-Twenty six-

The room was dark and large. Candles, which flickered occasionally, were the only source of light...and warmth. One of the most obvious things about this room was the cold and stagnant air. On my right, Rei was sitting on her knees. She was the leader now so her presence was necessary. On my left was Saya, whose hand was draped lightly over mine, fingers lightly stroking my knuckles. All of us were tense, but I was determined to be confident and keep my shoulders and back straight.

Souichiro Takagi was across from me. He was such a massive man, his shoulders huge and broad. Next to him, was Yuriko, whose expression was empty of emotion. Near Souichiro's hip, a katana lay, sheathed but obviously deadly. I met the man's eyes with an unwavering gaze, waiting for him to say the first word.

We sat there, in the chilled room for a few moments, silent. Then, finally, his deep voice boomed and broke the silence. "You are a fool, Busujima," he spat, his bushy brows lowering, his eyes burning with anger. "You honestly think I will allow you to leave with Saya, my daughter? Or any of these young and impressionable girls?"

I opened my mouth to respond, but apparently he wasn't done.

"You are a fiend, taking advantage of these girl's fears and vulnerability. Not only are you a predator, but also a pervert willing to have sex with a young girl in front of her father." His eyes were dark. "And then I find out that I should add dishonorable onto the list of your terrible traits. Fucking my wife, under my roof and taking advantage of my hospitality, without my knowledge or permission. Not that I would ever grant such a thing," he waved his hand as if to dismiss the mere idea.

"Perhaps if you properly made love to Yuriko, she would have no need to reach out to others for pleasure and satisfaction," I replied calmly, a cool smile on my lips. Beside me, Rei smirked. I was angry at his words, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. His statements hit home and were not completely untrue. I had taken advantage of the fear in the girls, but a majority of the time it was they who came onto me, and I just acted on their feelings. I never seduced any of them. The fact that I was able to stay this calm shocked even me. Perhaps it was the hand touching mine, gentle and unwavering, or maybe it was the part of me that knew I had to stay calm during this if I wished to live.

Souichiro grunted. "You don't even deny my claims?"

I shook my head. "I don't care about your opinion of me. I'm in love with your daughter, and she will be leaving with me. So will the others."

He smirked, and then turned his powerful gaze to Rei. "Hmm, I know your father, Rei Miyamoto. He is an honorable man. He would not approve of your relationship with this..." He gestured at Saeko, "Thing. Yet, you stand by this...barbarian? This fool? Why?"

Rei gazed at him, shocked. "You know about-"

"I do. My wife has informed me all about your little situation. All of you are Busujima's harem who she fucks and abuses as she pleases." My brow and lip twitched, my teeth gnashing together. I glared at Yuriko, who avoided my eyes.

"You don't know how much we've all been through with her-" Rei started but Souichiro raised his hand, and she went silent.

"Tell me why you love her. Tell me her desirable qualities."

Rei grimaced, and nodded. "Easy. She's powerful, attractive-"

"What type of man did you father want you to marry, Rei?"

Rei was silenced once again.

"Were powerful and attractive on his list? I imagine respectable and responsible were on it. Busujima is neither of those. She may have power but she doesn't use it correctly. She has bouts of insanity, one of which I observed on camera where she attempted to physically assault my daughter." Souichiro murmured calmly. "And that is okay with you?"

I was stiff and silent. I should have known he'd see that. I looked away from Rei, ashamed by her questioning gaze, and spoke up. "And what of you? Yuriko and Saya have informed me of how you hit Yuriko around."

"Only when she acts like a dirty slut," He snarled. "It's my right, as her husband!" He stood, towering in height. "Do not put me in the same category as you Busujima."

I clenched my fists. "I have been trying to change for the better, I would call that being respectable. A sane and responsible man would not last long in this world as I have. I have kept your daughter safe from various threats-"

"You are a threat to her yourself!" Souichiro roared, grabbing the katana from where it lay. "I am aware what my wife has done to you, as a child. I was aware of it back then, even, when I was on business trips with your father. I did my best to end it, and get you away. I had hoped it wouldn't affect you too negatively but seeing you now-" He grimaced, looking pained. "You are a monster and you aren't even aware of it. You have sex and pretend it is 'making love' and you have no decency! This is not how your father raised you Busujima." He glared at Rei. "And you slobber over this pervert and psychopath like you're a lovestruck child!"

