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Summary: I, Hyuuga Hinata, arrived into this timeline, from a different dimension and merged my soul with my 7 years old counterpart after traveling almost 52 years back in time. My mission: save Uzumaki Naruto and let the world burn.

Having losing her reson for living, Hyuuga Hinata sent her soul back in time to save the only person that had brough happiness to her existance. Now, landing in similar yet different Konoha than she remembered, how far she would go to achieve her goals?

Chapter 1: Random Time.

"History has three sides: your side, their side and the truth". It is influenced by the people that record it, sometimes unconsciously, in subjective ways. It is not impartial, it is not complete and it is not as infallible as it is often perceived by others; it is no set in stone. It is a Mist of Deceptions.

But historians, scholars of the past, had developed ways to pick small, crucial details that can be measured and probed right under the right circumstances and knowledge. These small pieces of information had been shuffled and puzzled to the point that a vague idea took form, and then it went through different refining processes until a clearer panorama could be seen. Filtering such amount of information could be cathartic and frustrating most of the time, but, in this world of Ninja, information is the second most lethal weapon and power that anybody could wield.

With the mission of understanding how and from where our current society came from, the scholars had been researching and analyzing as much as they could and had come with a timeline of sorts that could be used as a template for a more complete view through history. The necessity for time measuring nomenclatures became evident, which lead the division into periods of certain events that marked humanity itself into what it is now.

The first period it is known as The Cataclysm. For all intents and purpose, the world ended and began with it. It is evident that a more advanced civilization than ours existed before it, but something happened that pretty much launched humanity to the edges of extinction. The continents moved until the global geography was changed to what it is today; the weather patterns shifted into more extreme conditions; fauna and flora entire species disappeared while others emerged. The World wasn't the same.

The Aftermath, the period after The Cataclysm, was the starting point to retake the timeline, and thus, the nomenclatures B.E and A.E. (before and after extinction) were started to being used. It lasted almost four hundred years.

At the year 394 A.E., during the sixth moon of the raining season, a man, whose real name it is still an unknown, but had been known, through the lore and folklore of the popular memory, as The Sage of Six Paths, appeared in the annals of history, and with him, a new period started: The Awakening.

It is still up to debate how a single man gained so much popularity in such a short time, though rumors of mass demon extermination may cast some light on the matter, it is a fact that his teachings reached far through the fragile social structure at the time. The exact records of said teachings had been lost for centuries, but the focal point of them is evident even in our current era: The Knowledge of Chakra.

The Sage expended all his life teaching others the secrets of chakra, changing the ways of life of the pseudo-society that had emerged during The Aftermath. The Sage died being 182 years old of natural causes, ending the Awakening Era at the 547 A.E., 151 years after the apparition of The Sage.

In honor of his passing, time again was measured differently. Henceforth, B.C. and A.C. (before and after chakra) were the new nomenclatures being in use.

The Demon Hunting Era began the year 152 A.C. Ever since The Cataclysm, hordes of demons and other supernatural creatures were active elements in everyday's life. Terrible massacres by the hands of said creatures, as the birth of legends, superstitions and myths were part of the status quo. This changed with the gained knowledge of chakra, humanity's new tool to defend and attack. Rapidly, groups started to be formed with the sole purpose of hunt and extermination of the demon race… and anything related to it.

It is a possibility that this war waged against the supernatural, demons, powers beyond human comprehension that plagued the lands for so long, alas, maybe because a combination of all this factors Nature itself aided humankind again. After five hundred and twenty years of fighting, unique abilities, skills and characteristics started to be shown by certain group of people. These abilities and skills started to be known as Bloodlines, and the groups that possessed them were known as Clans.

Sooner, rather than later, conflicts sparkled all over the land, caused by the lack of resources or the need of a more consistent power structure. At this point, humankind was not endangered species anymore and overpopulation was starting to be a problem. The best minerals, the best food, the best lands for farming and other appealing objectives became the source of discord and bloodshed.

The Human vs Demon war became the Human vs Human War.

During the year 673 A.C., the Iga Clan, with their allies, started a full scale aggression against the Kouga Clan and their allies. Other clans as the Itezora Clan and the Maniwa Clan, notwithstanding their neutrality, joined the conflict looking of the gain of better goods for their people. This started The Clans' War Era, also known as The Wandering Clans Era.

It is impossible to quantify the causalities during this period, considered the bloodiest, taking in considerations that complete cities were eradicated literally overnight. It is sad as well the lost of valued artifacts and documents of immeasurable historical value, though some things were preserved during the passage of time.

