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CH.5 -

There were some things, no many things, in Rumplestiltskin's life that he regretted. In his many years, he had caused pain, suffering, killed and generally made peoples' lives a living hell. On the other hand, one deal in particular that he made turned out to be the greatest thing to happen to him.

A wealthy Lord of Avonlea needed to save his village of ogres that were attacking the frontlines as if they were nothing more than wheat in the fields to be cut down. They terrorized and killed, thought nothing of the lives they took and left sons motherless and daughters fatherless in their wake. A time that Rumplestiltskin remembered all too well in the first generation of the war that carried on the name as coward to his line. Still, in the deal he was trying to make with the Lord of Avonlea, a beautiful woman was seen in his shadow listening in as if she was equally a soldier in this battle. A pretty thing. She was unwed by the looks of her bravery and clutching a book to her chest as if it were a cherished talisman. A book he knew she had written her deepest thoughts and wishes in and should her castle turn to rubble around her, she wanted that book to die with her.

How noble.

She was the chip to bargain with, not her overfed father that performed like her voice never mattered. Rumplestiltskin focused on her for a startling moment, wondering how brave she actually could be. He chose her as the price and though her father forbids it, hoping for another way, she stepped forward and accepted the deal. A deal that meant she would go with him forever, to his castle, until her end of days. The deal was struck, he emphasized. She never wavered.

That same brave woman, that same bargaining chip, that same beautiful creature that saved her village to run away with the beast was now waiting for him upstairs in his bedroom. She was not dragged, she was not tricked, and she was not enchanted, nor was that any part of the original deal struck in that war room. She had wielded a magic of her own; a magic of the heart. After time spent with him in his fortress, she began to look beyond the trophies, the baubles, the collection, and through the exterior of cursed skin and excellent fashion sense. She saw the man he used to be, the man that wanted to be a good mate and father, and reached out to him. He allowed those walls to come tumbling down, letting her in and relishing in the fortune that was worth more than any gold piece. She was his world, she was his heart and she would be next to him when he was reunited with his son where he would proudly present her to him.

He had won her heart. He was chosen over a dashing knight that came to her rescue and as he limped to his front door, leaning on the cane a little less, he was not expecting the same knight to come knocking in the late hours of the evening in a snow storm.

"Sir, I have come here to make sure Miss Anna gets home safely," the young knight in commoner's clothing said. He swallowed nervously, his hands in his pockets, shrugging his shoulders in the cold.

Mr. Gold took a deep bored breath and said, "Miss French will not need your protection for the evening, Mr. Chandler. I appreciate your gallantry and I will tell her you were here, but I assure you, she is safe."

"Mr. Gold, I don't want Anna to have to drive home in this storm, so if you don't mind, I'd like to-"

"I do mind," Mr. Gold interrupted, finding the brisk air too chilly to stand there much longer with the top of his shirt still undone. He reckoned his appearance was a bit disheveled after his kitchen interlude and hoped that would send a message to this thick-headed buffoon. "I do mind and I would appreciate if you would not come knocking on my door at such a late hour. Miss French is perfectly safe here and will not need to travel in this weather."

"Mr. Gold, it's getting bad out there and-"

"Miss French will not be going home this evening and therefore, will not need an escort to ensure her safety. I suggest you make it a quick trip back to your own home, before the worst comes."

"I don't understand, why wouldn't Anna be going back home?" he said with his hands pulling out of his pockets in query. He looked at Mr. Gold on the higher steps as if just presented with a puzzle to solve and unsure where to begin.

Mr. Gold would have rolled his eyes if he was about one hundred-fifty years younger, but at this stage in his life he felt pity for those that were that thick. "Mr. Chandler, I'm certain I do not need to spell it out for you, do I?"

"Sir?" he said with a blank stare.

Gold stepped down one step and leaned in as if he had a big secret to tell. Leo froze where he stood, both by nerves and by weather, waiting for the older man to explain. "Miss French will be staying the night, so might I express my gratitude when I say I appreciate your concern, but she's chosen a different suitor." Leo watched as his tricky words intertwined with comprehension and then very slowly started to become angry. "Good night, Mr. Chandler." Gold retraced his one step and promptly shut the door on the young man's face.

Overwhelming pride boost Gold's confidence level and as he passed a mirror in the foyer, he looked at what the younger man saw. He saw a refined man without a tie, his top three buttons undone, tousled hair and then the icing on the cake: lipstick all over his collar. His chest swelled, his leg didn't hurt so much and he found that he nearly bounced on the balls of his feet as he made his way to the stairs. Another triumphant battle won by the Dark One, besting the young knight.

