Chapter 24- Vampires Suck

In the Vampiric world, there are many false stereotypes. Some examples, we burn in the sunlight, we're killed by a wooden stake, or we sleep in coffins. Other stereotypes are true to an extent. We don't have many emotions, other than the occasional smile, of course anger and maybe a small blush if we try hard enough. Other than that, we can't show any true emotion. We may feel it, but it doesn't show well.

So with that being said, why is it that I, Katniss Everdeen, seen crying in front of my sister? I didn't even feel the tears until Clove touched me. Her face was in complete, utter, shock.

"What the fuck," Clove's words slip out of her mouth. She covers her mouth with her hand and starts pacing. I watch as she grabs a few knives and starts throwing them onto a target repeatedly.

I have yet to say anything and I don't plan on talking at the moment. She glances in my direction again, and I feel the anger glowing off her body. "I'll help you, but you and Peeta are not to say anything. You two are connected in a way I don't know much about, but I will find out. I'll do my best Katniss," Her voice breaks at the end and she wipes her face. She slowly slides down the wall and looks down at her feet as if she was thinking. That moment I gained some sense back.


"Do not speak to me right now," She says quickly and quietly, not looking up at me. "Go upstairs, wipe your face, and let me start working. Just come for training in the morning without breaking into tears. They'll think you're human..." She trails off at the end. She shakes her head and stands up.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" She growls almost. I take one more glance at her before walking (or running) up the stairs. I feel Peeta's presence, but I don't want to deal with him and I in the same room. So I rush into my room and lock my door.

"Katniss," His voice goes through my mind, and for once I just want it out.

"Leave me be," I say quietly, sliding down my door slowly and sitting on the ground. I bury my face into my knees. It reminds me when I wasn't a vampire, and I would hide from my parents in a similar manner.

I know Peeta's still here. He could open the door with his powers, but I know he doesn't like to use his abilities to get quick access to my privacy. So eventually I stand up and move to my bed, and lay down in the center of it.

"You can come in."

The door swings open without him touching the doorknob, and he steps in the room looking around before his eyes meet with mine.

"I'm tired Peeta. I want to sleep for a very long time because I'm exhausted. You already know why I feel this way. So you can either come lay down with me or you can go and do something else."

He doesn't say anything, he just simply walks over to the bed and slides next to me. His arms wrap around my waist to pull me closer to him. He kisses me slowly on the neck before he starts to stroke my hair with one of his hands.

I feel myself slowly drift off to sleep from Peeta's movements. Slowly letting myself go into my dreams.

"Listen up everyone!" Clove barks for the attention. "Day 1 of this war, is always the day we come to terms on how this should go. Then we move on to the knife throwing contests. Try not to kill anybody because we would be arrested by The Elders."

Our family stands in a straight line listening to Clove. Clove always wanted to start off war with something simple before her favorite parts come in.

"Katniss, and I will do the knife throwing contest, seeing as we are the best ones."

"Who's going to the meeting?" Peeta asks out of curiosity

Clove glances at him momentarily. "Haymitch and I will go. You all just stay here and train. We'll be back soon," She informs us. Clove looks at me and motions me to come by her. I walk to her quickly because I know she is not in the greatest mood.

"I have some information that I will share with you tonight," She whispers to me. "It's not the greatest news but it isn't the worst. Come into the training room tonight." She walks away from me after that, leaving me to wonder what she wants to talk about.

I don't think I can handle anymore of this Soul Mates thing that Peeta and I have going on. Yes, I love Peeta with every bone in my body, but I never asked for this, and neither did he. I don't know what Snow is up too, but as soon as I can, I'm going to The Capitol to figure this out once and for all. If he is using this to control us, I won't let him do this.

"Katniss," Peeta says softly. "Stop thinking about it."

I turn around and face him. "Why are you even in my thoughts?" I snap at him.

"I don't want to be in your thoughts. It's over flooding mine," He sighs, rubbing his head. "Oh and I love you too," He smirks and pecks me on the cheek.

"Can you two stop? It grosses me out watching you act all lovey dovey all day," Johanna glares at us.

"Sorry Jo, I can't help it," Peeta says

"Guys we have to train, come on," I say rolling my eyes at Jo and Peeta. I walk downstairs and everyone follows. As soon as Clove and Haymitch gets back, we can start this war off.

This is going to be interesting.

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