Dean pushes Sam against the wall roughly, their harsh breaths in time with each other. Dean forces another rough kiss onto Sam's lips and Sam lets out a needy moan. They both just got back from a long hunt and they needed something to relax them. Sam slides his hand down in between Dean's legs and Dean breaks the kiss feeling Sam's hand brush over the bump in his jeans.

"Shit, Sammy…" Dean moans. Sam smiled feeling how hard his older brother was already, hard for him. Sam sinks down to his knees, trailing his lips along Dean's body as he does so. Sam runs a finger along the seam of Dean's zipper then slowly unbuttons his jeans and pulls Dean out.

"So hard for me Dean, does the thought of fucking your little brother turn you on?" Dean whines and grunts out a "hell yes" then tangles his fingers into Sam's long hair. Sam winks up at Dean then deep throats him, his mouth making loud slurping noises as he bobs his head. Dean's head flies back and he moans giving Sam's hair a sharp tug. Sam moans too, growing extremely hard inside his own jeans.

"Do you want me to fuck you baby brother? Do you?" Dean grinds his teeth as he talks. Sam nods and pulls back, Dean's cock flopping out of his mouth. Dean pulls his younger brother to their king sized bed and quickly starts to undress him, laying his lips onto various places of Sam's skin. Once Sam is undressed Dean yanks off his own clothing and pushes Sam harshly onto his back.

"Beg…" Dean says in a harsh tone. Sam whines and pants out his words;

"P-Please fuck me Dean, I need to feel you warm come inside me. PLEASE!" Dean smirks and mumbles;

"you're such a bitch Sammy…" Sam smiles

"Jerk…" Dean chuckles then gets onto his knees between Sam's legs. He pulls out a bottle of lube from under the pillow and pours some out onto his hand. He didn't want to hurt Sam so he had to stretch his younger brother out. Dean runs a finger up and down Sam's ass, Sam moans resting his head back onto the bed.

"Stop teasing Dean…" Dean smiles then presses his middle finger into Sam's ass. Sam was tight, Sam is always tight. Sam lets out another low moan and his cock twitches. Dean slides another finger into Sam and makes a scissor motion to stretch him out.

"you're ready…" Dean pulls his fingers out and starts to lube up his cock. Sam watches him stroking his own cock gently.

"Dean, need you so fucking bad…" Dean watches his brother squirm for a bit then he smirks and presses his tip to Sam's hole, he starts sliding in inch by inch. Sam clutches the covers and his back arches off the bed.

"DEAN!" Dean suddenly starts pounding into Sam's ass. He knew how his baby brother liked it, fast and rough. Dean grabs a hold of Sam's hips watching his younger brother's cock bob helplessly.

"Dean! Dean! Dean!" Sam yelled with each thrust, his moans becoming slutty. Sam was going to explode all over himself feelings his older brother slam against his prostate.

"Shit, Sammy. I'm gonna come!" Dean thrusts uncontrollably as he feels a wave of pleasure come over his body and he comes, warm semen filling up deep inside Sam's ass. Sam yells out his older brother's name as he too comes, his semen covering his own belly. Dean collapses beside Sam, panting. Sam smiles panting too and he kisses Dean.

"Thank you Dean…"

"N-no problem Sammy…"