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Aoi sat calmly at the tea table-not in a chair, which would have been too high, but a very comfortable cushion-with a small deck of playing cards on her left, and a large number of cards neatly arranged in rows on her right: a game of Solitaire. She drew a card from the unused deck, glanced at it, and calmly placed it in its correct position. She then adjusted her seating position slightly to feel more comfortable, wiggling her beautiful rear and wearing an exquisite smile on her flawless, elegant face.

She drew another card and placed it in the correct row, humming lightly to herself while calmly, rhythmically, wiggling her sexy ass for reasons known only to the lovely woman herself. She drew her next card-a King of Hearts. Smiling to herself, she placed it in the correct stack and drew the last card-a Queen of Hearts. How utterly fitting. As she placed the last card in the deck in the correct stack, her wiggling rear started to wiggle a little more. The source of this? The "cushion" beneath her was moving, clearly needing something.

Smiling again, Aoi calmly lifted her rear a little, revealing that the "cushion" was, in fact, the face of one Naruto Namikaze. Said ninja drew in breath almost sporadically, but even the previous lack of oxygen could not keep him from smiling at the beautiful woman above him, whose own face was lit up by a luminous smile of her own, not that he could see it.

When she was sure that her beloved had drawn in and exhaled enough, Aoi calmly resumed her "seat", while giggling to herself.

As her rear cheeks began to squish against Naruto's face again, Aoi suddenly had a wonderful idea. "Naruto-kun", she said lovingly, "lick it."

As if in response, Aoi suddenly felt something push against the cloth of her panties that covered her entrance, and she moaned in slight ecstasy. As Naruto's tongue began to push harder against the cloth, Aoi couldn't take it anymore.

Rising quickly, thus flipping over the table and scattering the cards in the process, she hastily began removing her articles of clothing, while a now fully uncovered Naruto began hastily doing the same, much to her delight. Despite their desperation and lust, they remarkably removed their clothes without ripping them.

Now both were completely naked, and they liked it that way. Smiling, Aoi sat back down and beckoned to her favorite ninja, who dutifully obeyed her wordless command and nestled himself comfortably in her lap, almost like a little boy would do when his mother offered to comfort him after a particularly bad day. Positioning his hardened cock at her entrance, Naruto glanced at Aoi, who nodded. Needing no further permission, Naruto plunged in.

Both moaned in ecstasy at this before Aoi began to buck her hips with Naruto concurrently thrusting into her tightness and watching her breasts jiggle. The blonde woman reared her hips and grinded the younger man's cock that pounded into her walls.

Naruto placed his face against Aoi's breasts and began to drink her milk while fondling her ample mounds. He squeezed the mounds and kneaded them as he rammed his length into her walls.

He pumped his length into Aoi's womanhood and moaned at her tightness surrounding his length. Aoi wrapped her luscious, long legs around Naruto's waist and he carried her to the nearest wall.

Now against the wall, Aoi reared her hips and held onto Naruto as he pummeled his swollen length into the depths of her body. It crashed against her walls and she kissed Naruto as she rode his stiffness.

The blue eyes met as Naruto toyed with the large mounds in his hands and squeezed the jiggling orbs. Aoi felt Naruto's length rub against her walls and her breasts bounced in his hands.

Naruto moaned into Aoi's mouths as their tongues rubbed together and their hips worked in sync. He pumped his throbbing manhood into Aoi's pussy and she broke the kiss to moan loudly as the younger blonde pressed his head into her ample valley of flesh.

He licked her chest as her breasts bounced on either side of his head and she held him close to her. Aoi noticed his hands traveling to her jiggling mounds and gripped her erect tits.

It was then that he proceeded to tweak them and tease them. Aoi's blush deepened as Naruto pinched her nipples and twisted them.

The blue-eyed woman bucked her hips as Naruto's swollen rod thrust into her body and slammed into her core. Aoi's legs remained locked around him as he charged his hips forward into her wetness that grinded his every movement.

Naruto's tongue rubbed on the inside of Aoi's deep cleavage and her nails began to dig into his back. He let out muffled moans of how tight Aoi's warmth felt on his manhood and he freed his head from her bouncing bosom.

Aoi smothered her breasts against Naruto and she kissed his forehead tenderly. Naruto's hardness plunged into the depths of her curvy form and he began to feast on her breast milk again as he gripped her ass.

His steel-powered erection rumbled Aoi's womanhood as its tightness kept it stimulated and jetted forward into her. She stood one leg on the floor as Naruto's length traveled into her womanhood and his groping of her breasts only made her pussy wetter.

Naruto squeezed Aoi's rear as he suckled milk from her heaving mound and she bucked her hip. Her inner walls grew tighter on Naruto as he thrust into her and his eyes looked up to meet hers.

Not being able resist Aoi's sky-colored eyes, he released her breast and kissed her once again. The blonde couple worked their tongues into each other's mouths where they reunited and uncontrollably brushed together.

Aoi's slender arms remained locked around Naruto as he thrashed his erection into her body and she realized that her walls were ready to enclose on his length. She closed her eyes in pleasure as Naruto's hot member pumped into her tightness and grew inside of her.

