SuperSonicSpeed: Welcome to the after party everyone!

Shadow: *Has headset on*

Sonic: Join us! *Breakdances*

SuperSonicSpeed: As promised, here is the epilogue and in the end, with regular italics, is the summary for the sequel. Enjoy! Oh! I own none of the characters!

'It's been about a week since I took Sonic in as my son. He lost a lot of his own memories trying to save Dash's, so Tails and I have had to fill in a few holes.' Shadow looked over from the bonfire to Sonic who held onto a small fishing pole. 'I never thought I'd be grateful towards that blue hedgehog for giving me a second chance.' Shadow stood up and walked into the tent to grab a few ingredients, 'I wonder how Big catches those large fish?'

"I think I have one!" Yelled sonic as the fishing pole bent down, "It's a big one!"

Shadow ran over and helped Sonic pull. After a few minutes, the fish stopped fighting and Sonic pulled it up into the air, "Alright! It's bigger than the one you caught dad!" The fish landed gracefully... on Shadow's head.

"I got it!" Sonic panicked as he ran over to Shadow and covered the fish and him with a net, "Ehehe..." Sonic rubbed the back of his head, "I guess this is a good look for you."

Shadow made a light growl as he carefully removed the net and the fish from his head, 'Though he still acts like himself sometimes.' He looked at Sonic, "Roasted or fried?"

Sonic's eyes opened wide and a huge smile cracked on his face, "Roasted!"

Shadow took out a few sticks and speared the fish. After rubbing it with some seasoning, he put it next to the fire along side his smaller fish.

"Come to my side." Shadow ordered.

Sonic walked over slowly and sat down. Shadow pulled a blanket around them to avoid the forest's now chilling wind.

"You know..." Sonic fiddled with the blanket as Shadow's ears perked up, ready to listen, "I thought for sure you would end up calling me Dash again." Shadow said nothing, "Why did you start calling me Sonic? You didn't want that name in the first place."

Shadow looked down at Sonic's curious eyes. He sighed and sat him down on his lap, "Wasn't it you who told me you and Dash were the same person?"

Sonic smiled, "Yes. But that doesn't answer my question."

Shadow thought for a second, "I guess that after the nightmare we all went through, you at least deserved to keep your name."

Sonic shrugged and snuggled up to Shadow as he looked up at the sky, "LOOK! It's the first star of the night!"

Shadow looked up as well, "The meteor shower should be starting soon."

Sonic made a sniffing sound catching Shadow's attention, "Fish is ready!"

Shadow set Sonic down to quickly grab the fish and sat down again.

Sonic hummed as he bit into the fish, "This isn't a chilidog, but I still like it!"

Shadow smiled and looked up once more at the stars that would soon rain down on a cloud free sky.


"A son?!" Growled a very deep voice.

The servant merely nodded.

"I never would have thought that one who bore my blood would care for another in such a way." A clawed hand scratched his chin.

"You could use this to your advantage." A voice echoed.

The dark figure looked around the throne room, "Reveal yourself!"

The shadow's below began to bubble and a hedgehog figure slowly rose.

"Shadow? No... Your eyes are different," Three red eyes continued their observation, "Who are you?"

The hedgehog smiled, "Mephelis the Dark, soon to be destroyer of that miserable planet."

A deep 'hmmm' went through the throne room, "What will you do about the ingrates that stand in your way?"

Mephiles began to have a strange glint in his eyes, "Don't worry about them Black Doom."

"You are aware of my identity?" Black Doom asked curiously.

Mephiles shrugged, "I've heard of many of your acts and I believe you will be more intrigued by my proposition."

Black Doom glared suspiciously, "Speak."

Mephiles crossed his arms, "How would you like revenge on the one who "destroyed" you, almost your entire clan, and your home?" Mephiles grinned, "Revenge on the so called Ultimate Lifeform."

SuperSonicSpeed: And this marks our end. For now!

Sonic: Aren't you forgetting something?

SuperSonicSpeed: I am?

Shadow: A little something called the summary of the next book?

SuperSonicSpeed: I was getting to that! Voila!

Due to Sonic's memory loss, he can't recall many of the adventures he had with Shadow as an adult. As Shadow continues to try and hide a few "minor" details of the past, a new duo comes in and threatens to break up the building father/son bond by using someone Sonic had long forgotten. (Sequel to Child's Play, don't have to read it to understand this one! Though it will be hinted occasionally)

So what do you all think of the summary? I plan to upload the new chapter on Child's Play to let everyone know that the new one has begun and also upload it to the proper title (Which is still in the imagination process). After a week, the new chapter will be taken down from Child's Play. Why am I doing this? Because I'm going to take a minor break and try to catch up to the other stories, but hopefully, it won't be such a long wait. I'm also thinking of a side project which is making Child's Play a Comic on deviantart, but that's in the waaaaaay future. Well, that's all I have of what's going on, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for favoriting, reading, supporting, and all of the other good stuff! I hope to see you all soon! Til next time!