Author's Note: Here it is! The final chapter! Thanks for coming with me on this one, and as a reward we have a smutty little treat. I am working on a companion piece for this one focusing on Clint and Bruce so if you're a fan of them be on the look out. For now enjoy the smutty, fluffy, schmoop that is so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt. Thanks for reading!


Show Me the Stars

Chapter 16 – Seeing Stars

"She's in a lot of trouble Cap," Fury said as he glared murderously through the window to the women sitting sullenly at the metal table.

"Why is that?" Captain Rogers asked, his own eyes never leaving the slumped women.

"Security breaches, leaking information, a technological terrorist attack…although why Stark isn't pressing charges is beyond me."

Steve shook his head a fond smile quirking his lips, "Are you planning to terminate her employment with SHIELD?"

Sighing Fury gave him a rueful look, "Resources are scare enough, and she is a good agent, just a little lost." Captain America reluctantly nodding in agreed. "She will however be reassigned for a time to a branch in Europe."

Nodding Steve moved towards the door, "I would like to speak with her a moment if I may."

The Director gestured, "By all means."

Steve stepped inside the room clenching his jaw tightly, trying to remind himself his promise to Tony. His heart softened a little, Anthony Stark may have hid it away under all that armor but the man had without a doubt the biggest heart he'd ever met. More so then even he; for Steve would sooner see the women charged and imprisoned for all her recklessness.

"Agent Carter," he said formally taking the seat before her. The women refusing to look up as she maintained her stony silence. "If was up to me I'd have you up and chargers, " he said idly leaning back speaking casually.

Finally she peered up at him, eyes narrowing slightly, "I won't apologize." She looked away again.

Steve sighed whatever anger he'd had vanishing slowly. The women before him was just sad, "Sharon, I love Tony…I have for a long while. While you may not accept that it, it's the truth and I make no apologies for that. You need to move on with your life, I'm sure there is someone else out there for you; but it's not me."

The silence was back thick and cloying, Sharon didn't respond.

Steve had planned to dress her down, lecture, and maybe even threaten. Now though faced with the miserable women he could summon nothing but pity. With nothing left to say he moved to stand.

"You said no…" she mumbled, tears tracking across her flushed cheeks. "You didn't even remember who he was…but you were still drawn to him." Finally she looked up, her face the picture of abject misery, "Somehow he still had a hold of you."

Without a word he departed, suddenly anxious to be back at the Tower with Tony.


"Get your shit together Barton they're flanking us on the far side!"

"Off my back Stark you're the one who can't snipe worth shit," there was a snort as the dark haired man beside him turned into him sharply the controller clicking madly in his hands.

"On your six Barton," Tony yelled, the assassin physically turned his body to the left, eye glued to the screen as the horded of undead crept up behind him.

"Ah Christ they got me, can you re-spawn?" Tony grunted clicking madly as he hacked his way towards the other.

"Got'cha!" he hollered enthusiastically.

Triumphant they were back at it, Nazi zombies crushed under foot. "So how much trouble you think Steve's going to give us when he finds out we cut you free," Clint asked bemused.

Tony snorted, "It's not a big deal the doctors were just being dicks anyway." The archer bit back his laughter; it had been a week since 'The Incident' as Tony called it. Steve had fully regained his memories, and Tony had been grounded to his bed to heal. After two days of bed rest he'd been intolerable.

This morning Clint had caught him in the lab cutting off the metal chest brace and cast as soon as Steve had headed into SHIELD. The archer had caved helping him but only because he didn't want the man to accidently sever a limb.

"Sides it's been two weeks since I've got anything save a hand hold and a kiss…" he spared a depressed glance at his archer. "Chest brace is not conducive to sexy times."

Clint rolled his eyes not feeling the least bit sorry for him, "Be grateful you can have sexy times," he mumbled under his breath.

A dark brow arched, "Really you mean you and Bruce never…" he made an obscene gesture.

"Well sort of but not…" he shrugged, "It doesn't matter I still love him."

Tony smiled softly nudging him, "And you say I'm getting soft in my old age."

Laughing they focused on the game, until Bruce showed up to borrow his boyfriend for some sort of experiment. Tony laughing as they disappeared, "You're a braver soul then I Barton."

Saving the game he headed to the kitchen itching absently at the Velcro of the arm brace. His concession for Clint to cut it off, he had to put the old one back on. Humming idly he poured himself a cup of coffee wondering how long he could sneak into the lab for before Steve got home.