Naruto and Aoi's tongues did battle while their hips worked together with her mounds squishing on him. The young ninja growled into Aoi's mouth as her pussy tightened on him and pulled on his erection.

His cock sprayed his release into Aoi's womanhood before it overflowed and her entrance poured out their fluids that dripped onto the floor. Both of the blondes panted and sweated as their cum leaked out of Aoi.

"Naruto-kun, please give me more." Aoi purred at Naruto.

"You got it, Aoi-chan." Naruto said before lowering themselves onto the floor where he restarted his thrusts and Aoi placed her hands on his chest as she rode him. He held onto her small waist while pounding his erection into her tightness and she moaned in delight.

Her breasts jiggled in rhythm with Naruto's powerful movements and she rolled her hips forward. Aoi closed her eyes and sent her entrance down onto Naruto's length.

Aoi smiled down at Naruto as his cock thrashed on her innards and his length rubbed on them. Her eyes glistened brightly as him and his eyes did the same.

The blonde woman rolled her hips forward as Naruto pumped his length upright and slid his hands up her waist to cup her heaving mounds. He caressed them and his fingers sank into the orbs of flesh.

Naruto's length soared up into Aoi's warmth and she wiggled her hips on his erection. She moaned with him as he toyed with her jiggling mounds and squeezed them.

Aoi rode Naruto's swollen glory as it shot upright into her walls and he eventually sat up to rub her breasts together. Despite Naruto being younger than her, Aoi believed that Naruto's cock would always satisfy her lust and she would never get tired of it.

Naruto's erection rumbled into Aoi's womanhood and he held her breasts together to plant his mouth on her nipples. Once again, he began feeding on her breast milk and she moaned in absolute pleasure.

The blonde shinobi enjoyed drinking the milk of the women in the house and if asked about it, he would readily say he's addicted to taste to the point of not being able to live without it.

Naruto hungrily swallowed the delicious fluids and Aoi ran her fingers through his hair. He suckled the milk from Aoi's mounds and gulped it down while her womanhood gripped his cock and allowed his seed to spurt out into her womb.

He never removed his mouth from Aoi's tits as she loudly moaned from the heat of his semen until he was done filling her up and he fell back. Aoi's breasts smothered Naruto's face and she smiled at him as he wrapped his arms around her back to hold her close to him.

The young man eventually removed his head from Aoi's breasts and he was treated to the sight of her wonderful smile. Automatically knowing Aoi wanted more, he smiled back and nodded before she got off his member.

She turned around and lowered her wetness back down on Naruto's cock. Both moaned as Naruto reached up and cupped her breasts while beginning to pound himself into her lower crevice.

Aoi closed her eyes and moaned as Naruto's member struck her inner walls. He sat upright and squeezed her amazing breasts together as they bounced in his hold.

Naruto lustfully growled before licking Aoi's neck and she looked back at him. By saying his name once, she got his attention to where she could kiss him and her tongue immediately entered his mouth.

He rocketed his member into Aoi's walls as she bucked her hips and shook her waist on his erection. She moaned into Naruto's mouth as he freed one of her breasts and started to rub his fingers on her clit.

This drove Aoi's lust crazy as he thrust his length into her lower caverns and strongly hit her weak spot. Naruto moaned from Aoi's tightness slowly wrapping around his raging member and his crotch jerked upright.

Aoi's breast jiggled in Naruto's hand as he groped it and rubbed his fingers on her clit teasingly. The two sets of blue seemed to glow with mutually heartwarming passion and love as their tongues wages war on one another.

Naruto's fingers buried themselves in Aoi's breast and she shook her waist on his length. He and Aoi moaned into each other's mouths as he thrust into her warmth and her walls worked on him.

Their eyes squeezed shut as Aoi's perfect ass smacked on Naruto's lap and the sound of their flesh clashing filled the room. The pair's tongues versed as their hips became synced in terms of movement; despite the fact Naruto had the superior speed of the two.

The beautiful woman's amazing hips reared backwards and she moaned as they came for the third time in a row. Both moaned as they fell back and didn't separate lips for quite some time.

Eventually, they did and Aoi rose from Naruto's erection before smiling down at him lovingly. He smiled back as she scooped Naruto into her arms and carried him while squishing his face against her breasts; just like Momoko did days earlier

Naruto began to wonder how strong the women of the house were and puzzled himself. Sure, he was shorter than all three of them but in a sense they were much like him; their strength being much more than anyone would expect given their age.

Soon, Aoi placed him upside-down on the couch and he looked up at her in confusion. She then kissed him and he found an upside-down kiss an inventive idea.

"That was one hell of a Solitaire game, wasn't it?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but thanks to your help, it was all the more fun." Aoi smiled at Naruto, who chuckled as she exited the room nude and left him as he was. Naruto remained upside-down on the couch and thought about Aoi in bliss.

Suddenly, he looked up and saw Miku standing in front of the couch wearing a bathrobe. She smiled at the blonde shinobi and chuckled at how funny he looked in his current position.

"How's it hanging, Naruto-kun?" Miku laughed as she eyed his length and licked her lips hungrily.