He was just about to take the first stair when his eyes glanced towards the dining room table. Upon it was a vase with two roses, sitting pretty and presenting themselves as an offering. Gold's lips curved as he thought about the fond memory in his castle and decided to retrieve one of the flowers.

The staircase to his bedroom door seemed to be the longest trek he had ever taken in his life. Step by step, a light thud was heard following next to him like a quiet announcement of his presence. He finally reached the last door on the left, the master bedroom, his bedroom. He stared at it for a few seconds, pondering the act that was potentially going to take place, trying not to count the decades that it had been for him since he felt such intimacy. He raised a hesitant hand and knocked lightly with his fore finger's knuckle before turning the handle and entering.

The lighting was low in the room, only illuminated by the few candles he kept around out of habit. Leaving a soft hue about the room, it allowed him to see everything that he needed to. He could see his bed clearly, could see the walls dancing with shadows where the candles flickered and upon his bed was the most beautiful vision he had ever bestowed upon his own eyes.

She sat upon his bed, her legs to the side beneath her, smiling and wearing a lilac colored nightgown with lace front and spaghetti straps. Her delicious soft thighs that he had taken the liberty of caressing were exposed under the satin and she waited for him as if she would wait forever. Gold paused in the doorway, still and barely breathing, for he believed if he were to actually exhale he might frighten her to run away.

"Something the matter, Rumple?" she asked innocently, but suggesting. Her head tilted just slightly, letting her long locks fall over her shoulder romantically.

It was on his third attempt that his voice surfaced and the result managed was very hoarse, "I always believed there was only one way to kill the Dark One." Closing the door behind him, he placed a hand over his heart as he added, "Clearly, there is another way."

She offered him a shy smile and glanced to the floor as she rose on her knees, beckoning him to come closer with a graceful gesture of her fingers. "Nonsense," she whispered, willing him closer than he dared, "who was at the door?"

With a slight bow and subtle presentation that was a reminder of the old Rumplestiltskin, he flourished the rose he held behind his back. "Just an old woman selling flowers," he said with a half smile and a mischievous glint in his eye. His little gesture did not go unnoticed and she accepted the rose sweetly with a smirk and partial little bow herself.

He straightened himself and tossed his cane to the floor of the far right side of the bed and ever so slowly, made his way to his beckoning lady that hid her face behind the delicate flower like the innocent she was playing to be. Little did she know, or maybe she did, the sensuality she was exuding filled his senses like heavy dense fog, forcing the bulge in his pants to tighten even more than it had downstairs in the kitchen. Her delicious curves were enough to make him salivate like a hungry wolf, wanting to devour every inch of her as it was so keenly displayed under form fitting satin.

Once he ventured close enough to his shy, meek beauty, limping only slightly due to the strength of his adrenaline, she surprised him by reaching for him first by the ends of his tie and tossing the rose to the floor. "But, I prefer you!" She gave him all of three seconds to react before kissing him with such furious passion she had kept cleverly disguised by deceptive innocence hidden behind her flower.

At first, he was unsure where to place his hands. Instinct wanted to wrap them around her waist, feel her slender form pressed tightly against his, letting her know the power she wield over him, but a small part of him still felt like it was forbidden and he ungrateful. She was a beautiful noble woman and he the poor spinner turned dark, but none of their differences mattered when she was tearing away his tie and unbuttoning his shirt with demanding fingers. She nipped at his lips and slid her tongue to the roof of his mouth exploring him deeply, demanding he reciprocate.

She pulled away, her fingers still working their way down his shirt, and with skillful hands slid his waistcoat to the floor. The small victory of a garment removed felt euphoric, for he was like a present she was dying to open. She smoothed her hands over the contours of his chest, her mouth gaped at the sensation under her palms, feeling softer skin than she expected with very little hair. A man of many years, all wrapped up in a nice package with a brilliant mind and stories to tell, stood before her like the knight she never knew she wanted. Her eyes traveled to his face, touching his cheek gently, admiring the lines around his eyes that made him so very human to her.

His pupils were black in the low lighting and they fixated on her like he was a coil about to spring. Smooth hands finally slid around her waist, his finger tips pressing into her hips and possessively pulling her tighter against him with a need of unbridled lust. His intentions seemed fierce, animalistic, but instead he leaned back into her with gentleness unexpected of a beast. He heard it in her quiet giggle. He trailed small kisses along her jaw, nipping every other lick, until he savored the taste of her skin below her earlobe, allowing the hint of her perfume to hypnotize him like magic mist in the air. He evoked small approving sounds from her, encouraging his lavish kisses to take their want, requesting that he take his desires from her as if she were a slave to be sacrificed.

