I present the third and final chapter of Naruto's Fleshdance. This chapter features a foursome that oddly never happened in the actual Fleshdance hentai and a surprise revelation about the women.
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Notes: As with the other chapters, Pyromania101 and Sketchfan contributed.

Naruto felt as though all forms and subsidies of oxygen had been ripped from his body as he stared at the pinnacle of perfection in front of him. Standing there was Momoko Namikaze (formerly known as Momoko Nonomiya), Aoi Oohara, and Miku Sanjou; all of whom wore beautiful smiles on their gorgeous faces, wearing beautiful wedding dresses as white as a snowflake on a cold winter day, but Naruto didn't feel cold at all. He felt very, very HOT!

They sauntered over to Naruto, their hips moving from side to side their wedding dress swaying along with them, until they were only an inch or two away from him in a semi-circle surrounding, their breasts now pressing against his face and beginning to smother it.

Momoko and her busty companions rocked him back and forth a bit, almost like a dance. Then, with each taking great care not to hurt the other, they lowered themselves onto the bed, so that their wedding night could truly begin.

Naruto could feel his penis get EXTREMELY hard when his face became smothered into the sea of ample flesh and Momoko giggled as her leg felt his hardness. What's more, he felt as though he'd never be able to speak again after laying his eyes on such a beautiful sight, and became even more assured of his future status as a mute.

Looking back, Naruto found it strange that he had retained the ability to speak after seeing his lovers, the busty beauties, wearing wedding dresses and currently advancing on him with lovely smiles on their immaculate faces. God, all of them were so beautiful! How was it that his tongue hadn't literally left his mouth?

Then she brought him out of the valley of her cleavage and smashed her lips against his. Naruto wrapped his arms around Momoko's back, wanting desperately to tear the dress away from her body and fuck her (or make her fuck him, whichever). Suddenly, he found himself on his back, with a smiling Momoko hovering over him, her eyes filled with lust, her hands meticulously removing his clothing as fast as they could.

Naruto and Momoko had just wed not long ago in a wedding chapel with Aoi and Miku serving as his mistresses. Now, in celebration of this special event thought of by Momoko in the end of the last chapter, they proceeded onwards with the foursome Naruto had thought of.

By now, Momoko had removed Naruto's clothes and this exposed his throbbing erection. Miku, Aoi, and Momoko all licked their lips at this before he proceeded to remove the brunette's clothing and expose her luscious figure.

Naruto cupped Momoko's breasts and groped them as Aoi watched on while undressing with Miku. He had his wife straddle his lap and she grinded her rear against his member.

He kissed her luscious lips and she squished her breasts against his chest. Momoko's tongue practically sprung into his mouth and they rubbed together.

Miku and Aoi watched as Naruto and Momoko made out while the brunette placed Naruto in her lap. Blue eyes and brown ones reunited as they kissed and Naruto stroked Momoko's cheek.

Naruto fondled the mounds as Momoko moaned in their kiss and ran her fingers through his hair. He massaged the mounds with his hands and his tongue fought with Momoko's.

Their lips remained connected as the blonde rubbed Momoko's breasts before separating lips and he planted his mouth on her tit. She moaned as he began to suckle it and feverishly drinking her milk.

Momoko smiled as her husband's mouth worked on her teat and she looked to her luscious bridesmaids, who were completely undressed by now. She nodded to them and they moved closer to the newlyweds.

Naruto caressed Momoko's mound and drank her milk. The creamy fluid filled Naruto's mouth and drove his taste buds out of reality at how delicious the taste was.

He squeezed the huge orbs of flesh and held them together. Momoko held Naruto in her lap and smiled as he fed off the milk from her lovely bosom.

To her, it was romantic since it was the first time Naruto had drank her milk upon becoming married to her and she trickled her fingers through his hair. He took his mouth off her teat to lick it and she whimpered before he moved to the other bud.

He rubbed his tongue on her nipple before engulfing it in her mouth and drinking the milk from it. The white fluid was gulped down by Naruto and he moaned at the indescribably amazing taste.

