IMPORTANT: Tatenashi's real name is KATANA!

In the Light Novel, she is the 17th leader of Sarashiki family. Behind the cover of a traditional family with a long history, it's actually a secret organization fighting against another secret (this one evil) organization known as Phantom Task. It is revealed that her name, Tatenashi, is not her real name: it's tradition that the eldest sibling of the Sarashiki family must replace his/her name with Tatenashi when he/she becomes head of the family. At the final part of the Volume 8, she reveals her true/former name to Ichika: Katana Sarashiki.

Chapter 1: My new family

The silence between us is comfortable. Not as other silence that I had during her funeral or when I was in her clinic. Bizarrely, after I cried on her tomb, I felt better. Some minute after, I went to Sarashiki-san limo.

He was waiting for me, leaning against it. He smiled to me and opened the door of the limo for me. At that moment, I recognized that I never doubted of him. This man has a charisma very powerful, a bit like Tabane-san, except that Tabane-san is almost always a hyperactive and happy girl so she shows this part of her not really often.

"Here's your new home."

His voice made me jumped in surprise. I followed his sight and I looked through the window to see my 'new home'.

At the beginning, I saw nothing then it appeared in my sight.

My 'new' house is a manor. Tall, with a European style, it is perfect with the landscape; forest around it and a small lake near of the manor.

An aura of peace and mystery rounds it... I have an impression being in a fairy tale that Nee-sama read to me when she was not sick. I think that talked about a princess who sleeps in her castle, waiting for a prince who will kiss her to wake up her.

'Nee-Sama..' I felt my heart squeezed but before I continue to think of her, Sarashiki-san placed his hands on my shoulders. He smiled and smiled too with gratitude. This man knows when he needs to do something to get away me from my not very happy thought.

I returned towards the window to see what will happen now. The limo slowly stopped ahead of the manor, and then the door of our limo opened.
It was the first time I saw a real butler. Black coat, white shirt, black hair and black eyes, serious air on his face; He didn't seem surprised or change his face when he saw me!

Wait, maybe Sarashiki-san tells him about me... Whatever, everything about him just said he was a butler.

"Welcomes home, Master."

"Hello, Severus."

Sarashiki-san got out of the limo and he tended his hand towards me. "Let's go, Ichika."

I took his hand in mine and got out of the limo. We slowly started to walk on a very, very big alley. "As you don't tell me that you arrived today before today, all other servants cannot wait for you because they are occupying with the party."

I have almost the impression that this butler called Severus is scolding Sarashiki-san... It's a bit troubling me that people can scold someone like Sarashiki-san.

"Are my daughter in the party?"

This man has daughters? Big new… It's something I didn't see in the Web...

Wait!... if they are his daughter and he is my new family; this wants to say that... that.. they are my sisters?

But... I don't... I can't... to replace her... nobody can be her... I had only one nee-sama and her name is Chifuyu Orimura.

From very far in my mind, I heard that: "Katana-sama is there but not Kanzashi-sama."

So their names are Katana and Kanzashi...

I raised my eyes to see Sarashiki-san smiling. This man... I knew what he did and he knows that I can't accept this. So why? Why?


I looked at Sarashiki's face and he smiled to me. "Severus will show you your room then you will go to see your sisters."

'Your sister...' My decision is taking and nothing can change it; I shall go away from here.

Sarashiki-san released my hand and with a last smile, he went away. I felt sorry for him but it's your fault, Sarashiki-san, not mine.

"Ichika-sama? We must go."

Severus-san tendered his hand and I took it. His hand is bigger and rougher than Sarashiki-san's hands. It's a bit like this that I imagined my father's hand, when I was a boy who thought that his parents will come back.

I shook my head. It's really not the moment to think to that...

Severus-san released my hand several seconds to open the door for me then he retook my hand. Heck, this man is fast... I need to get away when he don't look at me.

We slowly entered in manor and I stopped to walk. 'Where am I?'

All is gilt, big, beautiful… Where am I? I had impression that I'm in fairy tale then… Severus-san squeezed my hand and the charm of this hall stopped.

