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At the suggestion of a friend, 20-year-old college student Kuroko Tetsuya, an unintentionally-taciturn man with very obscure presence, begins playing a popular, new VRMMO RPG: Kiseki World Online. Meanwhile, Akashi Seijuurou–heir to one of the most influential companies in the world, Akashi Industries–aims to build the most powerful and influential guild in the game for personal reasons.

Unforeseen circumstances lead these two to meet, along with several other (literally) colorful friends, allies, and rivals, whether it be just in the game or in real life. Before long, secrets are revealed, and Kuroko discovers he is part of something much larger than he could have ever imagined. And in the process of trying to decipher the mysteries, Kuroko begins to come to terms with the ever-prevalent invisibility and subsequent loneliness that had plagued him since childhood.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke belongs to Fujimaki Tadatoshi~

Chapter Zero: Dive Into the Virtual World

Exactly three weeks ago on the second of April, world-renowned video game developer and corporate giant, Akashi Industries, released its newest and most highly-anticipated VRMMO to date, Kiseki World Online.

Though it's a bit difficult to tell by the title, the game was announced as a sort of Role Playing Game set in a fantasy world. It was complete with monsters and magic and the like, though it also included technology and setting based off various eras from places all around the world. The game was an instant hit, though, of course, nothing less could be expected from the leading company in video game programming for the past twelve years (and counting). It had seemed that after their last great VR game, Teikō Revolution Online, nothing else could follow up; within the first week of its release, however, KWO had already topped game rating charts all around the globe and broken several marketing records. As of now, eleven countries supported an up-and-running server. In Japan alone, about three-million consoles had already been sold, and two-million of those people were in play daily.

After the past few weeks had dissipated the tension, it had finally gotten considerably easier for less-active gamers to get their hands on a copy of the famed game.

Which is exactly what a certain blue-haired man did.

Kuroko Tetsuyaage twenty, status: college studenthad managed to buy a set at an extremely discounted price from a person who disliked the game's "realism". Apparently, the pain level for most external wounds was set to about twenty percent of what a person might feel in real life, which was double of most preceding games. There were actually many complaints about it, along with a few other things, though most didn't go as far reselling their console like this player did because other aspects of the game were absolute perfection.

One common objection against Kiseki World's system was that it disallowed a person to drastically change their appearance, let alone play using an avatar that was a member of the opposite gender. Another was that for each console, only one character could be created unless all previous data was erased or imported into another. Even if a person bought two separate sets of gaming gear, they were only allowed a single account with no exceptions.

There was also the prevailing fact that the game based a person's beginner stats off their real-life physicality. To play the game, one had to spend an hour or two at one of Akashi Industries' game registration buildings undergoing a series of scans and tests. Going though registration was a rather painstaking process with all the switching between waiting, physical, and mental activity involved, but most found it worth it after finding themselves surrounded by the game's vividly-rendered imagery.

Kuroko himself had registered about an hour ago, and upon returning home to his cohabited apartment and hooking up the gear to the network, he was ready to try playing the now-distinguished game.

Pale hands reached for the VR helmet and placed it on his head, pulling down the attached visor and grabbing a pillow from the side of the bed to lie on. He lied somewhat comfortably on his back, though the helmet made his neck slightly crook so he shifted it lower until he was satisfied by the position. According to the instruction manual that came with the equipment set, the helmet would do a facial recognition scan, and from there he'd have to say a certain phrase to link his conscience into the game's reality. After a few seconds, the scan notified its completion via a robotic voice saying, "Valid Identification. Kuroko Tetsuya ID: 9650 1511 1437."

Feeling just slightly embarrassed (Though it didn't show on his face), the blue-haired man cleared his throat and expressed in monotonous tone:

"Dive into the virtual world."

Little-by-little, the small apartment's room disappeared and was replaced with a blindingly bright white space in which Kuroko floated in the center. A small message in front of him read "Initiating", followed by an ever-changing percentage.

Five percent. Ten percent. Twenty. Fifty. Ninety.

Seconds later, it reached one-hundred with an affirmative beep.

It had connected.

VRMMO - Virtual Reality Mass Multi-player Online

RPG - Role Playing Game

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