Mommy Issues

The train rushed along in the darkness, a steady stream of light illuminating the countryside. Like a river, it ran straight on toward the gleaming tower of light that was Tokyo. Gradually the passengers could see more and more houses, then suburbs, then skyscrapers. The train pulled into the downtown station, and when the doors opened, the interior was flooded with announcements, conversations, shouts, and clatter. The doors shut again, and the noise abruptly faded. The train started off again through the city. Three stops later the train arrived at the edge of an affluent suburb, where suited businessmen rose to exit, eyes glued to their phones. Shiori also stood, checked her bags, and bustled off the train. In her heels, she was soon outpaced by the businessmen, and she was alone on the dark streets. Shiori was so absorbed in thinking of dinner plans that she didn't hear the footsteps behind her. She didn't have time to scream.