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What The?!


Kagome P. O. V.

'OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT CLAY BITCH JUST MADE OUT WITH MY MAN!' I screamed in my mind as I ran from yet another Inu?Kik make out session, feeling for the first time in my life the need to kill something. Or seriously injure. I'm not picky.

The bad parts were it was like the middle of the friggin' day, we had stopped at Edo to rest and I saw them in the clearing housing the well. I stopped running when I reached Goshinboku, sitting on one of the gnarled roots close to the base of its trunk. "I always fel content around you, yas know," I say to the tree. "Awww, thank you dear I don't try," Answered Goshinboku. Me being who I am, I never expected the tree to talk back, so I did the only logical thing that came to mid. I screamed.

"WHAT THE FUCK! A TALKING TREE! I MUST BE LOSING IT!" "Now dear, you're going to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Calm down," says Goshinboku soothingly. I take several deep breaths until I feel lightheaded and dizzy. "Now that you're calm I wish to speak with you on an important issue," says Goshinboku solemnly.

"Well talk," I say having no patience for the annoying old tree.

3rd Person P. O. V.

A tall figure clothed in white silk walked through Inuyasha's Forest, his small pack not far behind.

Turning a pointed ear to the east he winces at the noises being carried to him on the wind. 'Does that girl not know when to shut up?' he thinks. Continuing on he walks a little faster. He needed to speak with his half-breed brothers Miko. Now.

He glances at the prancing girl beind him before turning back to face the front.

~At Goshinboku~

"Kagome dear, you're overreacting. Calm yourself," pleaded Goshinboku to the pissed off Miko. "HELL NO! I'M NOT FALLING IN LOVE WITH TAHT... THAT... FLUFFY ICICLE!'

Kagome stops, breathing heavily with her face flushed read from anger. "Kagome, it is the Kami that are willing this to happen. Blame them, not me," says Goshinboku matter-of-factly.

"We heard that!" came an irritated voice from the heavens above. Ignoring that comment she screams into the sky: "WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME FALL FOR PRINCE FLUFFY?!" "Because," Answers the Kami,"We love pissing you off." With that said Kagome started screaming profanities at the sky.

Deciding it was time to emerge from his place in the trees Sesshomaru dropped from his perch, landing lightly on his feet in front of a cursing Kagome.

Finally giving up on screaming at the sky she comes face to face with Sesshomaru. Giving a cry of surprise she promptly falls backwards.

She blinks once.


Three times.

Getting back to her feet she whacks Sesshomaru up side the head with a rolled uup newspaper she always carries with her saying, "No, bad Fluffy, that's a very bad Fluffy." Eyebrow twitching in annoyance he watches the rest of her group step from behind some bushes, their laughter ringing around the forest, all there except Inuyasha.

Shrugging it off for now he focuses his attention on the Miko, keeping one eye on her green skirt as it's blown by a slight breeze. Keeping his cool he says, "Miko, I wish to speak with you." Seeing her confused look he adds, "It is about Rin." A worried look appearing on her face she grabs Shippo and her bag before going to stand beside the western lord.

"Take me to Rin," she says, Inuyasha stumbling in at that moment to watch in horror as his brother places his arm around Kagome's waist.

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