"Do you need an escort, hun?" Wally smirked, putting a hand on Artemis' waist and pulling her to him. Looking at the thugs surrounding them, he felt nothing but a rush. Or maybe that was just because she was at his side.

She shot him a quick look, and purred, "You know the answer to that, fuddy duddy." Her pistol clicked to ready. "This is woman's work."

Her hand made its way to his shoulder though, causing a tingle to run down his spin deliciously. "No need to snap your cap, babe," he murmured back, as though they weren't in mortal danger. "It's your own fault they are lookin' for the the lettuce."

She clucked her tongue, and used the hand on his shoulder to help swing herself over and into action. Now back to back, they settled into a now familiar pattern of combat. It was as though they knew every kick and punch the other gave out instinctively, allowing their fighting styles to compliment each other. As always, not a single shot ended up being fired, even as the last villain fell.

"Swell," she stated, and together they turned so they were now face to face. "Not bad, babe."

"Anything for you hun," he winked saucily, causing her to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing. "Shall we get out of here before these beauties wake up?"

"Race you home," she let out a chuckle, planting a quick kiss on his lips like a tease and darting off into the city mist.

"Hey, cheat!" he called, holding back to laugh. He could catch up with her easy, so he liked to wait and then flaunt it. Mostly because it was one of the few things he could beat her at.

When he had heard stories of girls from the big city, he never got a description of her. Then again, he never thought he would get mixed up with the kind of crowd she ran with.

As he picked up his stompers to catch up with her, he realized he wouldn't have it any other way.