"Just fine, thanks to you." Naruto winked at Miku, who continued to laugh.

"What have you been up to?" Miku asked and Naruto froze for a second; fearing what would happen if she knew about his romps with Aoi moments ago. He really didn't want to deal with a katana-wielding Miku a second time and he had to act fast.

"I've been waiting for you, Miku-chan." Naruto answered and Miku smiled at him before helping him lay down.

"Good answer." Miku seductively said as she loosened her sash and slowly removed her bathrobe, revealing her curvy form. Naruto's member re-awakened at her naked body and she turned around to sit on his face.

Once again, Naruto grinned as Miku's ass squished against his face and she smiled down at him. Her delectable lower mounds smothered Naruto's face and he enjoyed the soft flesh on his face.

Miku found Naruto's face to be more enjoyable to sit on then the couch were they rested and she looked at his length with her heart racing in anticipation of it being inside of her again. Naruto let out a muffled moan as she rubbed her plump, juicy rear on his face and the back of his head sank against the pillow he rested on.

The blue-haired woman wiggled her rear on Naruto's face and the soft flesh pressed on his face. He lie still as Miku worked her rear on him and her glorious ass wiggled on him

She energetically squished her delicious ass on him and his throbbing erection was watched by her with excitement. Naruto's face was pressed against by Miku's rear and she felt her arousal growing.

This was no surprise to Naruto, who could instinctively tell that the blunette was getting wetter as she stirred her ass on his face and she wiggled it on him. Even with Miku's rear smothering his head against the couch and slowly cutting off his oxygen, he still grinned with her.

Miku reached forward and began to stroke his erection. It took all of Naruto's resistance to keep from pushing Miku off him and just start thrusting into her warmth, but he wouldn't have to wait very longer.

She lifted her rear off Naruto's face and kneeled down on the floor in front of the couch. Miku nodded for Naruto to face her and he did as told.

Miku immediately squeezed his length with her breasts and he started to thrust into the vast cleavage. The orbs of flesh jiggled on his cock and Miku's tongue whacked against his length.

Naruto moaned as he pounded his hardness into the ample mounds as Miku rubbed them together on it and licked it. He moaned as he thrust into Miku's ample bosom and she planted her mouth on his length.

Miku's breasts bounced on Naruto's cock as he pumped his length upright and it was then she placed her mouth on his erection. She sucked it off as Naruto thrust his cock into her mouth and he moaned in delight at.

Her tongue swirled around his hardness and she squeezed her delicious breasts on his stiffness. They bounced on his erection and her saliva soaked his length as her tongue brushed it.

Naruto leaned back against the couch and grinned as Miku's orbs of flesh massaged his erection. She kept his length enclosed between her breasts and he sent his erection flying into her ample orbs.

He moaned as Miku's mounds jiggled on his hardness and she let out muffled moans. Naruto drove his length into Miku's mouth drenched his erection and her mounds squished his length.

Miku stirred her tongue around his cock and she sucked it off. Naruto felt his hardness twitch inside of her mouth and groaned, catching the curvaceous woman's attention.

The blue-haired woman kept up her teasing of Naruto's stiffness and smothered it until it spewed onto her tongue. She groaned before swallowing what wasn't pouring out of her mouth and Naruto panted.

She gulped down her fill before releasing it and allowing Naruto to lay back. As she freed the length from her breasts, she licked her lips and rose from the floor.

Naruto rested on his back as Miku straddled him and smiled down at him. He grinned back at her and she turned around to place her wetness over his length.

Within seconds, Miku took in Naruto's erection and moaned while he started to pound his erection upright in her body. She whimpered as he reached up and began to grope her jiggling breasts.

He kneaded them together as Miku bucked her hips and gripped the couch. Her breasts bounced in Naruto's hand as he sank his fingers into them and massaged them.

Naruto thrust his hardness into Miku's warmth as her eyes closed and the blush on her face grew deeper. The blue-haired woman had been looking forward to her now-daily romps with Naruto since she woke up and now she rode him with utter glee.

His stiffness rubbed against her walls and she grinded it by bucking her hips. Miku shook her waist on Naruto's stiffness and a lustful smile formed on her face as she moaned.

The blonde ninja moaned as Miku's tightness grinded his dick and she sank her nails into the couch. She whimpered as Naruto groped her breasts nonstop and rubbed the jiggling mounds together.

He jerked his crotch upward and it met Miku's rear. Their flesh clashed violently as Naruto thrust his erection into her wet tunnels and it became tighter on him thanks to the fondling of her breasts.

Miku fell back against Naruto and he pressed his lips against hers while squeezing her jiggling mounds. His heart raced with Miku's as they worked their hips together in lust-fueled movements.

Her eyes opened for bright blue ones to find cerulean ones waiting to gaze into them and their tongues battled intensely. Miku took one hand off the couch and reached up to frame Naruto's cheek.

She stroked his whiskers and bucked her hips with Naruto thrusting into her in complete tandem. He couldn't believe the pleasure his cock felt inside of Miku since as with his first time having sex with her, he still felt as if Aoi's womanhood was on him.