Her hands traveled back into his shirt and very carefully, worked it off his shoulders and down his arms, forcing him to release her only for a few moments as he dropped it to the floor with his waistcoat. Soft hands slid over his strong shoulders, down his biceps and to his wrists where his arms encircled her. Belle wanted to touch every inch of him, using her fingers as a guide, memorizing each limb and muscle she could reach. Beautiful to her eyes, her hands smoothed back over his chest, letting her nails rake lightly over sensitive skin and pinching a nipple as her fingertips found it. She heard him hiss and felt him nip her neck harder, teasing her for more.

Her hands made his skin tingle wherever she touched, as if she was creating magic just from the palm of her hands. Gentle nails scraped him, bringing a stronger sensation to throw her down and fuck her madly, but he managed to restrain the urge, allowing his cock to twitch in his pants. His inner fire was ablaze and the scent of her own arousal was so intoxicating, that he could hardly wait to see her beautiful naked body sprawled below his and her face contort in ecstasy as he took his pleasure. His mind escaped him and for a moment, he could see her atop him, riding him madly as she threw her head back, shouting his name to the heavens...

...But, there was something that kept nagging him.

Belle missed his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her fingers into his soft hair, wanting his lips to play on hers again. At first it was soft and languid, but slowly burned hard and demanding, each trying to take dominance. Tongues slid together, lips nipped harder, panting breaths separated them as each drank into a thirst they didn't know they were capable of. She tugged on his hair as he slid his hands over her rear, squeezing her harder against his groin, ghosting slight thrusts as if he was already inside of her.

Still, there was something that kept nagging him...even more this time.

A brave hesitant hand traveled along her hip over the flat of her stomach and rested on the outside of her breast where he sought permission to take such liberties once again. She sighed against his mouth and placed her own hand over the back of his, encouraging his exploration of her. He hesitated no longer and cupped her breast with a need to please her, rubbing a thumb over her nipple and eliciting a playful giggle. She nipped his lower earlobe, sighing heavily and whispering for him to touch her at his will. Her raking nails along his spine indicated that her tolerance for hard groping was high and she wanted more from him.

His hands sought bare flesh, so he looped his thumbs around the spaghetti straps of her nightgown in the hopes they would slide down easily. He managed to get halfway down her upper arms before she grasped his wrists, stilling them.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, pressing his forehead against hers, embarrassed he had pressed his boundaries. He should have known she needed to go at her own pace.

She hushed him with a tsk of her tongue, "If you want to take this off of me..." He immediately lifted his head, looking into her dark blue eyes and seeing a teasing desire he had misunderstood; he gave a slight nod. "...then you have to take off your pants and lay down with me."

If he didn't know better, he'd guessed she had been practicing magic without him, for she wielded an unseen force that rendered him as still as he was from squid ink. Releasing his wrists, she pushed back and sat on her ankles, waiting for him to proceed with his own undressing, before she granted him complete permission to her own clothing. Her lips curved into that innocent smile that left him powerless, watching her like she was the Siren in Lake Nostos that would lure him to his death.

Still, that nagging thought kept his attention and as it finally surfaced, he realized that at this point, he could do nothing about it. His hands fell to his sides and his shoulders slumped feeling utterly defeated. He felt like someone had just shown him something incredible he could never have and with the idea of it about to slip from his fingers, he was truly distraught on the inside.

She waited for him ever so hopeful, but he was stiller than a statue and she inquired why. With a heavy heart, he managed a confession, "Belle, I haven't any magic to prevent you...from becoming pregnant."

Closing her eyes and licking her lips, she gave a subtle shake of her head. Rising to her knees, she slid her hands up along his chest and around his neck. Rather than extinguish the mood with a hearty discussion of modern science and the mechanics of "The Pill", she kissed him sweetly. "Though there is plenty to do to one another without that, I've already taken care of it." Her voice was soft and smooth like velvet as it purred through the room. Sliding a hand back down and between them, she gently rubbed against the stiffness hidden in his pants in order to make her point. "Trust me," she whispered with a gentle squeeze that made his entire body tremble from her bold touch.

His cock twitched as her hand released him, desiring a further fondle at her own will. Tempting him thoroughly, she pushed away and lay back against the soft comforter of the bed, running her hands up along her hips and ribs. Bending her legs up, she offered him a subtle tease as she spread her legs just enough to encourage him with a peek of what secrets lay between them. The hem of her nightgown fell upwards, revealing the lacy panties he had only touched during their coupling in the kitchen and the partial cheek of a perfectly shaped bum could be seen at just the right angle as she moved.