The young shinobi swallowed the milk hungrily as Momoko held him in her lap and fed him her breast milk. She felt him rubbing his erection on her leg and seductively giggled at this.

Naruto's eyes closed in bliss as he drank the substance and she purred in delight as he did so. Just then, Momoko tapped his shoulder once and he looked up at his taller wife.

"Naruto-kun, let Aoi and Miku give you all the energy you'll need." Momoko said and Naruto looked back to see Miku and Aoi cupping their breasts while brightly smiling. He understood that his wife meant he would drink both of their milk to energize him as much as possible (though one would think that even with his already-high amount of stamina, the energizing through breastfeeding would be pointless.)

"All right, Momoko-chan." Naruto said as the busty brunette freed him and Aoi welcomed him into her lap. She smiled as he pressed her mounds together and selected the right teat.

His tongue lashed out and rubbed on the pink bud. Aoi smiled and ran her fingers through his hair as he planted his mouth on her nipple.

The tall blonde woman smiled as Naruto gulped down her milk and toyed with her breasts. Despite her love for Naruto, Miku couldn't help but feel envious of him drinking Aoi's milk and pouted.

Naruto swallowed the delicious fluids as they went down his gullet as he fondled the mounds and rubbed them. He fondled the other mammary and his fingers rubbed what was in his hand.

Aoi nestled him in her lap and moaned as he squeezed her breasts. From time to time, he would smoothly lick her teat for double the arousal and it worked as her legs started trembling.

The milk drove him out of his mind because of the fantastic taste. Naruto moved his mouth to the other tit and startle suckling it.

It took all of Aoi's willpower to refrain from pushing Naruto off her lap and just the sex on the spot. Though part of her said for her to go ahead with the action, the thoughtful side of her remained her that it probably wouldn't be fair to Momoko and Miku.

Once Naruto was done, Miku placed Naruto onto her lap and he held her breasts together. He immediately licked both her tits and slobbered on them.

Miku moaned as Naruto finally took a bud into his mouth and started drinking from the orb. The blue-haired womanhood stroked Naruto's back and she gripped his erection.

Naruto groaned for a second as he played with Miku's orbs and squeezed them. She stroked his hardness and smiled as he drank the creamy fluids.

Thanks to the milk in his system, he felt more energy than ever and this made him think. Since he never had all three of the milk from his lovers in one night, he never had as much energy and he began to wonder if the milk was magical.

He kneaded the mound and hungrily gobbled the delicious fluids. Naruto gulped down Miku's milk and moaned at the flavor.

Naruto rubbed Miku's breasts and ravenously swallowed the milk. Miku heavily blushed and kept pumping his erection.

She loudly moaned as Naruto tweaked her free nipple and suckled it with glee. She lovingly stroked his back while feeding him her milk and his eyes sparkled more than Fourth of July fireworks as he rubbed his lips on her teat.

Miku closed her eyes and smiled brightly as Naruto's fingers groped her breasts. He massaged the orbs of flesh while Momoko and Aoi simply watched on; patiently waiting on Naruto to finishing drinking Miku's milk to proceed with the next part of the sex.

He temporarily took his mouth off the pink bud and smothered his face against Miku's breasts. She smiled as he began to vigorously plant kisses on her mounds and she moved her hand from his back to the back of his head.

She tenderly stroked him and purred as he kissed her breasts. He must have had his fill of milk.

"Naruto-kun, are you all re-energized yet?" Aoi asked.

"You bet, Aoi-chan!" Naruto ecstatically said as he freed his head from Miku's bosom and they smiled at him. Miku placed her hands on his shoulders and laid him on his back.

Momoko and Aoi crawled forward, their bodies swaying to and fro alluringly as they did so. Momoko sat next to Naruto's head and he watched as Miku and Aoi sat near his crotch.

Before he could see them do anything else, he looked up to see his wife bring down her delicious rear onto his face and rubbed her rear cheeks on him.

Momoko giggled as she squished her ass on Naruto and his length stiffened. As he lay underneath Momoko, Naruto felt something very soft rubbing on his erection, which he assumed were her breasts.

