Some people have been around for a long time. I've been around forever. I was originally born in 1850. My parents owned a plantation in southern Mississippi. I hated the place. My parents weren't nothing but a bunch of racists. They hated the slaves they owned and they probably hated me.

In 1870 was when I was born again. I had just turned 20. Slavery had went away in 1865. I felt great that slavery was gone but still upset that the world still hated black folks. They were the sweetest people ever, even though they went through all kinds of things.

I was walking home from the store. I sensed that someone was following me but every time I looked back no one was there. So I started walking quicker. I took a shortcut through an alley to get to my house even quicker. Big mistake.

I saw Cato Harlem, the towns richest guy. He was also a racist, like everyone else was. He stared at me with his beady eyes and smirked.

"So, I hear you hang out with the niggers?" He says looking right into my eyes

"They are the same as you and I. Now if you would excuse me I have to get home," I tell him trying to walk past him

He grabs my wrist to stop me. "You know it's a bad thing hanging out with them? You could catch a disease,"

"Shut up Cato," I say trying to move. He stops me yet, again.

"I'm just going to have to teach you a lesson," He smirks

Then a bunch of Cato's friends surrounded me. I tried to run but they would stop me and punch me. They did horrible things to me that day. I can still remember me coughing up blood thinking I was going to die in that alley.

But I didn't.

My Coven leader Haymitch found me. He couldn't leave me alone on the street to die. He took me to me his house. It had a bunch of people there. He had Johanna bite me in my neck. Those hours were horrible. All the pain in my body. I felt like I was screaming for hours and hours. The venom was flowing through my veins. But in the end, I became silent and my cut wounds disappeared, my skin turned pale, my eyes were turned different, and I felt stronger.

That was the day I was reborn.

Its been only 142 years. I'm still a newborn. I'm not fully controlled until I'm 1,000 years old.

Part 1- Someone to Love

Chapter 1- The New Boy

"Katniss!" Johanna screams at me.

I look down. "I'm sorry, Jo!" I say

"No, this is the last chance! You can not feed from humans! We only feed from animals!"

I glare at her. Then I start running towards the town. I need to get away from her now. I hear her yell behind me. I know she trying to catch up but she won't be able to. I'm a newborn and newborns run at a high-speed. We don't run like regular humans. We are 100 times quicker than humans.

I down the mountain that we were on. I avoid hitting the trees. I sense Johanna catching up with me so I stop.

"Stop running Katniss! You need to control yourself!"

"Well I'm sorry that I'm not used to this! I'm sure when you were a new-born it was hard for you too!" I yell at her

"Yes it was but I got over it! We can't just go feeding off of people unless we're turning them into one of us" She yells back

"Fine" I simply say

"Now come on. If we want to be convincing, you have to get ready for high school" She says

"I've already been there 120 times" I complain

"Well your going again" She says

I groan. She runs off towards our house and I follow her.

Let me explain to you how we are. If you haven't figured it out, we are vampires. We can not let others know who we are or we die. We can turn people into vampires but it has to be a certain reason. Like death or love. Those are the two main reasons why we turn people. Well, I can't turn anyone into a vampire yet. They don't trust me.

"Remember not to run like you normally do, don't stand so still, keep blinking every minute, and don't show your teeth," Johanna reminds me

"I know. I've been through this a million times," I glare at her

"Just making sure. We don't want you to mess up and have Haymitch upset,"


I get into my car and drive off to Franklin High.

I get out of the car and start walking slowly towards the school, reminding myself to act natural. I find my locker and quickly put all my things in there. I look at my schedule. I have English first. Its such an easy subject since I've taken this class a lot of times.

I smell a scent that makes me want to find its owner. I need to control myself but this scent is like no other scent. I need to track it.

I grab my book bag and search the hall way with my eyes. I know this person is in here somewhere.

I feel my phone vibrate and I answer it and hold it up to my ear.

"Yes?" I ask

"Don't even try Katniss. Marvel is watching you today." I hear Johanna say. Then she hangs up.

I wish Johanna couldn't see into the future. She's gonna try to make sure I'm doing the right things all day.

I hear the bell ring and I walk to my English class. I scan the room to find a seat and I see one in the back. Perfect. I walk to the seat and sit down and wait for the bell to ring.

I smell the scent again and I can smell it getting closer and closer. I start to panic because its right next to me sitting down. I'm afraid to look in its direction because I might not be able to control myself.