He was captivated by the beautiful young temptress, writhing about and offering him a glimpse of what was to...come. Admiring her where he stood, his fingers poised on his belt, not wanting to miss a single distraction. He watched as the very sound of his zipper excited her, for she bit her lip in a new way and her eyes were transfixed on his long slender fingers as they moved in a downward motion. As painful his undressing before her was, her eyes displayed nothing of disappointment and only the reflection of love and desire. She eyed him like a shiny new toy she wanted to play with and the feeling of being wanted was intoxicating. He was the most powerful man in all the realms, but as he stood there on display for her, his pants now to his ankles and clad only in silk boxers, he felt like the weak spinner he once was at the mercy of a goddess.

It was no secret what she did to him, for his boxers tented between his legs and he caught her licking her lips at the very sight of it. With one knee poised on the bed, she reached out to help coax him on top of her and the need to feel their bodies together was overwhelming, Like a cosmic pull, he felt so compelled to lay with her, it could only compare to one's will of his dagger.

He kept himself propped on his elbows as he settled down over her. Her legs slid open further to accommodate him, looping her ankles behind his knees pressing him closer. He let out a heavy sigh and ghosted kisses against her neck when their cores met knowing he was only moments away from actually entering her. He assessed his frame against hers knowing that they would fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces once they were freed of their clothed restraints.

The burning desire that melted inside of him like a decadent dessert left in the hot basking sun was to lick every single inch of her. He would work his way down, prolonging the moments of reaching her toes by slowing somewhere in the middle where he could taste the skin of her inner thigh and take in the delicious taste of her center. He knew he was going to be bad, so very, very bad for their first time and he could only hope that Belle preferred is darker side in that nature.

As soon as she felt the thinness of their sheathing and the weight of his body against her, it was only a matter of time before she could shimmy out of her panties, free him of his boxers and let him take his pleasure of her like she fantasized. The way he blanketed her body made her feel safe and whole; their bodies already fitting well. Hitching her leg up higher, she applied a little pressure behind his thighs, forcing him to press his stiffness harder against her. The result initiated a very lavish kiss that was free and without inhibition. She bit his lower lip, ran her tongue along his teeth and sighed against his mouth as if he was already inside of her. She ran her hands along his bare back, feeling the muscles shift and move beneath her touch. Her embrace tightened and her nails dug into his skin as their kiss intensified, along with the subtle thrusting of strong hips against her.

"I want to feel you inside of me," she moaned, her breath catching as her heart started to race.

His kisses stilled around her ear and he let out a sound that could only be compared to a low growl. He nipped her earlobe and whispered gravely, "In good time, dearie. So much to taste until then."

Her body trembled with anticipation beneath him, wanting so badly to feel the release she had worked herself up for. She wanted to be drilled, she wanted to be rocked hard, she wanted a good, hard fucking from this man that wore Armani suits around Storybrooke as if they were a second skin, oozing sensuality like a god given right. Instead, she would have to wait.

She ran her fingers through his soft hair, jutting out her chest and directing him to where she wanted to be touched. With a surge of confidence, his lips trailed beneath her chin, along her neck and over the fabric of her nightgown where her nipples peaked under the soft material. He grazed his teeth ever so lightly against one, eliciting a purr as he applied gentle pressure. Her hand tangled tighter into his tresses and she pressed the back of his head, wanting more of the sensation and desiring a harder bite. He obliged and laved up the second one, nipping it harder than the first, making the fabric nice and wet. His hips sunk harder against her, proceeding to enhance his ministrations while attempting to restrain a moan from the back of his throat.

The heat from his breath against the moist fabric over her nipples sent warm sensations to her lower regions. Her panties already wet from the stimulation, he was causing electric currents to travel along her nerves to reach out to him, cradle him and make love to him for the entire duration that this euphoric feeling continued. His teeth were gentle, but demanding against her tender peaks; his tongue quick like a chameleon teasing her at each breath. His hands traveled everywhere around her, exploring her curves and allowing a preview to where he would travel next, pinching and squeezing any new area he'd found. Her nightgown had risen up to her waist and his warm hands had already reached beneath it to trace circles over her bare stomach with his slender fingers.

With a gentle nudge, Belle managed to roll herself atop of him and sit up on his waist. She straddled him, keeping their intimate parts touching, and began to slowly rub herself over his hardness. His eyes slid closed and let out a groan that was nearly inhuman as he pressed his head against the pillows. She smirked triumphantly, taking pleasure in the friction she was causing between them while rubbing her hands all over his torso, taking the liberty of pinching his own nipples, eliciting a hiss under his tongue.

He opened his eyes to see her writhing against him without restraint, forcing his hardness to meet her barrier behind thin cotton and silk. As her body moved, her breasts bounced beautifully and her lip was bitten hard over the sensations. She tossed her head back, whimpering in pleasure for each thrust of her hips.

"Sweetheart," he panted, finding the strength to still her with a gentle pinch on her hips, "you could undo me by just doing what you're doing."