"What about me, father!?" Saya stood as well, while Rei, Yuriko, and I were still sitting quietly.

"I'm so disgusted with you, I don't even want to look at you," He spat, shaking his head.

"And why should we care how our fathers raised us," I snarled and got up as well. "Other than my swordsmanship, nothing father taught me would have kept me safe in this new world. Wrap this around your head, you pigheaded asshole. The world has changed. I am not a young lady as he wished me to be, and I could care less and am glad, even. I don't want to be what he desired. I am my own person. I enjoy killing. You should be happy for me, for us," I hissed, "because we're happy together and we will thrive in this world. All of us. I share a bond with every member of my group. I am the strongest member of this group. You will not separate us. How long will the 'Safety' here last? I heard there is already discord among those that followed you here. You think Saya is safer with you? She's not."

"What are you implying? That I can't keep my own daughter safe?"

"I'm not implying anything. I'm telling you. And I will prove my point. I am a better 'man' than you, and I'm not even a man. No one in this world is better for Saya, or any of the girls for that matter, than me. Give me a katana, and I will prove that to you." Saya gasped.

"Saeko, no-"

"Be quiet," I murmured, ruffling her hair. Rei nodded at me, giving me her approval.

A cold, grim smile crossed the older man's lips. "Fine then. Yuriko. Grab our guest a blade that she can use to fight me." Souichiro laughed and Yuriko stood, and bowed, before slipping off to do as told. "Take as much time as you need to prepare, Saeko, knowing that it's pointless." His eyes glinted nastily.

I said nothing, but internally I shuddered a little. Saya and Rei both moved closer to me, a matching expression of nervousness on each of their faces.

"God, you are incredible," Saya murmured, shaking her head. "Do you think you will win?"

"I have to," I replied calmly, smiling. "When we talk terms of victory, your hand in marriage will be on the list."

Her soft, small features tightened with fear even as her cheeks turned cherry red. Saya's delicate hands slipped into my hair, and she drew me closer. "I couldn't want anyone but you," she purred gently, standing on her tiptoes to press her mouth to mine. She clung to me, her arms wrapping tightly around me. Her tongue searched for a way to get into my mouth, and lashed against mine when it succeeded. We kissed for a moment, before parting.

Rei smiled her approval and her golden eyes glinted as she twirled the cowlick strand on her head. "If you lose, I'll offer myself to Souichiro."

I was shocked. I lowered my brows. "What..?"

"I mean he is right, about you not being a proper, respectable husband. But he is. He's male. He's honorable, powerful. Attractive-"

"Even if I die you would still be mine, not to mention losing a duel," I whispered quietly. "I decide who you belong to, Rei."

"If you lose to a man such as him, why do you think you'd have the right to my body? You'd be proving everything he said correct."

I struggled to maintain control of myself. I wanted to wipe the smug smile off her face. She was my property, my lover, mine. I trembled, and swallowed. "I understand."

"Do you?"

Rei glanced across the room where Souichiro stood. "Saya, I'm sure, will get with Takashi. He's a proper young man, isn't he?"

"Rei," Saya started, confused. "I would never-"

"Yuuki and Shizuka will probably become Rika's."

The mere idea. I tightened my hands into fists at the thought of Takashi, kissing Saya. His hands running over her body. Rika claiming Shizuka completely, the beautiful nurse forgetting me for good. Rei, her arms around Souichiro, grinding herself against his- I shot forward, and grabbed Rei by the hair. "You're implying that I'd ever fucking lose," I whispered harshly, eyes narrowed. "You're doubting me, what I'm capable of?" Her smug grin didn't change and her eyes glinted.

"If you win-"

"When I win."


"I. Won't. Lose." I snarled, "and your lips, your body, will never touch anyone but me and those I give you permission to."

Saya touched Rei's shoulder. "That's enough, Rei!"

"It is enough," Rei smiled and agreed. "Mad, dripping with sweat, and with an erection threatening to burst through your pants," the brunette purred, "that's when you're at your best." She gently ran her fingers along my jaw, my lips. I trembled, and tried to understand what Rei was saying. When she parted her lips, and leaned close, I desperately kissed her. It wasn't enough. I wanted more. To prove she was mine, to let out all this rage that had grown and grown- her hand grasped the back of my neck.

"You want to fuck me? Fuck Saya?"

I didn't say a word.

"Both of us."

