"So what are you going to name your ghost half?" she asked her. "I guess I'll called my ghost half Wolfmoon", she said to her. "I like the name it fits you nicely", she said to her Athena turned back to her human form. "I'll keep the book in my room you can read it anytime you want to", she said to her.

Luna unlocks and opens her door; Athena left her mother's room. She went back in her room she turned into her ghost form. She phases through the floor she phases out into her dad's lab under his study. She hears and smells someone coming she hides behind one of the machines. In the room she sees her dad standing there he turned into his ghost form.

He fly fast through his ghost portal into the Ghost Zone. Athena couldn't believe it that her dad is Vlad Plasmius. She came out behind the machine she went over to the portal. She looks oddly at the swiveling green energy she fly through the portal.

She came out into the Ghost Zone she sees endless green sky. A lot of floating purple doors and rocks she fly to the left. She came to a part of the Ghost Zone were there's no floating doors. She came to a clock tower she went inside it she came to the middle of the tower. She landed on the floor she notices a viewing screen in the room.

She wonders what kind of ghost lives here; "hello, Wolfmoon or should I say Athena Masters". She hears her yellow eyes went wide at hearing this "she said that, and how do you know me?!" she demanded. "I did", she hears a ghost in a purple cloak appears in front of her.

He looks like a grandfather clock his eyes are completely red a scar on his left eye. He switched from an adult to a child "I know who you are because I am Clockwork". "The master of time", he said to her just then she turned back to her human form. "Oops!" she said she turned back to her ghost form. "I know a ghost who can help you in controlling your ghost powers", he said to her.

"You really think this ghost can help me with my powers?" she asked him. "Of course, he can help you", he said to her; Clockwork made a portal with his time staff. They went through it they came out into a cave; "Clockwork it's good to see you".

"And who's your young friend", they hear; a medium size ghost in a red cloak. Appears in front of them "Rusty it's good to see you and this is Wolfmoon she's a halfa". "She needs help with her powers", he said to him "yes I'll help her", he said to him.

Clockwork disappears from them; Athena notice Rusty's hair is light brown. In one long braid his eyes are completely purple he's wearing a red kimono. And black sandals; "can I see what your human form looks like?" he asked her. "I guess you can", she said to him she turned back to her human form.

Standing in front of him is a tall girl who's not wearing any makeup. Hair is black in two big braids her eyes are dark brown. She wearing a green shirt, gray overalls, and purple and white sneakers. "What's, your human name?" he asked, her "it's Athena Masters", she said to him. She turned back to her ghost form "it's nice to meet you". "I'll be teaching you everything that I know of", he said to her.

He led her to a different part of his cave they came in his training room. He taught her all the basics for a while later he led her back to when she came in. "Now that you know the way to my cave you can come to me anytime you want to", he said to her. "Thank you for helping me and I'll be back soon", she said to him. Rusty disappears from her; she turned invisible, and fly thought the ghost portal.

She came out into her dad's lab she phases up through the ceiling she phases out into her room. She comes uninvisible and turned back to her human form. She left her room she went in her mother's room she sat down next to her on her bed.

She told her where she has been at and meeting Clockwork and Rusty. Them helping her; "I was reading the book that Maddie give to us". "That world you told me about is called the Ghost Zone it's good that you some ghosts". "That would help you", she said to her "I'm glad that I did too", she said to her.

They got up from the bed and left the room they went down stairs to the kitchen. Athena went to Rusty everyday he taught her different martial arts. Fighting tactics and how to control her powers when she would get new powers; two years later Athena is thirteen years old now. She still goes to Rusty for help or to hang out with him she would go visit Clockwork sometimes.