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Harry: So is this safer?

Ty Lee: Ehh, probably, you at least won't be abused there; the training may leave marks that look like abuse though…

Harry: (Looks worried) Ok, lets get this over with.

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Boy Who Lived in Fire – Dimensional Apparation

Harry Potter took off across the schoolyard, his cousin Dudley and his gang of moron decided to once again try to beat him up. He was a good target for them as his abuse at the hands of his family made him small and weak, fortunately his light body made him faster than the lumps of flesh that were his cousin and minions so he was still ahead of him. Unfortunately he'd run into a dead end and Dudley's gang were closing in on him, Harry twitching and rubbing his arm as he remembered the last time.

'Do you wish to be free child?' Harry looked around for the voice but saw nobody. 'Hello?' Harry called 'Hello child I'll ask again, do you wish to be free, away from these people you call a family?' Harry couldn't believe his ears 'Yes! How do I do that?' 'Close your eyes and you'll feel the power within, then follow my voice' it said as Harry tried, getting more urgent as he noticed that Dudley had found him 'Oy freak get back here!' he yelled stupidly. Harry plucked up what little courage was within him and was gone in a flash of crimson and white not that he could see it. When he arrived Harry had just enough time to see the sheer amount of red in his new location before passing out.

When he awoke he felt he was on a bed, and opening his eyes he looked straight into full red orbs. He immediately shut them hoping it to be a dream when a musical laughter was heard 'Come on Zula you'll scare him that close, hell you scare most people on a good day' slowing reopening his eyes he got a better look at the room he was in as well as some of it's occupants. He easily found the two he knew about, a woman with raven hair and red eyes in azure blue attire was hard to miss and her companion had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes in a pink 'circus outfit' (Will accept any better description) and with a very noticeably bubbly attitude. Seeing him awake and actually looking at them the pink one was over like a flash to the side of his bed a full smile on her face 'Hi' she chirped 'I'm Ty Lee, who are you?' Harry looked away embarrassed and mumbled 'Harry, miss' and Ty Lee's smile faded. She looked at Azula sadly who sighed 'Harry, when you arrived in our room you had completely exhausted your chi (magic/chi might be the same thing, not sure yet) so we had one of our healers and sages look over you …' Harry's head shot up, eye's filled with worry '… and they found several things that didn't sit well with us.' 'What our little crazy here means is we can't willingly send you back to those people you were living with' Harry turned to the 3rd voice and found another woman, this one with grey eyes and black attire, elegant but stony features and an expressionless face. 'So what are you going to do miss?' Harry asked his voice hopeful 'Well if you'll let us we could adopt you and you can live with us Harry' Ty Lee answered joyfully and for the first time they saw Harry smile. 'Yes please' 'Good! We'll take to the lizard when he gets here and make sure it can't be overturned' Azula said with a tone of finality.

Soon Snaky arrived and after properly explaining to Harry about magic (Harry already had some understanding as it explained how he got here and also the whole bending thing for him) he managed to prepare the legal material and arrange the ritual for the magical world. Azula was chosen to offer her blood as she was the only 'magical' in their group 'Well mostly' Ty Lee had said and received an elbow to the gut by an annoyed looking Mai. After the ritual the only physical differences to Harry were a crimson ring in his emerald eyes and his hair was much tamer. An interesting side-effect to it was he gained a new ability; fire bending with an emerald green flame. Azula decided there and then to start training him with the others.

That was another thing Harry needed to get used to … siblings. The trio had 2 daughters, Helios who was about a year older than him and Azulong who was a few months younger than him. Helios took after Mai in appearances as far as he could tell and was a mix of her and Azula depending on the situation, while Azulong was physically like Azula but was all Ty Lee in her personality, a hyper ball of positive energy. They managed to get used to him and get along with Azulong being friendly from the start while Helios at first kept her distance and was still quite cold at times. When Harry had asked about their dad both had thoughtful looks and then explained that Azula was for lack of a better wording the 'father' of the two of them which Harry understood as it was the only way he could see than 3 women could have 2 kids.

Over the years Harry began to settle in to his new family and was happy with it. The training with Azula and the girls had turned out to be useful and they were surprised by the incredibly destructive power of Harry's flames. Snaky had witnessed one of their sessions and guessed that Harry's magic was interacting with his fire, enhancing it and making it almost as strong as something he referred to as 'Fiendfyre' but still perfectly in his control. Another thing he'd learnt was from Ty Lee; she was an aura reader and had tried teaching Harry. It turned out an aura could be used to determine the surface thoughts as well as the emotions of it's owner, similar to something called Legimancy she'd found in one of the books Azula ordered (and by that we mean ordered Snaky to get). Harry was quick to pick it up, something he was sure his magic was the reason for and found Ty Lee's to be a pinkish colour showing her constantly peppy personality, Mai's was usually a blue or grey colour indicating calm or emotionless respectively and had blotches of pinks, greens and navy when around the family, indicating the lack of a need to hide around them. Azula was similar but their was a veiny pattern of purple that ran along her aura which he asked Ty Lee about, she said that purple represented madness, and that while Azula had never been 100% there she had always been her.

