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Dr. Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner of the Massachusetts Common Wealth, Certified Genius and Google-mouth extraordinaire sat stock still, rendered completely speechless for the first time in her life. Technically, that wasn't true. In the deep recesses of her mind Maura knew she still possessed the ability to speak, even if it wasn't manifesting itself at the moment. And she supposed, she had in fact been speechless before she was capable of speech as a baby. So a truer statement would be that for the first time in her adult life, Dr. Maura Isles had no idea what to say. She couldn't even begin to figure out how to rectify what had just happened, because she was still trying to process exactly WHAT had just happened.

Later, when she'd reflect back on exactly where in the conversation things had gotten so thoroughly mis-communicated, she wouldn't be surprised that it was a Rizzoli that managed to 'throw her for a loop'. They were as a group innately good at disfiguring everything she'd learned about the natural order of life and the people in it. Better than any National Geographic special or documentary she'd ever watched. The Rizzoli's were a breed of their own and nearly every conversation, family dinner, and general get together led Maura to more questions than answers. She'd learned more about people and family and emotions in the few years since meeting Jane Rizzoli than she had in the entirety of her life up to that point.

And the near whirlwind of drama that seemed to be attracted to the Rizzoli clan had shifted into her bubble as well. Life had been calm before them. Predictable and boring yes, but calm. Since taking a job as Chief Medical Examiner and beginning her friendship with Jane, and her subsequent adoption into the Rizzolis, she seemed to attract just as much trouble. From Hoyt, Dennis Rockmond and Kenny Layhee to Lydia and baby TJ. Then her own family mess of Patty Doyle, Hope and Kaitlyn and the ever so infamous kidney.

Sitting here now, watching the back door bang shut, Maura supposed that what surprised her the most out of this whole ordeal was WHICH Rizzoli had managed to leave her speechless. She had always assumed it would be Jane. Her best friend was a powerhouse of emotions and personality and opinions that she rarely if ever kept in check. She couldn't even begin to count the number uncomfortable situations she'd been forced to endure on behalf of her quirky best friend. Having to creatively lie to sensitivity trainers. Living down the 'fish' incident at the Fairfields. Being involved in 'catfights' at work. Never before in her life had that happened to her. Going undercover as a scantily clad waitress at a gay bar. She'd definitely been presented with some challenges.

Those were just the ones that involved others. Carefully navigating the intricacies of inter-personal relationships had never been her strong point. Their simultaneously rock-solid and tenuous relationship kept Maura on her toes, literally sometimes. She was never sure what and where their boundaries were. Always careful not to scare Jane away. Always trying to pull her closer.

As much as she loved Jane, and she had come to the conclusion that she did quite a lot, her friend was absolutely infuriating at times. The reddish-brown stain vs. blood battle was more of a way to tease the detective than an actual observation by now. Seeing Jane's frustrated eye roll and little lip quirk as she tried to fight a full blown smile spread heat through the ME's whole body. And sometimes she completely understood a euphemism or turn of phrase that Jane would use. But it was one of the funniest things in the world, and a secret addiction of hers, to watch the often prudish detective stutter trying to explain to her what something like 'That's what she said' meant. So it had been a natural assumption on her part that it would be Jane that would be the first to render her incapable of speech.

Though, she supposed, this really shouldn't have surprised her all that much. She'd been warned, multiple times, with varying degrees of seriousness, from all three Rizzoli children about the effects of 'Hurricane Angela'. She'd seen the matriarch in action a few times. The labeling incident for one. Maura shuddered and sighed. Her closet still didn't look right with only half of her shoes in their proper boxes. And she could understand why her children often avoided certain conversations with her. Since meeting Angela, Maura had counted no less than 98 attempts on her part to talk to Jane about finding the right man and or grandchildren. Though since TJ the happy grandmother had let off a tad. A 'blessing in disguise.' Jane had muttered once, watching her mother hold the baby.

Not that Angela spent all of her time unnecessarily scolding Jane. It was another secret delight of Maura's to watch her headstrong friend be reduced to a whiny obedient teenager. When Angela wanted Jane to do something, Jane ended up doing it one way or the other every time. She noted with a smile that the only other person with the same track record was herself. She and Jane often went head to head over small things like going to the coed reunion, or taking Lydia to Lamaze. Always with the same result. She'd start with a raised eyebrow and a competitive smirk, and in the rare instances that didn't work, she'd break out the 'puppy dog eyes' and Jane would turn to whipped mush.