He failed to realize it was Aoi grinding her ass against his erection and though unaware of what was moving on his manhood, he still enjoyed it. Momoko giggled with Aoi as they rubbed their delicious derrieres on him and to make things even better, Miku joined in by pressing her ass against the blonde woman's.

Naruto groaned pleasurably underneath Momoko as Aoi and Miku rubbed their asses together on his cock. Momoko giggled as she rubbed her delectable rear cheeks on his face and she smiled at Aoi and Miku squishing their rears together on his stiffness.

Three sources of soft flesh squishing against him made him grin happily underneath Momoko's flawless ass and she wiggled her hips with lust. With his cock squished between two lower mounds, he began to pump it into the two derrieres and his moaning went muffled.
Aoi and Miku moaned while keeping their asses pressed together on Naruto's shaft. He thrust upright into the rears, smothering his manhood and Momoko smiled at scene.

Momoko wiggled and stirred her rear on Naruto's face as he pumped his erection into the asses squishing it. Aoi and Miku deeply blushed as their young protector's length jetted against their rears.

After much thrusting and rear grinding, Naruto's member spasmed and sprayed semen on their lower cheeks. Both women's asses were nearly coated by their lover's cum and Momoko licked her lips at the sight.

Miku and Aoi took their ass of Naruto's length and marveled at how much was on their rears. Next, they turned around and lay in front of his cock before gesturing to Momoko.

She lifted her ass off Naruto's face and hovered it over him while leaning closer to his manhood. Momoko, Miku, and Aoi looked at his hilt and licked their lips in lustful hunger.

They started to slowly lick his hilt while Naruto found Momoko's warmth right over him and he spread her folds apart. Momoko's luscious eyes looked back as Naruto's tongue began to lick her clit and despite how much it aroused her, she focused on licking his erection.

Momoko's tongue stirred around the tip of Naruto's length and she watched as Aoi's tongue rubbed against the front of it. Simultaneously, Miku's tongue brushed on the side of it and Naruto groaned as a result.

He rubbed his tongue on her lower crevices and she moaned before she nodded to Aoi and Miku for a-then unknown reason. They pulled their faces away from Naruto's erection and cupped their breasts.

They brought their mounds to Naruto's length and smothered their mounds on it together. Naruto groaned as his lovers squeezed their breasts on his erection and they all smiled at his reaction.

Naruto lie still as Momoko, Miku, and Aoi massaged his hardness with their ample mounds and he moaned in total pleasure. The three women squeezed their breasts and Momoko quickly placed her mouth on his erection before her friends would beat her to the punch; or penis in this case.

He licked his way into Momoko's warmth and wagged his tongue inside of her walls. Miku deviously smirked as she rubbed her mounds on Naruto's length and licked whatever wasn't submerged in the heavenly valley of flesh.

Naruto's tongue ventured into Momoko's warmth and swayed inside of her walls. He licked into her wetness and she let out muffled moans as she stroked Naruto's member.

Aoi slowly licked his length as he started to thrust in the orbs of flesh and into Momoko's mouth. She pumped her mouth down on his powerful manhood and she sucked it off.

All three breasts bounced on Naruto's cock as he sent it flying upright into the mounds and he brushed his tongue on Momoko's walls. Aoi squished her breasts against Miku and Momoko's heaving mounds and Naruto's tongue temporarily left his wife's entrance to lick her clit a single time.

Momoko's eyes closed in bliss as Naruto tasted her pussy and rubbed her folds with his fingers. He moaned as Momoko, Aoi, and Miku smothered their mounds on his hardness and stroked the large orbs against one another.

Naruto groaned as his cock imploded inside of Momoko's mouth and she succumbed to her limits by releasing her fluids. Momoko moaned as Naruto's semen overflowed in her mouth and she did her absolute best to swallow most of it.

Some of Naruto's cum poured from Momoko's mouth down his erection and this gave Miku and Aoi the chance to taste his semen. Naruto energetically licked Momoko's fluids as they drained out of her pussy and his tongue licked her release clean.

Miku and Aoi moaned in pleasure as they licked Naruto's semen and they looked to Momoko, who, to savor the taste longer, kept her mouth planted on his cock for some time. Once she was done, all of them pulled away from the length and got off Naruto.

