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"It's still raining."

Yu stood at the window of his upstairs bedroom as the rain continued to fall. He'd been watching the color of Inaba gradually fade, as though washed out from too many laundry cycles. A billowing fog bank touched the edge of the horizon in every direction, obscuring the world beyond. The entire city was completely surrounded. It almost gave the effect of the town being the center of a monstrous snow globe. Every so often, he could see a shadowy figure move up or down the street. "Why are they all after me? Why did they all wake up?

"I wish I knew," a slightly deeper voice carrying his own vocal tone stated calmly from the room.

Yu watched two figures move down the street, glance at the house, and keep going. He recognized them as Pixie and Kikuri-Hime. He slammed his hand against the windowsill. "Dammit! None of this makes sense! We defeated Adachi, saved the world from the fog and from everyone turning into Shadows. Why is this happeneing?" He'd even been given the o.k to move in with his Uncle Dojima. The sacred acceptance he'd spent years searching for, lived here in Inaba within the people he called friends. Yet for some reason, something or someone didn't think all of their sacrifice was enough.

"I saw Jiraiya." He dipped his head slightly, remembering the mass of personae attacking that of his best friend's. "How is that possible? He isn't one of my Persona." He balled up his fist. The only way he knew for two separate energies to communicate was through physical touch. It made sense that Yosuke would try to reach him using that option, since he's the one who originally discovered that particular method. However, seeing the other's true self...feeling that other entity searching for him was like having melted snow run-off splashed into his face. Jiraiya had somehow connected with him, and his Personae tried to bury him as well. He was happy that part of his friend's soul had escaped. "Why didn't you let me speak to him?"

"My job is to protect you from danger," Izanagi stated. "Even that which comes from within."

"I can't stay here." He exhaled and turned to face his true self. Izanagi stood straight and proud –as he always did when summoned in the t.v. World. However, he was the size of the normal Human here. "I can't be a prisoner in my own mind!"

The light, quick knocking at his door broke the tension. Yu opened it to find the innocent big brown eyes of his little niece looking up at him. "Nanako..."

"Big bro? There's a lot of noise outside. It's scaring me."

He knelt down to her level and smiled. "It's ok, Nanako. They won't hurt you."

She shook her head from side to side. "I'm scared to be home alone. Please say you won't go. I don't ever want you to leave me."

His heart melted at the intensity of her need. Although he knew this was his Persona representing his bond to her, he couldn't disappoint her –even if it was a defeated part of himself. He'd accepted her when Izanagi had brought him home. She'd immediately calmed down and changed into the form he saw now; a form he was comfortable with -a form he would protect with his life. He pulled her into a hug. "It'll be ok. I promise."

He felt the room shift with his point of view. For a second, he saw himself through her eyes –smiling, happy to not be abandoned, and felt the joy of a new family. When he blinked, he was back in his own body. He remembered what is was like to be sent away, to have promises broken and expectations crushed. The hardest thing about living in the city wasn't the fact that his parents would leave on long business trips. It was the cold reality that he couldn't keep any friends. He pushed them away out of defense. He didn't want to feel the pain of separation when he had to leave again. It was a survival mechanism. Yet here, with Nanako, his friends, and his uncle in this little Podunk town in the middle of nowhere, he wouldn't have to trigger the safety anymore. He was needed here. He wanted to keep that.

She smiled as if sensing the switch in his perception. "Great! I'll get dinner ready." With a smile on her face, Nanako –his Persona to family—skipped down the stairs.

Yu stood with a heavy exhale and turned to look outside. It was still raining, but the town was becoming more and more clear. He walked downstairs and out into the back yard, casually sliding the door aside. The air was cool, crisp, and the breeze spoke of home. Even the rain was refreshing. Yes, the more he looked at it, the more he realized he was home.

A slow smile curved at the edges of his lips. He was in Inaba. He would go to school tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. He would go on spring break to the beach with his friends. He would spend the summer at a part time job, or maybe get a bike to ride some of the backhill trails Yosuke had told him about. His best friend had never ridden them himself –owning a road bike from the city made the trails a little difficult to manage—so this would be a prime opportunity to challenge his friend and maybe the others to a ride.

Yu Narukami no longer saw an image created from his own subconscious. He saw the small town that had saved him. He was home in Inaba. And that was the truth.

Izanagi felt the change in himself, and sighed. He knew what Yu had just done, and sadly, he had been a part of the lie. He had to do something about it.

A rush of familiarity breezed through the room and drew his attention to the neatly organized desk in the corner. The card representing all of the Jack brothers and King Frost materialized, spun lazily in the air, then laid itself gently down on top of the desk. Curious, he took a closer look. Sure enough, this Persona attached to his best friend had been defeated. No. It had been accepted. Someone else had faced Pyrojack and won. Someone not born of the sea of Yu's soul.

Izanagi took the card in hand and moved downstairs. "Yu."

The other turned around. He could make out the small form of Nanako moving around the kitchen at the back of the house, when he caught sight of the card in his Persona's palm.

Izanagi held it out without a word, opened his fingers, and lowered his hand. The card hovered in the air unaided.

Curious, he reached out to touch it. As soon as his fingers brushed it, is dissolved in the same manner the arcana cards had done for his friends whenever they'd faced their shadows. The energy slid like silk into his body. It pulsed, hummed with life, and the bond itself strengthened. It seemed to be made of steel. The energy willingly left him alone and drifted back to sleep to leave its person at peace.

Instantly, a flurry of images flashed through his mind. His eyes widened at the figures attacking him with powers he knew only to come from the manifestations of their souls. He saw them walking up to him, speaking to him, until he finally realized that bond would never be broken. Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko's faces were the most lucid visions he'd seen since he'd awakened in a rainy Inaba.