Maura shifted on her stool at the thought of Jane being whipped for her, moving for the first time since Angela had left. She brushed away the infuriatingly pleasurable thoughts of a whipped Jane and focused. She was replaying the night over and over in her mind. Every word, every possible double meaning that she was aware of. A quick glance to her watch confirmed that she had been thinking now for nearly 20 minutes. After all that time, she still wasn't entirely sure where in the conversation things had gotten so out of hand. She was however aware of two very important things. First, she needed to fix this immediately, before Angela managed to follow through with her threat/promise to involve others. She had to set Angela straight on the matter. And secondly, and absolutely most importantly, Jane could not know. EVER.

With that in mind Maura hopped off her stool, ready to make for the guest house. Jane wouldn't be much longer, and this needed to be taken care of first. Jane wasn't a detective for nothing. She'd sense Maura's unease. And with her damnable inability to lie coupled with Jane's shear tenacity when she wanted to know something, there was no way Maura would be able to keep this quiet. She made it all of three steps before the front door opened. With slow motion movement worthy of one of those climactic movies Jane was always making her watch, Maura turned in mid-step and stared. She knew her expression was a clear example of 'deer-in-the-headlights', but the knowledge didn't help her wipe the look off her face as her oblivious friend shut the door behind her.

"Hey Maur, sorry I'm early but if you're really serious about the training I wanna make sure we get a stretch in first. Last time we did this I couldn't move without hurting for a week." The lanky detective, dressed in form fitting workout shorts and a tank that Maura noted showed off the brunettes muscle tone much too nicely, dropped an arm full of workout gear on the couch and made for the fridge.

"And I know, I know, beer is terrible when working out. Bad hydration blah blah, but I've been waiting for one of these babies all day so deal with it." Still unaware of Maura's plight, Jane took a pull of her bottle and headed back to the pile of gear she'd dropped. Inwardly Maura was chastising herself. Trying desperately to force her body to move and at the very least attempt to hide the look on her face. Jane was picking through the items she'd brought and then looked up questioningly at the honey blond. Maura realized with a start that Jane had asked her a question and she had no idea what it was. Jane arched an eyebrow and sent her an adorably confused half-smirk, sipping her drink again.

"Maura?" She asked and the ME valiantly ignored the pinging feeling Jane's teasing smirk caused inside of her. There was only so much even the genius herself could process at once and she was already way past overloaded. Maura briefly entertained a fantasy where Jane asked her absolutely no more questions and she managed to pull herself together and settled the situation. Sadly her fantasy shattered as Jane smirked again and crossed her arms, looking over the blonde and her lack of work-out clothes. All Maura could think was, Oh please don't ask me what happened.

"Maura, are you okay? What happened?"



Detective Jane Rizzoli kicked the back door to her car shut with a satisfying thud and adjusted the armful of gear she'd toted to Maura's. Earlier that day Jane had stomped down to the morgue, irritated at life. An 'invitation' to a mandatory self-defense training class had just been memo'ed out for tomorrow and Jane was loath to waste even a single Saturday off if she could help it. It wasn't like she even needed the training! She was more than adept at self-defense, as anyone who had been with her at last years class could testify to. With the intention of ranting to her best friend until she felt better, because talking to Maura always made her feel better, she'd swung the door open without knocking. The honey-blonde was on the phone so Jane had thrown herself unceremoniously into the Most Uncomfortable Chair in the Universe, patent pending, and waited.

Her bad mood had increased ten fold as she listened to the ME's side of the conversation. She was confirming a date. For tonight. A date that she was looking forward to if the smile on her face was any indication. Jane had reflexively clenched her fists and huffed. Well, that shot her plans of relaxing at Maura's tonight all to hell. Whoever the mystery man was, Jane hated him already. And suddenly she'd felt even more agitated than when she had first stomped down, and felt it grow by the second as her friend continued to giggle on the phone. Yes, Maura Dorthea Isles had been giggling. She'd dutifully ignored the little knot in her stomach at the adorable sound and stood up, wanting to be anywhere else but there.

As if sensing her friends discomfort, Maura had chosen that exact second to end her conversation, and had turned intense green eyes on the fleeing Detective. Even more fueled by then, Jane had skipped over the whole date issue, and instead focused all of her anger on the Training class. By the end of her tirade, even Maura had seemed surprised at how furious Jane was. After the obligatory 'you need to get laid' speech, which in Maura speak was awkward and lengthy, Jane had felt the need to escape, immediately. There was absolutely no way she could handle being there, then, in the room with Maura, with the knowledge that her friend was going to be rolling in her own sheets with some asshole tonight, listening to Maura tell her she needed to get laid. She'd pointedly ignored mentioning the date, because friends don't care who friends date, and made to storm away with a BS story about going home early to practice a few self-defense moves.

