Sonic: Well, look who finally decided to write a story!

SuperSonicSpeed: Oh get off my back…

Sonic: Hey Shads! Take a look! She's finally writing a story! Get a Camera!

Shadow: Great… Now we're gonna be stuck making the disclaimers. Aren't we?

SuperSonicSpeed: Hehehe… *blush* please?

Shadow: You know, most of the people we disclaimer for aren't normally so easy to make blush. *smirks*

SuperSonicSpeed: Will you just disclaimer before my head turns into a tomato PLEASE!

Sonic and Shadow: Too late! *chuckles* ANYWAYS! She owns NOTHING involving US or any other character from Sega or any mentioned on this story. She merely likes to write stories about us.

SuperSonicSpeed: Just to back it up, I. OWN. NONE. OF. THE. CHARACTERS! (or simply put, I own nothing!) SO ENJOY and review! Sonic… put away the camera. *bright flash* great…




"Missed me again Egghead!"

Sonic grinned and took down the next robot that came towards him. Spin dashes, Sonic Booms, robot pieces everywhere, and trademark smirks. The battle had just started and half of Eggman's fleet was already destroyed.

"You little rodent!," Eggman yelled frustrated.

Sonic only smirked, "Aww, what's wrong? Don't tell me all the hits to your head have finally dropped you I.Q. level."

Eggman merely snorted, "Well, then. How about trying on an experimental egg missile for size?" With that, he pushed a button revealing a small hand sized non threatening looking missile.

"Is that it!? I trashed things way bigger than THAT before! I think you finally have lost it" Sonic laughed but waited for the missile to be fired.

"FIRE! What th-"

The missile flew straight to the sky and seemed to not have any plans of coming down.

"You sorta missed Eggy!" Sonic was torn between laughing hysterically and keeping a dumbfounded face by the fact that Eggmans missile had taken a trip to outer space instead of chasing him.

"Blast it all!" Eggman began to escape as Sonic began to destroy the last of the robots.

'That was easy. Too easy even for Eggman. I'm sure he has something else up his sleeve.' Sonic was in deep thought and just couldn't figure out how Eggman could make such a miscalculation. Even Tails couldn't make such a drastic miss.

"Whatever. The important thing is that I took down his fleet without even trying. Plus! I just set a new record for myself." He smirked jumping over one of the fallen trees in the forest.

A slight twitch in his ear and he heard something… humming? He looked at every direction as the sound kept getting louder and louder.

BAM! He barely managed to dodge the malfunctioned missile. But to his surprise, the missile didn't even explode at impact.

"That's weird… maybe if I bring it to Tails, he'll know what's inside."

As he walked over slowly, he began to inspect the missile. 'Looks normal.' The blue hero began to reach for the missile and was surprised when it disintegrated under a slight touch. 'Wha?'

The next thing Sonic knew, he was engulfed by gleaming green smoke.

Cough, Cough!

"What is this!?" the azure hero exclaimed, little did he notice that a shadow was behind the trees as he collapsed.

"Looks like things are going according to plan. Maybe this time you won't crack jokes about my I.Q. Hedgehog! Hohohohoho!"

The green smoke began to diminish and revealed a sleeping baby blue hedgehog.

Eggman took his shoes and gloves, "You won't be needing these. But I'll be sure to give them back when the time is right." He had a smug look on his face as he took out a small chip. "This won't hurt much," he spoke to the unconscious hedgehog, "But it will serve its purpose in the future."

The chip began to go under the skin of his neck and crawl to the scalp. A whimper escaped and then the cries as the chip drilled through the skull and into the center of the brain. Light blue streaks appeared on his quills and his emerald green eyes had tints of red.

"See you later Hedgehog! HOHOHO! Hm?"

"Sonic! Where are you! I knew I should've flown the Tornado and… where's that crying coming from?"

"Looks like your little brother is here, not that he'll recognize you." Eggman smirked and began to leave with Sonic's things. Sonic's crying intensified as he lay alone.

"A baby!?" Tails ran and scooped up the baby hedgehog trying to console him. "Hm… there's no one around. I guess I can take you to my workshop until we find who you belong to."

The baby quieted and began to fall asleep, 'Tails?'

Well, that's what I have for now. Let me know what you think! And also, special thanks to Swan7 for giving me some ideas! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I hope you all enjoyed!