I must focus on one thing, and not be interested by this house or everything in it.

"Here's is the hall."

We slowly walked on the carpet and Severus-san started to talk about all things in the rooms we walked in. I don't when I stopped to hear him just let him lead me.

"Here's is your chamber, Ichika-sama."

We are ahead of a white door, in a corridor where 2 other doors like mine are. In head of my disinterest, Severus-san sighed and then he opened the door.

I kept my breath when I saw my chamber.

T.V who is in the middle of the room, a computer on a desk that is under a window, all the wall paint with white colour, a big, big bed in a corner of the room... and the games. Video games, figurines, stuffed animals…

It's really my room? Because it's the room I always dream to have…

"On the bed it's another clothes for you, change yourself then come back in the corridor. I will lead you to your sisters."

He went out of the room with the same pace he entered, without stress. This man is truly professional…

I looked around me to see the bed with another little tuxedo on it.

This chamber, this tuxedo… all here is not normal. How Sarashiki-san's servant could make a room like this with only some hours? With only 2 days?

Here's only one explanation. Sarashiki-san knew that my sister was dying and he wanted to adopt me since… I don't know.

'I would not accept his proposition…'

My decision to get away is a good idea and nobody can change my mind now.

I opened the window. My room in the rez-de-chaussee but this wall is always tall… But I think I can beat my vertigo and just jump.

*toc* *toc*

My heart missed a beat and my whole body froze when I heard this little noise.

"Do you have ended to change you, Ichika-sama? Or do you need help?"

"N-No, Ael… all is right… I practically end it."

I wait that my heart stop to beat too hard and that I heard Severus-san's footstep got away to jump from my window.

I fell on the herb, my knees and my palms. My right knee is bleeding a bit but I raised and I ran away as speed as possible without looking at him. Nobody can substitute my sister and says 'I'm your new family.'


My ankle... shit! It's surely a root that made me fall. Shit, shit, shit, shit!

I gnawed on my teeth to not cry and I tried to raise but I just fell. My heart started to beat too strong and I have a headache. 'I must call before do something.'

I take my head between my hand and I started to breathe deeply.

I don't know after how many minute my heart started to beat normally but at least, I can raise now. I used a tree as handrail and I rose slowly. My ankle is not broke, I'm sure about it, but it's hurt... I must walk slowly and quietly to not hurt me anymore.

I looked around me to have an idea of where I was.

I'm arrived in a strange place. I was in a glade, near of a steam, or either a little river. I have impression to be in countryside but I'm sure the limo didn't do more than 15 Km after we got away from Tokyo.

I even don't know if I got away from the domain or if I'm yet in it! I squeezed my hand in anger and I hit a rock near from me.


I fell on the ground and I squeezed my hand hurting very tighten. I must not yell. They shall notice that I'm not there, in the manor, so they surely research me now.

Shit, shit and shit! I'm just the great baka in the World! Shit, shit, and shit!

Then something popped up in my mind; that was painful as Hell, but that allowed me to think clearly. 'What would you do in this situation, Nee-sama?'

"Don't approach her!"

Today was really a beautiful and normal day of autumn... a perfect day for me, until I remembered that today there was a party in our home.

I don't like party, I never love it and it's not now that I will start to like it.

I don't know why but it's like that. Maybe it's because of her...

I don't know when I started to don't love being with my sister.

When I couldn't look at her directly anymore.

When I started to feel painful about bearing the same family name that her.

Her... My sister is the perfect girl that everybody loves from the moment they see her. She's too perfect and I'm too useless... she is also very cute, with her blue hair and dark red eyes like me.

But me, I have a strange look like with my two hairpins on both sides of my head (right and left) and my pair of glasses. Everybody who see me think that; 'Nobody wears a pair of glasses, now!' But I can't remove them; after all, it is the last gift of Mother.

She said these glasses are special, and it is true. They are a holographic display's.. cell phone, a GPS and a library on my favorite anime and manga. I can to see them or read without that someone notice it!

I was so happy when Mother gave me this. Really so happy! She gave me them before last year... before her accident.


