Teach Us! Sieghart Sensei! Xenian Special: If you're stuck in Summer School, you didn't do hard enough on that final.

Ryota: Hello! Hello! Welcome to another Teach Us! Sieghart Sensei! Special...because I felt like doing another one. The one sitting in the author's booth today is none other than…

Samsara-Yo, it's me, the great Xenian God of Cycles! Samsara! I am the one sitting in the Sensei seat today folks!

Ryota-Mmhmm, that's nice, we should've done the title as Teach Us! Samsara Sensei!

Samsara-Oh! That doesn't sound too bad for me!

Ryota-Yup! Now let's see if your students are just as stupid as Siegharts' class!


Ryota-heh heh.

Samsara-(Looks through chapter 15-16) Why aren't the Chase in Summer School? They failed didn't they?

Ryota-Their school is lenient with Summer School and let them take the year over again.

Samsara-…Okay then, we dragged this on too long to the story!

Ryota-That's my line, by that way, it would be best to read this after you've done research on Bosses from Bermesiah, Ellia, and Xenia

Gaia-Ryota doesn't own Grand Chase, Gintama, or anything used within this chapter or story.

Xenian Special: If you're stuck in Summer School, you didn't do hard enough on that final.

Summer! The best time of year! That is if you're not stuck in a dusty, dark, beat-up classroom in the middle of an extremely wrecked school by the students within it. But the destroyed scenery is perfect for the students of the ACADEMY FOR XENIAN LEGENDS, MISFITS, AND DARK FORCES! Quite the ominous name isn't it? And this school was extremely strict on failing students, which is to say-most of the student body. So, the students who failed are forced to attend Summer School at the academy for majority of their summer, replacing all summer activities with homework, studies, and e-mailed reviews! Woo! What fun the Summer School Students will have, that is why they are the SSS!

Anyways, this school/academy has only Two Summer School Teachers/Senseis! One, is the almighty, all powerful, and all popular (hm, hm), Samsara! ….Annnnd his student teacher Vanessa.

The second summer school teacher is the refined, the wild, and the awesome teacher that always has his Boss Theme Music playing in the background! Thanatos! ….Annnd his Student Teacher Iblis.

Yeah, these guys are great teachers, get along all nice and tidy with their students, seriously, they make sure they wear their armor and school suits correctly and cleanly. Why the students wear armor we will never know.

Anyways! I sure say 'anyways' a lot in this story, a great word for transition! Anyways! Let's walk in on Samsara Sensei's class! Not that they can see us though, but they're allowed to hear most of what we say!

Samsara Sensei sat down at his wooden teacher's desk that was being eaten away by the insects crawling away from Sethek's body.

"Sethek, could you please do something about the horrible insects that always are attracted to your body? They keep eating at everything that doesn't have a heartbeat." Samsara said to Sethek.

"Sorry, sir, they can't help but follow me." Sethek replied, flicking off some of the bugs crawling up his spear, which hit straight at the back of Perseo's neck.

"Ow! Damn it Sethek! Keep your bugs within that red aura of yours! It bothers me!" Perseo growled at Sethek as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Sethek looked down, "Sorry,"

"Anyways, why isn't Gaia in Summer School as well? Didn't she fail?" Perseo questioned Samsara Sensei.

Samsara glared at Perseo, "She was the only one in this WHOLE gods forsaken school that passed the finals with a perfect score!" Samsara answered.

Perseo simply stared blankly at Samsara, "So…Gaia…isn't here?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

Samsara face-palmed, "Of course you idiot, didn't you look at the scores posted up in the hallway?"

"Of course I did! I made a whopping 29! I did pretty great!" Perseo exclaimed, giving a smirk.

Perseo's friends, Starklin and Victor, applauded.

"Permission to slice at them, Lord Samsara?" Vanessa asked, preparing her weapon.

"No, Vanessa, put that away, and I told you to address me as Samsara-Sensei," Samsara told Vanessa, putting his hand on her weapon.

"Very well my lord," Vanessa nodded and sheathed her weapon.

"Sensei! Not lord!" Samsara yelled.

"As you wish, my Sensei," Vanessa bowed.

"Don't bow down to me, at least not when we're in school! I don't say 'my Sensei' it sounds like we're in an affair and plain awkward!" Samsara said frantically.

"We're…not in a relationship?" Vanessa looked up while cocking her head to the left since her mask covered her eyes.