On his eleventh birthday a snowy owl arrived with a letter addressed to him (Well by addressed I mean it said 'Harry Potter' at the top) and after he took it the owl shifted into an unhappy looking Snaky, though Harry already knew that as nobody else had an aura of just dark purple, navy and black but the immortal reptile. He quickly gathered up the rest of his family and together opened the letter, which read...

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

Harry himself was torn; on the one hand he'd known this would most likely happen once he'd learnt he had magic but on the other he didn't want to leave his family for most of the year for the next 7 years. 'I have to go to this place, don't I?' asked Harry 'Yes Harry you do' Snaky replied sadly, with a (one day known as) Marauder grin he said 'But that doesn't mean you have to be separated from them for the whole year' with that he let out an ear splitting whistle and a messenger hawk landed on his outstretched arm. Hedwig, Harry's hawk was recognisable because of the white feathers on his wings and breast in the shape of lightning bolts and stood still as Snaky strapped a forest green messenger pouch to his back. 'This should let Hedwig here travel between worlds when delivering to either of you guys, and also I intend to make you a wand with native materials' he said with Ty Lee levels of giddiness 'To the Sun Warriors!' he said dramatically and the group heading to the airfield after the strangely hammy lizard.

They managed to gain materials as since the Avatar and Zuko had been there on of the dragons had died, making it easy to cut open and retrieve some heartstrings (Well easy when 2 immortals intimidate the locals into running away then getting to work) as well as collecting several branches of Fire Nation Sparkless, the name for a tree that was almost impossible to burn. Harry, Zula and Snaky also went to Diagon Alley to get his booklist as that was something you couldn't get from their world. Holding her tight they flared after Snaky's flickering form to just outside Gringotts. Things went well, his lessons made sure he was civil and polite to the goblins who were surprised but pleasant to the boy and company and after a blood test prepared him a key and led him to his vault.

The trip went well and was peaceful until he reached Madam Malkin's for his robes and met this pale blond kid. 'Hello' he said friendly 'Hogwarts too?' 'Yes' Harry answered looking around 'Where are your parents?' 'My father's next door buying my books and mother's up the street in the Apothecary getting potion supplies for me and home. We're going to meet up at Ollivander's to get my wand' said the boy 'Oh, that sounds efficient; wait has your dad got really long blond hair and a snake cane? We saw him browsing when we were leaving' Harry said 'Yeah that's my father. I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy' Draco replied introducing himself 'Harry Potter' Harry returned finding the flash of awe in his face interesting as he stuck out his hand 'I don't know if we'll be friends in Hogwarts but you don't seem like someone I'd want as an enemy so let's keep things pleasant and see what happens there' Draco was floored with the Slytherin and more importantly pureblood way Harry spoke to him, but after a minute he took the other boys hand 'I believe that would be satisfactory, for all I know you could turn out to be some brash pratish Gryffindor, or we might simply have different ideals and life views' 'Agreed Mr Malfoy, we shall see' and they released as Harry was told he was done and he went to find Azula and Snaky.

They agreed they had to go to Ollivander's, even if it was just to get his wand registered so they did Harry felt the pale blue aura of Mr. Ollivander, something that after meeting him felt was appropriate for the airy man. 'Ah Mr Potter, I was wondering when I'd see you here, it felt like just yesterday tour ...' 'Uh Sir' Harry interrupted 'I already have a wand, I just need you to approve of it as being in perfect working order' The man was surprised but it was lost in moments 'Ok Mr. Potter, let's have a look at it' Harry handed him his wand and the old wizard examined every inch of it 'Interesting 10 inch Dragon heartstring from a ...' 'Blue Royal Dragon' Azula added '... yes thank you, and a wood I've never come across before' he said mystified by the ash grey stick of wood in his hand 'Oh it's from a tree native to where my guardian's live; it's known as Sparkless due to it's near invulnerability to fire' 'Yes Mr. Potter, I believe everything to be in working order, I'll file it with the Ministry and everything will be fine, thank you for letting me see such an extraordinary wand my boy' Ollivander said with slight admiration as he returned the wand to Harry and the trio left.

Harry made sure to spend as much time as he could of the next 2 months with his family as he wouldn't see them till at least Christmas. The only bright side was that the runic system on Hedwig's pouch worked as it travelled to and from the world he was in, his travel similar to wizard apparition in appearance, so at least Harry had one life-line to all of them and Azula (And by default the rest of them) was just a flare away. Taking all this into account Harry wasn't too worried about the upcoming year.


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