I shook my head and tried to read my book, Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles, but the thing that make me got away from this party stay in my mind.

Today, some friends of our parents came and their way to look at my sister, to talk with her, to compliment her... that made envy to vomit. Next to my sister, I'm a ghost that nobody can see or want to see.

After all, she is the future head of our clan, the great clan Sarashiki.

So, I left to go in my secret place.

My secret place is a little river, near of the end of our domain. It's a place where I can think without be annoyed by other people or by my sister. In all Sarashiki mansions I have a secret place, but here is my favorite.

I sat down on a grey rock and opened my book. Yet, people will think that nobody can read a book now, because we have PAD and all things like this, but for me, the best way to read something is to read it in a book.

"What is the subject of your book?"


I raised my head to see a man who smiled then approached me. I felt my heart began to beat harder because his smile was a smile I know very well. It's the smile that people put on their face when they lied or tried to talk with without condescension. A smile that I hate so much, because it's only to me that people gave this smile.

My sister has always the right to have true smile of people.

"So, what is its subject?"

He approached me a little more and put his hand in his pocket. Now, I know that I must run away but... Why? What will happen if I come back to our home? Why will happen if this man kidnaps me? Is Father will occupied and will not pay attention to it or he will try to save me?

Is someone who will notice that I will not come back to the home?

Anyway, surely that people will be more interested to protect or save Tatenashi-nii than me.

I, I can die, no, I'm allow to die but Tatenashi-nii is not allowed to.

"Don't approach her!"

Wha-? I know this voice... onee-san?

I turned the head where the voice came to see my onee-san, not far from us.

(Ichika POV)

I silently go to the place where came the voice; the little cascade.

I approached it and I noticed that the glade, where I am, is separated in 2 plateaus. The one where I'm is the higher and I must jump a tiny cliff to arrive to another plateau where is a little girl with blue hair on a rock and a man who's approaching her.

From my place, I can see them very well. The little girl on a rock has blue, short hair and she wears a white dress with small sandals because even if it's autumn, the weather is always warm.

I can't see her eyes but her face shows fear.

I looked at the man and I understand why the little girl is afraid.

He has a knife in his right hand and all of him show that he has a bad intention.

What would I do for her? How I can help her?

"I said to not approach her!"

I turned the head and I saw the other girl who yelled. Blue and short hair, like the other girl, but she seems more old.

How I can help them? I'm sure that even with the older, it would be difficult to get out from this situation. Even if I must run away from this place, nee-sama always said that I'm a man so I must help girls who are at stake.

The man with the knife didn't pay attention to the older girl and continue to approach slowly the younger that didn't move a bit.

An idea popped up in my head: I know what I shall do.

As a sleepwalker, I jumped the small cliff then I started to run towards the man, without pay attention to my ankle, and when the man saw me, it was too late for him.

When I arrived ahead him, I jumped and I knocked his crotch. He dropped his knife and he fell on the knees by cursing me. Before he can do anything, I knocked his face 2 times and he fell, the face against the ground.

'I beat him just like this...?! I didn't know that I have this strength...'

I returned towards the two blue haired girls but before I can see them well, I heard the youngest yells.

The man's hand pushed me of the way and I hit the rock where the youngest girl sat. One instant I saw blue star then I opened my eyes that closed when I hit the rock. A liquid with a metallic taste is in my mouth and my view is fuzzy.

But I really well saw the gun that the man pointed on the girls who ran away from here.

I rose by relying on the rock. My leg and my head are hurting me and I have envy to abandon... but I just can let this man shot on these girls.

I took a small pebble in my hand and I approached the man. I saw his hand tensed and in his face that he will shoot soon. When I was behind him, I hit him in the back, with the pebble. He cried, released his gun and returned towards me.

He gave me a hit on the face but I didn't feel it. It's like I'm here, fighting with this young man, and in the same time I'm really far from here.

He gave me many knock and hit but I didn't feel them more than the first. The only thing I felt was when I hit him again and again until he took a blow on his temple.

I felt happy to hit him and saw him bleeding.

When he collapsed because of his wound on his temple, I felt the pain.

