Kinda self-explanatory. Loki moves in with the Avengers, and takes it upon himself to prank them all. Chaos ensues!

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Part 1: Tony gets Loki'd

Loki chuckled darkly. It was a week since he had moved in with his teammates. It was about time to start pranking them. A little...moving in present. A funny gift. He decided to start with Tony. The billionaire thought himself the master of pranks. He was wrong. Loki, with his magic and wit, far surpassed Tony. He wasn't called the 'trickster god' for nothing. Cackling, Loki tip-toed down the dark hallway to Stark's private bathroom. Using a spell, he snuck in. Pondering on how to prank Stark, Loki finally changed the shampoo into neon pink hair dye, disguising it to look no different. He also made sure that whatever water coming out would look normal, but end up as gold glitter. Casting a spell to erase the footage, Loki then left.

Barely holding in his laughter, Loki crept back to his own room, greatly anticpating the reactions from everyone later that morning. It took him some time, but he did fall asleep.

The Avengers, minus Tony, were assembled in the kitchen. Natasha and Steve were cooking a fry-up for everyone, whilst Loki and Clint discussed pranks over a coffee each. Bruce quietly scanned through a science journal while sipping his tea. Thor, Jane, and Pepper were watching cartoons, sitting near the others.

There was suddenly an incredible scream from Tony's bathroom. Loki clapped a hand over his mouth, shoulders shaking from laughter. They heard angry footsteps marching down the hallway.

Tony burst into the room, wearing only a towel wrapped round his waist.

Under normal cirumstances, Pepper would have scolded Tony. But today, she laughed.

Tony's hair was pink.

Neon pink.

The pinkest pink you could ever see.

Like, the pinkest pink in the history of pink.

Not only that, but he was dripping with gold, sparkly glitter. It followed him in a long trail, and fluttered off when he breathed. He was seething with fury.

Everyone else simultaneously choked on their drinks, splurting them everywhere. Clint and Loki fell backwards off of their chairs, onto the floor, shrieking like teenagers as they laughed. Steve and Thor were red from laughing. And the women weren't faring much better.

Bruce was curled up on the floor, body almost convulsing as he laughed. Seeing this, Loki and Clint laughed harder.

"I fail to see how this is funny- my hair is fucking pink!" Tony stressed.

"Pink is SO your colour, Stark." Loki snickered.

Clint lost it.

"YOU DID THIS!" Tony dramatically pointed at Loki.

"I may have...oh norns, my SIDES!" Loki clutched his sides as he burst into a fresh fit of laughter.

"THIS IS VERY AMUSING!" Thor declared, taking a picture.

"Who's the spangled one now?" Steve smirked.

Loki and Clint, who were almost to their feet, collapsed again, choking they were laughing so much. Natasha was clutching her sides.

Tony glared at Loki.

"I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Tony roared after Loki, who bolted down the hallway.

"BUT IT SUITS YOU!" Loki cried.

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