Hey guys! Thank you for still sticking with me. I have a lot of shenanigans planned for these two kids, but Meissa will be the main focus. I'm probably going to have fun with them being kids for a bit, but they will grow up before the end of things. I hope you like them! They are based off of my niece and nephew, so some of the reactions are based off my own experiences with kids XD - Not the Milk

Today was a particularly fun and special day for Meissa and little Sandy, who'd been nicknamed Dune – the four year old twins were getting to spend the afternoon at the Tooth Fairy's palace, and Jack was there to play with them too. Meissa loved going to the palace and playing with all the little fairies that would sometimes pause in their hectic flights for a few seconds to tweak the feathers on her wings with their beaks when the feathers were askew. She'd just recently lost the last of her baby down and had proper big girl feathers, as her mother called them, and she'd been attempting to fly ever since.

Standing beside their parents, who were going over some last minute instructions with Tooth and Jack, the twins were getting bored. With the adults distracted, Meissa started flapping her wings fast, seeing if she would have better luck imitating the little fairies. Nothing happened. She hopped in place, eyes closed, and her face turning red with effort. When she didn't land, her eyes flew open in excitement. Looking down, she saw a line of sand wrapping her waist. Glancing at her brother, she saw him giggling. "No fair!" She grumbled at him as he sat her back down.

"Soon, sissy." He reached over and tugged on her wings. She glowered up at him. She was the oldest, so she didn't understand why he was taller than her. Taking his hand, they followed Tooth and Jack into the palace now that they were done talking to her parents.

Once inside, Jack turned and knelt down in front of them. "OK, buddies. What do you want to play?"

"Hide and seek?" Dune looked up at him and Tooth hopefully. They'd just learned how to play, and both of them loved it, although they had a hard time concentrating on counting. Jack grinned and glanced at Tooth questioningly. "Can we?"

She looked between the three of them, wondering if she'd regret it. "Of course we can."

"You count!" Meissa said, bouncing. She grabbed Jack's hand and started tugging him away from Tooth. He held out his other hand for her brother and they ran down the hall deeper into the castle. Tooth glanced around to notice a few of her little fairies chittering in laughter at her before covering her eyes with a hand and counting as ordered.

After a minute of running, Jack and the kids darted into a small courtyard, one of many throughout the castle. There were a few trees in bloom, one of which had thick, incredibly leafy branches. "Alright, cuties, in you go." He picked the twins up one at a time and set them into the branches carefully, before scrambling up after them. They wiggled their way a little higher so they would be better hidden. "Try to find a comfortable spot and don't move – if we shake the tree too much, she'll find us." He whispered to them, grinning cheerfully.

Dune regarded his words solemnly and did as suggested. Meissa had a harder time staying still, and would have slipped out of the tree at one point had Jack not grabbed her just in time. He pulled her onto his lap and looked at her seriously. "If you don't stop wiggling, I'm gonna nip your nose."

She covered her nose with both hands, replying with a muffled voice. "Uncle Jack, you are so silly!" "Maybe, but if you aren't careful your auntie Tooth is going to find us. You don't want that, do you?" She shook her head emphatically. "I'll be as quiet as daddy."

He smiled and ruffled her hair, before setting her back on the branch, in front of her brother. They peered tensely through the tree to see if Tooth was getting close.

She flew in quietly, the feathers on her head rippling curiously as she glanced around, head turning back and forth, sometimes angling as she listened carefully. Like this, she looked more like a bird than usual, a little wilder. The children instinctively froze, their heart beats speeding up as they felt the adrenalin of being hunted.

Carefully leaning forward on the branch, Meissa attempted to get a slightly better look at Tooth, her small wings stretching with excitement. Unfortunately, the freshly grown flight feathers of a wing brushed against her brother's face. Realizing, she quickly brought the wings back to her body, but the damage was done.

The three hiders stared at each other in a moment of horror as Dune's nose started twitching and he unwillingly took in a deep breath. He stuck his finger under his nose to try to stop the oncoming storm, but to no avail. His eyes closed, and his sneeze shook the branches. When he opened his eyes again Jack and his sister were no longer in the tree. He looked down in confusion, to see an amused looking Tooth crouching down next to a snoring Jack, Meissa stretched over his chest, also asleep.

Smiling, she flew into the tree and plucked him out of it, setting him down next to the others. "That's one powerful sneeze you have, little guy."

He looked at the pair of sleepers, snowflakes and birds weaving in and out of dreams over their heads, and then back at Tooth, a big grin stretching across his face. "Hide and seek is fun!"

She took his hand and led him away, her eyes sparkling with a mischief the queen rarely allowed herself to show. "Yes, it is. We might be hiding a while, but should we make them 'it' now?"