Ever eager to learn and or be a part of things not yet experienced, Maura had jumped on the chance to practice. She'd practically begged Jane to come over and practice with her. How she'd really needed to work on her own personal self-defense abilities. Some google-quote or other on how if one could teach, one truly knew. The good Doctor had broken out the puppy-dog eyes on full blast as if she really had no idea what that adorable expression did to her completely platonic friend and Jane had panicked at how fast her anger crumbled. So she did one of the things she did best and resorted to sarcasm and deflection.

An offhanded comment about interrupting Maura's date of the week allowed her to vent a little irritation. It came right back to her as was the way of things as Maura ghosted over the venom and said it was to be an early dinner. With someone she could easily part with. Wasn't even really looking forward to it. And training was much more important. And with a flick of her ever so perfect hair, if Jane would come over around eight, she'd make sure to be home and ready for her.

Naturally, uber-tough homicide Detective Rizzoli crumbled instantly. Resolutely telling herself that it was to help keep the ME safe as the Doctor was slowly amassing more 'Oh God my life is in danger from a very serious serial killer' moments than the Surgeon magnet herself. That was why she agreed. Not because it was passive aggressive and gave Jane a small thrill to know that Maura was dropping her mate of the week to be home and spend the night her. No. That wasn't the reason at all. It was the self-defense thing. Totally.

Which was how at seven forty five sharp, Jane found herself walking up to Maura's front door. She had been almost hoping that he hadn't been sent away so she could shoot him a smirk as she walked into the house, claiming Maura's company for herself. No foreign cars in sight however, and the Detective let loose a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Shoulders back, smirk in place, she walked inside. Just training. I'm here to train. I'm happy and early because I'm eager to train. Yes.

She saw Maura in the kitchen out of the corner of her eye as she kicked the door shut behind her. Say something.

"Hey Maur, sorry I'm early but if you're really serious about the training I wanna make sure we get a stretch in first. Last time we did this I couldn't move without hurting for a week." Yes. Yes that's good. Perfect reason to be early. Last time Jane had spent more time furiously punching the bag and avoiding eye contact with the blonde in the skimpy work-out clothes than she had spent training Maura. She unloaded on the couch and headed for the kitchen. Better get in a few drinks before seeing what outfit she'd be up against tonight.

"And I know, I know, beer is terrible when working out. Bad hydration blah blah, but I've been waiting for one of these babies all day so deal with it." Perfect, normal conversation. And so true. The second her inbox had beeped with that god forsaken memo, a beer was all she'd been able to think about. Well, almost all she'd been able to think about. All is well. Still no input from her friend so Jane made her way back to the couch. She fussed with the gloves and pads.

"So, what did you want to start with?" Still no answer so she took a pull of the beer, steeled herself, and glanced up. She was mildly amused to see the beautiful blonde paused in mid-step heading for the back door. There was slight panic in those green eyes and Jane couldn't help but smirk.

"Maura?" Still no answer. A tad concerned, but mostly curious, Jane allowed herself to really look at her friend for the first time that evening. Aside from the heart-stopping spandex that self-defense training called for, she was still obviously in her date clothes. Body hugging little red dress. Hair even more perfect than normal. Heels discarded beside one of the island stools. And glancing toward the back door with a guilty look in her eyes. Jane stamped down on the jealousy that raged through her at the thought that mister date had just escaped through the back like a teenager afraid of the parents. The urge to tease to cover up the hurt flared and Jane decided to take the rare opportunity at hand, and torment her friend. She gave Maura her Rizzoli smirk, the same one she'd whipped out the night she'd check-mated Tommy, and was pleased to see Maura actually visibly gulp. She crossed her arms, as she'd seen her mother do a hundred times in this very same situation.

"Maura, are you okay? What happened?"


Maura opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. She tried again, fighting the hyperventilating, but still nothing. She made a face and managed at least to turn her body so she was facing Jane, and away from the back door. Misdirection was a useful tool. She shifted under the smirk and scrunched her mouth up. How to best go about this? Try outright denial and risk hives? Evade the question and hope Jane forgets? Honesty?

"I…. don't really wish to discuss what happened with you." Was what finally came out. Jane's eyebrow quirked and Maura felt her knees wobble. Instead of taking offense at the comment, her friends brown eyes sparkled with something predatory. Maura caught the whimper in the back of her throat.