If his prediction was true, he would have sex with Momoko not much longer from now and that was heaven on earth for him. But for the time being, he focused on Miku as he pummeled his swollen erection into her walls and her toes cringed from how good he felt inside of her.

Naruto held onto Miku's orbs of flesh as his member banged against her walls and her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her skull out of intense passion. She licked the inside of his mouth and his thrusts drove Miku crazy with lust.

Miku shook her hips as Naruto's cock crashed into her body and he held up her breast high enough for her to lick her nipple once they broke their kiss. She planted her lip on it and began to drink her own milk.

Naruto smiled at the kinky scene and started nibbling at her neck. His canines smoothly grazed her neck and she feverishly drank her milk.

He thrust into Miku's warmth and she spread her legs apart to allow his shaft to go as deep as possible. Naruto began to sensually lick where he had bit Miku earlier and he began to tweak her other nipple.

Miku suckled her milk from her breast before freeing it to resume her moaning spree as Naruto's length pumped into her. He felt her walls ready to enclose on his erection and he smiled.

"Miku-chan, are you ready?" Naruto huskily said to her.

"Yes!" Miku moaned loudly in response as she closed her eyes and howled in total ecstasy as her warmth wrapped around Naruto's low tower of veins. This allowed his cum spurt out rapidly into her walls and he gritted his teeth in joy at this.

Both moaned loudly before relaxing on the couch and panting breathlessly while sweating heavily. Their release drained out of Miku onto the couch as she got off Naruto's cock and lay next to him.

She lay on her back as Naruto shifted their position to where he could rest his head on her breast and she trickled her fingers through his hair. Miku kissed his forehead as they rested and wiped the sweat off of their skulls.

"Shall we, Miku-chan?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his length on her leg and she simply sighed.

"Well, Naruto-kun, just this once, you can be on top." Miku smiled at Naruto, who eagerly got on all fours and placed himself on top of her. He rubbed his length on Miku's folds a few times before re-entering her body and she gripped the couch pillow her arms were on.

She moaned as Naruto began to pound his erection into her walls and her breasts heaved as her blonde lover placed his hands on either side of her. Miku held onto the pillow as Naruto pummeled his hardness into her warmth and she bucked her hips in response.

Naruto's hips flew forward and sent his member slamming into her walls. He smiled down at Miku as her breasts bounced from his powerful impacts and his crotch met hers.

He palmed Miku's jiggling breasts and fondled them while holding them together. It was at that very point that he placed his mouth on her nipples and suckling her milk.

Naruto listened Miku moan and her eyes shimmered lustfully as her drank her milk. He gulped it down hungrily and Miku held onto him tightly.

Her womanhood grinded his powerful manhood and he squeezed the jiggling mounds as he feasted on them. The delicious white fluid traveled into his mouth and he moaned at the blunette's warmth on him.

Naruto groaned as he pumped his erection into Miku, who continued to buck her hips and he ceased drinking her milk to kiss her. Their tongues versed against one another and he began to tweak her tits.

She bucked her hips and whimpered in the kiss as Naruto's length plunged into her tightness. Miku moaned into his mouth as she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

This didn't slow down Naruto at all while he rumbled his cock into her pussy and he groped her breasts as they jiggled erratically with his powerful thrusts. Their blue eyes found each other once again as their hips worked against one another and their lips remained in a tight seal.

Miku's eyes sparkled as her pussy yanked Naruto's erection and pulled it into making a tidal wave of semen flood her womb. The tremendous impact was so powerful that most of Naruto's semen sprayed out of her warmth and splattered against his crotch.

Both shivered in pleasure before Naruto fell forward but stopped himself from falling on Miku and found himself face to face with her. Smirking, she flipped him onto his back and began to thrust downward on his cock and he smiled as he moaned.

Naruto pounded his hilt into Miku's tightness and he watched as she undid her ponytail. Her hair fell between her shoulders in a sexy fashion and the blonde smiled in awe.

Miku set her hairband on the nearby table and smiled as Naruto's length collided with her innards. He sat up and gripped Miku's rear as he thrust into her.

Naruto cupped her breasts and suckled her milk. She wrapped her arms around his head and held him closely.

He squeezed her mounds and feed on the creamy fluid. Naruto felt as though the breast milk of the women would be the only thing he would need to live off of in life in place of solid food.

Though of course, this was only mental and he would still eat solid food as much as needed; not realizing that all of Aoi, Miku, and Momoko would willingly feed him their milk whether he asked them to or not.

Miku closed her eyes in bliss as Naruto suckled her milk and gulped it greedily. She smiled at him before he removed his lips from her mounds and kissed her deeply.

Naruto and Miku both closed their eyes as they kissed and rubbed their tongues together. He jerked his manhood up into the blue-haired woman's warmth as she rode it and her breasts jiggled against him.

The blonde wrapped his arms around Miku and she did the same to him. They held onto each other tightly as Naruto pounded his cock into her pussy and kissed her as their tongues rubbed against one another.

Naruto lowered his hands onto Miku's ass and squeezed her lower mounds as they smacked on his lap. Soon, they came and their released splashed out of Miku onto the couch, forming a puddle on the couch.

