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Pairings: Stony and Hulkeye

Genres: Romance, angst, fluff, smut, action, hurt/comfort

Story: Tony Stark is on top of the world; a boyfriend he loves, a best friend with more loyalty then he deserved, and the most kick as job on the planet. He should have known it was too good to be true.

Author's Note: It is my first ever challenge fic! So my challenge as issued by karone-sakura and I have totally taken off with it love it, and I will probably be writing a companion piece to this one when it's all done anyways I hope you enjoy! WARNING MALE ON MALE RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!

My challenge is:

"Must have memory loss. Permanent or short-term
Must forget everyone in there lives, past and present. However they can remember that there Iron Man and Captain America. Steve and Tony can either start off as friends or lovers but must become lovers in the end. The "accident" can be whatever you want it to be.
Must include one funny catch phrase that is used more then once after one of them loses there memories "

For karone-sakura I hope I do this justice.

Show Me the Stars

Part 1 – So Close and Yet So Far

It was funny how life could blindside you so quickly.

One moment you're on top of the world. Everything perfect. Then in a single horrifying moment it's taken from you. He really shouldn't be surprised. His life seemed to have been a continual series of ongoing unfortunate events.

The worst part though he'd really thought things had been looking up; for once in his shitty life he had a good thing.

Now as he sat in the to bright hospital room, washed white by the florescent lighting that hummed just below the steady beep of machines, he was reevaluating his previous optimism.

Heartbreakingly beautiful eyes regarded him curiously. The eyes of a man so intimately familiar, it made his heart race and chest ache.

"Hello," he said softly, that voice, deep, smooth. It could command men just as easily as it made him weak in the knees.

"Hello," he retuned just as quietly, wondering why he was having such a hard time catching his breath.

Tony knew something was wrong; something had changed. It was the eyes that gave him away. There was no recognition in those deep blue depths.

"I'm sorry who are you?" he cocked his head to the side, giving an adorably confused look. One that was a terrible mixture of curiosity and apology.

Iron Man swallowed thickly, "Anthony Stark," he was proud his voice didn't crack and break like he wanted too.

"Oh," the other paused looking away. Brows knitting together in confusion before turning back his expression pained, "Who am I?"


24 hours earlier…

Metal, and tools went flying as they hit the table with force, the man in the dirty tank and stained jeans unable to help as his lips twitched in a grin. No small feat as they were pressed against those of his boyfriend of a year. Strong hands on his hips were flicking open the jeans allowing loose denim to bunch around muscular thighs.

Eager hands working the pants down of the other man, pushing kakis to pool around the bigger mans ankles. Lips mashing, tongues, dueled as they maneuvered around the machine strewn room. Pants stumbled out of with a quite chuckle. Nearing the couch, the last layer of clothing was shucked, before it was all warm naked flesh rubbing together.

Tony pushed the big blond down, admiring the flushed, muscular frame. Full kiss swollen lips quirking, "Like what you see?"

Tony's heart did a little stutter step in his chest, "When did you get so sassy?" he teased crawling into the man's lap, thrusting hips teasingly.

"When I fell in love with this loud mouthed, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist."

Said billionaire's mouth hovered an inch above the others lips. "Ex-playboy."

Conversation forgotten as they devoured every gasp and moan. Big fingers pressing against the inventor's lips, the dark haired man sucked eagerly, grazing teasing teeth along the thick digits. Steve shuddered, moving quickly, well-slicked fingers probing his boyfriend's sensitive entrance. Wrapping toned arms around the big man's neck he arched back against the questing fingers. They could do slow and sweet later; right now he just wanted to feel Steve.

His blond lover was apparently feeling the same way; catching the urgency, he worked fast, stretching him. "Please," he groaned against the sweet lips, the big man pulling him flush.

Hands steadying slim hips, Steve guided himself inside the tight wet heat.

