Ah, college. The years in your life where you chose what to study and major in. Full of tests, parties, friendships, relationships and more. It truly is a hectic lifestyle that many people dream of experiencing.

The thought, Where did my summer go?, ran through my head.

But no matter how you sugarcoat it, school is school. You need to wake up earlier than any sane person would, and you end up working into the late hours of the night as you study or do your homework. You want to place something enjoyable in there, something you can use to relax. Some people join clubs, others just hang out with friends or play games. But then again, this isn't a normal school.

I spent most of my high school life going to a normal high school, but one day I received a heart attack and after that incident I found out I had a weak heart. It was strange since I never noticed it before, but it's both a blessing and a curse. Sure, I have a chance of dying if I overexert myself but that isn't what matters. When I went to Yamaku, the school for "disabled" kids, as some say, I made some real friends. I even got a girlfriend.

So now, after graduating Yamaku I decided to go to college. Luckily most of my friends went with me to the same college, which is similar to Yamaku in many ways but also different. Of course it has to be similar, because of kids that are afraid of change. But there are also some students, like my friend Lily, that can't see and because of that a familiar setting is definitely for the best.

Before our college life began, we made some...changes to our new room. I brought a big TV and a nice sofa in. Old and new game systems were plugged in, and games, movies, and anime were organized separately. Rin continued to add detail to the "murals" that coated the walls. From adding new scenes and colors, to fixing small details. It was like walking into an art exhibit, one that left you breathless and amazed instead of that feeling of boredom when someone drags you into the museum. No, its the feeling when you see something truly amazing and wonder "Who made this?" or "How can someone think of this?"

It would surprise you if you walked in and were greeted by the paintings but you would be even more shocked to find that Rin is a very quiet and a...Rin-type of girl. Yeah, she's strange but is a great friend. She also happens to be the best friend of my girlfriend, Emi.

Emi had gotten into an accident when she was small-I mean a kid, since she's still small-and ended up losing both her legs. Lots of things happened, but in the end she warmed up to me and we managed to continue our relationship. She is also the reason my heart is so strong -and at times weak- thanks to the "training" I do every morning. It's basically me running multiply laps around a track field, but it's good exercise so I'm not complaining...much.

Life really changed for me when I received that heart attack. Back then if you would have asked me if it was for better or worse, I would have definitely said worse. But now I would say better. The memories and friends I made are precious to me and I wouldn't trade them for anything, even a healthy body.

The new school was weird when I transferred there received the attack but I got used to it eventually. The same thing will happen for college.

Sleepless nights, here I come...

On second thought...give me my high school life back!

The light shone through the window and hit me square in the eyes, causing me to flinch and wake up from the blessing called sleep. I put up my hand to cover my eyes slightly and opened them slowly.

We had gotten blinds for the windows but I didn't get to set them up yet. Both Emi and Rin had blinds installed -by me- in their rooms already. There were only two bed rooms - naturally, since it was designed for two people- that were occupied by Rin and Emi. That left me with the couch, since I couldn't risk the staff seeing me and Emi together in the same bed. It wasn't so bad since the couch was big and you could expand it to make a bed. Being able to watch TV or play games into the night was really convenient too, so that's a plus.

The only minus was the sun.

Rin was using the small step ladder so I had to wait for her to finish...who knows when that would be. Knowing her personality she would think for a few days before starting to paint. Rin was surprisingly stubborn and wouldn't let me have the ladder, leaving me to wake up early in the mornings.

The reason I got to sleep in - a true gift and blessing from the heavens - was simply because we couldn't use the track field, which bummed Emi out. It seems that it could only be used by students, which we weren't yet. I still exercised but by my own accord. I decided to go to the schools gym and run using the treadmills and lift some weights. I realized I needed to be strong as well as fast, so I started balancing my routine slightly. That is, until we could use the track field since then Emi would be in charge of my mornings like usual.

How I'm going to envy Rin... the sad thought ran through my head.

We still had a few weeks until school started...about a month or two. I think.

Didn't I come here early?

Oh well, I'll be told eventually. I'm not one to remember when school starts, or worry about thoughts like that. Emi is in the same boat and Rin is...well, Rin is Rin.

College starting will be a new chapter of my -slightly- eventful life. Hopefully I won die tragically by the end of it. I also hope I don't see the crazed boy Kenji.

I sat up and stretched my arms, opening my mouth wide to yawn. I looked around the room until I found my phone lying on the ground next to the couch -aka, my bed- and scooped it up. Glancing at the clock I found that it was still too early to do anything but sleep by my new standards. I smiled to myself and placed the phone down on the floor again before I lay back down and covered my head with my sheets.

My goals were simple:

1. Survive the school year (who knows who I'll meet)

2. Don't run into Kenji (this affects the outcome of number one greatly)

3. Pass (that should be self explanatory)

But right now, my only goal as I talked to myself in my head was even simpler.