Hunter's Moon

by Erin Salvatore

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Note: Hey, guys! I present you with the sequel to "Freedom isn't Free." The plot is this: Damon and Elena are tracking the masked murderer known as Silas and the only one who can help them is the one person Elena thought she'd never see again – her twin sister, Katherine, who is currently serving a life sentence.

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Chapter 1

Virginia State Women's Prison...

Elena sighed as she walked into the prison, followed by her husband, Damon. The reports of the masked murderer known as Silas were getting worse by the day, and it became obvious that the body count would keep going up if he wasn't stopped. The police were doing all they could, but Silas was proving to be quite a clever character. In fact, he was even more dangerous than Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, and Mikael put together.

Elena looked over at Damon, taking his hand as they walked. "I appreciate you coming with me, Damon."

"No need to thank me, amore mia," he replied. "I know that speaking with your sister isn't going to be easy, so I want to be there for you. After all, you did say in your vows that I'm your savior and your rock, right?"

Elena smiled. "I did, didn't I?" She sighed. "There is another reason I'm doing this, Damon. I want to make sure that Christian and Anastasia feel safe to go to school. Their safety is my top priority as their mother. No matter how old they are, they're still my babies, and I will do anything to make sure that they grow up in a world without fear."

"I'm doing this for them too," said Damon. "No way in hell I'm letting that bastard come near my children."

Elena nodded and said nothing more as they continued their trek. Once through the main entrance, they went to the security desk to hand in their guns and badges and to receive their Visitor tags. Damon had all the faith in the world in his wife that things were going to go smoothly, but since he had never met Katherine before, there was no telling how this meeting would go.

A guard escorted them to the visitation room, which, oddly enough, reminded Elena of the cafeteria she used to have her lunches in at school, except this was a prison. Upon entry, they saw Katherine already seated at the table. She smiled at Damon, licking her lips.

"Well, well," she said. "If I had I was going to be getting such a hot visitor, I would've asked the guard to set up the conjugal visit room for me."

Elena snarled at her sister, not liking the tone she used. "Back off, Katherine, that's my husband you're talking to." She sighed. "Anyway, we didn't came all this way for you to flirt with Damon."

"Of course, how silly of me," said Katherine. "You're here because of Silas, right? I've been hearing a lot about him. Just because I'm here on the inside doesn't mean I don't still hear about what goes on outside." She smirked. "Of course, you do know that I want a reduced sentence, or possibly an early parole in return for my services, don't you?"

"One thing at a time, Katherine," said Damon. "Help us with Silas and then we'll consider giving you what you want."

Katherine smiled. "You're so hot. In fact, it should be illegal to be that hot."

Elena growled at her sister. "Damn it, Katherine, I told you to back off. Do that again and I'll call the guard in here faster than you can blink, got me?" She sighed. "Now, what have you heard about Silas that hasn't already been made public knowledge?"

"You didn't hear this from me, but Silas has a method of killing his victims," said Katherine. "First, he breaks them mentally and, if they haven't been driven to suicide, he uses this very special weapon that he either purchased off the Internet or manufactured himself to make them suffer a slow and very agonizing death."

Elena looked at Damon and then back at Katherine. "Wait, how did you know about that? We haven't been able to figure out what he used on his victims."

"Oh, sweet, simple Elena, you should know that I have my ways," said Katherine. "This prison is populated entirely by women and you know how we girls love to gossip." She laughed. "And, ironically enough, the recent topic around the cell block is Silas. You have no idea how many fangirls he has. Some of them even have sexual fantasies about him."

Elena raised an eyebrow at her sister. "Right. Well, I think we got enough for now. We'll be back when we need more." She gently grabbed Damon's arm. "Come on, let's get the hell out of here."

Katherine smiled as she watched them go. She had to admit, she liked having them there. She had a feeling that they were going to be her favorite visitors.


Elena placed her gun and badge on her belt and after Damon got his own badge and gun situated, they went toward the exit of the prison. It was a fairly quiet walk until they got to the parking lot, where Elena decided to say something.

"Tell me I wasn't the only freaked out by what just happened today."

"Believe me, I was freaked out too," said Damon. "How the hell did Katherine know all that information? She knows more about the case than we do, and she's not even a cop."

"I have no idea," said Elena. "But, at least we got what we came here for." She sighed as she climbed into the car. "I don't know about you, but when I get home, I want to take a nice hot shower to take my mind off Katherine."

Damon climbed on the driver's side and smiled. "Good idea. Mind if I join you?" He wagged his eyebrows at her. "We can have a little fun, since it's been a while we were actually alone together. We have the house to ourselves, since Christian and Ana both have sleepovers at their friends' houses, so maybe we know, misbehave a little? Come on, amore mia, you know you want to."

Elena shivered at his words. Shit, he knew just what to say to turn her to putty. Then again, that was one of the many qualities she found so endearing about him. "You know what? I think I just might take you up on that offer, Damon. I think I can use a little sexy time with my sexy husband."

Damon scooted over in the seat and kissed her passionately. Elena returned his kiss and moaned against his mouth before pulling away slightly. "I think we should get home before we get arrested for indecent exposure."

Damon nodded, started the engine and drove away from the prison.

Note: Thus begins the sequel to "Freedom isn't Free."

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