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"Dumbledore, I want word with you!" Draco shouts as she appears at his balcony.

"What's the problem, Draco?" Dumbledore ask as he approaches Draco handing her robe.

"Obsidian is the problem!" Draco roars taking the robe and wraps herself in it.

"I see he finally broke through the shield." Dumbledore stated as he took his seat.

"What do we do?" Draco asks as she steps off the balcony and enters Dumbledore's study.

"For one stop leading him; he'll go after you and just you, second keep our guest safe from him, and lastly don't let your guard down, Draco; if you claim this dragon is the most dangerous out of all then we is out most to be prepare for anything." Dumbledore state as Draco head to book case that hide her from the world that is her true home; Dumbledore watch Draco head back to her cage.

"Are you going to be okay, Draco?" Dumbledore ask before Draco took her next step.

"Yeah, I just need clear my head." Draco answers as she in step further into her cage shifting into her true form.

With Harry:

To: Mom and Dad

How is everything? Everything here in Hogwarts is okay. Except I got pair up with dragon for this year Triwizard Tournament and trust me I didn't want this to happen. Right now I have bigger problem its called Obsidian. What do you have more information about Obsidian Dragon and what happen during the Hunter and Dragon War? Please write back.

From: Harry Potter your son

Harry finishes writing his note as he attaches his note to Hedwig leg. Hedwig took flight; Harry watches Hedwig flew away until he couldn't see her anymore.

Harry's Parents:

"James, we have letter, and it's from Harry." Lily shout with smile on her face as she saw Hedwig coming closer, but there was silence from James' study. When Hedwig land on the window balcony Lily open the window to let Hedwig in.

"What do you have there girl?" Lily asks as she took the note.

Lily skims the note when her stomach hit the ground.

"James," Lily race upstairs to James' study; when Lily open door she didn't except the scene that unravel. There was Obsidian sitting in James' chair feet prop up on the desk, and him holding James' head while his body lied on ground.

"My dear Lily, may how much you age since we last met." Obsidian spoke as he got up from his seat as he drops the head, and walks towards Lily.

"I could agree more, and looks like you pick up new scar." Lily state as she back up to door; Obsidian let out low growl causing Lily to flinch.

"Thanks to your new tactic on us dragon; my mate doesn't even remember me anymore she see me as you; you those filthy hunters like your husband." Obsidian growl as he grabs Lily by throat and throw her across the room. Lily had no time to pull out her wand when Obsidian sank his teeth into Lily throat.

"What a shame I thought you'll put more fight than your pathetic husband, but I was wrong." Obsidian smirks as he walks back downstairs seeing the owl along with angry animagus.

"Ah Black, what honor to see you again how was Azkaban?" Obsidian greets Sirius Black as he enters the kitchen.

"Where are Lily and James?" Sirius asks keeping close eye on the dark scale dragon.

"They took long trip and they are not coming back." Obsidian answers as he grabs pen and paper.

"What are you doing, Obsidian?" Sirius asks looking at Obsidian.

"Your Godson wants know about me, and about the war that your foolish friends were part of." Obsidian answers as wrote down in one sentence, and attaching the note to Hedwig.

"Now you excuse me Sirius, I have someone to visit." Obsidian states as he step pass animagus.

Sirius grabs ahold of the dragon by the collar and shoves him against the wall "Listen here you monster if you dare hurt Harry I'll kill you." Sirius threatens.

"Tell me Sirius, how are you going to do that. Your spells are weak against me even the three unforgivable curse can't even touch me." Obsidian stated with smirk on his face as Sirius let go Obsidian's collar.

"All I'm asking is keep your dirty Godson away from my mate, and I don't have to kill him too." Obsidian said as he pushes Sirius back as he exist the Potter's house. Before he left area he took big breath and blow out his black flames causing the house to catch on fire. Meanwhile Sirius escapes the fire trap in his dog state running over to Hogwarts.

Draco POV:

"I'm coming for you my dear queen." Those were words that shook me to very core and keep me wake for good two days.

"Draco, are you ever coming out?" Dumbledore ask looking at the girl behind her cage.

"No, not until the next task is announced." Draco answer holding the robe closer to her, and the scent on the robe smell familiar, but she can't quite place finger on it.

"Can you at least me give me back the robe since you have nice clothes back at your dorm." Dumbledore stated while I groan.

"Let me change back at my dorm and I'll return the robe to its rightful owner." I stated as I hang on to the robe as if it was my mother wings when I was little. I got out of cage and use the secret passage to find my why back to Slytherin house.

"Where have you been, Draco?" Snape ask in his monotone voice looking at me when I enter my room.

"I was hiding." I answer taking off the unknown robe and grabbing my Slytherin uniform. Snape turn around and wait until I was done changing.

"What do you exactly need from me, Snape?" I ask as he turns around after I finish changing.

"The Ministry came by after your performance in your first task." Snape stated look directly at me.

"So," I stated waiting for answer.

"They think having wild dragon in the school is too dangerous-"I cut off Snape "What do they mean to dangerous they hardly even know just the stories that hunters made up." I shout looking at Snape with anger.