Her eyes slowly slid open as if waking from a deep heavy trance and looked down upon him as if he were her prey to be captured. Gold's black heart stopped; her beautiful face outlined that of a predator on the prowl and she his very willing victim. This aroused him more and with an attempt to get even with her devouring appeal, he tightened his grip and lifted his hips for one more thrust against her center, forcing her out of her reverie.

She "awoke" to his playfulness and leaned over to capture his lips. As she leaned back up, her fingers moved to the bottom hem of her nightgown and very slowly began to peel it upwards. Gold watched painfully. With a subtle tease, her eyes never left his, but his left hers to see what she was revealing. First, her panties were uncovered, displaying the lacy undergarments she had meant for only him to see, followed by the slim contours of her belly, over her ribs and with pausing just a second to keep him enraptured, she slipped it up over her head. Her wavy chestnut tendrils fell over her shoulders, her supple breasts bounced slightly as she discarded the nightgown off the side of the bed. Displaying herself freely to him, she watched as his eyes feast upon so much bare skin as if overwhelmed with her offering.

Belle was always beautiful to him, but seeing her like this, submitting herself to the erotic gods that allowed them to couple was more than he could have imagined. Many nights in his Dark Castle he lied awake, thinking of her just a few rooms away from his, wondering if she could ever be swayed to tolerate the likes of him. Their kiss by his wheel had torn them apart. He didn't trust her, he thought she was tricking him, he believed her to be dead and to this day, she always remained the love of his life. His True Love. Now, she sat upon him, wearing only a thin piece of cotton and presenting herself to him as if she were a slave to have his way with.

Belle studied his face. The small lines around his eyes were more pronounced, his brow furrowed and his mouth was upturned into that of concern. He was silent and still for a few seconds and after all these years, she knew what he was thinking: he felt ungrateful. Such a beautiful man deep down, cursed for many years living a life of solitude, it all called to her like a beacon wanting to help him, nurture him and love him.

His silence and look of ungratefulness compelled her to lean over him, letting her hair fall like curtains around their faces. "I want you to touch me everywhere, Rumple," she said as if commanding him with the power of his dagger. No sooner had the words left her mouth was he leaning up and placing his mouth over her nipple where his tongue finally made real contact. She hissed at the touch, running her fingers through his hair and pulling him harder against her, not wanting him to stop. She threw her head back in the rush, glancing down only momentarily to see him suckling on her like a babe, tasting and laving her up like a man who had never tasted anything so decadent in his life. "Yes, Rumple, yes," she encouraged, feeling his hands smoothing over her back. "Bite them," she whispered, revealing her secret turn on. He did as he was told and applied pressure to each one as he went back and forth, not wanting to neglect the other. "Your mouth feels so good!"

He was a man empowered, a man on a mission and a horny man to please her beautiful soft young body, pulling out every skill he'd acquired by experience, reading and observation. She clung to him like a buoy in the ocean, moaning with a vocal song of an angel as she called to the Gods above them while thrusting her hips in her own rhythm, desiring further stimulation. His wanton little librarian clawed at his back, stole kisses between breasts and whispered colorful encouragements.

After nearly worshipping her breasts for what felt like decades, he rolled her onto her back where he could continue his ministrations while exploring her further. A rogue hand slid over her flat belly and crept between her legs where her cotton panties felt moist and wet. He slid a forefinger between her lips, outlining her feminine shape. She cooed at his touch and slowly raised her hips from the bed. His fingers slowly slid under the elastic of her panties, feeling her skin and realizing nothing had felt so nice, for she was more than just slick, she was... "Belle," he called with a hoarse voice, "are you bare?"

Sighing at the anticipation that his fingers would soon be thoroughly touching her needy spot, she nodded against the pillows, enraptured by their softness. "Yes," she whispered, "it's a popular custom in this world." She purred as his fingers slid between her folds through her slickness, closing her eyes and tugging on his straight locks. "Do you like it?"

A man with an incredible vocabulary by reading nearly every book in the universe had nothing to say that would equate to the sheer joy of touching such softness. It was bliss, it was heaven and he couldn't wait to see it for himself and perhaps taste her sweetness in its barest of forms. He glanced up, nearly ready to come to his climax with just the imagery of her bare pussy, continuing to slide his finger over and through her folds like a man with zero inhibition of touching this woman. He managed to tear himself away from kissing every bit of her bare skin above the waist for a moment to meet her lips with a heavy answer.

"I am definitely not unhappy," he practically growled, his voice having difficulty finding him. "You feel... decadent." She cooed at his response, thrusting her hips just slightly for him to touch her more.