They all sat in front of him and he looked to see both Momoko and Aoi give Miku a pat on the back. He laid still as Miku straddled him and placed her hands on his chest.

Naruto smiled as he placed his hands on her waist and she smiled back at him lovingly while sinking her warmth down his rod. She moaned as Naruto began a lust-fueled series of thrusts into Miku's womanhood and she rolled her hips forward.

Momoko and Aoi watched the show as Miku rode Naruto's manhood and he held onto her waist for the time being. Miku moaned as she worked her hips forward and Naruto's erection jetted up into her walls.

Her mounds jiggled as Naruto jerked his crotch into her warmth and she madly blushed from the feeling. The blonde's cock slammed against her walls and she looked down at him while moaning.

Naruto held onto Miku as she leaned forward to kiss his lips and the bright blue eyes met each other. Her breasts bounced against his chest as Miku kissed him and their tongues invaded each other's mouths.

Their eyes squeezed shut as they kissed and Naruto freed her waist to wrap his arms around her back. She placed her hands on the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair.

Naruto rubbed Miku's back as he jetted his erection into her walls and their tongues wildly battled. Aoi noticed Momoko's hips shaking before the brunette moved back near Naruto's head and watched him kiss Miku.

Miku and Naruto didn't notice his bride sitting next to them until they broke their kiss for her to sit up. Naruto cupped Miku's breasts and began to rub them together.

Her eyes closed in pleasure as Naruto played with her mounds and she felt another set of hands grip her breasts from behind. She opened them and looked back to see it was Aoi, who helped grope her bouncing orbs of flesh.

Miku blushed deeper than before now that both the man and woman she loved were groping her at the same time. Naruto gripped Miku's tits and began tweaking them as they bounced.

He pulled on them while leaving the task of playing with her breasts to Aoi and he felt Momoko's hand gently brush his hair. Naruto looked to see Momoko gently kiss his forehead and he smiled at his wife.

"Hold still, Naruto-kun." Momoko said as she sat over Naruto's head and spread her legs apart. Aoi began licking Miku's neck and Momoko planted her hands on the blunette's breasts.

Miku moaned as Naruto's shaft slammed into her innards and she shook her waist to grind it. Momoko felt Naruto licking her womanhood again and smiled at her husband before pressing her lips against Miku's.

In all honesty, Miku was attracted to Momoko nearly as much she was to Aoi and this excited her even more. Light brown eyes and blue eyes met as Miku's tongue was greeted by Momoko's as she toyed with her breasts.

Aoi squeezed Miku's breasts and started nibbling her neck. The blue-haired woman moaned into Momoko's mouth as they kissed and she rode Naruto's length.

As for Naruto, his tongue invaded Momoko's crevices and lustfully rubbed against her walls. He groaned as Miku became tighter on his erection from Momoko and Aoi team-groping her.

Aoi nibbled Miku's neck before finally planting a hickey there and moved to the front. Aoi planted her lips on Miku's tit and at that point in time, Miku's face became as red as possible.

The blonde woman moaned as she drank Miku's milk and gulped it down. In retaliation, Miku's left hand reached forward and squeezed Momoko's breast.

Momoko moaned as Miku fondled her mound and Aoi moaned from drinking the blue-haired woman's creamy fluids. Naruto moaned as he felt Miku's tightness nearly ready to enclose on his cock as it raged into her core and Momoko couldn't hold herself together from her husband's tongue licking into her walls.

Miku loudly moaned as Aoi suckled her milk and played with her breasts with Momoko. Soon, Momoko and Miku separated lips to loudly moan as they came simultaneously.

Naruto moaned as Miku's pussy coiled around his manhood and it sprayed semen into her stomach. Once again, Momoko's fluids drenched Naruto's tongue and Aoi watched as the river of Miku and his release poured from her womanhood.

She soaked her fingers in the fluids and licked her fingers before moaning at the delicious flavor. Momoko and Miku got off Naruto and panted.

Naruto sat up and smiled at the two. Both of the busty women grinned back at him lustfully and he looked to see Aoi plant her hands on his shoulders.

