Charmed AU

They call her the fallen angel, even though she never fell.


It happens too fast. One second, Sam is standing in front of Myka and the next, he's gone.

His last word echoes around her in his usual gentle tone.


Both are Myka's least favorite things about him. He only does them when he disapproves of her. Ordinarily, she relents. He was her idol. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

But when he told her that he was a demon and she was a powerful witch, she can't really excuse the madness that came out of his mouth. And that wasn't the craziest part because then, he held out his hand to her and said, "Together, we can create a hell on earth."

She had retreated away from him, one hand reaching for her phone and the other reaching for her gun.

"I think that perp hit you harder than you think," she said. "I'm going to call for an ambulance, okay?"

He responded by flicking his hand and both Myka's phone and gun flew across the room. When Myka looked at him again, his eyes had turned black.

That was when she felt a surge of electricity run through her body. She thought it was from the shock and a very intense annoyance over him calling her bunny. She wasn't quite right.

He shook his head and clucked his tongue. "Bunny," he said again as he took a step towards her.

She warned him to stay back but he didn't. He kept moving forward.

Myka didn't think that raising her hands would make him stop. But when her back hit the wall, that was all she could do. Besides, it didn't seem like he was lying about being a demon so she might really be a witch like he said.

To her surprise, it worked. Well, sort of.


They call her that because she was born in the dark, and when you grow up in that type of darkness, it never leaves you. Or so they say.

She rejected that notion and proved them wrong.

She soared into the heavens and demanded to be redeemed of the sin that we all bear; the sin of birth.


She blew up her boyfriend. With her hands.

As if that wasn't enough of a shock, a smarmy English lady shimmers into existence right in front of her five seconds later, exclaiming, "Finally!"

Myka tries to blow her up too. Not intentionally. It was a knee jerk reaction. Apparently, that's what she does now when she is scared.

Like Sam, the woman bursts into black specks of dust and disappears altogether. Myka panics. How is she going to explain it to Captain Dickinson that she pulverized both her partner and some random woman within a minute?

But then a voice announces from behind her, "I am afraid that does not work on me."

She turns and finds the woman again.

"Thank god," Myka says, heaving a sigh of relief, before realizing that there is still imminent danger even if she didn't unintentionally kill someone again.

She raises her hands.

"Please don't," the woman says. "It is rather unpleasant when you do that, even if it doesn't kill me."

"Are you a demon too?" Myka asks.

The woman shakes her head, "No," a smile curling up her lips, "well, it is a complicated issue."

"Simplify it," Myka demands.


It wasn't good that she longed for. She found that good was easier to corrupt than evil.

(That was not difficult to figure out. Nothing is easier to taint than the colour white, and the so called authority of good wears it with pride. )

She hated the thought of being that malleable.

But ever since she can remember, she has had this dream of a light that shines over the darkness within her, and it tempts her greatly.

The first whitelighter she met — also the one who was supposed to be her first kill — explained it to her. It was the light of her charge.


"In short, I am your guardian angel," Helena (that's her name, the smarmy English lady) says.

Helena told Myka that she is a Charmed One, one of the three powerful witches who are destined to protect innocents from the big bad evil. The other two are her older brother and younger sister. They were separated at birth for their safety.

"Pete," that's her brother (her sister's name is Claudia), "is not going to be happy that I found you first."

Pete isn't Helena's biggest fan. And apparently Myka is at her most vulnerable at the moment, so she should stay away from anyone who could sway her to the dark side.

Myka laughs wryly, "I think someone already beat you to that."

Helena's forehead creases, "Was that why you called for me?"

Myka nods, and tells her about Sam.

The smirk on Helena immediately disappears. "Where is he?" she asks, that playful lilt in her words completely transformed into a menacing tone.

"Whoa," Myka takes her hand, "I'd already gotten rid of him. So I'm all good."

She laughs, amused by Helena's sudden protectiveness. She did call for help after all, and when the angel appeared, the first thing she told Myka was not to calm down. She didn't even try to explain carefully who Myka is. Myka had to ask first. No, the first thing that she told Myka was that Pete, the brother Myka wasn't even aware of then, owed her ten bucks because she found Myka before him.

Helena looks at Myka's hand, the one that is holding hers, and her smile returns.

"I am glad I finally found you," she says.

Myka blushes for some reason, and pulls her hand away.

"Well, it would have been better if you came earlier."


She asked him how to reach it.

And he said, "Good."

She spent the next hundred years fighting all the instincts she was born with, to prove that she can be good, just so she can ready herself for this light that has always haunted her dreams.

It was not the easiest thing to do. Her family and friends disowned her. They even tried to kill her. And when she turned to the whitelighters, they turned her away, saying that she could never be good.

It was a long lonely road.

But when the light touches her and she realizes that it was no longer a dream — that this is real, and she is no longer staring longingly at someone who is out of reach — she knows that it was all worth it.