"Clint helped you cut it off didn't he?" Tony nearly spilled his cup all over himself. Guiltily turning towards the door, to meet the chiding blue eyes of his lover.

"Maybe," he hedged, dark eyes taking in the strong figure he cut. Everything from his jeans to the old man plaid shirt rolled to his elbows.

Steve pushed off the wall making his way towards Tony; the inventor clad in a pair of sweats, and old shirt, under one of Steve's hoodies. Possessiveness shot through him as he closed the distance between then in several steps pulling Tony close carefully.

Tony melted into the embrace immediately no longer hindered by the infernal metal cage. Big hands stroked him tenderly, igniting his blood. It had been so long.

Tilting his head back the genius kissed the taller blond leisurely, pressing himself as tightly as possible. Kissing his way across the strong jaw, rasping against faint stubble as he nipped teasingly at his ear.

"Take me to bed," Tony whispered almost pleading as hands moved to tangle in blond hair. He could feel as the big body shuddered in pleasure.

"We shouldn't," Steve replied hoarsely, worried about his lover's injuries. But his body was already betraying him.

"Please," he begged sweetly.

Moaning the Cap caved, he could refuse his boyfriend nothing. Lifting the slender man easily, he felt Tony loop his legs around his waist as he carried them towards the bedroom. Lips fused they spilled inside; Steve gently set his boyfriend on the bed. Tony already wrestling out of his sweater and shirt before moving to wiggle out of his pants.

Steve watched hungrily as every inch of flesh was reveled. It felt like it's been a lifetime since he'd touched his lover, been close to him.

Naked the genius reclined in the large bed, eagerly waiting for his boyfriend to join him. Steve hesitating as guilt clawed at him, when he saw the mottled bruises on his chest. Slowly hesitating his eyes trailed upwards he met dark orbs. Breath hitching when he saw the understanding, and forgiveness in their depths, wondering what he had done to deserve such a man.

Slowly he was crawling across the prone form kissing every inch of bruised skin whispering apologies and begging for forgiveness. Tony arched into the sweet mouth; hands tangling in the soft hair as Steve worked his way around the reactor, seemingly in not hurry as he moved his way across the strong jaw.

Tony whimpered and gasped as Steve worshipped every inch of the man he loved. Caressing, licking and nibbling from his lips all the way to strong thighs. Teasing soft skin behind his knees. Avidly watching every moan and arch, hips rocking as he begged to be touched in the one place he wanted most.

Tony was a hot mess. Every nerve ending hummed, his erection hard and aching. He knew though there was no speeding up Steve when he got in these moods. Everything was slow, sweet, and tender.

Not that he minded, God no…he needed this more then he'd thought. He'd lost Steve once, nearly losing everything they had together. For a heartbeat he once more felt that cruel bite of desperation and longing, before the melancholy thoughts fled as a hot mouth closed over him sucking hard.

"Steve!" he cried, moaning in pleasure. Big hands pined his hips gently keeping him immobile as the blond still moved at that madding slow pace.

With a final lap Steve moved back up the quivering form, gazing into pleasure-dazed eyes. Long arms reaching for the nightstand tugging out the lube. Tony wrapping sinewy arms around Steve arching against him wantonly, "Please, I need you Steve."

The super soldier held onto his control with gritted determination, he was going to go slow if it killed him. Squeezing some of the liquid onto his fingers he warmed the cool jell before moving back over his lover.

When slick fingers finally penetrated him Tony thought he was going to loose it there and then. Biting his bottom lip he muffled an almost sob as he thrust back against the intrusion trying to get the man to speed up. Begging and pleading that Steve take him. Damned if the man wasn't going to be rushed. Working him with a single mindedness that left the billionaire a quivering mess.

It was long moments before those clever fingers were removed and replaced by something substantially larger. Tony arching off the bed as Steve finally pressed into him inch by agonizing inch.

Completely over stimulated Tony much to his surprise and that of Steve, came hard and fast spilling across their sweat slicked stomach. Crying out loudly in pleasure. The big blond stunned stopped, buried deep inside the smaller man. Amazed to see his boyfriend flush with embarrassment.

"It's been a while," he mumbled, beautifully red.

The super soldier bit back a groan, leaning down to kiss him slow and sweet, "You want me to stop?" he as gently nipping already swollen lips, feeling the cool brace settle on his shoulder.