"Katniss Everdeen?" I hear the teacher call out

"Here," I say

I look around the room scanning it again. I look right at the guy who has that attracting scent. He has blonde hair and the bluest eyes ever. He looks so perfect.

The only problem is, I can't read his mind. I can't do it it's like he has a way of blocking his thoughts from me. This makes me nervous and I kinda start freaking out. I see him glance at me but I quickly turn my head and look into my notebook.

When the bell rings, I rush out of the classroom being careful not go too fast. I rush down the hallway and go into the bathroom. I take out my phone and call Johanna.

"Hello?" I hear her say

"I can't read his mind!" I say quickly

"Who's mind?"

"This guy in my English class! I'm freaking out. He's very different from other humans and I don't know if I can handle it!"

"We will talk about this later. If you need help find Marvel,"

"Hey you!" I hear him say

I try to keep walking but he stops me by getting right in front of me.

"Your Katniss right?" He asks

"Yes. Now goodbye," I growl. I try to keep walking but he grabs my wrist.

"Look Peeta, it would be best if you left me alone. You shouldn't be talking to a girl like me,"

"Says who?"

"Says me. Now leave me alone," I say jerking my hand out of his grasp.

"Your different," I hear him mumble when I stomp off. Thank God I lasted 45 seconds talking too him. I can admit, I'm attracted to his scent but he is like a brick wall. I can't read him. And it's driving the hell out of me.

I decide to cut the last few classes. I'm glad the school is near the woods. I'm thirsty anyway.

When the bell rings, I sneak out of the school and run my normal vampire run, into the woods. When I'm in the deep part of the woods, I climb up a tall tree and look out for animals. I can smell a deer miles away. I sense it coming in my direction. When I feel that its close enough, I jump down and attack it, killing it.

I don't drink it's blood just yet. I put it up against a tree and sit down studying its features. I notice something next to the tree and I reach over and grab it. It's a bow and near it is an arrow. It fasinates me, but I don't need it. I used to hunt before I died. There's no need for me to do it anymore.

"You run fast," I hear his voice. Crap.

"What are you doing here?" I hiss

"Just enjoying the woods. Your not the only one who comes here you know," He smirks.
"How did you catch that deer?" He asks

I point to the bow and arrow. I'm very thankful I found it.

He stares at me like he's trying to figure out something. I hope he doesn't see through my lie.

"Your eye's. They were a different color this morning," He looks at me confused

"I wear contacts," I lie again

"Why do you stare at me like your trying too figure something out?"

"Why do you ask so many God Damn questions?" I throw right back at him

He shrugs. "Because you are very different,"

"Your right I am different," I walk closer to him. "And dangerous," I glare at him

He stays silent for a long time. I hope I scared him off.

"Your eyes are changing again," He whispers

I take one look at him and run away as quickly as I can. I realize I forgot my deer but I can always come back for it. He won't know the secret I keep. I run too the house and Johanna already has the door open for me.

"Katniss!" She shouts

"I did not do it on purpose!" I hiss at her

"Well at least you didn't kill him!" She calms herself down a bit

"Its hard not too,"

"Katniss, your attracted to him,"

"I'm attracted to his scent!"

"I see it. I don't care what you do with him. If you tell him about us, you better make sure he doesn't tell anyone else,"

"I don't plan on telling anyone! I just want to stay away from him because its too dangerous for him to be around me!"

The next day, I get too school early. It's rainer than usual today. Marissa(A vampire friend who can affect the weather) is probably in a mood today. As I walk into the building, I spot Peeta. He's sitting alone waiting for someone. That's what I sense. I wish I could read his thoughts. It's driving me crazy not knowing what he's thinking.

"Sister dear!" I hear Marvel call out

"What Marvel?" I say turning around.

"Go for him," He tells me

"I don't want to put Peeta in any danger if I'm with him," I admit to him

"At least just kiss him once," He teases me

"If I have the nerve to," I stay as I walk away from him.

"Don't do anything stupid Kat!"

Without turning around, I give him a thumbs up sign. I walk to the cafeteria to pretend to eat breakfast, seeing that I have 30 minutes till classes start. I sit down at a table alone and just pretend that I'm eating the food. I have to seem like I'm a real human. I hear a chair sliding. I look up and of course I see Peeta.