"Oh, you don't do you?" The raspy growl. The challenge in those eyes. The hunt in them. Oh…..hell.

"No. I do not." Jane stuck her tongue in her cheek for a moment and then took another drink. She was contemplating, calculating, and Maura felt what little hope she had begin to slip away. Now Jane Rizzoli was on the scent, a puzzle in front of her. Maura was doomed.

Jane nodded sympathetically, giving the blonde a false sense of security and moved slowly and deliberately toward the kitchen. Completely unsure of whatever tactic Jane was employing, Maura stayed rooted to the spot and watched as her ever so confident friend swaggered up next to her and leaned up against the counter. That all- knowing smirk still plastered on her face. She took another slow sip, locking in Maura's gaze. And just when Maura felt herself start to snap, she spoke.

"So, does this thing that happened that you don't want to discuss with me have anything to do with why you are still in your date clothes and not ready to train?" It was asked innocently enough. But Maura caught the tease in her words. The lilt in her voice. Her eyes seemed to say that she already knew the answer and was toying with her simply for amusement. The ME had never been more aware of just how good Jane was at interrogation.

Since honesty had been the guiding force behind her first not-lie to Jane, she let it guide her next.

"Answering that question would constitute discussing this with you. Which I've already told you I do not wish to do at this time." She felt proud of that one. But those merciless chocolate eyes only twinkled back at her in amusement. Jane knew she was avoiding this. And she was having fun with it.

"Mmm-hmm. You're absolutely right. It would." She moved then, with all the grace and stealth of a jungle cat and had Maura not been so focused on what her next not-lie would be, she would have taken advantage of their close proximity to better appreciate her friends….muscle tone.

Jane moved like she belonged, which in all honesty she did. But the confidence, the certainty she held in that smirk made Maura doubt that she would escape even the night with her secret intact. She watched with baited breath as Jane walked around her, purposefully crossing just a little too close, forcing Maura to back up against the counter. The detective made a show of putting her bottle in the trash, pulling another from the fridge, and walking back to the frozen blonde, leaning casually against the counter again. This time on the side closest the door. Maura fought her natural instinct to flick her eyes to the back door. Her guilty conscience would not give her away.

"I don't suppose whatever happened, involved a certain someone did it?" She took another sip, grinning around the bottle between her lips and Maura bit her tongue. Jane regarded her coolly for a moment and then ducked her head, focusing deep brown eyes exclusively on her.

"A certain someone who just happened to escape through the back door?" For the life of her, Maura could not stop her jaw from dropping. How the hell had Jane figured that out? She started to panic again as Jane gave a little chuckle at her expense and Maura wrinkled her nose.

"As I told you before…" Jane cut her off by stepping into her personal space. The words died in her throat as Jane smirked at her again.

" I know, I know. You do not wish to discuss this with me." Maura could only nod as the brunettes gaze flickered ever so briefly down to her lips and back up again. It wasn't the first time she'd done that. Maura doubted it would be the last. Sometimes it seemed like Jane wasn't even aware that she did it. Regardless, it had the exact same effect on the ME as it always. Very briefly the breath caught in her lungs, and her brain became dangerously unfocused. Jane noticed Maura's unease, and took full advantage of it.

"Maura." She husked, her voice dropping an octave. The blonde forced herself to swallow. " Don't you think I deserve to know?" Came the whisper. Maura stopped the whimper before it came out and forced her mind to cooperate and say something.

"It isn't any of your business." Crap, that was lie. She could feel the hives already.

"You are my business." Was the throaty response. A line stolen from what seemed like long ago. There was that grin again. Why did it seem like Jane already knew her secret? What if Angela had called Jane after leaving the kitchen? Oh God that would explain it. Jane already knew what had happened. Already knew and she was toying with Maura. Teasing her because she could. To ward off more hives, and possibly get some breathing room that she so desperately needed, Maura conceded the point.

"That….that is true yes. I suppose I am." Jane's gaze softened for a brief moment, then twinkled again. Instead of backing up, she moved closer again, tilting her head. Maura chewed on her tongue.

"And if you are my business, that means that THIS is also my business." The blonde sighed.

"That's not entirely faultless logic Jane…" She trailed off at the raised eyebrows and let the rest of the sentence go out in a sigh. "But, yes. THIS is your business as well." Pleased, Jane eased back slightly and Maura took the first real breath she'd had since her friend had first invaded her personal space.