The taller blonde spread her legs and brought her pussy down onto Naruto's cock. She moaned before she started to shake her waist on Naruto's hardness and it started pounding into her warmth.

Aoi moaned as Naruto placed his mouth on her nipple and hungrily drank her milk. The female blonde held Naruto's head to her breast as he guzzled it down and she brushed her fingers through his hair.

Naruto pumped his erection into Aoi's tightness and caressed her heaving mounds. He suckled her delicious breast milk and she loudly moaned.

Her orbs of flesh jiggled as Naruto slammed his member into her walls and she grinded his member inside of her tunnels. The young shinobi moaned as he fed off of Aoi's milk and moaned as he drank it.

He took his mouth off of Aoi's glorious bud and she slammed her lips against his. Their tongues infiltrated each other's mouths and their blue eyes closed.

Naruto squeezed Aoi's heaving breasts as he kissed her and she wrapped her arms around him. Their tongues wrestled as they worked their hips in unison and her mounds bounced endlessly in his hand.

She thrust down on his hardness and he versed his tongue against hers. The blue-eyed woman stroked Naruto's cheek as she rode his cock and he fell onto his back.

Just then, Miku placed her still-soaked pussy over Naruto's face and she cupped Aoi's heaving breasts. She immediately planted her mouth on her left tit and started suckling it.

Aoi found Miku suckled her milk just as energetically as Naruto did and pondered this; not having the slightest idea how long the blue-haired woman had longed to do this. Suddenly, Naruto began licking into Miku's warmth and she moaned as his tongue inside of her walls.

Momoko joined in and planted her lips on the right tit before hungrily feeding on the milk. Aoi moaned as her childhood friends caressed her breasts and drank her milk while Naruto thrust into her walls.

Naruto's tongue buried itself into Miku's wetness and she moaned as she licked Aoi's bouncing bud. Then, she cupped Aoi's face and lustfully kissed her before her tongue wildly entered her mouth.

Aoi's pupils shrank in amazement as Miku's tongue dominated hers and this made her wonder about her. Nonetheless, the blonde's tongue fought back against Miku's and Momoko moaned with glee as she groped her friend's bosom.

Momoko suckled Aoi's pink bulb and swallowed her milk. The curvaceous maid took her mouth from Aoi's breast and this allowed Miku to smother her own mounds against hers.

Naruto's cock soared into Aoi's tightness and she wrapped her arms around Miku. The large set of orbs jiggled against one another as he pleasured both women and by sheer instinct, his hand found Momoko's crotch.

The brunette sat still as Naruto's fingers began wriggling into her core and she moaned as he brushed them on her inner caverns. Momoko remained still as Naruto's fingers dug into her warmth as he simultaneously thrust into Aoi and licked into Miku's tightness.

Miku ran her fingers through Aoi's hair and she stroked her back in return. Their mounds bounced against one another and Momoko whimpered as Naruto's fingers brushed against her walls.

Aoi moaned into Miku's mouth as they caressed each other and they noticed Momoko moaning as Naruto's fingers wriggled inside of her. They went on and made out until Aoi's womanhood yanked his manhood, making his semen completely coat her insides.

As for Miku and Momoko, his tongue and fingers took their effect as they released their fluids. While Naruto licked up Miku's fluids, he held up his soaked fingers and gave all three women a chance to taste the maid's release.

Miku and Aoi rose from Naruto's length and Momoko, full of energy, instantly took the blonde's place. The married couple stared at each other as the busty woman wiggled her hips and Naruto's eyes brightly shined at finally banging his wife.

"All right, Momoko-chan!" Naruto happily said as he sat up and cupped Momoko's breasts. He immediately engulfed her bud and began feasting on her addictive milk.

Momoko smiled as she moaned while stroking the back of Naruto's head and his back. She held onto him as she rode his cock and it pounded into her walls.

Naruto closed his eyes as he pounded his erection into Momoko's walls and she shook her hips to grind his hardness. He moaned in pleasure as he drank her milk and she felt Miku and Aoi licking both sides of her neck.

