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About the chapter here: Here we learn of that weird red-headed kid's name and origin. I'm surprised no one guessed anything about him. It's REALLY obvious who he is.

"Wha- B-b-but how?!" Red exclaimed when his last Pokémon went down.

"Haha! I'm still better than you!" Marth exclaimed joyfully.

"Okay, you may have beaten me twice, but vengeance shall be mine!"

Red fled!

"Well that was fun. And Eagle evolved, yay!"

"Geotto!" Eagle exclaimed.

"Well, let's go! C'mon, the next gym is waiting!" Sonic said.

"Right. Eagle, return!" Marth said and returned Eagle to her pokeball.

"Hey, why don't you let Mr. Mittens evolve?" Sonic asked as they started walking.

"Because he's too cute to evolve." Marth said.

"Don't you want a Luxray?" Sonic asked.

"Hm, yeah. Next time Mittens levels up, I'll let him evolve." The two continued to walk until the ground started to shake a little.

"Dude, you feel that?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah. What is it?" Marth said. Just then, a raging Tauros bursted out of the nearby bushes and headed straight for them.

"Woah! Get out of the way!" A boy with red hair on the back on the Tauros exclaimed. Sonic and Marth immediately jumped out of the way, and the Tauros ran right into a large boulder, knocking it out.

"Phew! He calmed down!" The red headed kid said and jumped off the Tauros. Marth and Sonic watched as the red head captured the Tauros in a pokeball. A Flareon ran over to his side when he was done.

"Dude is that?" Sonic asked.

"Good work Flare!" The red head said and petted his Flareon.

"It is! HEY!" Marth yelled and ran over. The red head turned to Marth and gasped.

"You're the kid who took my sandwich!" Marth exclaimed.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." The red head said.

"Yeah right! You got the red hair, the Flareon, you're even wearing the same outfit as him! Eh, is that a cape?" Marth asked, looking at the boy's cape.

"Yeah… Look, I'm sorry I took your sandwich. Living on your own with no money forces me to do that." The kid said.

"Hm… Fine. My sister is a terrible cook anyway. Can you at least tell me your name?" Marth asked.

"Roy's the name! Nice ta meet cha!" Roy said and held his hand out. Marth stood there, confused.

"R-Roy?" He asked.

"That's what I said!" Roy said.

"No, I mean, is that really you, Roy?"

Now Roy looked confused. "Have we met before?" He asked.

"Hm, does the name Marth ring a bell?" Marth asked.

Roy thought about it. "Hm… I think I knew a kid name Marth before, but that was 5 years ago." Roy said.

"Roy, you baka! I'm Marth!" Marth exclaimed.

"What?! Oh hey, it's you! Been a long time hasn't it?" Roy asked.

"Indeed." Marth agreed.

"That's weird. Marth sounds smarter now. Maybe this kid's idiocy brings out the smart in everyone. I even feel smarter." Sonic thought to himself.

"Five long years it's been. How have you been doing?" Roy asked.

"Great! I've started my Pokémon journey now! There here is Sonic, my Smashemon!" Marth exclaimed.

"Cool!" Roy said.

Then Marth remembered something. "Wait, Roy, what do you mean by 'living on your own with no money'? What happened to the farm?" Marth asked.

Roy's expression became sad. "Well, it wasn't long after me and my family moved out of Smashville when it happened." He said sadly.

"What happened?" Marth asked.

"We were doing fine, great even. Our Eevee farm had a lot of business, and everyone was happy. But then, I don't know how it happened but a fire got started."

"It wasn't a Flareon, was it?" Marth asked.

Roy shook his head. "We breed Eevees, not their evolutions. Anyway, it happened at night. While my family was sleeping, I decided to go check on an Eevee egg I had picked out for myself. It was close to hatching, I could tell. But when I went downstairs, and checked on the egg, a hay stack in the corner suddenly caught fire."