"So, if this my business, then you should probably discuss it with me, shouldn't you Maura?" There was that tone again. That playful teasing bedroom voice like a cat that had the mouse pinned against the wall and knew exactly how long it wanted to play before going in for the kill. And her name….How did Jane manage to say her name like that? Her name on Jane lips sounded so soft and gentle and….and…..answer her.

"I…still do not wish too." She crossed her arms petulantly in front of her. There was nothing, NOTHING, good that could come of Jane finding out. And unless she got direct confirmation that Jane already knew, there was no way she would crack. At least, that's what she kept chanting to herself as Jane mimicked her pose and leaned in close.

"But Maura, " She whispered and the ME's knees went wobbly again. " Don't you, trust me?" Well, that just wasn't fair. She was the one who was supposed to melt Jane with a pout, not the other way around.

"You know I do." She couldn't help but whisper back. She felt her resolve crumble under Jane's soft smile. The detective shifted her stance, letting her hands rest on the counter-top behind Maura, one on either side of her. The position seemed so casual, even though it effectively pinned the ME beneath her. She tilted her head closer, her breath washing over Maura's cheek as she spoke. Maura new was a goner even before Jane's raspy whisper.

"Then talk to me." She let out a huff, and in defense of what was left of her sanity sent the best glare she could muster in her friends direction. But Jane knew she already won, and leaned back, a victorious smirk firmly in place. Maura rolled her head back and let out a small groan, closing her eyes. If Jane already knew, refusing to tell her would do nothing but draw out the torture. Not necessarily un-fun torture, but torture none the less.

"Fine, you win." Jane looked so pleased with herself, Maura couldn't even stay frustrated at her. A small smile crept onto her own face as Jane wiggled her eyebrows.

"But of course. You should know better than to try and hide things from me. Honestly, I'm hurt that you even wanted to." She leaned back across from her and the blonde took the opportunity to process quickly.

\ "It's not that I didn't want to Jane. You know I trust you. I just thought if I could take care of things first, it'd be better off for everyone." Jane just raised an eyebrow and Maura huffed, walking over to fridge to select a bottle of wine. This conversation would go over so much better if she were able to consume at least a little alcohol.

"But before I go into it I really need to add a disclaimer. I truly don't believe your Mother meant any harm…." She got no further as a loud snort interrupted her and she turned to find Jane choking on her beer. A few minutes and a towel later and Maura went to speak again. Jane halted her with a finger to her lips and the blonde did her damnedest to focus on the confused expression the brunette held, and not how easy it would be to purse her lips and kiss the intruding digit.

"Wait wait wait. My MOTHER?" Maura blinked. Jane blinked and then…

"Oh, uh I mean…." Jane narrowed her eyes and Maura cursed herself. Jane didn't know. Jane had no idea. She'd just been using that 'I already know' trick to break her, and it had worked. Now it was down to a battle of wits. Jane didn't know what she thought she did, and now Maura knew it.

"What about my Mother?" She demanded, glancing toward the back door as if she could shoot lasers from her eyes all the way into the guest house. Maura shifted, kicking her poor overworked gray matter into overdrive. Maybe there was a way around this after all.

" I…..was talking to your Mother. Before you got here. And that is why I am not ready for training." She nodded, pleased. That was a wonderful not-lie. Now, to shift things before Jane caught up…

"Speaking of, I really should go get dressed…." She made to turn back and was immediately blocked as a now very confused and curious Detective pinned her against the counter again.

"Oh no. Don't think you're getting out of this that easily." The ME let loose another sigh and met Jane's frustrated glare head on.

"I wasn't trying to get out of anything. I answered your question, so I thought we were done." Jane waggled a finger at her and Maura resisted a sudden urge to nip at it as Jane smirked.

"No Maura, you answered ONE of my questions. And I'll give you credit for that, it was cleverly done." Maura winced and Jane only narrowed her eyes, shifting so she very nearly had their bodies pressed together. Maura resigned herself to surviving off little to no oxygen. Jane's face took on her characteristic smirk.

"So the thing that happened, the thing that you didn't want to discuss with me, was that you were talking to my Mother?" The incredulity dripped from her voice and Maura avoided eye contact.

"Yes. That is correct." Since was wasn't looking at Jane, she could only imagine the stare she was getting was getting as the Detective shifted against her again.

"And why didn't you want to discuss talking with my Mother with me?" Maura made a face and set her jaw. Think. Think quicker. No, stop thinking about how close to you she is. Bad. Bad Maura. No.