The blonde and blunette moaned as they fell forward and lay side by side; their lips still remained together. Miku separated lips from Naruto and rested on him while he stroked her back.

"Thanks for waiting on me, Naruto-kun." Miku said as she rose from the couch and donned her bathrobe; albeit it with being open.

"No problem, Miku-chan. I knew we'd have fun." Naruto said before Miku seductively trailed her finger under his chin and left the room. Gathering all the strength he had left in his body, Naruto rose and made his way up to the roof.

He looked at the forest and cracked his knuckles. Though he instinctively knew the ruffians wouldn't dare come back, he also knew some people were plain stupid and couldn't take hints; no matter how many bones they had broken in the process.

Suddenly, something large and very soft pressed against the back of his head. Slender arms wrapped him and he automatically knew who was behind him.

"Hello, Momoko-chan." Naruto said and the maid giggled as she kissed his forehead.

"Hi, Naruto-kun, I've got something I know you'll like to see." Momoko said as she released him and he turned around to face his beloved maid. She presented a newspaper to him and he read the front page.

It showed the ruffians in a psychiatric prison where they were for claiming they were attacked by a demon boy and Naruto smiled at it. While he was sort of glad that while the world knew about him, some didn't know about Kurama's existence; not that he didn't feel like the fox shouldn't get any credit.)

"Wow, talk about justice, huh?" Naruto said and Momoko kissed his cheek.

"You said it, Naruto-kun." Momoko smiled.

"Thanks, Momoko-chan." Naruto said.

"I knew you'd like it." Momoko said before turning around and walking to the ladder while swaying her hypnotizing rear. Naruto's heart raced before he sighed and followed the busty brunette.

Later at sunset

Momoko hummed as she prepared dinner for tonight. Cooking was a favorite hobby of hers, but what made tonight's preparations particularly enjoyable was the fact that Naruto's face was tied securely to her delicious rear. She loved to sit on him, and he too enjoyed the feeling, but since she had a busy schedule, she hadn't much time to indulge in their mutual hobby.

So instead, they had compromised: Naruto's face was now planted securely against Momoko's rear, with a few ropes tied around it (and Momoko's waist) to keep in there. Dragging him around might have been a risk if not for his ability to right his legs somewhat. Granted, the position looked silly, but Naruto would do anything to be underneath Momoko's derriere.

And so, here they were, with Momoko preparing dinner and occasionally reaching down to push Naruto against her, giggling all the while. Even better, she wasn't wearing any clothes, not even an apron. She had plans for Naruto once things were taken care of, and it wouldn't do for her to be clothed when she executed said plans. Swaying her hips (and Naruto's head) back and forth, Momoko continued to prepare dinner, namely the salad, humming merrily to herself the whole time.

Finally, everything was cooked and she began to place the meal, napkins, and utensils in the most fitting location, with Naruto still tied securely to her backside.

Finally, she was done, and with a sigh, she sat down, squishing Naruto's face in the process, not that he minded. Reaching up, he began to massage and knead at Momoko's lovely ass, while she giggled at his antics. She began wiggling her rear back and forth, much to Naruto's enjoyment. Oh, this was going to be so enjoyable!

She arose from her seat and undid the ropes, freeing Naruto. He stood up and had his clothes pulled off by Momoko, exposing his erection.

She kneeled down to it and gripped it with both hands. Naruto stood against the nearest counter and watched as Momoko stroked his member while starting to lick it.

Naruto gripped the corner and moaned as Momoko's tongue stirred around his throbbing member. Her luscious eyes closed as she tasted her beloved ninja and she moaned in delight at its size.

While licking it, she released it and squished her breasts together. Naruto shivered in pleasure before beginning to plunge his hardness into the flawless cleavage and the soft flesh imprisoned his member.

His stiff, length pumped into Momoko's mounds as she squeezed them together on his erection and she smoothly licked his harden. Her tongue brushed on it as she rubbed her breasts on his cock and he smiled down at the brunette who, to him, was the definite meaning of beauty itself.

Naruto jetted his hips forward and charged his manhood into the soft orbs of flesh. Momoko's tongue stirred on his erection and she had no intention of taking it into her mouth; wanting Naruto to cum onto her face instead.

The blonde ninja moaned in pleasure as Momoko kneaded her tits together on his length and she slowly rubbed her tongue on it. Naruto blushed as Momoko's delicious orbs of flesh smothered his swollen member and he felt like he, or his cock, would explode at any moment.

Though Momoko wouldn't have minded, Naruto wanted the paizuri to last as long as possible and shot his hips forward. The enormous breasts massaged Naruto's member as he pounded it into the vast amount of cleavage surrounding it and he shivered in pleasure.

A moment later, Naruto groaned as he released his semen and it rapidly spurted onto Momoko's face. She moaned as he did so and it splattered on her lovely form.

"So hot…." Momoko seductively said before freeing Naruto's erection and wiping the semen off to lick the pasty substance of her fingers. She then hemmed at the taste and turned around on all fours.