"Hi Katniss," He greets me

"Hi," I say quietly

He looks determined to do something. I'm not going to try to focus on him to read his thoughts.

"So, the history teacher was talking about vampires and witches yesterday and I got interested with vampires so I did a little research on my own," He tells me

I smirk. I'm sure if he suspects me, most of the facts he's found is wrong. People think they know vampires but they really don't.

"And what did you find?" I ask

"Nothing that seemed true," He shrugs

"Vampires aren't real anyway. It's all just myths," I lie to him

He notices my food and looks back at me.

"You look hungry. Are you gonna finish that?" He asks

I know he's testing me. He read the vampires can't eat human food. Vampires can eat human food but it tastes horrible and it doesn't help with our thirst.

I look at the food and use my fork to eat an egg. It's disgusting. I almost gag. I shallow it quickly. I look at Peeta's face and he looks a little satisfied. That's weird.

"I'm not hungry anymore," I say pushing my tray away from me.

"I know your something, Katniss. I like it," He says staring at me

"Oh really? You think I'm something? Can you be specific?" I sarcastically

"All I know is that you are different from everyone else and you're unbelievably beautiful,"

I lean over the table and lean over to his face. My lips are almost touching his.

"You don't know anything," I smirk

I stand up and grab my stuff and start walking away. I turn around and look at him.

"Are you coming To English with me?" I ask him

He nods and grabs his things.

He's lucky I didn't bite him.

Peeta is very suspicious of me. Every time he looks at me he looks like he wants to ask me something but he quickly stops himself. He's so weird.

Sitting in English class with Peeta is killing me. He scent is so much to handle. It drives me crazy, it makes me want to take a taste of his blood but that wouldn't be good. He continues to stare at me. I ignore him and stare at my notebook.

I'm getting tired of him looking at me so I excuse myself to the bathroom. I don't really go the bathroom. I just sit down on the floor and hop the time goes by quickly. I'm dreading going back to English class.

I hear footsteps heading down the hallway and no know who it is. It's Peeta of course.

"Why are you here?" I hiss at him

"I just wanted to see what was wrong with you?"

"Nothing," I sigh

"It's something," He insists

"Think whatever you want to think," I groan

He sits down next to me. "You know you look like you've been through a lot in your life," He tells me

"What do you mean?" I ask looking at him

"I can see it in your eyes. They tell a story," He says

"That sounds wonderful," I roll my eyes

"Katniss, why don't you seem to like me?" He asks

I shake my head. "You think I don't like you? I'm only staying away from you because I like you. You can't hang out with a girl like me. I can only get you killed," I admit

"Thats because your a vampire," He shrugs

"No I'm not! Are you crazy?" I lie

"My uncle's one and his best friend Haymitch is one too," He says

My eyes widen when he says Haymitch's name. His uncle must be Chaff. Johanna probably knew this would happen. Why didn't she tell me?

"I'm not scared Katniss, and I'm sure as hell not going to tell anyone,"

Maybe I can control myself around him. Maybe I should give Peeta a chance. I never had anyone like me. I mean I was an outcast when I was human and my human family hated me. I can admit that I am really attracted to him.

I need to stop thinking and just act. Peeta stands up and stands next to me. I know he will start talking and I don't want him to talk.

I grab his collar and press my lips to his. I never kissed a boy. He's shocked but he kisses me back. I feel like a bunch of firecrackers went off in my head. I would have never thought that I would feel away about a boy. I thought I would just stay single for the rest of my days.

I realize that we still are in the hallway and I'm sure our English teacher is wondering where we are. I hesitate pulling away from our kiss but I do it anyway.

"Your lucky I like you," I smirk. "Come on, we have to get to class," I say lacing our hands together.

That was the start of a very very strange, dangerous, loving romance.

Hey guys I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of this new story. So I've decided that I'm going to make parts in this story and each part has about 5-10 chapters in it. I would update this story about 5- 6 times a month because I'm going to try making this story longer than my other stories. I really hope you like my idea of this story. Make sure to Review or Pm me. It took me a few weeks to figure out how to start this story so I started with Katniss being born in the time of slavery. I hope I didn't offend anyone when I said nigger. I only used it because thats what they called the black people back then, I would know because I'm mixed (I have black and white people in my family) So anyway I need to stop rambling and get back to writing papers for school and then writing my other stories. See ya'll later!