The war among clans ended four hundred and twenty nine years later, with the Covenant of Harmony Treaty between the Senju Clan, lead by Senju Hashirama, and the Uchiha Clan, lead by Uchiha Madara at the year 1,102 A.C.

With the signing of the treaty, the Shinobi Era begin, being the most prominent event the creation of the Hidden Villages, being Konohagakure no Sato the first one officially created under Senju Hashirama's leadership.

Many things had passed ever since, three great wars included, and our days had come and passed quickly like a dream.

Without warming, at the year 1,184 A.C., the apparition of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and the subsequent devastation caused by it through the Land of Fire and Konoha, started a new period using a new nomenclature: B.K. and A.K. (before and after Kyuubi).

Introductory Prologue

"Origins of Modern Society: History in the making."

By Nibutani Shizuku

(Head Chief of Official Records & Historians' Civil Department)

Konohagakure no Sato

(Year 0 A.K.)

The Yondaime Hokage, Namizake Minato, and his wife, Namikaze Kushina, are hidden in a secret location while they wait for their newborn babies. At the 10th of October of 1,184 A.C., Namikaze Naruto and Mito are born.

Fifteen minutes later, the Kyuubi no Kitsune appeared in Konohagakure no Sato, causing devastation and havoc and death.

After half of an hour the Yondaime Hokage arrived to the battle, defeating the beast. The official records, as publicly announced by the Hokage the next day, state that the Hokage destroyed the body of the beast, sealing its chakra on her daughter and its soul in his son.

The technique used by the Yondaime it is still unknown, and is highly classified with a SS clearance.

(Year 4 A.K.)

A Silent War between Konohagakure no Sato and Kumogakure no Sato started. No official conflicts, barring minor tumults and revolts, were started through both lands. A and S ranked missions, including espionage, infiltration, sabotage and assassination, increased in a 120%.

Konoha Shinobi Academy raised their standards in preparation of a possible war.

(Year 5 A.K.)

A Partisan Warfare Tactic was being used in secret by both Hidden Villages. No official records were registered. ANBU's scale of activity: 95%.

(Year 6 A.K.)

A fire started in the Namikaze's Residence during the night while the Yondaime Hokage was out of the village in private business. No casualties were caused because the unexpected arrival of Jiraiya of the Sannin.

The sinister is considered the work of a spy and a saboteur looking for the Hokage Private Ninjutsu Library.

(Year 7 A.K.)

When I woke up, it was in the middle of the night. If I have to guess, looking the position of the crescent moon, it is more or less 3:15 in the morning. The night is quiet, and my breathing is calm, contrary of the pounding headache that I feel.

Turning up my Byakugan (to my relief, it obeyed without the use of handseals or a word command) and focusing it on myself, I checked my state. I'm no more than 7 years old, which means that I traveled a little further than I intended, but it can work on my behalf. What did bother me are my less than desirable chakra pools. I tend to forgot how weak I was when I was this age, and now I need to correct that. I had the hope that my chakra had traveled with me, but it was wishful thinking on my part. Chakra building exercises are in order then.

It is way too early to anybody of importance to be awake, and since this is a year before the incident with Hidden Cloud, the security is a little more relaxed than it should be. Arrogant bastards, this is the reason why Hizashi-onka died.

In front of my full body mirror, I stood, looking at my small body, before closing my eyes in concentration. My breathing was normal, is slower, almost becoming imperceptible with each breath in and breath out. Fifteen minutes later any outsider would have been wondering if I was breathing at all. I opened my eyes, frowning in displeasure.

Outwardly, nothing changed. To realized the truth one has to be or a Hyuuga or a sensor. If a Hyuuga had been watching with attention, he or she would have realized that I didn't have any chakra at all circling through my body. Actually, if they were far enough they wouldn't be able to see me at all, since I didn't any chakra and thus, I didn't exist. It was kind of similar to the 'Invisible Man Technique' of the Nindaime Tsuchikage, but not the same. Sensor type of ninjas wouldn't able to detect me either, even if I was behind them mere inches a par. The absolute stealth technique that Uzumaki Naruto had developed in the future: Ghost Mode. No sound, no smell, no presence, no chakra. Nothing!

Its other name was even more fitting: The Phantom Walker Technique. I wasn't frowning because I had made a mistake; on the contrary, its activation was flawless. The problem was that it took me fifteen minutes to totally activate it when I could do it without a second thought in the blink of an eye in the past (future?).