The pain was in my leg then it quickly came in my whole body and the last thing I saw was the face of the girls, stupefaction on their faces and in their red and dark, very dark eyes.


He looks like so cute when he is sleeping... It's one of thing I can add in the list of what I find good of him. The one is the bravery. It's not everybody that can attack a man who is taller and especially who look likes more strong than you. The second is that he is mysterious. A cute little boy went out from the forest and he protected my little sister, Kanzashi, as he had nothing more important in the life to do.

"He not yet wakes up?"

I jumped in surprise. This voice..? I jumped from the mysterious boy's bed and I ran to Father's arms. "Father!"

He laughed and embraced me gently. 2 months and 13 days... it's the time I didn't see him. It's so good, to see him again and especially, to see his smiled again.

After several seconds, he released me. "Where is Kanzashi?"

I put a false smile on my lips and I said: "She is with Honne-chan. She is still a bit shocked by what happened..."

I returned towards boy's bed and I sat down and Father sat down next to me. "I see... what are you angry, my dear?"

How he...? I tried to hide my feelings so hard but Father yet saw them... It seems that I have still many to learn before I can beat him in this.

"Yes, you have still many things to learn, dear."

I smiled. "You're really scary when you do that, Father."

"Do what?"

I rolled my eyes. It's not like he doesn't know what I'm talking about; reading mind is truly something that he does well. I can understand why businessmen are afraid by Father.

Anyway, it's not the main subject...

"Have you something to ask, dear?"

Stupid mind reading ability... I took a breath then I started to speak. "How this man entered in the park?"

Father laughed then said: "What a honest question..." He pointed the boy in the bed and asked slowly; "Do you know his name?"

Father didn't answer to my question... I tilted my head and he continued; "His name is Ichika Sarashiki and he is your brother."

'Our brother? Wha-?'

Father put his hand and ruffled my hair. "Go search you sister, Tatenashi. And... Don't say it to her; I want this to be a surprise."

"Okay, Father."

I slowly went out from the room. My mind is filled with questions that have no answers.

'My brother... Since when I had a brother?! It's impossible that Father had cheated on mom... right?'

It's impossible to know with Father... He never allowed someone to see his true self. He just doesn't reveal himself to someone... except mom. Heck, only mom could read Father mind or talk with him by knowing what he is thinking! She was really the only one... but she is not there anymore.

If this boy is the result of a sin of father, what I would do?

Shall I accept him?

Shall I hate him?


Nha, impossible, he is just too cute.


It's the light who wakes up me from my sleep without dreams. Then it was the pain in my right leg.

I half-opened my eyes to see that I'm a room I didn't know.

Then the memories came... I'm in the manor, in my room. I reminded what happened yesterday and I removed the coverlet that is on me. I wear a black pajama and on my right ankle is a splint.

At this moment, the door opened and Sarashiki-san entered in the room. He smiled when he saw me. "Glad that you woke up... My daughters wanted to look after you all the night but I convinced them to sleep in their room."

Huh? He is not upset? Why he did not threw me back after my fugue?

"Sarashiki-san, why?" He put his fingers on my lips and smiled. "Now that you're a part of my family, you must call me Father."

Father... I never had a father... may I really trust him? And what is it strange feeling in my heart? I have so many questions...

"Katana, Kanzashi, you can enter."

The two girls I met in the glade entered. The big one is smiling and the other one blushed a bit. Now I can see them well.

Both of them have blue hair, red dark eyes and a pout on the lips. The younger have short hair, and in contrast to the older, the older, hers is curled inwards.

WAIT one second! They are his daughters?!

Sarashiki-san rose and placed his hands on their heads."Did you sleep well?"

""Well, father.""

He smiled and removed his hands.


Tatenashi-san, no, Father come back to me and placed his hands on my shoulder then he smiled to his daughter. It's the second time is his eyes seemed being filled with gentleness. The first time was when he was with me, in her ahead of her tomb.

I believed that this man shows his feelings too easily but in fact... This man is an excellent actor. I wonder what are his other talents... anyway, this man isn't an idiot and I think I understand why he is unbeatable in business; this man is an excellent liar too.