"Yes," I panted, furrowing my brows.

"At the same time?" She kissed the corner of my mouth.

"Yes, yes," I whispered, "I want it."

"Then win." She pressed her hand against my chest, and shoved. "Yuriko's returned. Get to work, Saeko."

Yuriko noticed my state, and her eyes widened. "What did I miss?"

Souichiro crossed his arms. "Something disgusting. Give her the blade, woman."

Yuriko nodded, and handed me the strong and sturdy katana I had found in the weapon's shop. I tried to sooth my anger, at least a little. But it clouded my mind. My head pounded, a vein throbbing on my neck, my knuckles white. I gripped the base of the sword in my hand, pacing.

"Let's skip the fancy stuff," I snarled, "If I win Saya is mine, Yuriko is mine. You will give me your daughter's hand in marriage, and all the supplies we'll need out there. Weapons, food." He opened his mouth to respond.

"I'm not done," I snapped. "You'll watch me fuck them both, knowing that they chose me over you. I'll show you why they want me more than you, you repulsive bastard. You'll lose your daughter, you'll lose your wife." My head throbbed, a sharp pain shooting through it. A familiar rage that I took comfort it. Not to hurt Saya this time, or anyone else I loved, but to prove this asshole wrong. To show him just why I deserved them. I smirked, "and then you will thank me. Thank me for giving them a 'Real man', giving them what they deserve and they need." I went silent, and nodded my head to show I was done. "Name your terms."

"You will leave. Silently, obediently. You'll leave your weapons behind, your friends behind."

That was it. His requests were very different than mine. "You're going to be disappointed," I growled, and unsheathed the katana.

We both nodded.

Yuriko, Rei, and Saya sat on the side of the room with their legs crossed.

Rei's eager eyes met mine. I remember what she said. How she'd fuck him. His slimy hands all over her- No! It wouldn't happen!

The cool air felt nice on my sweaty skin, the katana felt like an extension of my body. Knowing that my girls were watching me made me all the more determined. I glared at Souichiro, as we circled one another. He was much bigger than me, older, and a master swordsman. My skill wasn't even close to his. I knew that in my heart, but I had to win. It wasn't a choice. He towered above me, his expression blank as if this was just a duty he had to perform.

I made the first move. I dashed forward, sweeping the katana. I barely saw his sword move, and the sound of blades clashing filled the air. Before he could counterattack, I stepped back quickly and panted, waiting. It was shocking to me that someone so big could move so quickly. I barely managed to parry, and he performed a series of relentless attacks. Head aching, I met each swipe as best as I could, but I was losing ground, backing up with each slash of his katana against mine. He performed effortlessly, not breaking a sweat. My poise shattered, and I almost stumbled as he did a particularly hard blow against my blade. Pain filled me as he slammed the blunt end of his blade into my forehead, sending me backwards.

Rei snorted. "Impressive."

"Shut your mouth," I snarled in her direction, and fixed my gaze at Souichiro. I straightened, regripping the blade in my hands, dashing forward. I tried to send waves of attacks at him, at least to try and tire him. But effortlessly he blocked each attempt, backstepping all the while.

"Pathetic," he murmured, and parried me, sidestepping and swiftly swiping his katana. A cut appeared on my arm, blood beginning to seep from the wound. I winced. As I glared at him, the reality of the situation hit me. He was a much, much better swordsman. There was no way for me to win. Except I had to.

Rei smiled at me. Than pointed towards her crotch with a wink.


I remembered the time she dropped me to my knees. Good idea. I didn't have to play fair. As he moved towards me, I ducked under his blow. I slid my knee up, slamming it into his groin. He was shocked. He groaned, and collapsed to his knees.

I pointed my blade at his throat.

"I cut there, and you're dead. I win."

"Cheating," he spat, and then groaned again.

"You're a grown man and master swordsman. You're the one who left your balls unprotected," I spat.

"A swordfight, is what we agreed to."

"A fight, is what you agreed to. She asked for a katana but she never said and neither did you that she had to use just that," Rei beamed. "You were outsmarted , just accept it."

I shrugged, and rested my blade on my shoulder. "There was no way for me to win otherwise. I did what I had to." I glared at him, "out there, I do that too. And I will continue to. The world isn't going to play fair, Souichiro. Zombies aren't going to fight me with swords, or care about honor and responsibility. They're going to dig their teeth into Saya's throat without dueling you. You have all these people you need to look out for and protect. You look away once and she's gone. Undead. Then you will have to kill her. That's never been even close to happening. I've kept them safe time and time again. I also happen to fuck them, I also happen to get real mad," I snarled. "It doesn't matter!"

