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To the kind people who have been keeping up with the chapters and leaving reviews: y'all are fabulous.

Sindarin translation from Chapter 8:

Daro, nîn melethril. Renech nin, Brennil o Cúran? Tiro nin; lasto beth nin.

Wait, my love. Do you remember me, Lady of the Crescent Moon? Look at me; hear my voice [listen to me].

Many thanks to The Sindarin Dictionary ( and Liv Tyler. ;o)

The line "It was not the last time that he wished that!" in the third chapter is directly quoted from The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien; the last paragraphs of the epilogue (beginning with "Awake! Awake!") are from The Two Towers; other references are courtesy of The Silmarillion. In borrowing the characters and writing style for my story, I give humble thanks to the Professor and offer profuse apologies for the errors I'm sure he'd be able to point out.

Enóreth's necklace is indeed "The Heart of the Ocean" from Titanic, and the "fifty-six carats" line is a quote from the film. Once I decided on that little detail, my mental image of Enóreth started to look suspiciously like Kate Winslet. Hey, Kate's a fun lady; she'd make a good Enóreth.

Though I relied on the books for my interpretation of Legolas and tried to write him to fit the mental image of a Tolkien reader (e.g. notice that his hair colour is ambiguous and he has one knife, not two) I will admit that I had Orlando Bloom in mind. He is, after all, the image of Legolas that attracts Mary Sues right and left. And he kinda kicks ass, so what the hey.

Enóreth is an homage to every author who keeps the Lounge's Mary Sue room full to bursting. Because really, where would we parody writers be without you?

I wrote The Story of Legolas and Enóreth in the fond hope that it would follow in the footsteps of other excellent LOTR fan fiction parodies. Much inspiration came from Kielle's Nine Men and a Little Lady (, Triskelion's Middle-earth Meets Mary Sue (, and Cassie Claire's The Very Secret Diaries ( Read them. They're a scream.

And finally, the images of Enóreth clinging to Legolas' ankle and Legolas tied to a pillar with his tunic undone are dedicated to my dear friend Nicola, who has a Legolas trap set up in her back yard. Nicky, if you do catch him, make sure you remember to feed him and clean out his cage every so often and above all keep him away from the beachfront, because he will insist on leaping into the surf if he so much as hears a seagull. Silly Elf.