How Vlad Met Luna

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Saturday night in Madison, Wisconsin a party is going on at city hall a lot of people are there. Enjoying themselves Vlad Masters is talking to Paul Redwood the dean of the Andy Sandler School of Art.

Paul is tall his hair is short brown his eyes are green he's wearing a gray suit, a blue shirt, a purple necktie, and brown shoes. Vlad wants one of the artists of the school to do his portrait; Paul told him that he would see what artists would like to do his portrait.

They stop talking to each other and walked away from each other Paul sat down at a table. One of his best friends Emily Curry is sitting at the same table Emily is tall her hair is shoulder length red. Her eyes are gray she's wearing a glittery silver dress, amethyst necklace, amethyst earrings, and silver high heels.

"Hi, Paul", she said to him "hi, Emily where's Luna at", he said to her. "She's over on the other side of the room talking to one of her students", she said to him. Luna is tall her is black in one big braid her eyes are light brown. She's wearing a blue dress, gold star earrings, and black slipper shoes.

She had finished talking to that student she talk to people she's knows. After Vlad had talk to Paul he talks to Toby Foxglove a businessman he knows. Vlad had notice Luna walked by him earlier he had finished talking to Toby.

Vlad walked over to where Luna is standing at he gently tapped her. On her shoulder she turned around and saw a very handsome man. Standing there in front of her she blushes at him; "excuse me my dear may I have this dance?" he asked her. "Yes, you may", said to him he takes her hand in his hand he led her to the dance floor.

They dance for a while after he let go of her hand "thank you, for the dance", she said to him. "You're welcome my dear", he said to her kissing her on her hand. She blushes again at him they went different ways; Luna came to the table that Paul and Emily. Are sitting at she sat down next to her; "do you know who that man was that you were dancing with?" Paul said to Luna.

"No, I don't know him do you know him", she said to him "yes I do that was Vlad Masters", he said to her. "Oh, that's who I was dancing with", she said to him "yes it was he really likes you I can tell", said Emily to Luna. "Yeah right a rich guy likes me", she said to her, "but he does I notice the way he was looking at you".

"When, he notice you earlier", she said to her "sure he did he's not interested in someone like me". "He's only into other rich and famous people like him", she said to her. "Well, you never know that he does, or doesn't like someone like you", she said to her.

Later that night everyone left city hall and went home; the next day Paul is his office. At his desk working on paperwork he's been thinking about which artists would like to do Vlad's portrait. It hit him who would do it he got up from his chair he left his office.

He went down the hall to the right came to Luna's studio he went in the room, and saw that she's with students. She notices him standing not far from her she left her students. For a bit she came over to him; "would you like to do Vlad Masters portrait?" he asked her.

"Yes, I'll do his portrait", she said to him Paul is glad that she will do the painting. He left her studio and went back to his office; Luna went back to teaching her students.