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The Magic of Lust

Chapter 1

Alex knew she was dreaming. It was a familiar dream, the same one she had been having for months now. She was in a luxurious room, white marble floors and walls and columns connecting to the ceiling and floor, thousands of rose pedals littered the floor contrasting perfectly with the flawless marble.

The path of pedals led to a big kind sized bed, decorated with rich satin sheets, and fine pillows. On the bed he laid. A sensual smile danced across his teen handsome boyish face, as he watched her with lustful eyes. Naked as the day a person is born, his sex stood hard and erected, twitching with anticipation of what was going to come.

" Alex."

Um. The way he said her name had his jaw working and tongue moving in a way that said he knew how to use them on a girl. Use them for pleasure.

Alex walked to the bed, never breaking eye contact with her dream lover. When she reached the side of the bed she looked at her seducer, waiting for permission to get on the bed with him.

" Joining me lover." He extended a hand out for her to take, when she did he yanked her onto the bed. Alex yelped in glee and excitement. The seducer was on top of her straddling her. He kissed her forehead and then both of her cheeks.

" You enjoy this don't you?"

" Yes," answered the female wizard without hesitation.

" You crave my touch don't you?" He dipped his head down and ran his tongue on her exposed neck.

" Yes," she said shivering. Why ask what he already knew? The seducer loved doing this.

" You want me to bury myself deep inside you and make you dance on the edge of total ecstasy. Don't you." This time it wasn't a question, but she still felt obligated to answer.

" Yes. Please. I want you inside me now."

The seducer chuckled. " You never were one for patience were you Alex?" Before she could reply, he caught her lips with his own. Alex lost herself, wrapping her arms around his neck she deepened the kiss. She was in control, for now at least. This was his typical game, let her gain a little power, and then dominate her with his sexual skills.

God why did this have to be a dream. She wanted it real, she wanted the actual feeling of her seducer. His mouth on hers, his finger on her core, and his sex pressed against her thigh.

Breaking the kiss Alex spreaded her legs for her seducer. She wanted him in her before the dream could end. Knowing what she wanted the seducer had his sex at her entrance, and with one thrust placed himself full within her.

Both cried out in pleasure at the union of genitalia. The seducer stroked the side of her face, " You are hot Alex. So hot."

Alex was panting. " Maxie. Please. More." And that's what he gave her. He trusted into her until Alex experienced a dream orgasm. Over and over again. When they were done, Alex cuddled into his side.

" I love you Max. I always will."

" Then why wont you tell me that?"

She knew what he was referring to. The real Max. Her brother out in the real world. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't. In her dream they could be together, but in reality incest is frowned upon, and she would be an outcast. Not to mention her family would think her some kind of freak.

" I'm sorry Maxie. I cant."

And this is were the dream-

Alex's fall beck to reality was not pleasant. When she opened her eyes she was met with the sharp pain of her room light assaulting her eyeballs. She groaned as the sound of her fathers voice filled her room.

" Come on Honey! Lets go, rise and shine!"

Alex groaned in annoyance at her father. Honesty, she was going to take away his ability to speak one of these days. She was getting fed up with him doing that most days. Waking her up and getting her to work at the restaurant, which was understandable she guessed. Justin was busy being headmaster of wiz tech, Harper was at college, and Max…

Well no one knew for sure were he was. Last the heard from him was that he was traveling the world with their uncle. Losing his powers made Max furious and he told them that he needed to leave on time to think. Surprisingly their father had agreed, being sympathetic, and understanding of how it felt to lose your powers.

That was when Alex realized here unnatural love for her brother. First came the guilt of winning the contest, then the painful hole in her heart the absence of her little Maxie left. Weeks later the dreams began. Her and her Maxie in hot passionate embraces, that left Alex aroused and wet in the morning. Her virgin sex burning with need and having her only lonesome self to satisfy it. But in her imagination she pictured him doing it for her.

It had been a year since he left to stay with uncle kelbo, and for the female wizard it felt more like a decade.

Pushing her thoughts aside, Alex got out of bed and dressed herself in no time. With a snap of her fingers her bed was made. When she came down to the station she focused all her attention on working. Thats what she's been doing for months, which really freaked her parents out.

Taking orders, making sandwiches, taking orders, making sandwiches, taking orders, making sandwiches, and getting hit on by guys. That was the daily routine of Alex Russo. Not that she paid the guys any mind, only the tips they left.

" Let me get a Cuban with a side of fries," said a dark haired female customer around Alex's age.

" Coming up," said Alex.

Jerry and Theresa were in the kitchen waiting for her. " Alex why don't you take a break, your mother and I can handle things from here."

Alex rolled here eyes at their worry. " Dad. Im fine."

" Mi hija, You've been working all morning. Take a break for a minute."

" Mom, I said im fine. Can you two please stop worrying for once."

Jerry was about to say something but he was stopped when a flash of light came into the kitchen. When it diminished, Kelbo stood next to Jerry making the man jump back.

" Whats sup family!" said Kelbo. Jerry had an annoyed angry look on his face.

" Dang it Kelbo! You almost gave me a heart attack!" Jerry looked him up and down," And what the heck are you wearing?"

Kelbo wore and all black cowboy attire and a fake mustache. " What? You know im a fan of the old west. Besides, I make this look good." Looking to the two women in the kitchen, he opens his arms to them, " Come on over here and give me a hug."

Despite being very annoying, they loved Kelbo anyway and gave him a hug.

" Kelbo what are you doing here?" asked Teresa.

" Just here to grab a bite to eat," no sooner as he said that, a sandwich appeared in his hands, then a travel suitcase appeared next to the old wizard. " Oh yeah, and Im here to drop off that son of yours"

Alex almost dropped the plate she was holding. Max was back? Her little Maxie was back? Her parents were surprised to.

" Where is he?" Alex was first to ask. Why hadn't he appeared with Kelbo? If her uncle was lying she was going to break the damn plate over his head.

" Hes coming. Oh i should warn you, Max has change since you last saw him."

" Kelbo, I swear if you did something to my little baby-"

" Oh trust me Teresa, he isn't little anymore." He laughed. The front door opening could be heard from the kitchen, Kelbo chuckled, " Speak of the devil. He's here."

Alex was first to run out the kitchen. Her heart beating with excitement. When she saw Max standing by the door, she dropped the plate she was holding. " M-Max!?" she exclaimed with disbelief.

Standing by the door, was a guy who look like he could be nineteen. Standing at six foot five, he was beautiful. Absolutely stunning. There was no other word for it. He would have been as pretty as a woman but for the rugged cut of his masculine jaw and the sharpness of his cheekbones, both of which were dusted by a day's growth of whiskers. His lips full, hair straight, long and black pulled into a pony tail, with a strand falling to his face.

He wore a white shirt, black pants, black combat boots, and a brown stitched leather jacket. None of his clothing were able to hide the raw powerful muscles he was packing underneath.

God, he was gorgeous.

Kelbo was right. Max was most definitely not little anymore.

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