"Moving on! I'm here to get you guys to succeed in…whatever the hell this school teaches! Cause' it's not the mandatory thing schools regularly teach!" Samsara shouted at the class.

"Hai, hai, no need for the loud voice," Kaze'aze rolled her eyes as she put more make-up on her face.

"Kaze'aze! Put the make-up away! Or else I'll make you do some make-up tests!" Samsara pointed at Kaze'aze.

"…" was all the class's reaction was to Samsara's attempted joke at a serious situation, the random wind and leaf added for emphasis.
"Ppppppfh! Ahahaha! That was a perfect joke! Ahahaha!" Vanessa laughed, though everybody could tell that it was wholeheartedly fake.

Samsara glared at the classroom, "Okay, fine, but you still need to put that away Kaze'aze!" Samsara pointed his finger again at Kaze'aze.

"Tch, fine," Kaze'aze scowled as she stuffed her accessories into her bag.

"Sensei!" Perseo said, raising his hand.

"What is it Perseo?" Samsara Sensei replied, knowing this was going to be an awkward question.

"If Gaia isn't here then where is she? Could you give me an exact location please?" Yup, there was the awkward question.

"Keep your stalker business to yourself please Perseo." Samsara Sensei grimaced at Perseo.

"Aww, okay," Perseo gloomed in his desk.

"Hmph, if I'm right Gaia should be at the beach enjoying her summer break, that lucky bi-" Kaze'aze never finished that sentence as there was the sound of a window breaking and a happy Perseo running away from the school.

"Perseo! Hold up Perseo! You're supposed to be doing summer school work, not running and stalking your love!" Samsara Sensei yelled out the window.

"I'll make up for it in a week!" Perseo shouted back as he kicked a guy out of a truck and drove off with it.

"Oooh, I don't think he'll be able to do that, at least if he doesn't land himself in jail," Samsara Sensei mumbled, putting his hand over his eyes.

And that is how Perseo traveled to the Summer Special.

"Lucky, he got to communicate with the more relevant characters in this story, I hate being an irrelevant character," Kamiki mumbled, putting her head down onto the desk.

"Ahem, anyways, we should really start class now, so-hey! Vanessa! Put that PSP down and help me pass out the assignment!" Samsara-Sensei called to Vanessa.

"Yes Lord Samsara!" Vanessa shouted as she threw her PSP into a nearby trash bin, and grabbing the papers immediately and began distributing them.

"That's Sensei!" Samsara Sensei corrected loudly. "Anyways, as I was saying..." Samsara began again.

"Sensei!" Victor yelled, raising his big hand.

Samsara Sensei gave an exasperated sigh, "What is it Victor?"

"Do you have some kind of shaver around? I've been thinking of getting this beard and mustache off for awhile now!" Victor said, and yet, another question irrelevant to the classroom.

Samsara Sensei groaned, "Just leave it the way it is, you look better that way," he said.

"Wow, I didn't know you swung that way Samsara," Yamini said to Samsara, "I totally ship you two now,"

"What?" Samsara Sensei uttered.

"Oh, nothing~" Yamini smiled, and began writing something in a notebook.

"Well, at least you're doing literature like a mature individual Yamini," Samsara Sensei nodded at Yamini.

"Oh yes, literature indeed, literature indeed." Yamini giggled, getting a pink and red colored pencil from her scale and scrawling something else on to the paper.

"Sensei! Yamini writing Yaoi fanfiction about you and Victor!" Starklin said as he raised his hand.

"Where's your proof?" Yamini asked as Vanessa walked over and looked at Yamini's writing. She took it and began to read it.

"Oh, you like that stuff too Vanessa?" Yamini asked.

Vanessa then burned the notebook.


"I don't approve of you writing stuff like this about my lord" Vanessa growled.

"Sensei," Samsara mumbled.

"Do it about someone else," Vanessa finished.

"Okay!" Yamini exclaimed, and began to write more stuff in a new notebook.

"Ugh, now that everything is sorted out, let's finally begin the lesson shall we?" Samsara Sensei said calmly, though the twitching of his red eyes was visible under his mask. Samsara began to raise a piece of chalk onto the board when-

"Sensei!" one of the students called.

That was it, he cracked, literally the chalk he was holding cracked in half when he slammed it on the board.


"I was just going to ask a question about something in our textboo-" Lenasian was attempting to explain himself, but was interrupted by the angered teacher.


"YES SIR!" the whole class shouted, falling to his rage immediately.