And touch her he did. His fingers slid between her slickest parts, cherishing the feeling of her bare layers and working her up very very slowly. Belle was a goddess to him, both in heart and form and though he could not be her stereotypical prince, she would forever be his princess and treat her as such. She was a dessert to be savored, feeling every crevice and curve her precious pussy had, he would commit it to memory, never forgetting what she felt like for his first time touching her so intimately. Pure of heart and truly loving him, he needed to show her that she was more than just his world. She was his universe and if he only had this one night with her (though he truly doubted that by how much she was tugging his hair, scratching his back with her nails, and whispering his name) he would make them both cry out and thank the heavens they were united.

His fingers gently explored each soft wet ridge and crevice, committing it to memory and listening to the tempo of her shallow breathing, making note which area was most sensitive. It started as a slow circular massage, allowing him to feel her through, sliding over one lip, and then the next until his fingers were incredibly slick with her desire. With minimal effort, the tips of his fingers found her precious little button and by the hitch in her breath, knew that she was piqued at her arousal and all nerves were focused on that one small spot. Very slowly, he circled her small nub, tripping his finger over and over it, until he saw her gasping for breath. Subconsciously, her legs widened further for him, wishing to grant him complete access to her body as her chest heaved and her soft voice cooed. Her hips shifted slightly, pushing up off the mattress in order to initiate a thrust of some sort. Her hands slid over his upper arms, squeezing them to show her intensity and then sliding over her own breasts in order to caress herself into her oblivion.

He watched like a voyeur as her own fingers circled around her nipples, pinching them and then arching her back into the bliss he helped create. She was luscious with her fine curves and soft skin, nearly making him melt at the sight. He couldn't help but be selfish and leaned over to nudge her hand away with his nose in order to take a nipple into his own mouth. Her hand moved into his hair and she encouraged him further as his tongue darted out and laved her peaks, giving both breasts equal attention.

She sought out his lips, wanting to taste them as she endured the slow burn in the pit of her stomach starting to rise. Never had she been touched so intimately by someone else, for only her own fingers had been able to find her most sensitive nub. His name fell as a whisper from her lips, pressing him close and arching her back as her orgasms came in strong rolling waves.

"Yes, yes, Rumple! Right there... right there... ahhhhh..." she whimpered, running her fingers through his soft hair. She moaned to the heavens, her cries unleashed, and he lifted his head to watch her reaction as she came.

"Yes, sweetheart," he encouraged, watching her body convulse and shiver as the force took her over. She was delicious as her breasts heaved and her body stretched. Like an unwilling victim he had seen at his hand before in other situations, she opened her eyes to him begging him not to stop. He wanted Belle to want him, he wanted her to want him to make her come and just when she thought she was about to find some relief and be able to come down from the spiral, he ever so cleverly slid a single finger up inside her slit. She widened further, moaning her appreciation and letting her head fall back upon the pillows. "You feel so tight, Belle. So, perfect," he growled in a low gritty voice. He felt so powerful.

She opened her eyes slowly, lost in the euphoria, and offered a grateful smile. She felt incredible, all her nerves were tingling, and as he moved his finger inside of her slowly testing his limits she shifted against his hand for more. What he was doing to her was far more than she'd ever felt from a man before, because God knows all Gaston/Leo knew how to do was jerk himself off and then "stick it inside her". The Dark One was pleasing her in ways she'd only known possible between lovers: the will to please the other one and he was most definitely someone that wanted to please.

After a few more steady pulses, Gold added another finger and then flipped his wrist upside down to curve his fingers upwards, hitting a fresh new spot that was evident she did not know of. Her body curled and straightened by his hand and she reached out to pull on the surrounding bedclothes for support. Her fingers curled around the fabric, spreading her legs further and pressing her hips up to meet his hand, allowing him to properly finger fuck her.

"Oh, Rumple! That...oh-oh...there...you're hitting, oh my...oh my!" she managed, reaching out for the surrounding pillows for support, closing her fists tightly into them as she cried out high pitched coos.

She couldn't help but arch her hips in order to meet his hand; the sensation was unreal. She praised him, called for him, and even demanded that he slow his ministrations in order for her to catch herself. He ignored her pleas and continued to pulse inside of her, determined to make her come again, but harder.

She did and with valiant praise. With minimal strength, she managed to sneak a hand down between her legs, squeezing his in a silent appreciation. He was being so good to her that even the greatest of skills acquired through limited experience and copious amounts of reading how to perform good oral would not thank him for what he just performed on her.

