Finn moved around frequently in his restless sleep.

A sweat pool began to form, and he occasionally made a moaning sound.

Easy to understand when you knew what he was dreaming about.

The vampire lay unmoving on the cold, concrete ground. A wooden stake lay through her heart.

"Gh...No!" He groaned.

A masked man grabbed Flame Princess's still body and threw it into a lake, where it sank.

Finn started to punch the air. Jake just turned over in his pillow, trying to ignore him.

There he was, Baby Finn. Aww...

Then there was his parents, carrying him. Actually, just his mother. They were running, and running fast. His mother tripped and Finn flew through the air, yards away. A figure caught up with his mom and a scream rang out.

Princess Bubblegum sat at her desk late at night, writing a paper of sorts. A figure made very quiet steps. Suddenly, the Princess's ears perked. She hesitated. "Marceline?"

The figure lunged forward with a knife. "Guess again."

The next thing the boy knew he'd woken up in his bed, wet and confused. "Jake! Jake! The princesses are in..."

Then he realized he'd simply been dreaming, and Jake wasn't in bed anyway. He was downstairs, probably making breakfast. Finn breathed a sigh of relief. He hopped out of bed and down the ladder, and saw a plate of bacon and eggs, and a glass of orange juice on their dining table. Finn licked his lips.

He noticed Jake was listening to someone over the phone. "Hey bro, who is it?" Jake glanced at him, and said nothing. After a few seconds Jake said "I'll tell him, we'll be over soon..." and he hung up.

Jake shuffled his feet, and Finn realized a few tears were going down his face. Suddenly Finn went into panic mode. "What is it? Is something wrong? Are the princesses okay?"

Jake gasped. "How did you... You knew they were killed last night?"

The words barely registered to Finn, who proceeded to faint on the ground. "Finn! Finn, wake up buddy!"

And then everything went dark. Finn didn't want to wake up, then the boy would have to face reality...

The Princesses and Marceline had been murdered.

He didn't know who and he didn't care. But one thing was certain: THEY WERE GOING TO DIE