Momoko whimpered as the two brushed their tongues on her neck and Naruto buried his face into her mounds. His head remained between the large orbs of flesh as they jiggled on him and she felt him starting to lick her heart.

She kept her arms wrapped him as she felt his swollen manhood crash into her body and she closed her eyes in bliss. Aoi pressed her breasts on Momoko's back before she moved on to lick the back of her ear and Miku watched as she rode Naruto.

The young blonde pummeled his erection into Momoko's womanhood and he rubbed his tongue on the inside of her bosom. She mewled as Naruto rubbed her breasts together on his head and she lovingly rubbed his back.

Naruto freed his head from Momoko's breasts and kissed her deeply. Light brown eyes connected with cerulean blue ones and their tongues battled vigorously.

Naruto's fingers sank into Momoko's mounds and groped them nonstop as they bounced. Aoi crawled behind Naruto and lustfully rubbed her tongue on the back of his neck.

This made Naruto's body shiver in delight as both of Momoko and Aoi's tongue pleased him. Miku only added to the effect when she stared nibbling his neck in place of Momoko's.

He thrust into the brunette's warmth and she moaned as his erection banged against her walls. The mounds bounced against Naruto as his fingers massaged the mounds and he squeezed them.

Momoko's tongue rubbed against Naruto's before she placed him on his back and Aoi placed her pussy over his mouth. His tongue shot up and licked his way into Aoi's wetness.

Aoi and Momoko moaned as their favorite ninja pleasured them. Miku looked down to see Aoi's hand land on her lap before wriggling her fingers on her clit until they entered her warmth.

Naruto moaned while licking Aoi's womanhood and Momoko thrust onto his throbbing member. Aoi's fingers rubbed the inside of Miku's pussy and Momoko kissed her.

Their breasts bobbed together as Aoi caressed Momoko's cheek and she groaned as the blonde's tongue found its way into her mouth. The maid's ass loudly smacked on Naruto crotch as he jerked it up into her womanhood and her eyes bright shimmered.

All of Momoko, Aoi, and Miku blushed heavily as they pleasured each and Naruto was the source of everything. He wagged his tongue inside of Aoi's tightness and she moaned as she felt Momoko's fingers start rubbing her clit.

Naruto's tongue quickly rubbed against Aoi's walls and the taller blonde moaned as the busty brunette's tongue pitted itself against her. Aoi's fingers rubbed against Miku's innards and the blue-haired woman leaned forward to lick her cheek.

Momoko and Aoi broke their kiss to lick Miku's tongue simultaneously until it became a three-way tongue war. All three tongues lashed at one another licking as fast as their lust made them and they moaned with glee.

With much lust in their systems, the foursome reached its grand finale and all of Naruto, Momoko, Miku, and Aoi came within seconds of each other. All of them moaned before remained as they were before panting and sweating heavily.

Aoi removed her fingers from Miku's wetness and licked them with the other two females as Naruto's cum poured out of Momoko's completely filled womb. Naruto panted as Momoko and Aoi got off of him to lie alongside him while kissing him with Miku and he smiled at his buxom lovers.

"What a wedding night, huh, Naruto-kun?" Momoko giggled.

"I'll say." Naruto said; despite knowing that their foursome was far from over.

"Before we go any further, can we show you something, Naruto-kun?" Aoi asked and Naruto nodded. Just then, all of Momoko, Aoi, and Miku rose of the bed and held their hands in the air.

Naruto watched as they formed shinobi hand signs and chakra began forming around them. He looked on in shock as chakra chains flew from their hands and purposely attached themselves to the ceiling.

"Momoko-chan…Aoi-chan…Miku-chan…how long have you be able to do that?' Naruto asked.

"Oh, since we were kids." Aoi said.

"Yeah, Kushina-sensei was the best teacher we could ask for." Miku chuckled and that made Naruto look on in complete shock.

"My mom was your teacher?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." Momoko cheerily responded.

"Yeah, Naruto-kun, we known about you for longer than you
think." Miku said.

"I remember like it was yesterday when we first found out about you." Aoi said.


Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, was walking down the street with his beautiful wife Kushina (not that anyone knew they were married) when three young girls came upon them. He blinked, trying to think of where he'd seen them before...ah, that's right. They were Kushina's students, Aoi, Miku, and Momoko. Even though they were young, they were starting to develop into pretty young girls who would soon become gorgeous young women.

The trio stopped in front of the couple.

"Hokage-sama," Miku murmured, bowing her head respectfully. Then she did the same for her teacher.


"What do you girls need?" Kushina asked, lightly rubbing her slightly bulging belly, which did not go unnoticed by Aoi.

"Kushina-sensei," she said. "Are you...pregnant?"

The couple was silent, but after a moment, Kushina nodded.

"That's wonderful!" Momoko cried excitedly, her growing chest bouncing slightly. "Is it a boy or girl?"

Kushina chuckled. "It's a boy. I just know it."

Miku scoffed and folded her arms.

"Boys are such trouble," she muttered.

"Hey!" Minato cried playfully. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Kushina laughed, while Aoi lightly jabbed Miku in the shoulder. "Don't be rude," she chided.

"Ah," Miku muttered. "Sorry, Aoi-san."

Momoko was more interested in the future child of her teacher. "So...can I marry him?" she asked.

Everybody froze and then Aoi stepped forward.

"No," she said. "He'll be mine." The two glared at each other.

"I'll be sexier," Momoko declared. "I'll sit on him! And let him drink my milk! And..."

"Girls," Kushina said, and they both fell silent. "What kinds of things have you been reading? Not Jiraiya, I hope."

Both girls blushed shyly, though behind them, Miku's own blush was brighter than theirs.

"I propose a contest, then," Minato said, smiling. "Whichever one of you he likes the most will be his bride."

Aoi and Momoko glared competitively at one another while Miku just scoffed.

'Either way,' Minato thought, glancing at his wife's belly, 'Naruto is gonna be one lucky guy.'

End of flashback

"You've about me for that long?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

"Yep, from the point of before you were born to the point where you won the war." Miku said.

"Wait, if you've known about me for so long, how come I never saw any of you?" Naruto asked.

"We all retired after Kushina-sensei died but we knew about you from the time you were an infant and stayed in the village watching over you." Momoko said.

"Sometime after we moved here, those ruffians you beat up started bothering us." Aoi said and Naruto listened on.

"While we could have easily scared them off the moment they showed up, we thought to meet you in person, we'd bring you here to finally meet you in person." Momoko said.

"And the rest you know is history." Miku chuckled as they all stopped their hand signs and crawled back onto the bed. Naruto couldn't believe his ears that his lovers knew him so well and all these thoughts left his head just as soon as Momoko laid him on his back.

She kissed him tenderly before Aoi and Miku kissed his cheeks while stroking them. Their breasts smothered him and he wrapped his arms around his beautiful bride to kiss her back.

A month later in the Hokage mansion in the living room

An undressed Momoko sat with an equally nude Naruto comfortably nestled in her lap and he suckled her breast milk. She smiled down at her husband as he drank her milk with the naked Miku and Aoi both cupping their breasts; eager to feed Naruto their breast milk in order to energize him for their daily foursome.

That's all, folks and it's been a fun trip with this story. Me and Pyromania101 decided it would be fun if the girls knew Naruto's parents and about him before he was born. What a surprise revelation, huh?

While I was writing this, I came up with even more hentai that Naruto could be in with as the main star. What's are these hentai series: Another Lady Innocent, Sex Warrior Pudding, Oppai Life/Booby Life, the Hills Have Size/Hitozuma Kasumi, Boin Lecture, Resort Boin, Rensa Byoutou, Anyone You Can Do...I can do better, Bible Black and Discipline, Bakunyuu Maid Gari and Marin the catgirl has been added to the upcoming Naruto/Brave Soul x-over with Caren the princess.