I hate myself for being so weak. If I was this weak, Naruto-kun will not see me as worthy. I cannot let that to happen. I need to be stronger, for Naruto-kun.

Casting aside that train of thought for another time, I decide to explore around and find information of my whereabouts. Leaving through the window, I navigated myself through the Hyuuga Compounds. It may have been product of my imagination or my bad memory of this period, but the compounds seem to be larger for some reason.

I'm not Neji-nii, I don't believe in Lady Fate, but I can count my self as lucky. Not ten minutes later after the beginning of my night adventure, I discovered a meeting in the Hyuuga Elders' Chambers, and by the looks of it, it was reaching to its end. My intuition was telling that I may learn something useful, so I got in undetected with childish easy, no pun intended, and started eavesdrop… gathering information.

The Elders (stupid old farts if you ask me) were in their usual sits while in the middle of the room were two persons, a woman and a man. The man was Hyuuga Hiashi, no surprises there, but the woman caught me out of guard, taking me all my efforts to not to gasp.


That woman was no other than Hyuuga Hitomi, my mother. One that should have been dead for at least four to five years if my current age was actually seven.

:: You should be wary, 'Princess', because middling with time can not be done without consequence… serious ones...:: the voice of a certain Vixen ringed through my head. Damn demon! Where did she send me?

"… what should we do then?" started my no-mother. "The Uchiha's are taking the initiative. Mikoto's younger kid, Sasuke, had been introduced herself to Mito's life already, and he spends a lot of time alongside her and Itachi."

"I'm not sure about this. Hiashi, what do you say?" commented one of the Elders.

"I support my wife in this. Even if we don't gain some more to add to our noble line, at least our political power should increase. If we don't do something, the Uchiha's would eventually become the dominant clan in Konoha, and we can't allow that at all cost."

"But you think that your oldest daughter can pull it off?" Another Elder questioned.

"I have watched Hinata and I have see that she is rather smitten by Namikaze Naruto. We don't even need to tell her anything, she just needs a small push in the right direction." My no- mother again.

The reunion lasted another thirty minutes or so only the called it a night and, as stealthy as possible, each of its members went back to their quarters. At some point I returned to my bed, my body feeling numb. I learned a lot of things of the droning debate between my parents, and the Hyuuga Elders. But as much as I go through the details, the situation makes less and less sense to me.

:: …middling with time can not be done without consequence… serious ones...:: Those taunting words were making more sense, gaining a new meaning under the light of my current circumstances.

Somehow I had not only traveled through time, but also to another world. In this one, my mother is alive. The Fourth is alive, as his wife is. The Namikaze family has two kids: a daughter, named Mito, and a son, named Naruto. The Hokage, somehow, survived the sealing dividing the Kyuubi in two: all its chakra was sealed in Mito, while the soul of the beast was sealed in Naruto. By the way the Hyuuga Elders spoke about the kids; Mito was kind of grudgingly respected while Naruto was scorned. Then again, the Elders where way to stuck on their pride and traditions so they talked disdainfully about anything that wasn't the mightiness of the Hyuuga.

It seems that, this version of me was a total failure with the family arts. Even my dear mother remarked on my poor abilities, and that was telling. If I had been my old shy self, I would have cried my eyes out or would have fell in depression by the lack of concern and love of my progenitors.

But now, after decades of constant battles, life and death situations, and sheer bad luck, she didn't care at all. True, I was disappointed that my hopes of having a more loving house were trashed just barely after being conceived. To me, adversity wasn't something new.

"You what is the opposite of love? It is not hatred, as many tend to believe. Love and hate go hand in hand. The antithesis of love is indifference. It is when you don't feel nothing that you know that love is truly dead."

Ino had told those words once. I didn't remember how we had reached the topic, but we were drunk after a nasty battle against Iwa forces, and many things were said that night that we haven't told anybody else. But I wasn't as drunk as I let on and I knew what she meant.

At some point, I turned on my Byakugan and begin testing its limits, trying to bore myself enough to fall asleep. My range, to my eternal dismay, was half of what I have accomplished at this age back in my timeline.

"My dimensional little self, how useless were you?" I thought to myself when I caught something with my enhanced vision. It was close, in the cabinet of the night table next to my bed. I reached for it. "A Diary?" I stare the little notebook in disbelief. I never wrote in a Diary. It was too risky, especially in a house where people could see through times without effort. I noticed, my bloodline fully active, that the Dairy itself was protected by security seals. I didn't recognize their design, but it didn't stop me to decipher them without trouble and start reading it.

And them, the opinion that I had about my little dimensional self changed completely.





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