AN: This is a small AoKaga drabble that I thought of a long time ago! :D

Aomine had taken the habit of meeting Kagami at his school's gates, so as usual he was waiting for his boyfriend. Aomine could still remember the day they confessed to each other, when Kagami accepted his feelings with a red face and a similar confession. This caused Aomine to smile before noticing the red head with Tetsu, "Oi! Kagami!" The bluenette waved to gain the attention of Kagami, who noticed him quickly with his hight and dark blue hair. Saying his good byes to Kuroko, Kagami moved closer to Aomine with a smile on his face. "Hey! How are you?" Aomine smiled in return, while his hands snaked towards Kagami's shoulder, "I am good now since I saw you!" He received a weak push from the other, who had a small blush on his face.

Their walk back home would have been a quite one, but Kagami started talking about school and basketball practice. He was complaining about his grades when suddenly a snow ball hit him straight on the face. Standing there shocked for a moment, but Aomine's loud laugh made him react, scooping a good amount of snow then making it into a ball shape before throwing it back at Aomine, hitting his face. Now it was Kagami's time to laugh at the stupid look on his lover's face before getting attacked with Aomine and his balls. The two basketball idiots ended up having a snowball fight, as much as it was childish, they were both having the best time of their lives. It ended when Aomine tackled Kagami to the ground, tickling him till tears where forming in his eyes and he had a hard time breathing, "Hahahaha! A-Aomine! Hahaha! I-I give up! Stop!" Aomine smiled in victory from his place, on top of Kagami, while the red head was trying to take in as much air as he could. "H-hey.. Since we're playing on the snow, lets make a snowman!" Kagami hadn't made one since he was a child, so he felt really excited about the idea. Aomine was going to decline, but seeing the grin on his boyfriend's face made him give in, "Alright! But we'll make small one!" Kagami nodded his head enthusiastically before pushing the other and standing up. After a few minutes they make their small snow man, who Aomine has customized to look similar like him, "Look! A snowman Aomine!" Kagami laughed, finding his boyfriend adorable, since he looked proud about the mini him. Kagami moved closer to Aomine, then made another one. He noticed Aomine's confused look, so he smiled to the other before continuing with his customization of the snowman. "Snowman Aomine will feel lonely if he doesn't have someone with him right? So snowman Kagami will be here for him and love him.." Aomine couldn't help the light blush on his face before pulling the red head close to him and kissing his lips gently. "Stop being this cute Bakagami!" Their little play time ended after they took a picture of their snowmen and left the park.


Aomine stood up suddenly, causing Kagami to look at him with shock, "W-what is it Aomine?" Aomine's eyes had a dark gleam to it, he looked down at Kagami with a smirk, "I am turned on right now.. Lets go home and do it!" He said while pulling a blushing, protesting Kagami with him.