Chapter 6

We ran towards somewhere that sloped downwards. I eyed Stag as if saying, Go? He nodded and we trampled down, scratching ourselves on the sharpish wheat.

"Let's see what we gathered," I said, wanting to get straight to this.

Stag opened his pack. "Bread, water, rope and tape here," he said.

Addie looked into hers. "3 apples, some juice and…what're these?" she asked, holding up a bag with 3 black boxes with antennae on it.

"OH MY GOD!" I grabbed it, opening it then grinning. "These are used by some officers in the District," I said. "They're called walkie talkies. Basically you click the button and then you can talk to people on the other side," I explained. They eyed them with more curiosity now. "Here," I said. I gave 2 of them to Stag and Addie. "We'll split up in a minute. If you're in trouble, use these."

They nodded. Now the dirty business. "Okay, who killed who?" I asked. "I killed the 9 and 11 kids," he said.

"To protect ourselves from the people who are good in this environment. Nice." Said Addie.

"I killed the 2 girl, I think," I said, thinking about the arrow in her shoulder. Addie shook her head.

"Nah, I saw her running. She's just hurt." I now felt sad. Then the cannons started blasting. We looked up to see who lived.

First was the 3 boy. Then Hadley, the 6 girl, the 7 boy, the 9 kids, the 11 kids, and the 12 girl. 9 Tributes already dead.

"That marks our go time," I said, already rising. "Everyone has a weapon?" They lifted their items.

"Okay, keep each other updated. Go." We ran in different directions. I ran into some trees. I didn't want trouble with the other Tributes right now. Unless I found someone weak. I wanted someone weak.

At first I was bored. Then the walkie talkie crackled to life. It was Addie.

"Guys, guys!" she was screaming. "Go to the Cornucopia! The Careers are attacking!"

I responded ASAP. "COMING!" I yelled simultaneously with Stag. In a few minutes I arrived. I didn't see Stag yet. I ran inside of the Cornucopia. There, I found Addie, bleeding. She apparently didn't hear me.

"I, Adeline Hanran, hereby promise will never do anything bad ever again." Hanran. Hmm. That sounded familiar.

"Hey, I don't see any Careers," I said.

"I know," Addie said. "They took off when I almost killed one in two punches."

What? Addie did what? I had to ask her something. "Are you…Keeping something from me?" I asked. Now Addie slid over. I could see a huge bruise on her temple. "Milk, must drink milk…" she was saying. She was conked out. Just then Stag came running.

"IS SHE OK?" He yelled, seeming really frightened. "Yeah, yeah," I said. Then I remembered. They were from the same District. "Do you…Know someone famous with the last name Hanran?" I asked.

Stag nodded. "The winner of the 56th Games," he said. "Why?"

My face felt like it died. "Because…Addie's last name is Hanran."