"Please, Naruto-kun, more…" Momoko moaned as she enticingly shook her rear at him and he dropped onto his knees to grip her rear. He entered her and moaned with Momoko before beginning to thrust into her warmth.

Momoko moaned as Naruto pounded his erection into her tightness and her breasts heaved over the floor. Naruto held onto Momoko's ass while he pounded his erection into her walls and she moaned as her mounds jiggled forward.

The brunette maid fell onto her front and her breasts squished on the floor. Her ample mounds heaved against the floor as Naruto pummeled his length into her tightness and he moaned as his lap hit her ass.

Impacts of flesh hitting echoed throughout the kitchen and Momoko's wetness seeped out her while Naruto rocketed his manhood forward. His member rubbed on her walls and she moaned loudly.

Naruto noticed how much Momoko's rear was shaking as he thrust his member into her core and this only signified she was enjoying the sex. Hell, he was enjoying it too and his only regret is that he couldn't drink her milk in their current position.

Out of the all the women in the house, Momoko's milk was his favorite and though he never reveal the truth to Aoi and Miku out of concern it would discourage them from breastfeeding him ever again, he would always acknowledge the maid's as the best.

Momoko's nipples grew hard as they bounced on the floor and her eyes remained closed with pleasure. Naruto's hips jetted forward as his lover's wall were struck by his member and he released her ass to grip her small waist.

Her chin rested on the floor and Naruto's cock pistoned into her body. She staggered onto her arms and this allowed Naruto to finally caress her breasts.

He licked her throat and she whimpered as his fingers buried themselves into her mounds. Naruto rubbed the orbs and Momoko's eyes slowly opened to reveal a dazzled look in them.

Naruto groped the mounds as his manhood flew into Momoko's tightness and his chest touched her back. She looked back at him just in time for him to lick her cheek and she smothered her lips on his.

Blue eyes met brown ones as the couple's tongues licked their way into each other's mouths and Naruto squeezed her mounds as they jiggled in his hold. He moulded them together and sank his fingers into them to massage what he was able to fit in his hands.

This caused Momoko to grow tighter on his manhood and they moaned into each other's mouths. Naruto's length shot deeply into Momoko's tightness and their tongues rubbed together impulsively.

His raging member rammed into the brown-eyed woman's tightness and her breasts heaved from the powerful thrusts that hit her insides. The brunette moaned into Naruto's mouth and the blonde's length twitched.

Understanding the meaning of this, Naruto separated his lips from Momoko and he growled lustfully as his hips charged forward. Momoko moaned loudly as Naruto's hardness hit her soaked caverns and she grew tighter on it as he played with her breasts.

The blush on Momoko's face became redder with passionate lust as Naruto slammed his erection into her body. The brown-haired woman panted lustfully to the point of where her tongue hung from her kissable mouth and Naruto's own tongue lashed out to greet hers.

Naruto gripped Momoko's nipples and pulled them downward. Her eyes glistened with lust as her younger lover's manhood grew inside of her and she groaned as her walls enclosed it.

With her innards tightly squeezing his hardness, Naruto groaned as it spasmed and blasted the maid's womb with a river of sperm; some of which exploded out of her entrance onto his crotch. Both stiffened at this before Naruto sat back and Momoko fell onto her front again.

The blonde shinobi panted as Momoko got up and crawled towards him. He remained still as she brought down her entrance onto his hardness and she moaned while he recharged his marathon of thrusts.

His member soared up into Momoko's pussy and her innards milked his erection. She smiled lusciously as Naruto sat up and planted his lips on her right teat.

He drank it hungrily and despite the delicious food Momoko had made moments ago, this is he truly had an appetite for the moment. Naruto drank her milk and kneaded the other mound as it bounced in his hand.

Momoko held Naruto's head to her breast and to save his appetite for the scrumptious food she made, he stopped drinking. He then softly bit into the mound and she placed her hands on his shoulders.

Naruto sank his teeth into the tumultuous orb of flesh as he thundered his length into her wetness and her walls thrust downward onto it. His erection hit against her insides and her breasts jiggled against his face.

He worked his teeth on the mound as he groped them and sank his fingers into them. He rocketed his erection into her tightness and he started licking her bouncing bosom.

She held onto his shoulder as his length flew upright into her womanhood and she felt him reached deeply. Her eyes glistened as she rode Naruto's cock and her ass once again hit his lap.

Naruto's tongue slid across Momoko's tits and teased them as they bounced. He looked up and kissed Momoko as she rolled her hips forward.

He wrapped his arms around Momoko to hold her close as they kissed and she ran her fingers through his spiky hair. Their tongues lustfully battled as Naruto pumped his manhood into her wetness until it wrapped around him and his cum burst out into Momoko's stomach.

She closed her eyes as Naruto's release sprayed out of her tremendously and she marveled at the impact. Their fluids poured out Momoko and rained onto the floor.

The busty maid caught her breath before getting off of him and standing up to moan at Naruto. Her lust still remained high as she swayed her ass in front of his face and he immediately stood up.

He placed his hands on the back of her long legs and lifted her off the floor. Naruto held Momoko by her legs and she moaned as he brought her down on his length.