The sound of Belle's exhausted panting filled the room as her muscles finally started to relax. Her eyes slid closed and the ringing in her ears was finally beginning to silence. As he slid his fingers out of her dripping wet sex and out of her panties, she felt the bed shifting. Opening one eye, she saw that he was finally removing the silk boxers he wore, using the darkness of the room and her distraction of the afterglow to cloak him. To her advantage, the candles that still burned allowed enough light to permit a healthy glimpse of his fine large member being liberated from its high quality confines. Smiling to herself, she hummed her contentment, pleased she would be feeling him very soon.

His hands slid up her thighs, squeezing gently, kneading her carefully until his fingers met the fabric of her panties. Very slowly, like unveiling a long awaited present, he peeled them down over her sex, down her thighs, over her knees and finally off of her ankles. He tossed the garment off to the side and finally took in the heavenly sight before him, memorizing the way her slender thighs curved around her apex. She was perfection waiting to be sculpted as she lay there in the nude before him and as her eyes opened to meet his feasting on her like a hungry wolf, she outstretched her arms beckoning him. He obeyed like the lure of his dagger and kissed her sultry lips like he had many times before, but savoring this particular moment different than all the others as their naked skin touched. Very slowly, he worked his way along her jaw, down her neck, between her breasts, and licking her naval as he slid his tongue in a trail towards it. His hands pushed her legs apart and he shimmied down between them.

The scent of her arousal was intoxicating and if he could bottle it up for his own purposes, he certainly would. She was sheer beauty, noble beauty and he had never seen anything so erotic than to have her lay there willingly before him. He felt her hand pat his head, running her fingers to the tips of his messy wisps that guarded his face, wanting to show him some kind of affection for what he was about to do and what he had just finished doing for her. When their eyes met, he was immediately lost. The minimal candle light provided limited ability to see the other, but it was enough to display the emotions they were sharing together as they experienced this. He kissed her open palm and with a half smirk to her, looked down at his task at hand: her perfect glistening pussy. His hard cock pressing into the mattress lurched painfully, knowing the moment was inevitable, but first, the martyr in him wanted to prolong the act in order to partake in a very selfish gesture.

It was because of him and his ability to make her come that her center was wet. Her bare lips glistened, beckoning to him like a fine dessert. He had felt her insides, had furiously flicked her clit and finally worked his way down to his target and without further reserve leaned down to take a slow luxurious lick between her shining folds.

"Rumple!" her voice cried out. The mere shock of the sensation sent Belle reeling and she immediately reached out to claw the sheets around her, arching her back at the warm comforting sensation. "Yes, please," she whispered, ashamed of herself for taking pleasure in such a raunchy act. She'd only read about the act in her books, never knowing what kind of deep thrill it would contain, but after feeling it for the first time, she was hooked.

Gold nuzzled his nose closer to her sensitive swollen bud where his fingers had only been, taking in her deliciously salty scent. His tongue darted out again and licked her from bottom to center like a dripping dessert. He felt her fingers tangle in his hair, scratching his scalp and encouraging him to do more. Without a second longer, he obliged and slowly began to lap at her in such a manner, he felt incredibly unworthy of performing such a service to her. Someone else should be worshiping her as she deserved, someone else better than him with a pure heart should be tasting her desires and someone younger and more handsome should be taking her in their bed like a nobleman. Instead, she had chosen him. A humble crippled spinner with an ex-wife who never loved him and a son he let go. She was his salvation, she made him a better man, she brought out the good in him he had pushed away for so long and right now, she was making him as hard as a plank of wood with her moaning!

His tongue took its liberties and just like his fingers before him, he worked her up slowly, testing her speeds and pressure points, until he was fucking her with his tongue. His fingers assisted him, pressing deep inside of her as he lapped at her sensitive bud with hypnotized madness; he felt he would never get enough of her bare soft pussy. He couldn't wait to let his cock feel her velvety passage bringing them both to climax and, if allowed, coming deep inside of her. He almost didn't hear her pleas to slow down to allow her to rest, for he plunged on wanting her to spin out of control at his control.

"Just...let me...please, I can't...," she begged, not wanting him to stop, but the sensation was almost too difficult to endure without feeling like she was going to explode. She wanted to save some of her energy for when they were united, but felt like she wasn't going to last that long. She wasn't fighting him, for the sheer torture was worth it and as he nibbled and licked and sucked on her clit, she finally allowed her body to unwind from the buildup and came hard against his hot mouth and swift tongue. "Rumple!" she panted, grabbing his hair and forcing him to keep going in order to ride it out. "I'm going to come... I'm going to come hard! Rumple...YES! Ahhhhhh..."