That and I've got my eye on these hentai as well: Hishoka Drop, Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo!, Last Waltz Hakudaku Mamire no Natsu Gasshuku, Ikusa Otome Suvia
Ojou sama Yomeiri Kousou
Buta Hime-sama
Birei Okami Mie
Yokorenbo Immoral Mother
Ane Koi

Hell, I'm even considering doing a Naruto/Bible Black/Discipline three-way x-over; provided I can come up with a strong plotline. For the next installment in the Naruto/Hentai series, Naruto will star in the remake of the rape hentai Kangoku: Project Boobs. Will he be able to save the girls from those inhuman scientists? Oh, you'll notice some of the hentai I've decided to remake have some rapists in it but that leaves for more asskicking to come from Naruto like he did in this story. Read to find out and see you guys later.

Alternate endings


Miku smiled and stroked baby Kusano's head as the 3-day-old girl greedily sucked milk from her mother's bountiful breast. It made her think of Naruto, and all the times she had breast-fed him during sex.

Aforementioned ninja suddenly walked up behind her and softly placed a hand on Miku's shoulder, causing said bluenette to glance up at her beloved and smile, though she was careful not to remove her nipple from her daughter's mouth.

Naruto leaned down and kissed her lightly before reaching out and stroking his daughter's head with unmatched gentleness. "She's so adorable," he said softly.

"I know," Miku agreed. With her free hand (the other was holding the child), she stroked Kusano's head again, but this elicited no response from the girl, who just kept sucking in milk.

She looked back at Naruto. "You know, she's got your eyes," she noted.

Naruto chuckled.

"And your hair," he replied.

"She'll probably be a little hellion, kinda like you." Miki couldn't stifle a laugh.

"Any and all pranks she pulls are gonna be taught to her by Yours Truly," Naruto declared proudly.

Miku gave a mock-pout and rolled her eyes. Her life as a mother was going to be like a circus, but it would be worth it.


Momoko smiled lovingly at her 5-day-old son, Kensei, as the boy slept peacefully in his cradle, his thumb inserted into his mouth. She reached down and stroked him with her fingertips, eliciting a quiet mumble from the child, but other than that, he did not move.

She then became aware of a hand on her shoulder. Turning around, she saw that it was Naruto, a smile on his face. Leaning forward, her lips met his, before they separated and both looked down at the baby; their baby.

"He really loves his milk," Momoko noted off-handedly.

"I'll bet he does," Naruto agreed.

"He probably gets that from his daddy," Momoko said with a little giggle. Naruto rolled his eyes, but didn't deny the claim.

"What can I say?" he asked with a shrug. "Your milk is divine."

"You flatter me," she said, patting his cheek.

They were both silent, then Naruto said, "You wanna hit the sack?"

"I assume you don't plan on sleeping in bed tonight," was the reply.

"Right on the nose."

"But, what about Ken-chan?"

Naruto casually made a Hand Seal, and a Shadow Clone appeared out of nowhere. He pointed at the cradle.

"Don't take your eyes off Ken-chan," he instructed. The clone saluted and promptly sat down in front of the cradle, gently rocking it back and forth.

Naruto turned back to Momoko, but gave a surprised yelp (which, remarkably, didn't wake Kensei) when he was scooped up in her arms and held bridal style. Despite the surprise he felt, he made no attempts to escape as his lovely Momoko carried him off to bed, but not off to sleep.


"My Sayuki," Aoi said with utmost affection in her voice. "My darling, little Sayuki."

As if to emphasize her adoration for the baby girl in her arms, Sayuki, Aoi lightly tapped the baby's nose, causing the wee-old Sayuki to glance up at her mother and give what Aoi guessed was a look of curiosity. Giggling slightly, Aoi kissed her daughter's forehead before she began to rock the child back and forth in her arms while humming a quiet tune.

Just then, Naruto entered the nursery.

"Can I hold her?" he asked.

Aoi nodded and held Sayuki out for the baby's father to take. Making sure to be as gentle as possible, Naruto took the girl-his daughter-into his arms and began rocking her in a similar fashion to the way her mother did mere seconds ago.

Sayuki's eyes were wide open, and she studied the face of the man who had helped in her creation, inspecting him, studying him. Then, without warning, she smiled and began to gurgle happily.

"I think she likes you," Aoi said, patting her beloved's head.

"What can I say?" Naruto asked casually. "I'm a likeable guy."

Aoi giggled. "You certainly are."