Naruto moaned before began to bang his cock upright into her warmth and her breasts steadily began to heave. Momoko bucked her hips as Naruto held onto her legs and pumped his cock upright into her walls.

His tongue began to lick Momoko's neck as he thrust into her wet caverns and her hips served in grinding him. The blonde's thrusts practically jetted into Momoko's walls and his hands groped the undersides of her longs.

The maid's fingers and toes balled as her heroic ninja thrust into her warmth. Her breasts bounced against one another and her eyes shut once again as she spread her legs as much as they could go.

Naruto's manhood crashed against her walls and she moaned loudly as he pounded his stiffness into her warmth. She whimpered as her breasts jiggled about freely and Naruto stood next to the kitchen sink to prevent any of their orgasms from landing on the food.

She bucked her hips about as Naruto's length soared into her body and thrashed into her pussy. Momoko's eyes shimmered brightly once again as she worked her hips on Naruto's erection and she moaned through clenched teeth.

Her breasts soared high into the air as Naruto's manhood slammed into her walls and she gritted her teeth together. Naruto's cock flew upright into Momoko's wetness and she moaned as it crashed into her entrance.

Naruto and Momoko's levels of lust burned like wildfires as they worked their legs together. After a few more movements, her warmth pulled on Naruto's erection and his cum exploded into her body.

After their cum sprayed out of Momoko, whatever was left of it oozed out of her pussy onto the floor and Naruto lowered himself enough for the lovely maid to lay on her back. She panted and Naruto rested against the cabinet for a while.

Later, Momoko stood up and kissed Naruto's lips while stroking his whiskers. After parting lips, Naruto put his clothes back on whereas Momoko donned her apron and called down Aoi and Miku for dinner.

Sometime before midnight

Naruto calmly entered the baths, a large smile on his face, as if he was on top of the world. And for all intents and purposes, he was; living under the same roof with three supremely gorgeous women, all of whom seemed to think that the sun rose and set in his pants, and God did he love getting his face squished by their perfect asses! With those thoughts in mind, he practically glided into the warm, welcoming life liquid, letting out a content sigh as it enveloped him.

Suddenly, he heard a melodious sound. Was it...humming? Oh God, someone else was in the baths! But who was it?

Gah, it didn't matter right now; he had to get out of here! Rising from the water as quietly as he could, Naruto made his way toward his towel and through that, the door) with the stealth that only a ninja could possess-


Damn it! He'd been spotted.

Turning around nervously, Naruto saw something incomparably beautiful: a naked Momoko. There she was; her breasts fully exposed, her arms hanging to the side, a curious expression on her flawless face. She blinked, as if trying to process what (or more appropriately who) she was seeing...then she smiled.

She waded through the water toward the Jinchuuruki, who could not for the life of him find the strength to do anything but stare at the vision of perfection in front of him. When Momoko reached him, she grabbed him with blinding speed and pulled him into a tight embrace, sandwiching his head with her melon-like breasts.

"You don't need to sneak into the baths to see me naked, Naruto-kun," she said, stroking his scalp and then kissing it. "All you had to do was ask me."

"N-no!" Naruto said nervously, though his voice was muffled greatly by Momoko's cleavage. "I wasn't-!"

Momoko silenced him by pulling his face against her breasts again and rocking to and fro. "You shouldn't lie, Naruto-kun," she said calmly. "I'm not mad."

She released him and held up her left breast.

"Have some milk," she said.

Naruto was stunned. "Uh..."

Momoko moved a bit closer to Naruto, her face starting to look...stern.

"Come on" she urged. "We both know you want it, Naruto-chan." She put extra emphasis on the word "chan".

Knowing better than to risk facing what might become an annoyed (or even angry) Momoko, Naruto leaned forward, his mouth open, ready to engulf the pink, welcoming bulb that was Momoko's magnificent tit-and the creamy liquid that came from it-with his tongue and taste buds.

It was then that Momoko sat against the edge of the baths and Naruto sat in her lap drinking on her milk. Momoko moaned dreamily as she stroked the scalp of the blonde shinobi currently nestled comfortably in her lap.

The addition of the soothing hot bathwater only added to the busty maid's arousal. As naked as the day she was born, Momoko and her beloved Naruto were now bathing, or they should have been, but at the moment, cleaning their bodies was the last thing on their minds.

Almost immediately after they had entered together, Naruto had been gently pulled into Momoko's lap and offered her breasts. Needless to say, he quickly began to satisfy his addiction to Momoko's breast milk. And he still was at that very moment, sucking away at Momoko's tit while occasionally slobbering at it with his tongue for extra effect, and Momoko held him close and smiled, as if he was an infant that she was wet-nursing.

Every few minutes, he would switch from one breast to another, and Momoko was finding it increasingly difficult not to fuck his lights out then and there, but she stayed strong. It would all be worth it when they finally did get to the more steamy bits.

Naruto groped and kneaded Momoko's left breast as he sucked vigorously from her right, yet he was unable to ignore the gentle touch of Momoko's fingertips as she stroked his head and back like a child. God, her milk tasted sooooo good! Even better, she had eaten ramen today, and he could almost taste the flavor. Delicious!