"Ichika is a new part of our family. He is... your new brother."

Wha? Just like this? He just said that frankly? No lies or another thing of this kind?

"Our brother...?"

I turned the head to Kanzashi-chan, the one of the sisters who wears glasses. Her face is indecipherable and her eyes are hiding by her glasses. Heck, I would see them... Nee-sama said once time that eyes are doors to see the soul of a person.

Kanzashi-chan clasped her hands together in front of her chest and softly played with her fingers.

*Jiii*. She stared at me like I'm an exotic animal...what's with that?

"Oh, we have a cute little bro-"

Huh? The other one approached me without I noticed it and now she is touching my cheek!

"Says 'hello' to Katana-nee, Ichi-chan!" She did movement of the hand towards her little sister then said; "And to your Imouto-chan too!"

She is kind with me... why?

"Oh, are you a bit shy? Don't worry, this onee-san will help you!"

Why my heart is feeling so well?

"Father, Kanzashi-chan and me, may we show him the home?"

Am I... accepted?

"Yes, but you can't urge him to run until he'll walk without his splint."


Something soft and warm touched my hands. I looked at them and to see a small hand taking my right hand and another a bit bigger taking the other.

"Ichi-chan, we'll show you the dining room and my room too!"

Why your room too?

"Comes, nii-san."

It seems they accepted me... And I accepted them.

It's like this that my life as a Sarashiki started.


A man, swearing black clothes of butler, entered in a room illumined with the only one light of a computer. On this computer are several video that all shows a little boy who save 2 little girls from a man who has a gun.

It's easy to recognize a little river behind them and that all the kids swear clothe for a party, even if the boy had clothe that are darker, sadder.

The butler who entered in the room carries a tray that has a porcelain cup on it. He slowly approached the person who is ahead of the computer and he placed the cup next to one of the hand of the person. This person slowly returned towards his butler and he took the cup.

This person has blue dark hair and very dark red eyes. He wears a black tuxedo and he has a ring with a blue stone on his ring finger.

"Did you erase all information on Takyo Tsu? I don't want that someone discover that I engaged this man for that he did this." he said by showing the computer.

"All is right. Takyo Tsu doesn't exist anymore."


After this, the butler returned towards the door but the other man called him. "Severus, call the best Martial arts teachers for Ichika. I don't want that his talent and his skills are forgotten."

The butler lowered his head and said with his eyes that looked at the ground: "Yes, Sarashiki-sama." Then he made a bow towards his master.

Sarashiki-san rose from his chair and walked round his desk. Suddenly, he stopped and he returned towards his butler who continued to wait for a new order of his master. "Also Severus, can I have your opinion on today? On Ichika?"

The butler remade a bow. "Of course, Sarashiki-sama."

The blue haired sat down and crossed his legs. "So, what do you think?" he said with restlessness.

"I think it was dangerous for Katana-sama, Kanzashi-sama and especially for Ichika-sama. After all, he lost his sister 2 days ago. Nobody can be sure of what a kid who lost his family can do and will do, but this well ended."

The blue haired laughed then said with a smile: "You're always so direct and frank..."

If another man saw his smile, he would think that Sarashiki-sama is joking, but he isn't. It's simple to know this by looking at his eyes. A sharp glint could be seen from the eyes that belonged to the Sarashiki.

"It's my work to serve you and never ask something you don't want to say, Tatenashi-sama."

The man blue haired sighed then drunk in his glass. "And I'm happy of your faithful. I hope your daughters will be always like you with my daughters..."

"Honne and Utsuho will be faithful to Kanzashi-sama and Tatenashi-sama."

They are already faithful to them, and it's good like this, thought the butler. My daughters forget their problems when they are with Master's daughters, because they think Tatenashi's and Kanzashi's problems are more important.

However, they all lost their mother... How strange children can be. At least, I think Ichika-sama can help them. Something in his eyes just says that he can do something Hokuto-sama and me, we not arrived to do.

Healing their moral wounds.

Sarashiki-sama broke his thought by saying: "I know. They are your daughters, after all..."

