Warning: Contains some spoilers for the Season 5 finale.

Dear Ahsoka,

From the moment we first saw you in the movie, we knew you were destined for greatness.

Being Anakin's padawan, at first, led to some skepticism on your Mary Sueness. But, as we quickly learned, you are far from the Mary Sue danger zone.

Through the series, we've laughed and cried with you. Cried when you turned to the dark side on Mortis and laughed when Anakin first called you Snips. Hooted at your heroic moments and shook our heads at your weak ones. We've "aww"ed at your Luxsoka moments and "ohh"ed at your feisty Snips ones. We wanted to comfort you when Barriss betrayed you and wanted to call you back when you left the Jedi Order.

Dear, dear Ahsoka.

You mean so much to your fans, more than you could possibly imagine. We hope and plead with the great Lucas that you come back for Season Six, but we fear the worst.

We've grown attached to you, little 'Soka. Forbidden, attachment is. Yet we couldn't help it. Your strength of will could not be ignored. And so, as we bid a farewell, we hope for it not to be a permanent one.

Whatever may happen, we want you to know Ahsoka, that the Force will always be with you, wherever you go. And that your fans will never stop loving you, no matter what.

Good bye Snips.


Your Loyal and Loving Fans