He finally stopped sucking from the right breast and went for the left, his left hand reaching for the right mammary and groping it gently but firmly as he began to feed from the other.

After a few minutes, he stopped and looked up at the lovely maid, a smile on his face and a few drops of milk dripping from his lips. He licked them away absentmindedly as the equally happy (and equally aroused) Momoko prepared herself for the next part of their love dance.

She spread her legs and with a wink, allowed Naruto to enter her body. Momoko wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist as he pounded his erection into her warmth and the warm water only added to the effect.

He thrust his swollen cock into her pussy and she bucked her hips in correspondence to his movements. Naruto suckled milk from Momoko's breast and groped the other one as it bounced about freely.

Momoko's hips moved in the opposing direction and grinded Naruto's manhood. He sent his hips forward and rammed his member into her walls.

With Momoko's warmth, he felt as though he could cum eternally and just the thought made him get lost in that. Noticing this, the maid sensually kissed his cheek and brought him back to reality.

As thanks for this, Naruto's lips came into contact with Momoko's and he palmed both of her breasts. He kneaded them together and sank his fingers into them.

Momoko bucked her hips as Naruto's length rumbled into her tightness and she moaned as Naruto kneaded her breasts together. Some of the water splashed out of the water as Naruto slammed his erection into her walls and her tight walls grinded his manhood.

It sharply slammed into her walls and her tongue rubbed against Naruto's as she held onto him. Naruto rubbed Momoko's mounds together and he gripped her nipples.

He pulled them up before releasing them to jiggle on behalf of his mighty thrusts and they couldn't stop stare into each other's eyes. Their flesh danced as their hips worked together in unison and Naruto kept tweaking her tits.

The orbs of flesh bounced as Naruto slammed his stiffness into Momoko's womanhood and they moaned into each other's mouth before breaking their kiss to moan with each other. Naruto's member jetted into Momoko's tightness and she moved her hips backwards.

Momoko tightly held onto Naruto as he pummeled his hilt into the pure wetness that wrapped around him and his length's fluids filled up the brunette woman once again. Both groaned in pleasure as their cum exited Momoko's body and dissolved within the water.

"Let's have at it some more, Momoko-chan." Naruto said.

"My thoughts exactly, Naru-chan." Momoko cheerily said while Naruto removed his cock from her womanhood and she watched as he swapped places with her. He rested against the edge as Momoko turned around and sank her pussy down his member.

Naruto cupped Momoko's breasts as he pumped his erection upright into her tightness and his length rubbed on her walls. The blonde toyed with Momoko's orbs of flesh and she moaned as she spread her legs for more space to rocket his length into.

He lustfully growled as he slammed his throbbing length into her innards and they grinded him in return for his speed. His member flew up into Momoko's tightness as Naruto kissed her cheek and he rubbed her jiggling mounds together.

Naruto buried his fingers into the bouncing breasts and gripped her nipples. He twisted them as they became hard with lust and Momoko's ass landed on his lap repeatedly.

He kissed his way down to her neck and she turned her head to kiss him. Their tongues met again and battled addicting as they drenched each other's tongues in their respective saliva.

Momoko rode Naruto's hardness as he jerked it into her entrance and her warmth slid down his length. He moaned into Momoko's mouth as his tongue was pitted against his and they clashed wildly like two snakes battling.

Naruto cupped what he could of Momoko's breasts and she joined him by palming her breast while her other hand began to finger her clit. The pair moaned into each other's mouth as they kissed while Naruto's erection jetted into her core and she felt twice as much pleasure once she fingered herself.

Naruto's shaft pounded into Momoko's warmth and she moaned gleefully as his length stormed into her wetness. His fingers massaged the brunette's breasts as they bounced in his hold and Momoko began to twist her nipple.

Momoko's eyes shut as she rubbed her finger on her clit and her wetness grew thanks to the combined efforts of herself and Naruto. Finally, Naruto's cock fired repeated shots of his cum into Momoko's warmth as it pulled on him and both moaned loudly.

Their release once again vanished in the warmth of the water and they panted before swapping back into the position they were in when Naruto entered the baths. He rested his head on Momoko's breasts and she kissed his forehead lovingly.

"I love you, Naruto-chan." Momoko tenderly said to her favorite shinobi.

"I love you, too, Momoko-chan. By the way, I've a question for you." Naruto said.


"Why'd you run away from me the first time I saw you in the baths?"

"Well, the only reason I ran is because I saw Aoi standing behind you and I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous at seeing my childhood friend watch me in action." Momoko nervously chuckled.

"Oh, well, that makes sense but now that I think about it, what do you think about a four-way between you, me, Aoi and Miku?" Naruto said.

"Hmmm…a four-way would sure be a lot of fun." Momoko said.

"I think so, too." Naruto said.

"And I think I have just the right idea on how we could pull it off." Momoko smiled creatively.

Ah, at long last here is the second chapter and the next chapter will be the final one. I hope all who read this chapter enjoy it and the next chapter will not only feature a foursome between the characters in the story, it will have a surprise revelation about the girls. Sayonara, guys and thank my friends for their help in making this chapter.