"Hell no Sunshine, rock my world." Steve rolled his hips teasingly, wringing a pleasured gasp from the man beneath him.

"Oh fuck yes," he hissed rolling up to meet him thrust for thrust. Burying his face in the warm neck Steve moved his hips languidly, coaxing the spent man to life once more. Tony blissfully sex drunk arched and withered as Steve made love to him.

Steve could feel Tony hard and straining once more, rubbing against his belly as they rocked together. Tony had been right, it had been a long time, and serum or no serum he was reaching his end; but he was going to take Tony with him.

In one fluid motion he sat them up, Tony settled firmly in his lap. "Steve!" he cried as the angle changed and he was kissing him prostate with every bounce. "Ah!"

Strong fingers dug into his hips, no doubt bruising, marking the man as his. "Tony," he groaned clenching his teeth reaching around to settle a hand on the tattoo of his shield in the slender back.

With a cry Tony shattered in his arms, clenching around him tightly. Steve followed him with one last thrust, burying deep as he shuddered his release deep inside his lover. He held Tony close as they rode out the afterglow. Kissing dark, sweat matted hair, "Ok?" he asked big hands messaging the trim back.

Tony huffed a breathy chuckle leaning his chin on the broad shoulder, he was more then ok, and it was on the tip of his tongue to say so when he paused, "Actually…"

He was wiggling out of the hold then, and curious the blond let him go. Wincing as Steve slipped from him he ignored the sweet ache in his lower back.

"Tony?" worried Steve shifted to the side of the bed watching his lover as he headed back to his discarded pants.

"Before anything else happens," the inventor mumbled returning to the bed moving to kneel between muscular legs. Dark eyes looked up into blue, suddenly incredibly nervous, the ring a cold weight in his hand.

Taking a deep breath he slowly opened his fingers holding out the band he'd been carrying around in his pocket for almost two months, "Steven Grant Rogers, will you marry me?" he asked softly, watching stunned blue eyes widen impossibly.

Taking it as a bad sign Tony began to backtrack, "I'm sorry," he mumbled suddenly embarrassed pulling his hand back. "I knew I'd make a mess of it…should have done the dinner thing," he muttered to himself running an agitated hand through mussed hair.

"No Tony," big hands where on his. Slowly opening the palm pulling out the ring and sliding it onto his finger, "Of course I will."

A slow hesitant smile split the still faintly bruised face, "Yeah?" smiling Steve leaned down kissing him sweetly, as he pulled him close.

"I love you Tony," he mumbled, moving so the smaller man could climb into his lap wrapping arms around him tightly.

They were silent a long moment, Steve thankful to have the man so close to him, with him, after everything that had happened. "Tony," he began softly pulling back marginally so he could see that beloved face, "Why didn't you tell me we were together when I lost my memory?"

He could feel the slim man stiffen as he looked anywhere but at him. "Clint told you?" He finally mumbled softly, sounding more resigned then anything. Steve had been waiting to ask the question for a long while. He thought he already knew the answer, but he hoped he was wrong.

"We didn't want to overwhelm you all at once with everything, I was going to tell you…then Sharon…" He cleared his throat with a shrug, and sigh; his explanations no real answer.

Steve gritted his teeth, his worried assumption had been right, Tony's own crippling self-doubt had stopped him. Somewhere in that big head of his, he still harbored that ridiculous notion he didn't deserve this happiness…didn't deserve Steve. The super solider wanted to shake some sense into the man,

Tony was speaking softly again, "You kissed me in the lab you know…when you had no memory." Steve froze; Tony hadn't spoken of what had occurred between them the week he'd lost. He heard about whatever everyone else said, but there was still a big blank where Tony was concerned.

The billionaire closed his eyes burning his face against the warm neck inhaling deeply, eyes closed. As he snuggled closer, "Your nightmares came back too," he confessed feeling Steve stiffen, his arms tightening almost painfully.

"It was ok though…because if you were dreaming about the past then somewhere you still remember."

Steve wasn't sure when he started crying. "Oh Tony," he held the man tight rocking them slowly as he felt a hot dampness against his skin. They stayed that way a long time; until Tony was pulling away scrubbing his eyes.

"Enough with the sap," he joked roughly tumbling them backwards into the bed, kissing Steve harshly as he pulled at his lower lip teasingly. The soldier growled one hand coming up to settle on the tattoo of his shield massaging the inked flesh.

Tony smirked widely, eyes already dilating in lust, "Come on big man…show me the stars."