"Steve," Tony moaned, trying to relax as his lover slid deep inside. God he loved having Steve inside him. Joined so intimately, their heartbeats syncing. It was sappy as hell, but Tony couldn't bring himself to care when those dazed blue eyes looked at him from under ruffled blond hair. Smiling at him so sweetly…it scared him how much he loved this man.

Tony was moving then hips rocking as he ground down, pushing him deeper inside. His workshop and its familiar noises fell away. It was just the two of them here in this moment of perfect bliss.

It was Tony who found his release first, that hot, tight coil of pleasure unwinding with blissful surrender. Arms and legs squeezing tight, "Steve," he murmured in surrender tremors wracking his frame.

The blond could feel Tony tighten around him, wanting to draw the moment out forever. Apparently his lover had other ideas, teeth nipped his neck, and a heated whisper was in his ear, "Let go babe."

That was all it took. With one last deep thrust he was filling his lover hotly. The name of the man he loved a cry on swollen lips. Humming languidly they kissed unhurried, a sated mess on the lab couch.

Tony chuckling when he felt a big hand smooth down his spine settling on the inked flesh on the middle of his back. Fingers caressing the spot Steve had a fetish for the tattoo there.

An irate beep from across the room had them breaking apart, DUM-E whirring and clicking annoyed with them as he picked up scattered tools. "Sorry," Steve tried to placate the machine.

Tony rolled his eyes, "He'll get over it."

The couple shared an amused look, the genius feeling something catch in his chest. "So ummm Steve," he began mumbling, blue eyes regarding him attentively thumbs messaging absently as big hands rested on his hips.

Tony tried to collect his scattered thoughts; it really shouldn't be so hard. Sighing he wiggling out of his lovers grasp. Ignoring the protest in his lower back as he navigated back towards his pants.

Steve watched his lover move about unconcerned in his nudity; pleased Tony had come so far. There had been a time when the genius would not have done as he was now. Getting him to shed his layers was no mean feat, but to Steve's mind it had been completely worth it. Tony was gorgeous. All sleek muscle, and sinew, his scars, his arc…everything about him was beautiful.

Tony bent over his discarded jeans, giving Steve an excellent view of his backside, and the tattoo he loved so much. He grinned smugly; possessively staring at the Captain America's shield permanently etched on the man he loved. His fingers itching to trace the outline of it once more.

Oblivious to his lovers thoughts the dark haired man rooted in the pocket of his jeans fingers closing over the smooth band of metal. Clutching the small object tightly Tony stood, turning back to the big man sprawled across the couch grinning wickedly. Tony could feel those blue eyes roving across his skin heatedly. Everyone though Tony was oversexed. They had no idea what was under all that spandex; innocent boy next door, not likely.

"I umm…wanted to ask you something," Tony, mumbled suddenly more nervous then he'd ever been. Not meeting those eyes he returned to the couch, the ring clutched tightly in his hand.

"Oh yeah?" Steve was reaching for him once more, pulling the smaller man close.

"Yeah," his palms were sweaty and his chest was thumping harshly, sure Steve could hear it.

He could do this.

Taking a deep breath Tony opened his mouth, fingers uncurling, "Steve would yo-"

The alarm blared balefully, singling the call to arms. Tony bit back the torrent of dirty curses that wanted to erupt, as he once more clenched his fist in frustration. Steve groaned, pecking him on the nose before he was hurrying to his suit.

It was no time at all and they were dressed standing side by side atop the Tower, "Tony…you wanted to ask me a question earlier?" The sudden question from the big man caught him off guard.

Tony swallowed back the lump in his throat, "Nothing that can't wait until later big guy."

Captain America slung an arm around his waist, the movement one of long practice. Tony's faceplate clanged shut the eyes in his mask lighting as the suit powered up.

Steve turned towards the city a soft smile about his lips, "Show me the stars Iron Man."


"What do you mean you didn't ask him?" Clint valuated off the wall firing, scoring a hit to the poorly made, infinitely annoying want to be robots. So far they had done no more damage to themselves then anything else.

"I was about to, when the alarm went off," Tony muttered dodging out of the way of a spindly flailing leg, blasting the thing apart with ease.

