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Venting and filling in the gap before my 100th fic. Before anyone asks, the title means "I will wait". I don't own Hetalia.

Once upon there was just a bench in a park.

That was where Arthur met Francis.

They became quick friends.

Even though they sometimes argued and each had their own worries, both of them always came back.

If either of them were asked why by a stranger, they would give an excuse such as "I come out here for the fresh air" or "This bench has such a nice view".

Neither of them would say the reason was to see each other.

Least of all Arthur.

The way Arthur saw it, he only came because Francis would make him feel guilty for leaving him alone.

Arthur was a very moody person.

Whenever Arthur was in a foul mood, he wouldn't come. If he did come in a foul mood, he would snap more often. He would shout things at Francis that he always regretted when he reached home.

But Francis never minded.

He would wait for Arthur. Give him a hug if needed, offer advice, give a shoulder to cry on.

He was more willing to say that he needed Arthur.

Which lead to a fight that they had one day.

"Give me some space!" Arthur had yelled. He couldn't stand the way Francis looked at him. Cerulean eyes that asked him what he did wrong when the man was fully aware that he was clinging to Arthur like a child. "I can't be looking after you all the time! Grow up, Francis!"

Francis didn't answer him. He just stared down at his shaking hands.

Arthur stood up. "I need a break. Goodbye, Francis."

Arthur was just about to storm off when he heard Francis' voice. It was very quiet and he could barely hear it.

"A...Adieu. I will wait here for you."

Arthur dismissed the words and left.

Every day, Francis waited for him on that same park bench.

Sometimes he would see Arthur with others. Laughing. Enjoying himself without Francis.

But he would never make any movement to get up and go to him. He would look the other way and try to divert his thoughts.

If Arthur wanted to be with him, he could come over himself. Francis wasn't about to force himself onto his dear friend.

So he waited for him.

Days turned into weeks. And weeks turned into a months.

One day, Arthur glanced over to the old park bench where he used to sit every day.

Francis wasn't there.

The only thing there was a note and a pile of flowers.

Arthur looked around, to see if Francis was hiding. It wasn't because he hated Francis.

It was just that if he saw him, he'd have no clue what to say.

He picked up the note with curiosity. Was it from Francis? Where on Earth was he, anyways?


Arthur nearly dropped the note and turned around.

It was a child. A small child with a cluster of flowers in his hands.

The child tilted his head. "Are you here to pay your respects too?"

Arthur's heart sank.


"P-Pay my respects?" he asked.

"Yeah. For the Benchman. He was in an accident." The child lay his flowers on the already large pile on the bench. "I hope he feels better."

When the child walked off, Arthur sunk into his old spot on the bench.

He opened the note.

"I'm sorry I cannot wait any longer. I hope you enjoy your space. Adieu, mon ami.

-Francis Bonnefoy

PS. I'm sorry, Arthur."

I've already broken my promise to not kill a character that's not mine once, I shouldn't have any qualms with doing it again. Short little thing to blow off stem. If this actually means something to a certain someone, I'm sorry.


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