"Good! Now get your notebooks out and write down what I write down on the board!" Samsara yelled, picking up the chalk and began to write, but at that moment, the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

"%&#$!" Samsara Sensei yelled in rage.

Wasn't it great in Samsara Sensei's class? Now don't close this out yet, we still have one more class to go, the great Thantos's class and his student teacher Iblis! Let's activate that magical all viewing camera called the imaging in your mind!

"Ahem, listen you bunch of failures, I won't be taking any bullcrap from any of you guys, if you don't turn in the assignment in time, you, will, BURN," Thanatos Sensei told his class calmly. Thanatos Sensei believes that in order to keep the class in order, you must control them through fear. Now that would work if this was any other academy or school, but he forgot one thing, this, is, a, academy, for misfits and troubled dark forces. Fear has no affect on them.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say boss," Astaroth said, putting his foot on top of his desk and leaning his chair back as mini Mynos flew around him.

"Astaroth, I told you to keep Mynos in your backpack or in his box! It's bad to keep him flying around and bothering everybody!" Thanatos Sensei yelled at Astaroth.

"Screw you teach, I do what I want in this world and that goes for my pet too," Astaroth smirked.

"You! You do not disobey Thanatos Sensei's orders!" Iblis growled at him.

"It's, Lord Thanatos, Iblis." Thanatos Sensei grumbled.

"Yes, Thanatos Sensei" Iblis nodded at him.

"You BOW DOWN to me Iblis! You must show that everybody's meant to bow down to me!" Thanatos roared.

"Yes, yes," Iblis rolled her eyes.

"Ugh! Why do I get the rude servant in this school?!"

"I'm not a servant, I'm a student teacher here," Iblis replied.

"Yeah, yeah, get me a cup of coffee, make sure it's extremely heated up," Thanatos Sensei ordered Iblis.

"Yes, Thanatos Sensei," Iblis nodded at him.

"Lord and you must bow!"
Suddenly the Janitor, Gaikoz, walked in, "Did you call Thanny Boy?" he asked Thanatos Sensei.

"Don't call me that you stupid Samurai Cosplayer," Thanatos Sensei said menacingly to Gaikoz.

Gaikoz gave an appalled look, "I AM a samurai for your information! I don't cosplay! Who cosplays in this era?! We don't cosplay! We actually dress up and fight to the death!" Gaikoz yelled.

"Right, whatever, just hand over the sword Gaikoz," Thanatos Sensei ordered.

"What!? I just lent it to you to punish another student yesterday! You can't expect me to just give it up every time you ask!" Gaikoz pouted. "Besides, you gave this to me as a birthday present! You just can't take it back like that!"

"I have you know that we were all drunk at that party! I gave that sword to you on accident! I was gonna save that for myself! It was one of the best weapons to punish students with and I spent a lot of money on it! I'm never going to another birthday drinking party again!" Thanatos Sensei yelled.

"But Thanny Boy!"

"NO! Just hand over the freaking sword!" Thanatos Sensei shouted at Gaikoz.

Gaikoz sniffled, "Alright, fine," he mumbled as he handed over the red and purple sword.

"Alright Astaroth my boy, time to get a butt whooping from a sword!" Thanatos sneered.

"Heheheh, I wouldn't think so, ASSEMBLE, GREAT WARRIORS OF ASTAROTH!" Astaroth shouted as Dark Anmon, Gardosen, BFQ (Black Fairy Queen), Astaroth, and his trusty pet Mynos lined up, getting ready to fight.

"DESTRUCTION AND FIGHTS SOLVE EVERYTHING!" they Thanatos and the Great Warriors of Astaroth roared as they charged at each other, messing up the classroom.

Octus turned another page in his light novel, "I hope I get out of Summer School soon," he said.

"I agree with that," Partusay agreed as he chewed on his trident as he attempted to draw a new suit for himself.

The destruction was really bad that day, so bad that Thanatos and the Great Warriors of Astaroth destroyed half the academy (Kaze'aze joined in of course). And so, Summer School was closed early due to damage to the building, and the complete disaster caused by the students.

This was how most of them ended up at the hotdog stand table in the Summer Special.

Yay, another special created! I don't know if I'll be able to do more! Well…hope you all enjoyed this somewhat entertaining….chapter. I'll try to get the err…2nd part? Season 2? Year 2? Updated soon. Anyways, ACADEMY FOR XENIAN LEGEND, MISFITS, AND DARK FORCES VS SERDIN ACADEMY! Which side do you go with?

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Samsara-RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (Breaks another chalk)