"They tried to kill my Persona? But… why?"

"They left this aspect of you alone this time," Izanagi's voice filled the room though it was soft. "But if they destroy any of them, they destroy you."

He stared in shock. "They wouldn't," he began.

"They must be stopped, and you know it." Izanagi took a step forward. Nanako continued to cook her meal behind them without the slightest interest. "Make them leave Inaba."

"I can't." Yu stepped back until he was against the cement wall in the back yard. "They're my friends."

"Then send them home."

"Home…" Yu stared into the yellow eyes of the other. The fortitude in the command surged through their connection. "I must... send them home."

They stared at one another, locked in the connection of wills.

"Big bro? Dinner's ready." Nanako's voice drifted like chimes in the wind.

His silver eyes shifted toward the house. "Coming." His voice was soft. He moved past Izanagi into the house and didn't even question why he was suddenly completely dry even though he'd been standing outside in a downpour in his socks. If he was meant to be alone, others wouldn't pay the price. He didn't want to die, but he couldn't let them be hurt. Izanagi was right. "I will send them home, but they must not be harmed. Promise me, Izanagi."

The samurai turned smoothly to face the living area.

"Promise me." Yu stopped. "I…love them."

Izanagi nodded once in the rain.

Even though his other Personae were all awake and seeking to gain the coveted place of 'Leader' in Yu's mind, they would know of the new objective. Before they could overcome Yu, they must remove the invading consciousness'.

Izanagi had just bought precious time for his Person's survival.

Outside an empty Aiya's Chinese Restaurant.

"Won't this damn rain ever quit? It's effing ridiculous." Kanji leaned against the outside wall of Aiya's Chinese restaurant. The inside was dark, but the door had been left unlocked. He figured there was no reason to lock anything since no one technically lived here. Keeping anything secure for any reason made no sense. You couldn't rob someone's brain and skip town with the loot. "It's been twenty minutes. If he had to take a leak, he probably did it already."

"It's a manifestation of something bothering him. Whether it's related to this situation or not, is impossible to tell unless we delve into his memories. And I wouldn't want to." Naoto looked up and down the street for a hint of their next move. "Being here is invasion of privacy enough."

"Shit, even in his head this town is the size of a mosquito's junk. We should have come across something by now. He should at least know we're all here. I mean, damn, there's seven of us in his head." He knit his brow in an attempt to focus through the sheets of water pouring from the sky.

"He's probably protecting himself somewhere. If all of his personae awoke at once, they most likely all crave control, which means they would have to take it from the leader of Narukami's mind –Yu himself."

He slid her a worried glance. "Then, the guy we know would-"

"-Be lost in here forever."

The sound of the rain filled the uncomfortable, heavy silence between them. "Why couldn't he ever do anything half-assed for once?" Irritated, Kanji folded his arms. Yu always turned everything into a big deal. It didn't matter if it was a colossal bowl of meat and rice –mostly meat, or chasing down a killer. Yu gave one-hundred percent to everything he ever did, and to everyone he ever knew. That was part of what Kanji respected about him the most.

Naoto opened her mouth to respond when a shadow drifted into sight down the street. It's slim form hovered effortlessly above the pavement.

"Crap. Inside." Kanji opened the door to Aiya's and the two quickly skirted into the darkness. They closed the door quietly and ducked under the window, leaving barely enough room to see over the sill.

The feminine form of the Persona paused near a light post. The light flickered above it as if the bulb were about to blow. Her flowing white Yukata drifted with the ease of silk in the wind, and didn't appear to be affected by the rain at all. She turned her solid yellow eyes to the dark window.

Naoto felt a slight tickling her her nose. She scrunched her eyes closed to hold back the urge to sneeze when she felt Kanji's strong hand clasp over her mouth and nose, leaving just enough room to breathe. Which was odd since they didn't need air. Everything about this place was an illusion

The elegant Persona let her gaze linger, then moved on up the street.

Kanji removed his hand once he was sure the area was clear. The two risked standing up. "Could you possibly time that any worse?"

"Not if I tried," Her comment came with just as much snit. "Sneezing is a bodily function. It isn't possible."

"Guess what, Genius, your impossibility almost gave us away."

"Your mouth will get us caught first." She sighed. "Let's just find him, ok?" As much as she thought of Kanji as a friend, he could still find new ways to annoy her.

He dug his cell phone from his pocket and clicked it on.

"What are you doing?" She inquired.

"Thought we should call the others. See if they had any luck."

"With what? Our bodies and our phones aren't actually here. Plus, I don't think we'll get reception in Narukami's mind."

He grumped at her logic and stowed the faux phone. "Who would want to do this to him anyway?" Kanji spat.

"Whoever it is had to have repeated contact with him to either know he's a Persona user, be a user themselves, or be from Teddy's world."

"Shadows can't exist on this side. That bear is a freak of nature. The only person to go between worlds like we do was Izanami. That bitch is gone."

"Maybe it's not Izanami this time."

"Wha…" Kanji paused. "Another god? Jeeze, what is it with this place? Dude's like the ass end of a magnet."

Naoto opened her mouth to debate the idea of a magnet having an actual top or bottom, when a deep chuckle leaked out of the depths of the restaurant. Two red eyes blinked into existence in the darkness. What crept forward carried an air of malicious intent. Its large hulking body stepped into the sallow light bleeding through the windows from the street lamps outside, and it eyed them with hunger.

Kanji felt his chest clench with fear. The Persona they faced seemed to lock its glare on him, and it didn't ask to be welcomed with a knitted keychain kitty.

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