Belle slammed her eyes shut and saw fireworks behind her eyelids, spiraling high and then falling and falling, feeling her body betray her and grant her the hard euphoric release once again. She felt like a rushing dam, letting her inhibitions go and welcoming the warm licking sensation between her thighs. Her shoulders pressed against the mattress, her hips jutting up against his mouth and she mewed like a cat in heat. Her toes tingled, her knees shook and with a final triumphant growl, felt the vibrations of Rumple humming against her mound. With a physical sigh, she allowed her body to relax and Rumple's fingers pulled out of her slowly.

Her silence rendered by soft panting thanked him for making her experience something so wonderful. He closed his own eyes and kissed the palm of her outstretched hand, letting his lips linger against it for a long time. She was drunk of him and wanted nothing more than for the two of them to finally unite.

"Rumple, I need you," she requested, reaching with both arms and coaxing him to lay against her body with the little strength she could muster.

He followed through, crawling above her, but not settling, just looking down at the beautiful young princess beneath him. His cock dangled perfectly between his legs as he propped himself up on his knees gazing down at her. She tried to pull him against her, but he was stubborn and hesitated. He was prolonging their exchange, but cautious to allow them such tranquility.

"What's wrong, Rumple?" she asked when she saw the concerned look on his face. She placed a hand against his cheek and looked at up imploringly, "Please, take me."

"I don't want to ruin you," he said, looking deep into her soul. "But, I want to come inside of you."

"Yes, please!" she moaned in anticipation. Her legs wrapped around his waist in order to force him down against her; the teasing was too much to handle. "Trust me, we're protected. Now, please take your pleasure!"

His lips turned up slowly, "Oh, I have been." He lowered himself against her, letting his cock press against her opening, but not penetrating. "Watching you unravel has brought me such gratification, that I could come by the sound of your moan. You're positively radiant as you feel ecstasy."

"Rumple..." she whispered against his ear as she slid a hand between them to touch his hard cock pressing against her opening.

The second her soft hand grasped his member and gave a slow stroke, he nearly lost it. With one swift move, he stilled her wrist and raised it up over her head against her pillow, "I'll come undone-"

"Good!" she whispered, biting the air with her teeth at him like a restrained animal. She wanted him to feel the torture as she did and wiggled beneath him, crossing her ankles and using her strength to pull his waist tighter against her.

He chuckled low in his throat and placed a kiss against her ear, "You can touch me tomorrow, my love. Right now, I just want to slide into your warmth."

She trembled beneath him as he reached to adjust himself at her entrance. As his tip was already moistened from her own wetness, he slowly slid inside of her. Her breath caught against his ear and she bit down on the skin of his shoulder as he pushed further meeting his limit within her. She accommodated him nicely, like a warm hot glove, bringing him comfort and tranquility one could only fantasize about. Once inside, he pulled back out half way in order to enter further, causing another gasp from her and a low moan from him. Tight and perfect, her body welcomed him as he worshipped her temple, clutching to one another like their lives depended on it.

"So good, Belle. So very, very good," he murmured against her neck, trailing wet kisses along her neck in forgiveness should he have caused any discomfort. He felt so ungrateful to be enjoying her in this manner.

"Yes, Rumple," she whispered to him, repeating his name and loving declarations on nearly every other thrust.

They started at a slow pace for quite awhile, cherishing each thrust as if it were a dream. Clinging tightly to him, her fingernails left half moon indents against the skin of his back as she thrust her hips to meet him. He kissed her freely, sometimes soft and sometimes with animalistic passion, desperate to hear her begging for him. He trailed his kisses below her neck, marking her above the collarbone, making her his from here on out. A hand came up to tug on his hair when she felt the pleasurable pain of his teeth against her, willing him for more that he could give. He thrust harder, widening her as best he could and going even deeper. She lifted her knees higher, giving him the leverage he needed to succeed for the both of them, taking him in as far as she could, moaning her appreciation.

He quickened his pace as he felt his climax building, while her body began to tremble in its impending orgasm. He watched her with dark hungry eyes as she threw back her head and opened her mouth in a silent cry, feeling her muscles contracted around him. She cried out to the heavens as she reached for him, hanging on as she came for the forth time that evening. He drove his cock hard within her, hastening his speed as he met her orgasm, allowing her body to pump him for his own release. He thrust harder as she clung to him, wanting him to feel the way her body quaked because of his doing.

She kissed his ear softly and whispered, "My magnificent beast!" With fireworks behind his own eyes, muscles tensing, and growls releasing, he spilled himself over spoken words, filling her with everything he had. His hips ground hard on their final thrusts, pressing her far into the mattress as she welcomed his weight, his strength, and the passion he offered. Never had he experienced such a release and never had he felt so loved while doing it. He came hard, spouting off like a faucet, emptying his seed into the blank void she claimed to be at the present time. His eyes slammed shut, white sparks went off and his head was reeling when he finally came to a dramatic collapse atop the woman he loved.