Hello all! Very short blurb here that I did for the impromptu Boondock Saints challenge going on on Tubmblr. Features the boys as children with a bit of foreshadowing into the future. It's not really meant to go with the rest of my Boys/OC series, I just thought this was cute and had to share!


"There," an eight year old Connor said, jumping down from the branch he was perched on. "Told ye it'd work."

Murphy looked at the swing suspiciously. "Don't look like it."

"Jus' try it."


"Fine, ye fuckin' baby," the blond huffed and plopped down on the board serving as a seat before pushing off with his legs. "See? It's fine, Murph!"

The younger boy shook his head as his twin giggled. "You an' yer fuckin' rope."

Connor was not laughing a week later when the old rope snapped and he landed flat on his ass.