"And if you hurt her-"

"She is mine," I snapped, tone cruel and cold. "I can do what I want with her, with any of them."

He sat there, on his knees, expression pained. "I don't want to..." He lowered his gaze, gritting his teeth. Saliva dripped down his chin. "You bitch, you don't deserve my daughter! You can't even produce an heir! The Takagi line is going to end with your filthy self," he roared. I was silent, cold. "Damn it all."

"So much for your honor and responsibility. I win, Souichiro. And you're going to watch me fuck them in front of you, just like you said you would."

Silence. Cold, empty silence. Souichiro slowly turned his gaze to Yuriko and Saya.

"I was so bad a father, a husband, that you would do this to me?"

Yuriko smiled coldly. "Is this really that different than fucking me in front of your friends on our wedding night and 'breaking' me, husband of mine?"

His eyes grew dark with rage.

Saya sighed. "Father, I..." She trailed off. "You lost." He stared at the ground. "I love her, daddy. I love her so much. She makes me feel like no one else ever has. She makes me feel like a woman, she fills me with joy, she makes me feel safe. God, she is so gentle when she touches me," she buried her face in her hands. "Just do as she asks. Like you said you would."

He glared at all of them. "Do you not see that she is unstable!? Unsafe, disgusting!? Her request was that she has sex with you, and your mother, in front of your father! She wants to take you from me, completely. You call me daddy, father and yet-"

"You. Agreed. To. It." Yuriko muttered, slowly. "You call yourself honorable but look at you now. So arrogant that you agreed to that, never questioning it. Now shut your mouth, husband of mine and do as you promised. Say that we are hers. End our marriage, and give both Saya and I to Saeko."

I rubbed my temples with my palms. His words were true, weren't they? I really was disgusting.

Even so, when Yuriko undid my pants and Souichiro stared with hatred in his eyes, I didn't care. Rei watched with an eager, hungry expression.

Was I even human? I was an animal. Wanting to fuck a mother and daughter together, right in front of- My thought trail ended when slender fingers unzipped my pants, and a mouth wrapped around my length. I groaned. God, fuck yes. I gripped Yuriko's head, buried my fingers in her hair, gazed straight into Souichiro's hate-filled eyes.

God...This felt so fucking amazing.

Saya's eyes met mine. Full of jealousy, and anxiety.

I pushed Yuriko away. "Stop!" I whispered, and clutched my head. "This is..." I swallowed. "That's enough...I don't know why I requested that. I wasn't thinking right." I turned around, and put myself away. I was painfully hard, and I dropped to my knees.

"Souichiro. Please, be my father. Teach me your ways, and give me your daughter's hand in marriage. Free your wife, and let me do what you cannot." I kept my head bowed. "I know. I know I am a dishonorable and insane monster. I love blood, I love the way it gets all over me, I love watching people fall before me- living or dead, but I want to change I just get so angry and then I-" My headache was hurting me. "I will protect them, no matter what. I'm sorry for my behavior. Please forgive me, and become my father. I will take them anyways, because I won, but please...allow me to earn your approval."

I stared at the ground.

So many thoughts filled me as I waited for his response.

His hand touched the top of my head. Sighing heavily, Souichiro ruffled my hair. "I am not so different than you. You bastard," he sighed again. "I will allow you to earn my approval. But only because you showed restrained and morality just now. I know you don't desire my wife. I know what she has done to you and goaded you on. Truthfully, that was one of my issues with you."

I raised my head.

"You let these women control you. They play the strings, and you are their puppet. The only one not like that is Saya, and you expect her to share you with these women. Rei Miyamoto controlled you with only a few words."

I grit my teeth.

He was right, wasn't he?

What was even happening?

"Domesticate them all, and you have my approval. Actually marry my daughter, and I will approve." He smiled. "After all, that means you two are the only legitimate couple. The rest of your girls? They are just sluts who throw themselves at you."

Rei shook her head. "What's the big idea-"

I raised my hand, "Be quiet Rei." She glared. "Let me think about it," I said calmly. My mind was racing.

"Give me your answer, tomorrow."

I stood, and turned away. "Yes, sir."