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Okay, so I came up with the idea for this after making chapter 11 of Day at the Smash Mansion. I actually read a review from BipolarIke, and the idea hit me like a brick. Well, it was kinda slow. First, I laughed at how he/she suggested that Entei should go with Ike, who I had already decided on putting together. Ah, great minds think alike no? Then, I thought of how funny it would be if Marth was on a pokemon journey with Rayquaza and Ike was a gym leader. And a couple crazy thoughts later, Boom! The idea hit me like a brick. And there you have it.

Warning, This is not to be taken seriously. At all. Marth is going to act like a random Roy but he's ten so who can blame him? Some smashers will be pokemon, called Smashemon, hence the title, and if that bothers you then leave. Many characters will be OOC but this is Pokemon and SSB we're mixing here. Everything's already OOC.

Somewhere, on a continent called Smashoto, in a small town called Smashvile, a young blue haired boy turned ten years old and was ready to start his pokemon journey. He got out of bed excitedly and got ready. After that, he dashed out of his house, only to run into his sister.

"Samus? What are you doing?" Marth asked.

"Why am I doing this?" Samus thought as she held her Pikachu tightly. "Professor Mario wants you to hurry your ass up so he can let you pick your pokemon. Your new rival has already gotten his." She said.

"What?! Why didn't you say so?" Marth exclaimed and dashed off.

"Moron." Samus said.

"Piika!" Pikachu said.

"Professor Mario I'm here!" Prof. Mario exclaimed a curse and dropped his papers as soon as Marth slammed the door open.

"Ah, Marth, happy birthday!" Mario said, gathering his papers.

"Skip the shit and give me my pokemon." Marth said.

"Hasty little brat. Fine, fine. Pick your pokemon. You can choose from Oshawott, Cyndaquil, or Treeko." Prof. Mario said.

"I don't want those. I want the special ones!" Marth exclaimed.

"Special ones? Are you sure? You know they can't evolve." Mario said.

"I don't care." Marth said.

"Fine, here." Prof. Mario got out three pokeballs, all with a weird design. One of them was white with green spots, another was pink with a yellow star over the button, and one was blue with a yellow ring on it.

"Yoshi, Kirby, or-"

"Sonic! I want Sonic!" Marth said and snatched the blue pokeball.

Prof. Mario snickered."You sure? What about Kirby?" he asked.

"Screw him, I like speed!" Marth exclaimed.

"You chose the wrong type, Marth." Marth and Mario turned around. Marth growled as he glared at his rival. A Charmander stood by his side as he smirked at Marth.

"What do you mean by that? Sonic is a normal type, and he's way faster than Charmander!" Marth exclaimed.

"Yeah, but he lacks power! And I've already trained my Charmander! You're going down!" Red exclaimed. "Go Charmander!" Charmander jumped in front of his trainer, ready for battle.

"Alright, go-"

"WAIT!" Prof. Mario exclaimed. "I don't want my lab destroyed! Get out, now!" Marth and Red grumbled and left.

Samus was sitting outside when she saw her brother and Red walk out of the professor's lab.

"Alright! Let's battle!" Red said and his Charmander got ready to fight.

"Oh, boy. Marth doesn't know how to fight yet. I'd better help him." Samus mumbled to herself and got up.

"Alright, go Sonic!" Marth exclaimed and threw his pokeball. A fat and young hedgehog came out.

"Sonic's the name, speed's my game!" Sonic said.

"Okay, uh, how do I know what his moves are…?" Marth said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Prof. Mario threw something at Marth's face. "Here, it's called a pokedex. Go catch a lot of pokemon, fill the pages, blah blah, I'm getting to old for this." Marth pointed his pokedex at Sonic.

"Alright, use-"

"WAIT! Marth you don't even know how to fight! Let me help you!" Samus said as she ran over.

"For the love of Arceus! Make this quick, I'm trying to beat the crap out of your brother!" Red exclaimed.