As the blue haired don't added nothing, the butler slowly went out of the room and sighed. His master is always hesitant when the subject touches his daughter even if he didn't hesitate a very long time to engage this man, Takyo Tsu, a young soldat.

Only some people know this information and it's better like this.

Only God knows what people would do, knowing these.

Sarashiki-sama tells him it was a game and he was an actor in this game. An actor that needs to scary Kanzashi-sama and that Ichika-sama saw them. Takyo Tsu played this game with art until Katana-sama yelled and that Ichika-sama arrived ahead of him.

'I yet don't understand how Ichika-sama arrived to not feel pain and practically killed the guy. Surely that Sarashiki-sama didn't say all the truth...'

The butler shook his head. Whatever his master hid, it's not his problem. The role of a butler is to serve his master against winds and tides, without asking question. Master's choices become his choices. Master's ideas become his ideas.

Regardless what the butler thinks, it's his duty and he will make it.

Well, now I must go to iron news paper for Hokuto-sama. After all, he likes when his news papers are well flat.

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And here's an omake I did some days ago.

Omake: The bath

'Haa...I'm so tired today...'

Since my leg healed, Tatenashi-nee and Kan-chan want to show me every things in the domain. In same time, I have my lessons so it's a bit too much for me. But I can't arrive to say 'stop' to them. I wonder why...

Maybe because I like when they are with me.

Tatenashi-nee is such a carefree person, yet she's so strict when we are training in the dojou and during our lessons.

Kanzashi.. Well she is the opposite of Tatenashi-nee. While her older sister is cheerful and talkative, she's a serious person and doesn't talk to people very much. In fact, at beginning of our cohabitation, I believed that she was shy but, in fact, she can be like Katana-nee. Cheerful and joyceful.

Anyway, I'm in the onsen of the manor, trying to relax but the only thing I do is just thinking to them... Yeah, the manor has an onsen.

There is a large bath in the room, 2 medium-sized baths that had massaging and air-bubbling functions respectively, and one hinoki bath. Furthermore, there was also a sauna, a body shower and even a waterfall-style massage water pillar.


"Ha~I~ I'm here to take a bath."


The bathroom door suddenly opened, and Katana-nee with a towel around her body came in.

"Why are you here?"

"I'm going to take a bath~"

How she can said that so innocently and without hesitation? Wait.. Take a bath.. With me? The only one that took a bath with me was Chifuyu-nee... A long time ago... when she was still alive.

I shook my head and smiled. Nothing can bring back her. It's like that and I must accept that.

Anyway... Wait one second, I'm NAKED!


"Ara ara, you're really a shy introverted person. Okay, show everything you have to onee-san."

"I.."I stopped to cry and look at her, then I sighed deeply. Impossible to be in anger against this girl, not when she smiles like this.

I returned towards the wall to not see her and I tried top relax, trying to don't think to her.

I heard her who slowly entered in the water and approached me.

Her arms reached over from behind my back skillfully, and the finger seemed to be drawing something on my back.

I don't what I would do if she wasn't my sister. Surely that I'd campletely panick.

"Ne Nee-san.. Can you just go out?"

"I'll go once I take my bath."

It feels like resistance is futile.

"I got it...whatever you want..."

"Aha ~"

I sighed and tried to relax, one thing I tried to have since a long time now.


"Nii-san, are you here?"

I turned my head to the door to see a shocked Kanzashi. As Tatenashi-nee, she wears a towel. "N-nee-chan... Ni-san.. What are you doing?"

"I'm taking a bath with Ichi-chan~!"

How she can say this like that? Anyway, I must clear up before all this become a misunderstanding for Kanzashi-chan.

I pointed Katana-nee and I said:" She forced me."

"OH, it's not true... you're so mean, Ichi-chan~!"

Ufufu. Katana-nee laughed a bit then she looked at a less shocked Kanzashi-chan and smile. "Do you want to have a bath with us, Kan-chan~?"

It's like that, this evening ended with my 2 sisters in the onsen with me.

One is laughing and the other one is ignoring me.

Strangely, both of them are blushing... Nha, they just have warm because it's hot here.

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