Chapter on: the one were krandall woins tickets 4 crash off of radio under numan's [pants

Krandall go 2 numans house to telk to numan about reading raindbow, his favorirete show on teletoon. Numab salready seen episode of reading raindmobw before krandall so krandall kill numan

"what have" yelled krandall in rectal despair. He look for phone book and bash numan skull in. he taked off numans pants and find radio. Radio contest give him ticket to ride and see band "the crash" in concert and take three friends so he chews jorry seinfroid, gorge custard, n elane beehive.

Get plane tickers 2 go to new yerk 2 see the crash in live convert. Jorry, elaane, gorge, and krandall get on plane and order room service.

"where is the fdeal with arilinge food? Its ridickyouluss. I mean, peanuts ar u for seirous?!erfm"

"yes" said stewardess (authours note: stewardess is black lady, so rembnember that)

krandall called stewardess "nigger" bcus Michel Richards hartes blak ppl (remmnember frum comedy club in 2007?) (author's nut: aren't u glad I told u stwerdenn is blak lady, now joke can make sense)

uh oh, middle eastern man hijack plane and fly into twin towers

and that's how seinfroid met 9/11