Mr. 96: Sorry, Ultimately Annihilated fans, this fic is cancelled. I am afraid that this, my finest work, is also the one most laden with flaws. Discontinuities, relationships I tried to explain but didn't really get across…and to top it all off, I recently found out that there is actually no way in hell someone like Nigo could have ever come to be. So, I'm starting anew, right from chapter 2-the last one that ever made any sense. But I will be keeping the old one up, as the Shana vs. Hollow Ichigo fight is a personal favorite of mine. Also, I am going against my sense and putting this version up for adoption. Anyone who wants this, send me a PM and I'll approve a draft or two, and give you an idea of what I wanted the Seishin-Ro to be. But! It's top secret, I can't tell you about it unless you swear you'll keep it that way!