Marth and Roy sat down on rocks as Roy continued, "It all happened in the blink of an eye. The barn doors were closed, and the Eevees had nowhere to run. I quickly ran over to the doors and tried to open them but it wouldn't budge. Smoke filled the barn, and upstairs my family woke up. When I turned from the doors, this huge Charizard bursted in through the wall. It started breathing fire everywhere, and me and my family panicked."

By now even Sonic was listening intently. "The male Eevees started attacking the Charizard, but they were too weak. I had to watch as they were killed mercilessly. I looked up when I heard my family yelling. Fire surrounded them, and I tried to help. But my father yelled at me to run, to get out of there and leave. The smoke was already so thick I could hardly breathe. While the rogue Charizard was distracted, I started running for the hole he broke in the wall. But I stopped when I remembered my egg and ran back over to it. It was resting snuggly next to Shenai, its mother. She hissed but then realized it was me and got up. I picked up the egg and her and ran out the hole in the wall. As I ran, I tripped over a rock, and the egg fell out of my hands. But luckily Shenai caught it, preventing it from breaking." Roy took in a deep breath and sighed.

"I, I turned back to the barn which was now engulfed in flames. Some Eevees and their children ran out of the barn, and over to me. Many were burned and wounded, but I paid no attention to that when I heard my family screaming. The barn roof collapsed, and fell on them all. The whole barn collapsed, and I heard the Charizard cry. As the flames bursted out when the roof fell, I could tell that nothing could have survived. I sat there with my Eevees as we watched the flames die, and when I woke up the next day, I saw nothing but ashes and a few surviving pieces of wood. I looked at Shenai who was sadly looking at her egg. Turns out the egg I had picked out, wasn't going to hatch."

Roy petted Flare's head. "I looked at all the surviving Eevees that had made it out. But one Eevee I knew wasn't there. My favorite one, Sherbet, wasn't there. I turned to the barn and walked over to it. Even with the barn in the shape that is was, I could still tell where her bed was. Nothing was there but ashes, as far as I could tell. But Rea, Sherbet's sister, could sense something. She dug through the ashes and then I saw the smoky black pelt of a tiny Eevee. I quickly pulled the little thing out and rushed over to our well. I rinsed her off and gasped at what I saw. It wasn't a little Eevee, it was a Flareon. And it was alive."

"How did that happen?" Sonic asked.

"I don't know. But I could tell she was Sherbet's kit. What I think happened was that the flames started where Sherbet's bed was. Sherbet had a newly hatched kit, and when Eevees are newly hatched, that's when they're most likely to evolve. I don't know why though. But anyway, what I think happened was that the heat from that fire did something to the kit, and caused it to evolve. That is the only explanation as to why she survived. If she was a Flareon, then the heat meant nothing to her."

"Is Flare here that same Flareon?" Marth asked.

"Yup. She was one of the few kits to survive. And she's all I have left of my family." Roy finished.

"Gee, I'm really sorry about that Roy." Marth said.

"It's okay. Not your fault anyway." Roy said.

"But, what happened to the other Eevees?" Sonic asked.

"Oh, well they got sent to my cousins' farm. They're being taken care of there." Roy replied.

"Why aren't you there too?" Marth asked.

"Well, I didn't really want to live on a farm anymore actually. Shenai was a powerful Eevee, and she was the one who led the other Eevees to my cousins. I know they're fine because I got a letter. Once I knew that, I decided to start my own journey." Roy said.

"When was that?" Sonic asked.

"About maybe, two or three years ago, was when I started traveling. I may not have been ten then, but I'm ten now and so it's okay for me to travel on my own."

"Cool. I've just started, though. How powerful is Flare?" Marth asked.

"Maybe, level 23? We don't really train much, just try to survive. So you're on your own journey too, eh? Mind if I accompany you for a while? You do have money right?" Roy asked.

"Uh… Er… I guess it would be okay…" Marth said.

"Sweet! Plus with me, I'll heal your Pokémon when they need it, okay?" Roy said. Marth nodded.

Roy has decided to come with you!

"Great… Another lunatic." Sonic mumbled.

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