku's breasts and slid his hand down her flat stomach until it reached her clit.

He began rubbing his fingers on it and Miku whimpered at sheer feeling of it until she came first again. Naruto and Miku both slowly fell to the floor to rest for a while.

Miku lay on her back facing away from Naruto until she turned to face him and he pressed his forehead on hers. She chuckled as she stroked his whiskers and got on her knees to smother her breasts on his face.

"Well, Naruto-kun, I think you've learned not to touch Aoi-sama so I won't hurt you." Miku said to Naruto, who only smiled at being smothered by her ample bosom. After a while, Miku got off Naruto and picked up her clothes.

"Oh, yeah, I saw what you did to those guys who tried to rape Momoko. Nice job, by the way, though personally I would've chopped their dicks off and made those bastards eat 'em." Miku praised Naruto and he grinned at her.

"Thanks, though I doubt those clowns will ever come back unless they want another bruising." Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles to make a point and Miku only chuckled at the gesture.

"Good to know." Miku said as she left swaying her perfect rear and Naruto eventually got back up to his feet. He went back to the laundry pole to pick up his jacket and what was left of his shirt.

Still shirtless, Naruto went up to the roof and smiled as a cool breeze hit him. He smiled as his emotions for the particular day were verbally inexpressible: he got to kick the asses of the ruffians who had nearly endangered Momoko and he claimed the virginity of three of the most beautiful women who he had ever met.

He chuckled and sighed as he enjoyed the breeze.

Whew, it took me three months to complete but it's finally here and I hope all who read it enjoy it. The character in the beginning of the story, Kenta, is actually the star of the actual Shimaizuma hentai movie though in this story, his place is taken by Naruto. Pyromania101 and I decided to give him a girlfriend to show the audience he is doing okay.

Though I loved the sex scenes in the actual movie, the one thing that bothered is that Kenta, as opposed to Naruto in this story, always wore his clothes whenever he had sex with the girls. As Sketchfan, Pyromania, and I all agreed: What kind of idiot goes at it with extremely hot women while still wearing all of his clothes?! As for Momoko, she is raped by the ruffians in the actual movie and she claims she was asked to do it, though I didn't exactly believe her. So, in this story, I had Naruto literally go on a rampage to save her and then she rewards him.

Will the ruffians ever return? Highly unlikely since Naruto broke their bones quite badly and though his mission's whole purpose was to protect the girls from the ruffians, it's not over as Naruto is gonna stick around for a few more days to ensure they never return.

For those of you who don't know what the girls look like, put [13cm] Shimai Tsuma 3 in your search engine and you'll find a page chock of pictures of them on a site called G.E Hentai. For those who wish to see the movie itself, ask my friends Sketchfan and Pyromania101 for the links. I'd give to you but I'm not good with giving links.

As for Naruto's Batman glare, I'm sure most of you know it's only his killing intent with his eyes in a clear white color and I'm sure he doesn't know who Batman is. I only named it that because I knew some people might find it funny.

All in all, enjoy and see you guys soon. I just know you guy'll love when chapter two comes out.