"Oh don't get your panties in a bunch. Marth, look you need to-"

"Quiet woman! I've watched enough movies and played the games! I know how to fight!" Marth said.

"Fine. Go ahead." Samus said.

"Sonic, use Tackle!" Marth yelled. Sonic obeyed and tackled Charmander.

"Charmander, Ember!" Red yelled and Charmander shot fiery embers at Sonic.

"Sonic, dodge!" Samus yelled. Sonic got confused but dodged.

"Hey! It's my pokemon!" Marth exclaimed.

"Yeah, but you need to be able to last at least two turns! Now tell Sonic to use Taunt!" Samus said.

"Taunt? What does that do?" Marth asked. Red groaned.

"It's a signature move of all special pokemon, or, Smashemon as they are called. Taunt is a move your pokemon will always know no matter what. That's why Smashemon are so special, they can learn fives moves but the fifth is always going to be Taunt." Samus said.

"Oh, cool. So, what does it do?" Marth asked again.

"It has random effects, with each effect depending on the Smashemon." Samus said.

"I've had enough of this. Charmander, Ember!" Red exclaimed. Charmander shot fiery embers at Sonic.

"Sonic, Taunt!" Marth exclaimed. Sonic swiftly dodged Charmander's attack and said, "You're too slow!" Charmander growled and attacked again. Once again Sonic dodged.

"Come on, step it up!" he said.

"Char, char!" Charmander growled and tried to scratch Sonic who dodged again.

"Plbt!" Sonic stuck his tongue out at Charmander.

"Was that Taunt?" Marth asked.

"Yep, it's lowering Charmander's accuracy and defense." Samus said.

"Sonic, tackle!" Marth yelled and Sonic swiftly tackled Charmander.

"Keep tackling and dodging!" Marth shouted.

"Keep using Ember, Charmander!" Red yelled. Charmander kept attacking Sonic but kept missing, while Sonic successfully hit Charmander every time.

Foe Charmander fainted!


"Darnit! Charmander, return!" Red said and returned Charmander.

Sonic gained 186 experience points!

Sonic grew to level 6!

Sonic grew to level 7!

Sonic learned Quick Attack!

"Woohoo! Thanks Samus!" Marth said and hugged his sister.

"Your welcome. Now get off me gaywad." Samus said.

"Heed my warning Marth! I will defeat you one day! And your defeat will be painful!" Red exclaimed and ran off.

Red dropped 368 yen in his panic!

"Sweet! Money!" Marth said and picked up his rewards.

"Here, take this 3,000 yen. You'll need it on your journey." Samus said and gave Marth money.

"Awesome! I'm rich!" Marth exclaimed.

"No, you're not. A single Potion costs 200 yen. Hey listen, here's a money saving tip, buy Fresh Waters from vending machines instead. They cost like, either 200 or 300 yen, but they restore 50 HP instead of just 20. Next time you see a vending machine, buy the crap out of Fresh Waters, you'll be saving a lot of money.*" Samus said. Marth nodded.

"Kay, bye bro! Have fun on your journey!" Samus said and left.

"Well Sonic, let's go! Wait! I forgot! I can give you a nickname!" Marth said. Sonic looked at him a little worriedly.

"Hm… Nah, I got nothing. Let's go!" Marth exclaimed.

"Alright!" Sonic said and followed Marth.

And thus, began the journey of Marth Lowell, who would soon have the fate of the Pokemon/Smashemon world in his hands…

1*) That's actually true. Fresh Waters cost less or just a bit more(I was too lazy to check) than Potions, yet they restore more damage. So take note, that the next time you see a vending machine, buy the crap out of Fresh Waters. Well, at least until your pokemon get to strong for it. Lemonade only restores 80 HP so you save money for a little while.

Does anybody have an idea on what pokemon Marth should catch first? What should he nickname it? I'm not posting the next chapter until you guys tell me because honestly, I have no idea what should happen next. This might be updated slowly.

If you were wondering, Smashemon is pronouced, Smash-eh-mon. You know, eh? Like the Canadians say. *shot*