"…but they can overlook the rules if you finish the next three years here as a student." Snape finish his sentence while I sigh brush my hands through my hair.

"Fine, I'll do it." I stated in anger still in my voice.

"Good, you're already late for first class." Snape stated as he grab my arm and led the to Professor McGonagall class.

I could hear her talking about the Yule Ball that was coming up.

"Excuse me Professor McGonagall I have new student for you." Snape stated as he push me forward. I can feel all eyes on me.

"Please introduce yourself, young lady." Professor McGonagall stated I shift back and forth.

"My name is Draco." I answer feel my stomach getting twist into knots.

"Draco what," McGonagall press forward making me more uneasy to say surname that was given to me.

"Draco Malfoy," I answer completely as I took spot with girls.

Normal POV:

"As I was saying the Yule Ball is tradition in the Triwizard Tournament it has been around for long time. On Christmas Eve night we and our guest gather in the Great Hall as the represent of school we must show formality and grace. Lastly the Yule Ball is a formal dance." McGonagall stated as everyone whisper or groan about it.

"Silence, The House of Godric Gryffindor commands respect of wizard world for nearly ten centuries and I won't have you destroying by acting like babbling, bubbling, ban of buffoons. Dancing is letting the body breath, and for every girl inside there is swan slumbering ready to take flight." McGonagall explain as she gesture over to the ladies.

"I don't Draco is anything but swan. She'll probably eat us." Ron whisper to Harry as some of the guys laugh.

"For the boys there is lion ready to prance, Mister Weasley." McGonagall stated looking at Ron.

"Will you join me?" McGonagall said as she extends her hand. Ron got as he dread this encounter.

"Better yet, Draco an you please steps forward." McGonagall said as Draco sigh as she step forward.

"Now put your right hand around Draco's waist." McGonagall said as both teen look at the Professor.

Ron finally put his arm around Draco's waists McGonagall start the count. After few smooth movements McGonagall spoke up again "Everyone gathers together." The girls stood up while the boys look down or away from girls. That's when Neville Longbottom stood up walk over to Ginny for the practice dance; everything was going great until Draco squeezes Ron's hand a little too hard.

"Ow," Ron shot as Draco step back.

"I'm sorry I wasn't aware of my strength." Draco apologizes and ran out of the classroom.

"Ms. Malfoy," McGonagall call out, but Draco was already running in the corridor, and stop at court yard. Draco leans on pillars as she tries to catch her breath.

"Why long face my dear, no, girl with such beauty should have long face." A voice captures Draco's attention. Draco looks up to see it was one of Durmstrang boys better yet he was the protector of this year champion.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name Ms." The boy continue to talk giving Draco a small smile.

"Malfoy, but I prefer Draco." Draco answers giving him small smile; she looks away with tint of blush on her cheeks.

"Draco, what beautiful name for beautiful dragon." He stated as took her hand giving light kiss on her hand.

"You have my name. What's your name?" Draco asks with blush still on her face.

"Vikas Ivanov," Vikas answer as he let go of Draco's hand.

"…but back to my question why long face, Draco?" Vikas ask as he lean on the pillar next to her.

"It's nothing really." Draco lied and Vikas know.

"Wizard never understood us dragons. Especially if they are hunters or friends of hunters." Vikas said as he watch react to his words.

"Can never agree more with you. It's not my fault my strong enough to crush your hand, or get along with wizard in normal class setting." Draco rants as she stop ranting she notice laughing at her.

"What so funny?" Draco asks looking at Vikas.

"I didn't you had such hater to wizard." Vikas answer as he finishes his laughing fit.

"Yeah, well not all wizards are all bad." Draco replay as she looks Vikas.

"I can't agree more on that and I was wondering if you'll like to be my date at Yule Ball." Vikas ask looking at Draco with smile.

"I'll be honor to attend Yule Ball with you, Vikas." Draco answers giving him shy smile.

"Draco, Draco, Draco," Harry's voice broke the atmosphere and bring the two dragons back to real world.

"What's the matter, Potter?" Draco asks getting back to her serious self.

"Can I speak to you private?" Harry ask Draco right way know it was important if Harry stated it was private. Vikas nod and Draco left with Harry right way. When they got far away from Vikas, Draco asks "What happen?"

"This," Harry said as he hand Draco the letter.

It read Ask Draco, she has all answer. –Obsidian Draco's stomach drop.

"Where did you get this letter?" Draco asks looking at Harry.

"I just got back from Hedwig." Harry responds to Draco's question.

"We need see Dumbledore now." Draco stated as they head to Dumbledore's studies.

Once they got Dumbledore's studies they were greet by the Ministry and Sirius Black.

"Ministry and Sirius Black, what great timing you have to see Dumbledore." Draco said look at the most powerful wizards of all time.

"Sirius, why are you here?" Harry asks looking at his Godfather.

"We have tragic new for you Harry." Dumbledore spoke as the Ministry gives Harry apologetic looks.

"Harry your parents are dead. They were killed by Obsidian and burn down the house. That was just warning for him." Sirius said looking at his godson.

"Warning for what?" Harry ask looking confuse.

"A warning to stay away from his property." Draco answers looking at Harry with worry eyes.


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