"Sure, sure just an excuse for cold feet…" the archer teased, nimbly moving out of the way of a laughing Hulk robots clutched in each huge hand.

"I really was I had the ring out and everything," the genius sighed pausing to hover near the assassin as they surveyed the battle scene. Tony had once again locked his and Clint's com to only transmit to one another as they fought. Steve would no doubt give him hell for it later but it didn't stop him from doing it every so often.

Wasn't like this was an all out fight or anything, more a joke really. Steve and Natasha further down the street, were dealing with several more of the things, while Hulk laughing smashed his way through most of them.

"You going to try again?" Clint easily let fly an arrow, striking a kill even at the great distance.

"Of course, maybe do it right this time, flowers, dinner…candle light." Amused the blond glanced at his best friend. If anyone had told him a year and half ago, he'd find himself a good friend to billionaire Tony Stark he probably would have put an arrow through his or her eye.

Much to everyone's surprise thought the pair had managed to forge a connection together in most unlikely of circumstances. The pair had bonded over shared unrequited love.

Tony pinning for the perfect paragon of humanity Steve Roger; Captain America whom he believed to be so far out of his league he might as well never try. Clint on his end had fallen head over heels for a sedate, handsome scientist that had a tendency to loose his shit on occasion.

A friendship born out of necessity as much as anything had started out completely unintentional. They had navigated their denial together. Each insisting to one another that they did not actually have feelings for anyone. They were alone and that's the way they liked it; even if they found having each other's company a little easier.

The budding friendship had deepened during the anger phase, rallying at everything from the Avengers to the sheer unfairness of the world. The depression though was what had solidified them as friends until the end. They had got each other through some dark days, with a lot of TV and movies and more hours logged on Call of Duty then a fifteen-year-old virgin.

They had weathered it through together eventually managing to accept the status quo. This was the way things were going to be, but at least they had one another.

Until Bruce had kissed Clint and all hell broke loose. Literarily.

"Enough about me how are you and big green?" Tony directed his musing back to the here and now, and the now was the two of them making good on the pact to lock down what they had finally found.

"Tonight, have the dinner reservations and everything."

Tony grinned, "Good idea, JARVIS reservations tonight, fancy place." The AI placidly acknowledged.

"Well shall we return to this sham of a fight? Before my sweet tempered, reserved lover chews my ass out?" Clint laughed as Tony scooped him up, flying quickly to the others, returning the com's to open.

"Man of Iron, maybe you can answer me, why would Midigans create such useless robots?" The demi-God stepped back watching as two of them teetering under their own weight, top heavy bodies tumbling. They lay on the street legs wiggling uselessly; it was more depressing then fear inspiring.

Before Tony could answer an amused Captain America piped up, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Tony was sure his expression mirrored Clint as they stood side by side staring at their fearless leader.

"Did the Cap just make a culturally relevant remark?" The blond archer gasped clutching his chest in mock dramatics.

Tony was grinning like a loon under his helm, "A meme at that…fucking awesome babe!" Still chuckling Tony looked skyward as a distant roar approached.

"Do I hear the dulcet tones of your lover?" Tony remarked the smile in his voice unmistakable. Both Hawkeye and Iron Man side stepping out of the path of the incoming Avenger. The green mass hit the ground a distance ahead of them cracking the pavement, as he tromped at the last two of the machines.

"Well that's that then," Tony idled, glancing to Steve for the all clear. Captain America was sliding his shield on his back, humming in agreement of the assessment. It looked like things were wrapping up nicely; until the deafening crack rent the air.

The Hulk's final assault had apparently compromised the already crumbling abandoned house nearby. All eyes turned slowly to the precariously teetering building. Under it, utterly oblivious to the impending peril two curious teenagers holding phones trying to get a picture of the superheroes.

They all moved at the same time.

Steve the closest was first to arrive throwing the two out of the way of the tumbling structure. Tony pushing his suit to capacity was right behind him.

"Steve!" he screamed over the com reaching him just as they entire building came down on them.