He nodded emphatically, so they wandered off down the hall to find a fresh hiding place, although Tooth did have to shoo some of her little fairies away to keep them from giving them away. She also sent Baby Tooth back to the pair of sleepers to attempt to wake them up and give them the message that they were it. Meissa, being close to the fairies in nature, was able to understand their language pretty well, and would be able to translate for Jack.

After a couple of hours of hide and seek and tag, they switched to blowing bubbles for a while. The little fairies were as thrilled about this as the children were, chasing the bubbles around and popping them with their beaks, giggling till they nearly fell out of the air. Tooth couldn't even bring herself to admonish them for neglecting their duties, since she was at the moment too. After all, children were what she was here for, even if the two she was watching were fellow immortals.

Eventually they ran out of bubbles, which Tooth found fortunate. The fairies that had been playing with the kids were now covered in soapy residue and having a hard time flying for it. The children were nearly as bad off. She shared a conspiring look with Jack, gesturing to the children and the poor fairies. "So, I bathe them, you get their snacks ready?"

He looked at the group of troublemakers and thought for a moment, before nodding. "I'd just accidentally freeze the water." She smiled and, taking the kids hands, started towards one of the many fountains in the palace, the dirty fairies following along.

"Are we taking a bird bath?" Dune asked curiously as they approached the fountain, a doubtful look on his face.

"That's right!" Tooth smiled, picking him up and rubbing her nose against his to make him laugh.

"But that's silly! We aren't birds."

"Well, you perched in a tree like one today. If we don't get you washed off soon you might turn into one." Her eyes twinkled, letting them know she was teasing. "And this is a real bath. I just think they look prettier this way." She sat him in it, and then helped Meissa in beside him. The dirty fairies joined them, splashing around to get the soap off of their feathers. The children laughed, covering their faces to keep the water out of their eyes, as the fairies started splashing them too.

Some of the fairies brought them towels to dry off, as they got out of the fountain. Tooth dressed them in clean clothes, and, after tracking down Jack, they sat down in the courtyard they had hidden in earlier to eat their snacks. It was starting to get dark, but it was warm enough outside that they felt no need to go back in. The courtyard had lanterns throughout that lit up, one by one, thanks to Tooth's magic.

As the stars started to appear in the sky, Jack sitting with his arm over Tooth's shoulders, started to tell the kids stories. With his free hand he would conjure up creatures or people with his frost, and make them come to life as characters in the story, keeping the children enthralled. After a couple of stories he looked at the kids, grinning. "What story should I tell next?"

Meissa got up and started bouncing up and down, her feathers ruffling with excitement. "Tell us what it was like when mommy shot you!"

He felt Tooth jump slightly under his arm as they both stared at the little girl in surprise. "Uh, what?"

Dune nodded to back up his sister. "Mommy said you two are like her and daddy." He thought carefully for a minute. "Does that mean you're going to lay eggs?" He looked at the pair, eyes wide.

"If you do, can I hold them?" Meissa asked, forgetting that she'd asked for a story in light of the idea of Tooth laying eggs.

"Anny- Your mom shot us?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow. "How long ago was this?"

Dune thought for a moment, scratching his head. "It was before we hatched, so a long time! Daddy helped her shoot you." He said proudly as Jack stared at him in shock.

Tooth started shaking with laughter, putting a hand on Jack's arm. "We shouldn't be so surprised. I guess even Guardians need help sometimes - I'm not complaining." She gave him a quick wink and looked back at the twins. "We don't remember being shot, because your mom's arrows are special. If we don't see her shoot us, we'd never know it because you can't feel them."

"Oh." Meissa looked disappointed, but still slightly hopeful. "I think you should still have eggs."

The pair settled back down as Tooth took her turn telling them a story about collecting teeth. As she started explaining the differences between tooth types, and how to floss, she felt Jack's breath on her ear. "I think you've lost your audience." He whispered, gesturing towards the twins who had fallen asleep together on the grass. Dune was stretched out, face up, while Meissa had fallen across him, her head hanging off the other side of his body, her wings relaxed and drooping off her shoulders.

"I don't think that looks even slightly comfortable." Tooth said, smiling at the pair.

"Kids, huh?" Jack nodded, echoing something he'd said to her years ago. She gave him a knowing look and kissed him on the cheek. "Sometimes they understand a whole lot more than we give them credit for." She replied, as Baby Tooth flew out to them to let them know that Annamore and Sandy had come to pick the kids back up. She started to stand up as Baby Tooth flew back to let the parents know where the kids were in the palace. He slipped a hand around her waist and pulled her back against himself, gently running his fingers through the feathers on her back, and watching with interest as all the rest of her feathers rippled in response to the sensation. He gave her a quick kiss before letting her back up to pick up Meissa.

"I need to interrogate Sandy about this whole helping shoot me thing before he goes." He said jokingly as he picked up Dune quietly, being careful not to wake the sleeping boy. "And maybe get revenge."