Chapter One

I can't begin to describe the excitement and thrill that I felt as my wooden blade swept through the air like a knife through butter. My eyes were wide with delight as the bokken met a skull, and shattered it. Blood sprayed the side of my blade. dripping off the sharp, but also blunt edge as I walked. I grinned with savage delight as I pulled the sword back and continued down the hallway of the school.

Many people were passing me, all desperate and afraid. Of course they were desperate and afraid, hell had broken loose. I chose to pay them no attention; they were a waste of time and not worth helping. Was I the only one who wasn't afraid? Call me crazy... I wouldn't deny it, but now really wasn't the time to be afraid. We could be afraid later when we weren't in a zombie-infested and crowded school. My eyes scanned the hallway for any more undead, when I saw none I increased my speed, racing down the hall in sudden desperation.

She would be one of those scared people, she was in danger.

It was just as I expected when I burst into the school infirmary. She was there, of course, standing behind her desk watching a boy attempt to protect her. Instead, his throat was being ripped apart. Pathetic. I dashed forward, crushing the skull of one of the monsters that were tearing into him. It all happened so fast. There was a relatively large group of them inside. I made quick work of them, delighting in the way crimson erupted with every single downward stroke of my wooden sword.

The sensation of killing so freely was almost orgasmic…it wasn't something one got to feel every day. I licked my lips when I finished cleaning up, sighing pleasantly before turning to stare at the other two people in the room.

The woman I came to save, and the one I desired more than anything, was staring at me with a look of pure horror. Who the fuck did she think she was acting like I hadn't just saved her fucking ass. I shook with a sudden rush of rage, and instead turned my eyes to the boy who was currently dying on the ground. Blood flowed like a river from the wound on his neck.

I didn't even have to look at the wound to know he was going to die. He had been bitten and that meant death itself. Or would the word be undeath? Even if he hadn't been bitten I would have arranged it so that he died anyways. There wasn't any room for someone who might take Shizuka Marikawa away from me. I didn't even spare a glance at said nurse.

I was sure I wouldn't be able to take it. I wouldn't be able to stand seeing her sexy, slutty body painted with red. And Shizuka herself completely and utterly afraid...her lip would probably be quivering and her eyes would probably be tearful. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from ripping her clothes off right then. Then bending her over her own desk, placing my hands on her hips, and fucking her with all my goddamn strength until she was screaming my name and dripping down my cock.

I wanted to make her mine more than anything.

I focused on the boy to take my thoughts away from doing just that. He was so pathetic. He was unable to protect a woman as was a "man's duty", at least the duty he probably thought a man had. "My name is Saeko Busujima. I'm the captain of the Kendo Club, a sophomore." He shuddered as he clutched at the side of his neck. Blood poured between his fingers, coating them a grisly scarlet. "What's your name?"

"Ishii...Kazu," He whimpered in response, twitching a tiny bit. I felt a very tiny twinge of pity, but more than that some bloodlust. I wanted to kill again. Especially a pathetic little shit like him. I forced myself to calm down, stopped myself from shaking with anticipation. My mouth watered. Fuck, I wanted to murder him! Right in front of Shizuka. I wanted to see the fear plagued face that would come upon her afterward. Only to comfort her and hold her close afterward and show her that I wasn't that bad of a person. It'd be so wonderful. My blood felt deliriously hot at that moment. I wondered vaguely if I was sweating.

"It was very brave of you to protect Miss Marikawa," I forced out and I wasn't lying about this part. It made me insanely jealous and infuriated to think that if he hadn't been here to protect her then Shizuka could have died. I failed to protect her. I bit my lip so hard it hurt. It fucking pissed me off so much! I'd kill them all, zombies, little pieces of shit like this, and anyone who stood in my way. All those motherfucking zombies that sprang from nowhere won't know what's coming at them. I clenched my fists together tightly and licked my lips. This had to happen soon, not just because I was bloodthirsty but because I might not have much time before he turned.

"You and I both know what happens when you get bitten Kazu. I can end it now, quickly, less painfully, and you can die with honor." He seemed to like that idea. "Or later, when you're hungry for flesh like these motherfuckers and virtually brainless." My lips twisted up into a grin only he could see, do to Shizuka being behind me. He trembled as he heard the second choice.

"Kill me now."

Good choice, asshole. I stood; I was going to end this very quickly. I was going to enjoy this "mercy kill." I was going to hell, that was certain. I raised the blade, grinning at the sight of him starting to tremble with fright. His eyes locked onto mine. So much fright! I fucking loved it! I was so damn excited! I raised the blade high and then brought it back down with as much force as I could muster. It collided with a sickening crack. I almost wished he'd survived it so I could hit the motherfucker again! But no, he was completely dead. For a second, I stared, then I pulled away and I turned to where Shizuka stood.

Like I had predicted, the woman was staring at me like I was some kind of maniac. No, like the maniac I was and was proud to be. Her cerulean eyes were wide as saucers, glistening with a thick layer of tears which poured down her cheeks. I admired her. How badly I wanted to bury my fingers in her golden blond hair at that moment, or grip those huge tits. She stepped away, the back of her legs hitting her desk. I ignored her fear. I was quickly growing tired of it. I raised my bokken and wiped it off on her shirt, sighing softly as I did so. Her lips parted cutely as the side of the wooden blade pressed against her breasts.

" killed him..."She whispered. "He could have lived...I could have saved him," She said in hysterics. I sighed, setting my bokken down.

"Shut up Shizu."

"What did you call me!? You're a murderer, don't act like we're friends or familiar with each-"Already, I had had enough of her talking. I grabbed her by the hair and crushed our mouths together forcefully. My heart pounded with excitement and arousal as I did this. Her eyes shot wide, but she didn't struggle. She didn't exactly kiss me back either. I didn't expect her to. But she did go silent. I pulled away, breathing hard. I never knew lips so soft even existed. I was sure I had an erection, and was grateful for the fact that I was wearing uniform pants instead of a skirt.

"Just be quiet," I whispered in her ear, my tone dangerous and warning. Her bottom lip quivered but she nodded fearfully. "There's no need to be so scared. I protected you. I had to kill him. It was for your safety. I'll continue to protect you. I swear I will," I ran a finger down her cheek, smiling deeply. I was grateful when the fear left her eyes, then sighed when sorrow replaced it and she buried her face in my neck, sobbing.

She was being too loud. We probably didn't have too much longer but I wanted this moment to last longer anyways. Her massive breasts strained against my chest, I inhaled her perfume. She smelled of so many delicious things. I was harder now, wasn't I? I won't let anything take you from me. I'll kill death itself to keep you safe and alive. I was desperate to maintain control of my lust and not take her, but I forced that back and pulled away.

"We need to go," I said in a harsh tone, I could hear the groans of zombies outside the nurse's office.

"Let me get supplies," She whispered. I forced back a sigh but nodded.

"Just be fucking quiet," I muttered sourly. She nodded and hurried over to her shelves, grabbing a bag from beside her desk. She immediately began to sift through her stuff. Meanwhile, I was left to simply stand there, watching through the broken down doors of the nurse's office as the motherfuckers got closer and closer. Hurry up. My eyes widened when something hit the ground with a loud clang. I looked over to see Shizuka with a guilty expression on her face. The zombies were looking up, and with groans they came down the hall. I braced myself, gripping my bokken with one hand, and Shizuka's arm with my other.

"Let's go." I almost laughed as they entered the office. This was going to be fun!