"And, what was it that you needed to take care of that would be better off for everyone?" The blonde scrunched her nose up. She could do this. She was a certified genius for God's sake. She could out-lie Jane. There was salvaging this yet. Keep going with honesty. Less chance it'll blow up later.

"During my, conversation, with your Mother, she and I had a um, misunderstanding." Jane arched that perfectly sculpted eyebrow again.

"A misunderstanding?"

"Yes, a miscommunication…" Jane huffed and eased back.

"I know what a misunderstanding is Maura. I still don't see what the big deal is. I can't even think I could begin to count how many 'misunderstandings' I've had with Ma." Sensing escape, Maura smiled and rolled her eyes. Play it down.

"Well that is you. I pride myself on open and clear communication."

"So Ma was what then? Confused about something you said?" Maura's nose twitched. She was walking a thin line here.

"She took something I said to mean something else entirely. The more I tried to clear things up, the worse the misunderstanding became. I simply wished to get things cleared up as quickly as possible." Jane huffed with a smirk and walked over to grab another beer. Quietly, Maura let loose the breath she'd been holding. God that had been too close.

"Well sheesh Maura, it's no big deal. Ma could misunderstand anything and everything. I've seen it happen." The ME grinned, now fully aware of that fact having witnessed it herself. She went to pour herself a glass wine that she'd entirely forgotten about when Jane's next words ripped the relief out from under her.

"So what was it about?" Crap. Crap. Crap!

"What was what about?" Sound innocent, avoid eye contact, focus on the wine.

"What did Ma misunderstand this time?" Jane's tone was light, jovial. Oh god if she could only thing think of just one more not-lie! She was soooo close.

"Oh, it was nothing. Really. Just something silly." She laughed, just a little too forced, and didn't even need to turn away from her wine glass to see Jane's eyes narrow, now watching her intently again.

"Maura…." Oh God Oh God in that deep raspy warning tone….

"Yes Jane?" Maura bit her tongue when her voice squeaked. Didn't matter that she wasn't lying yet. She was hiding something. Her body knew it, and more importantly, Jane knew it.

"Maura…." Came the rough growl again. The blonde fumbled with the glass and nearly jumped out of her skin when a olive-toned hand steadied it for her. She spun and found Jane in her space again, interrogation face on.

"Maura." Wasn't a question. Just her name. But Maura knew exactly what it meant.

"Jane, it's really not…" The brunette moved another step closer, eyes dark and focused.

"Maura." Another warning. Maura made a face and took a deep breath, doing her best to fight the pull of the deep brown eyes searching hers.

"I don't think…." Another step and they were flush again. Maura felt dizzy. There it was. Jane's eyes flickered downward and then back up again. Maura caught the hiccup before it came out.

"Maura." A throaty caution. Her knees went weak. So close. She couldn't stop herself from looking down quickly. Lush red lips, right there. A few breaths away. She wasn't losing this game, she'd already lost it. If she didn't give up now and get some space, she could not be held accountable for her actions. With a resigned sigh, Maura willed her body to relax. The edges around Jane's eyes softened when she saw the blonde crumble.

"Jane, it was just…." Maura was not one to believe in karma, but when her cell chose that exact second to ring, she'd never felt luckier. The irritation in the brunettes face gave Maura her confidence back and she went to smoothly slid out of Jane's almost embrace, but a swift hand slammed down, stopping her.

"Oh no. Let it ring. You finish this first." Hazel eyes locked on brown but the impromptu stare-down was interrupted when Jane's cell turned traitor and chirped to life. Emboldened, Maura sent a smirk of her own. Jane fought it, she did. She was too stubborn not too. The decision to ignore whatever hell had just broken loose in Boston in favor of keeping Maura pinned seemed to be weighing heavily on her. But a second ring to both of their cells made the decision for her and with a childish stamping of her foot she swiped up the offending item.

"Rizzoli!" She bit out and Maura grinned and answered her call as well. Not a surprise that if they were both called, within minutes of each other, at night, it meant a murder. Maura couldn't help but feel a tad guilty. She'd never been so happy to go look at a dead body. Well, maybe the first cadaver she'd gotten to see, that had been fairly exciting. As they both hung up and made for their respective rooms, a swift clothing change in the works for both of them, Jane pointed her finger at the ME with a promising glare.

"We aren't finished here." Maura barely had time to swallow at the dark look in her gaze before Jane had disappeared into the next room. For the what ever time tonight, she sighed and trudged into her own room.